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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 23, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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do not fund race on the theater of the absurd by showing yourself to be one with this guy, really. he says the tornado was a conspiracy, the tornado. can we agree it is over now, republicans, going on his show, really, can we agree, please? a west point sergeant accused of secretly filming female cadets, some of them in the bathroom. president obama plans a major speech on counter-terrorism policy, new revelation that's drone strikes have killed four u.s. citizens overseas since 2009. plus, jodi arias will have to wait a little longer for her sentence. and inside the storm, brand new video of the oklahoma tornado as it was happening.
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good morning. london police say wednesday's brutal attack of a british soldier on the street was a terrorist attack. nbc news obtained video of the attack and scene and we have to warn you the material is graphic. this morning, two men are under arrest. you can see one of them here. investigators say they ambushed and killed the soldier with machetes in broad daylight. they went on to rant about islam, shouting at bystanders and calling them extremists. as you can imagine, the incident is raising questions in the uk and here at home about security in the face of a new kind of terror attack. nbc's anna bell roberts is at the scene of the attack for us this morning in southeast london with the very latest on the investigation. annabell, good morning. >> good morning, mara. the two suspects spent the night under armed guard in hospital. the question is whether or not they were acting alone with this attack. now david cameron, the british
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prime minister, cut short a visit to europe and said the country will not buckle in the face of terrorism. he is holding committee this morning, cobra, it's called, looking at the government's response to this attack. but it's really the brazen nature of at tack that shocked people here. the fact that these two men basically attacked this man in broad daylight at a busy road intersection and stood around for 20 minutes waiting for the police to turn up, engaging with police and bystanders. those are the image that's really shocked these people. the great fear is that this act could provoke a series of retaliation attacks in communities up and down the country. and that and the fear that this attack has spread. mara? >> annabell roberts, thank you. a u.s. army sergeant is charged with secretly filming
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female cadets. the staff member at west point is accused of putting hidden cameras in the showers and bathrooms to tape women who are naked or partly undressed. defense secretary chuck hagel was concerned and disturbed by the allegations. it's just the latest sexual misconduct incident in the military following a pentagon report estimating that as many as 26,000 service members may have been sexually assaulted in the last year alone. later today, president obama will give what's being billed as a major speech on counter-terrorism. he's expected to discuss the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay and the on going war on terror. his remarks could be used to defend the administration's drone program after an admission from the attorney general. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from washington with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. the big picture here is that with al qaeda central organization essentially decimated, there are other threats from al qaeda affiliates, even homegrown terrorists inspired by al qaeda.
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that's what the president plans to address today and one of the tools in america's arsenal are the use of the unmanned drones. the president today will lay out in detail, we are told, justification for the legal use of these drones. and now in a new letter from the attorney general to congress for first time the administration is acknowledging that four americans had been killed since 2009 by these drone strikes that he says are legal although he told congress there's no plan to use them inside the united states. also today in that speech at the national defense university, president obama expected to talk about embassy security in light of four americans who died at the consulate in benghazi. he'll talk about beefing up security around the world and about what was a first term goal that the president has not yet been able to do, closing the military prison at guantanamo b bay. all of that as part of his speech on terrorism today. >> tracie potts, thank you so
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much for that. and now it's timent f for y first look at scrambled politics. ted cruz is running out of friends in washington. wednesday on the senate floor he said he didn't trust republicans when it comes to the debt ceiling. his colleague senator john mccain called that position bizarre. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld supported ending don't ask, don't tell but so sure about same sex marriage. he's not sure if marriage equality is a civil rights issue. >> i was proud of the work that the congress did in the 1964 legislation and 1965 legislation. i guess i just don't equate the two. it's not a subject i'm knowledgeable about. the rumsfeld rule here is i don't know. gun rights advocates are suing the state of connecticut over its tough new crackdown on firearms. they claim laws ban aggravated assault weapons and large capacity magazines violate their
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second amendment rights. paul ryan is taking a break from writing the federal budget to write his own book. the national review says he'll combine personal history with his political philosophy and touch on his 2012 vp run with mitt romney. and who hasn't misplaced a few million bucks every now and then? president obama's billionaire nominee to be the next commerce secretary can raise her hand in that. in disclosures, she underestimated her income by some $80 million. she said it was an accident and has since filed a correction. and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. turning now to oklahoma where the ef-5 tornado's damage toll could be upwards of $2 billion. all 24 victims have been identified and today the first funeral for one of the child victims as the community of moore continues the long road to
