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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 12, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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ch as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. right now on "news nation," aid workers struggling to move in to help millions in the philippines fighting to find foot and water after that deadly super typhoon. a massive recall of salads and sandwiches, why some experts say problems like these will keep coming as long as food stores are not held responsible. plus, the best man holiday, 12 years after fans fell in love with the original movie, morris chestnut and malcolm d. lee join me to tack about the sequel and the fight to get more diversity on the big screen.
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"news nation" is following hillary clinton's surging momentum. a new poll shows she's stronger than she's ever been with voters in the wake of governor chris christie's landslide victory last night, princeton research associates tested the water on how he would shape up against hillary clinton and the poll shows if the race were held today, clinton would win with 44% of adults to christie's 34%. what's even more impressive in this poll, how well clinton polls against another democrat. 66% of democrat voters would back clinton in a primary while only 14% say they would pick another candidate. 18% are said to be undecided. as for what's different for hillary clinton this time around. our first read team puts it this way. in 2005 there was a real clinton fatigue among democrats that provided an opening for obama. that's not the evidence right now. the polling found clinton did not score less than 60% within
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any major demographic group for the democratic party. women and seniors and people making less than 30 grand a year and scored 70% or higher. joining me live now, mark murray. do not say -- we know 2016 is a long way away. there's a reason that we did this poll today and it also comes at a time one of her super pacs, hillary clinton super pac that would support hillary clinton, they are meeting in new york trying to come up with a plan how she would win if she decides to run. >> this poll gives us a good snap shot of where the political parties are right now. the democratic party is largely unified and they agree on most of the big major issues, whether they are on foreign policy or the economy. and by and large, hillary clinton seems to be the standard bearer for 2016 if she runs. a lot has to do with the fact she served loyally as president
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obama's secretary of state and could get on the coalition that barack obama used in 2008 and 2012 to victory. we're talking about younger voters. minority voters, as well as women and you end up adding that up and that shows why hillary clinton is strong right now. on the flip side, the republican party is divided and the poll ended up showing that. >> our poll also shows at least when it comes to men voters, she underperforms in some part in that area. tell us a little bit more about these areas where if she decides to jump in she may need as they say in old report cards, needs improving. >> there were places she underperformed. among men she doesn't do as well as she does among women. that shouldn't be surprising at all. she does decide to run she would be running as a historic figure, trying to be the first female elected to the white house. we're talking about the difference getting -- she's performing at 70% among women
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and 60% among men. as you noted in the introduction, she's never below 60% in that entire hillary versus generic demographic. it's not going to be much of an opening, talking about elizabeth warren ar joe biden or anyone else who wants to mount a challenge against her. >> i've seen a couple of articles saying chris christie's giuliani problem. what are his numbers saying at this point as it relates to all of the momentum and enthusiasm we saw with giuliani that went up in smoke? >> on the one hand it came out after all of the great media publicity and attention that chris christie got after his resounding win for re-election last week. it's worth note, still not as known as hillary clinton, he wasn't eight years as the nation's first spouse. so it is noting that he still doesn't have the name recognition that she does. but right now it looks like
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republican party divided. 31% want someone else. >> the gender match-up among women, hillary clinton 49%, chris christie, 35%. with men 40% and women, 43%. we also know like with african-americans and first black president, you have women out there who may be liberals or moderate republicans who want to see a woman in the white house. >> tamron, what struck me about this poll when you look at the general election, the same demographic trends that benefited barack obama in 2012, seem to be benefitting hillary clinton right now. and of course, there is a long time to go. something could end up changing but that mixture of having or doing well with female voters, younger voters, minority voters, that is a recipe to success as we saw in 2008 and 2012. >> thank you, mark. let me bring in patricia murphy,
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daily beast contributors and michael smer conish. i want to read what harold ickes, who worked in the campaign for hillary clinton. he said she has the luxury of more times than others, she has a national fund raising base and political base and ready for hillary supportive of that. at some point she's going to have to decide if she decides no, others can assemble a campaign here again this whole caveat with 2016 is a long way away but the last election cycle started two years early. we really are -- i think in some ways close to a point where hillary clinton will have to give -- i guess a more clear sign of what she wants to do here. >> i think we're getting pretty clear signs from hillary clinton that she is not ruled out a run. that is all that democratic voters really need to know at this point. but as far as the path that
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started up with her, they are actually staffing up and people who have quit their real jobs that pay money to go work for that pac. i think that is the real deal. that's a significant sign that the people close to hillary clinton believe the door is wide open for her to run straight through it. the polling that's come out is important to about three people in the world who might consider mounting a run. but she has no red flags and the polling is terrific for her. the only thing i would worry about, what if hillary clinton doesn't run, there's no energy for anybody besides hillary clinton. it's very diffuse and circling firing squad bought they have a whole big wide field of people. right now it's hillary clinton or who, we don't know. >> ee list beth warren but no one touches the enthusiasm hillary clinton has right now. ready for hillary ad, in case
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people have not had a chance to see it. let's take a look at it. >> think of the sufferages that gathered at seneca falls in 1848 and those who kept fighting until women could cast their votes, thing of the abolitionists who struggled and died to see the end of slavery. as we gather here today, in this historic, imagimagnificent buil the 50th woman to leave this earth is orbiting. if we can blast 50 women into space, we will some day launch a woman into the white house. >> that's from the pro-hillary super pac here. we know at least according to the poll, she underperformed among men there. what is your take as it relates to what she needs to do to get some of the men perhaps live in pennsylvania, your home state, to get on board here? >> i don't know that that's necessarily a negative reflection of secretary clinton
