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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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storm thrashing from the south to the northeast. states get hit with brutal winter weather. southern smashup. a pickup truck barrels into a dry cleaning shop in georgia. sizzling sight. a spectacular eruption in hawaii's kilauea volcano.
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>> we begin this morning with severe storms, twisters and tornadoes to rain, sleet and snow. officials in louisiana are working to get people back into their homes two days after a tornado ripped through a southwestern home killing a young mother sheltering her child. bobby jindal toured the damage in rain saying residents there are tough and we'll rebuild their community bigger and better as well as stronger than before. meanwhile, another blast of winter is hitting the eastern half of new york. parts of the region could be buried under 16 inches of snow. flood watches are in effect for much of the mid atlantic after
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heavy rain swept through the region overnight. much more on the storm, but first, if you were on the road this weekend chances are you noticed a big jump in the cost of filling up your tank, with no end in sight the government is weighing the cost of stepping in to alleviate some of the sting. >> reporter: with gas prices spiking, washington is facing mounting political pressure to do something. that may include tapping america's strategic oil reserve to bring down prices. >> we are looking at the options. the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it is something that only has been done in rare occasions. >> reporter: prices are topping $4 in some areas. we have seen the cause, the upheaval through the middle east and we are all feeling the effects, that sudden surge at
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the pumps. it is threatening to increase the cost of everything from food to air travel. that is bad news for the economy. the last time prices spiked like this, the answer seemed simple. >> drill, baby, drill. >> energy is a long-term problem. i'm buying an electric car tomorrow and that will give me the patriotic pleasure of not sending money to people trying to blow us up. in libya there is a fierce counteroffensive against rebels trying to make their way toward tripoli, gadhafi's key power base. this weekend the opposition lost some ground after being driven
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back from benjiwan. here is your first look at some of the over news around america. in utah a police chase on foot livened up a quiet salt lake city neighborhood. authorities were behind the suspect. in georgia a woman is lucky to be alive after a pickup truck crashed through a dry cleaning business. the truck came to a stop inches away from a 22-year-old employee. in hawaii geologists are keeping an eye on one of the most active tornadoes. the kiluaea volcano located on
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the big island. officials have upgraded the alert level from a watch to a warning. more eruptions are expected. in illinois 1,000 university students danced the night, morning and afternoon away in the dance marathon, the students performed the latest moves for 30 hours, raising $350,000 for charity. now we turn to ginger zee with the weather channel forecast. bill picked an interesting day to be out. >> he said, well, you will be busy. you won't be bored. that is the case here. we will see two big storms. one exiting now, affecting a lot of the nation over the weekend. parts of new england receiving lots of snow and all the way
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through maine getting up to two feet of snow. could be interesting. the southeast is now clear. another storm right on the heels in the center of the nation. here is what it looks like as of now. portland receiving the heavy rains in philly, d.c. and new york. new york to d.c. it is breezy and dryer today. not so as you can see the heavy snow reaching parts of upstate new york. that pink represents the mixed precipitation. it could be a very icy commute for you if you are under that. more pik on the map. that represents six to 12 inches of snow. all inland, all of the warm lt and the moisture stayed along the coast. that is where we can expect some flood threats especially in parts of northern new jersey and parts of connecticut and boston. something to keep an eye on especially if you have an area
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that continues to need. we turn to the west and see more where that came from. a whole other system getting at us. they expect six inches of snow in nebraska and western kansas. dallas 48, the cold front swept through and boston is in the r50s, you'll see falling temperatures with the rainfall, 46, and miami, sunshine and 79. chicago is not on here. but i can give a forecast for chicago. 35 with more clouds than sun. that is a look at the national forecast. >> ginger, thank you. oil sinks stocks. a big peanut butter recall and the other white meat's other slogan. business headlines straight ahead. coming up, a scare for chris paul and the hornets. what could possibly make some of the miami heat players cry?
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>>. >> welcome back to "first look." here are top stories making news this morning. despite the threat of a government shutdown, senate democratic whip dick durbin is unwilling to cut $10.5 million in domestic discretionary spending. republicans want $60 billion, but durbin says it is pushed to the limit. peter king will hold hearings on what he calls radicalization of muslims. defense secretary robert gates in afghanistan to assess a looming troop withdrawal. it comes at a time of increased
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tensions after nine afghan children were killed this last week. the space shuttle "discovery" is undocking after a successful week long mission expected to be its last. landing is scheduled for wednesday after which "discovery" will be donated to the smithsonian. scientists are showing off a treasure trove of fishing tools that date back 12,000 years. they suggest two separate cultures lived in the area at the time. one that lived inland and another that had a big taste for sea food. the dow opened 12169, the s&p shed nine points, the nasdaq dropped 14. in tokyo the nikkei lost 188
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points, the hang seng down 95. oil goes up, stocks go down. as civil unrest escalates in libya, traders will keep an eye on rising crude prices that have pushed gas prices up 33 cents in just the past two weeks. traders shrugged off the unemployment report dipping below 9%. this week we find out where the jobs are in this economy when the government releases jop openings and turnover report. february retail sales after retailers reported a rise last week. louis vuitton to buy bulgari. james river coal has agreed to buy two coal companies for $475
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million in cash. apple started selling the ipad 2 on friday. if you bought an original ipad in the last two weeks apple will give you back a hundred bucks. if you buy skippy, it is being recalled because they macon tan salmonella. the national pork board replac replaced an ad campaign. pork, be inspired. when fewer americans are out of work, the economy is on the right track. the nation's unemployment rate seasonal the only sign of recovery. >> still not convinced the intricate talk on the business
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channels this number or that number is a sure sign the economy is on the rebound? maybe you need to check out a man's underwear drawer. >> when times are tough, men don't replace their underwear as often. >> according to kiplinger, men's underwear sales are up. that is one of their admittedly quirky signs the economy is recovering. the other is restaurant diners who during tough times shy away from splurging. >> they will only order entrees. we have found they are starting to order desserts again. >> cosmetic surgery is making a comeback, too. >> tummy tucks, nose jobs, eyebrow lifts. >> the harder to get tee times at the golf course should be viewed as good news.