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recovery. sarah, good morning. >> good morning. residents here waking up to another day of cleanup as storms roll in, lightning in the distance which will hamper that cleanup process. first funeral today for one of the 24 killed in the tornado. we have learned that the youngest victim, just four months old. the federal government is pledging aid to clean up but today at this moment the most impactful thing is the number of boots on the ground. volunteers, national guardsmen going door to door helping people sort through the rubble to find sentimental items and things they can take with them, pieces really of their former life before everything is bulldozed and that cleanup begins. right now preliminary damage estimates topping $2 billion. it could be several months before everything is cleaned up and rebuilt. back to you. >> all right. sarah, thanks so much for that. for more on the storm, bill karins is here. you have new video of the
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tornado itself. >> this is probably the most photographed and, you know, videoed tornados of all time. this was an angle and view i never seen before. this is from a storm shelter at ground level. >> unbelievable. >> it looks like the tornado is across the street. the tree across the street loses all the branch and leaves. it wasn't right underneath where the fff-4 and 5 damage is. at one point you see tires flying through the air along with a ton of other debris. >> power of that storm is just unbelievable. >> just shows you how fast and quickly it happens, too. yeah, $2 billion. that's no surprise. yesterday thankfully we made it through another day without any tornadoes, that's two days in a row. we saw a lot of wind damage though and a lot of hail reports. upstate new york and areas of pennsylvania got nailed two days in a row. today will make it three. we also have a slight risk of severe weather there in north texas and areas not far from
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oklahoma city. so i mention that area from the northeast through pennsylvania. later on today from burlington, vermont, albany, new york, scranton and hudson valley outside of new york city, poconos through philadelphia, altoona areas and even washington, d.c., we all have a chance of seeing a few strong thunderstorms during the day to day. the next threat, west of oklahoma city. maybe isolated tornadoes. that's a lot of rural country. hopefully the storms will stay there. the northeast and again a little section there of north texas at risk for strong storms today. i don't expect any big huge tornadoes. >> that's good news. thank you so much, bill. just ahead, we'll take you back to oklahoma and speak with a heroic teacher who helped get all of her children to safety. plus, an impasse in the jodi arias trial as jurors struggle to decide her fate. flying is old hat for business travelers.
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the jury deciding the fate of convicted murderer jodi arias can't decide. jurors say they're deadlocked on whether to give her the death penalty or life in prison. sources say boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and another man murdered three people in massachusetts two years ago. the other suspect was a friend of tsarnaev and confessed to the murders he was killed wednesday after allegedly attacking an fbi agent. the city of chicago has approved closing 49 underperforming or low enrollment public schools. it's the largest mass school closing in u.s. history affect something 30,000 students. and the teen birthrate in 2011 hit a record low. federal data says 31 out of every 1,000 babies born that year were to women ages 15 to 19. that's about half the rate reported in 1991. in the wake of the oklahoma tornado, teachers are emerging as heroes as they almost always
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do. two elementary schools suffered a direct hit in briarwood and plaza towers. both reduced to rubble. neither buildings had safe rooms or basements. joining us to talk about this is briarwood fourth grade teacher teresa mosier. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> as the reality of this starts to set in a little bit, how are you and the community doing? is. >> we're better with each passing day. we get better and stronger. and our spirit, you know, just is more resilient with every day. we're starting to see hope now and think about the rebuilding process. >> have you had an opportunity to speak with any of your students or any children in the area at all about how they're coping with something this huge? >> no, not yet. we plan on meeting with them
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today at one of the other elementary schools at 10:00. >> now you and your students survived by huddling along an interior wall. your school didn't have a safe room or a basement as your community starts rebuilding, do you think it makes sense to start mandating a public buildings, have some storm shelter or even build a community shelter? >> i don't think we'll even be able to rebuild without, you know, that being an issue and that being, you know, that not being brought up. i'm sure our patrons and people of moore will definitely address that issue as it rebuilds. >> this must be a really confusing and scary time for children there. it's tough enough for adults. i know the school year is ending. when you do get a chance to speak to your students and you mention that might be later this morning, what will you tell them about moving forward in the face of a tragedy of this scale? >> i'll justin where i left off
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with them. when i last saw them, i told them how much i loved them and how brave that they were. and i just want them to acknowledge that when i do see them again. i'm so very proud of them. they're the bravest kids in the whole wide world and they showed such caring about their classmat classmates. even through their tears, even though i know they were very, very, very frightened, but they did everything they could to help one another get out. and i just want to make sure that they know how much i love them, their teacher loves them, their families, this community loves them and so very proud of them. >> and we applaud you for your bravery as well. teresa mosier, thank you for being here. time now for your first look at business. for that, we turn to cnbc. good morning.
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>> good morning. futures right now lower after stocks fell wednesday on comments by fed chairman ben bernanke suggesting the fed could start tapering the economic stimulus programs this yearment global markets are reacting to weak manufacturing dat why out of china. in other news, fidelity says the average 401(k) balance topped $80,000 in the first three months of the year and up 75% since the financial crisis in 2009. most of the revolverry is due to the stock market rally that time. and twitter is adding a verification feature for users when they log in. the move comes in the wake of ha hacking attacks. mara, back to you. just ahead, a game one thriller as the heat and pacers face off in the eastern conference finals. plus, we don't often cover lacrosse. we have an amazing shot to show you. that's when "first look" returns. all business purchases.
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but wait, hang on a second here. a foul. george then drains all three shots at the line. pacers up one. two seconds left in overtime. but none of that matters. lebron james has a one-way ticket and the clutch play up there. the heat win by one. what a game. to the nhl playoffs. the pittsburgh penguins and senators. jerome iginla, unstoppable. the penguins win the series. there a high school lacrosse goal and why he gets the save, he throws the ball 80 yards. look at the ghi orange going that didn't just happen. standing right in front of it. yeah, it did. it's a bird. it's a plane. no my friends this is -- was a bicycle bolting over 163 miles an hour setting a world speed record on a rocket powered bicycle. look at it.
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stretch frame, hydrotank. every kid wants that. no water bottle though. in a high school baseball game. a play not too good to show you. does he slide? no, he leaps over the catcher and he gets the score. >> yes! >> a little acrobatics help. >> that man should be flying like super man. >> thanks so much, richard. it's time to dig deeper on our top political stories. joining us for our first look at politics from our washington bureau is bob franken. good morning. >> good morning. >> later today president obama will making a speech on counter-terrorism. now back in 2008 when he campaigned, he mentioned often how different he was from george w. bush and harshly critical about his administration. how far -- so far, how significantly different has he been from the predecessor on counter-terrorism and do you think may signal a shift? >> there are many on the left who say the difference has been
5:23 am
that he has been even more disdainful of the normal professions about counter-terrorism. it's an interesting issue when it comes to drones and guantanamo, he's getting attacks on the left as opposed to the right. >> the judiciary committee approved an immigration reform plan. the measure has a long way to go. what are the biggest challenges it will face in the senate and then in the house? >> first of all, it's going to face in the senate quite a bit of hostility by the more conservative members of the senate. they are rules that they can block things if they don't get the 60 vote majority. in the house, it's even more hostile. it's a long way to go before we have anything approaching immigration reform, particularly without the gay marriage part being included, gay partners being included which may drain some of the enthusiasm that would be coming from the left. >> bob franken live in washington. thank you for your insights. and just ahead, it's time for our first buzz.
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a singing legend and body fungus. it's time now for first buzz. these are the stories that we'll be talking about today. first this controversy between tiger woods and sergio garcia. garcia joked he wanted to have tiger woods over for fried chicken. people called it a racist remark, which it s' pollingized for it. he said he is losing sleep about it. his apology may be sincere. the fact that he even said it speaks volumes about what he
5:28 am
really thinks and feels. i can't believe that we're still hearing these things in 2013. >> plus, he was around when fuzzy zeller made the comments at the masters 10, 15 years ago. so it's like the same exact thing repeating itself. that was offensive 15 years ago. there is no excuse. >> and that really killed fuzzy zeller at the time. when he made the comment about fried chicken, that cut that off. >> maybe garcia is losing sleep, he's thinking about sponsors. >> they've never been friends though. >> no lost. >> that's fine. they don't have to be friends. without the comments though. >> carol king? >> carol king, at the white house last night, you know with president obama as well as mo bama there to be honored. she sings a couple of songs. she starts along with james taylor and billy joel. she stops and when president obama gets up to speak and hand over the award, his mother-in-law says oh, shoot. she is scared. or he's just stopping the music.
5:29 am
actually, just because she loves her. >> he didn't end up singing? >> no, she just loves carol king that much. >> i always love to hear the president bust a tune. yours is? >> a study was done where in the body is the most fungus? your feet, your heel. as 80 different types of fungus. sorry about that story. >> that's a great lead to "way too early." starts right now. >> so after this hearing we finally get the details of how these groups were targeted and who was responsible. i want a full accounting. >> i was unaware when it happened. >> some someone spotted it, they should have run up the chain. >> i don't know anything about that. >> i didn't know at that time. >> i'm not ware of that. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i have no memory of anyone doing. that. >> i don't know that. >> i'm not personally responsible. >> i -- i show up to work drunk.


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