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>> people are starting to hit the links again. >> another sign, reinvigorated cardboard industry. >> a demand for cardboard boxes is going up, an indication people are buying more. >> cab drivers say they haven't been this busy in years. >> the mavericks/grizzlies game come down to a fraction of a second and the hornets chris paul leaves on a stretcher. too close for comfort. the hazards of the cordside seats. you are watching first look on msnbc.
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>> welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. no crying in baseball, but in basketball apparently it is a different story. here is fred roggin. >> good morning. the miami heat's four-game losing streak has been so difficult it brought players to tears. final seconds, miami down one. lebron james drove and missed the layup. dwyane wade came up with the ball and his shot for the win off the mark. after the loss, a couple of players were so disappointed they were crying in the locker room. it doesn't get any easier.
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they play the lakers later this week. speaking of the champs, they crushed the spurs. kobe bryant to shannon brown. lakers up 32-13 in the first. you know it is going bad when pau gasol knocked down a three, his first of the season. mavericks and grizzlies, dirk nowitzki gives dallas the lead. unfortunately, that was just enough time for memphis. zach randolph a fadeaway, and the grizzlies win in dramatic fashion. chris paul collided with sessions. paul was down and out. they are calling it a concussion. he is day-to-day. finally back to san antonio for the antics of ron artest, rejects george hill's shot and kissed his own bicep. chased a loose ball, crashed
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into a couple of fans. the guy in the white shirt got the worst of it. his coffee went flying. he and artest were fine. can't say the same about that white shirt. >> that is a good form to have your head down when someone is charging at you. meteorologist ginger zee with the meteorologist forecast. that is what you get with front row seats. >> i have never had them so i don't know. >> the nose bleeds, i'm happy up there. >> can't see too much, but what we're seeing on the radar is not friendly for a lot of folks getting up and ready for their monday. st a manic monday. looking for heavy rain along the atlantic coast. d.c. dryer today and breezy.
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winter storm warning in the pink, advisory in the white. you have some slick spots on roads there and heavy snow. more than a foot as you can see in that purple color. the pink represents six to 12. so some heavy snow totals. let's look at more of a today forecast overall. boston is warmer than this now. they will end up in the mid to upper 40s. 48 at philly, 52 in d.c. with quite a bit of sunshine. that will be nice. chicago, closing in on the 40-degree mark. it is tough to get the sun angle up this time of year. dallas 67. tomorrow is an interesting day in eastern texas and western louisiana as another storm system comes through and it could be a severe weather day. tomorrow dry again in new york and washington but less in the way of sunshine. movie goers flocked to see johnny depp go green on the big
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. last night on "late night with jimmy fallon," jimmy looked at spring. >> some people are doing pilates, some are doing aerobics, charlie sheen, does, spinning. a man in west virginia was
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arrested for planting explosives in his yard to scare away cats. he was charged with three counts of being from west virginia. new survey found that women spend eight years of their lives going shopping. that means men spend eight years of their life on a bench outside of ann taylor at the mall. >> tonight dana kelly and ricky martin. "late night with jimmy fallon" on your local nbc station. time for entertainment news. no big surprises. a gunslinging lizard took the
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first spot. "rango" had the best nonholiday opening. the 'judgment burro" was a big hit. the "adjustment bureau" was a big hit. charlie sheen's web show debuted with 100,000 viewers, many dumped out calling it unwatchable. sheen admitted it was a bust. he did give two thumbs up to requested sart night live"'s impersonation of his train wreck. calling it joan yus.
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he comes up with the most brilliant quotes. he is in talks with mark cuban to do something on hd net. so the train wreck continues. >> more for us. >> i'm lynn berry. this is "first look." stay tuned. way too early with willie geist starts now. moammar gadhafi moves eastward as the white house weighs the wisdom of inserting itself into the country's civil war. the question is will president obama take the advice of john kerry and others and set up the no-fly zone. the budget battle moves from the house to the senate with mitch mcconnell saying the white house is not serious about solving long-term fiscal problems. should we all accept that nothing serious will get done before the 2012 election? and charlie sheen i


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