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as much as it is the demographics and the way in which they seem to be following candidates who are running for president. if you look at the numbers in terms of the past election, you probably would see particularly among white males, the same kind of break as having taken place between romney and president obama. i don't take that as a negative for her. i confess, i'm one of the three people who loves this sort of conversation already even though it's only 2013. >> oh, i love it. >> the longer she stays out, the other benefit is that no one figuratively is shooting at her. the minute she gets in and people sir couple inspect about the race it will change. >> at some point if she decides to run and as the momentum and attention turns to her even more than it is if possible, you and i both know that benghazi and other issues that rand paul and others may be salivating to go
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after her on, are there. >> tamron, i think something a little different, which is that probably today we could run this race of secretary clinton against whomever, christie or fill in the blank. 90% of the country is ready to pull the lever for one or the other. so few people will be up for grabs and the election will be about centrists much more so than the dyed in the wool ds or rs. >> did you feel that way in 2008? >> yes, i did and i was right. and same way in 2012, particularly in the general election. >> were you right, really, michael, in the sense that you thought hillary would go all the way? >> well, in the sense -- it's not so much a comment about hillary as it is about the polarized times in which we live. people are very hardened unfortunately in their views. >> you wrote an article why democrats, national democrats rolled over for chris christie,
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this notion of them rolling over is true in some ways that helped chris christie if he turns out to be the person who goes up against hillary clinton, i think some might see the roost because they did give christie the chance to pick up with blacks and hispanics and women. >> i will offer a cautionary tale in terms of his performance, christie only got 10% of the black female vote. he was very strong generally with groups that most don't do well. he was not -- he hasn't broken all records of any sort. >> he's the only republican on for example. if you do want these people to vote, meaning african-americans and hispanics, you've got to show up. that's not something we've heard from anyone in the party. while he was at 18% with this election, it does give him room to grow. >> it absolutely does and i think that is why independents respond so well to chris
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christie, it's the language that he uses in addition to what he's doing that atacts independents to what chris christie is doing. i do think i am starting to have a deja vu of a john huntsman, very popular among independents and moderate democrats because most of the fire was trained on republicans. a lot of the words he has are for the house republican leadership and tea party republicans. if i was running republican, i would run a republican who likes republicans to get started. christie has red flags. did very well last week, his hardest challenges are ahead. >> since you love 2016, every day we should do a michael in 2016 segment, every day. >> i would love that, thank you. i'm yours, baby. let's do it. >> thanks a lot, michael, you made me blush, i don't know why. >> coming up -- >> now we're questioning
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ourselves how to survive in terms of food and in terms of water. >> survivors of that super typhoon in the philippines still struggling of course to find food and water as relief workers fight to reach them due to all of the damage blocking the way. plus -- >> i am here today because i want you to know that my story can be your story. >> first lady michelle obama taking on white house officials say is a broader policy role, focusing on getting kids on track to go to college. and 12 years after best man, the sequel is set to hit theaters, morris chestnut and malcolm d. lee will join me and talk about the battle for more diversity in hollywood. you can find me at tamron hall and my team atnews nation. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today?
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>> we turn to the increasingly desperate situation in the philippines in the hard hit city of tacloban. they are pleading for help, asking, begging for food and water and medicine. all of those things scarce today. the u.s. military's mobilizing to help deploying the aircraft carrier u sss washington which expected to arrive thursday. the general in charge of the u.s. relief operation says of course time is of the essence. >> i need the rest of the world, international donor community to get mobilized to help the philippinos in their hour of need. a week from now will be too late. >> ian williams joins us by phone. we know each day brings a more desperate situation here. let's talk about the effort on
2:18 pm
the ground. the roads are blocked and difficulties and challenges. how are these relief workers trying to overcome this? >> this morning the presidential spokesman said that every effort was being made to reopen airports and open ports and clear the roads. he was reacting to the criticism that in spite of this the massive number of pledges and offers to help, the aid actually getting through was a trickle. and these desperate communities remained in need of water, shelter, medical supplies and food. he said they would be helped but no community would be neglected. everybody would receive help. he blamed the slow pace along the aid along the shia scale of the devastation. we talked to international aid agencies who told us about their frustrations locally. one that was flying into tacloban bringing in aid said that getting it from the airport
2:19 pm
into the town a few miles was proving to be a nightmare because there were no available vehicles. they had to take it in on foot. once they got supplies from the airport, there was a real problem in storing it. there had been a lot of looting although the situation is more stable now than it has been. this is the situation into which the uss george washington will arrive on thursday with 80 aircraft, 5,000 crew. already there are more than 200 marines on the ground here. but in spite of all of these massive pledges and the clear good will, and to help, it is the operation is unfolding very slowly and people aren't getting desperate supplies they need. >> ian, thank you very much. back in the u.s. it's been a difficult two days for people with loved ones in the
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philippines. communications has been spotty at best. and many who want to help don't know the best way to do it. mike taibbi joins me now. how much is gathered in supplies, if they can't reach the people, that doesn't mean folks should not attempt to help because eventually they'll be able to get these things to them. >> you're absolutely right. the help is being organized and assembled, particularly in california where one in four of the nearly 4 million philippine americans live in this country. the community is really organized, that's one part of the response. the other is the institutional response by ngo, nongovernment agencies and charitable organizations, whether it's unicef or doctors without borders, they are gearing up and they have plenty of actually goods already collected. we spoke yesterday with thomas
2:21 pm
tie, the ceo of direct relief, has $30 million worth of antibiotics and ancillary equipment ready to go. until the situation on the ground is resolved, this is to say the conduit to get the material to the proper airport and from the airport to the location, it doesn't make any sense to try to ship it yet. most important thing is to get it in a timely way in the right hands and with some level of governmental control to make sure it gets to the people it has to get to. there are several levels of response at the low end there's a so-called chuck and truck. where they get there and dump, whether it's food stuffs or other things and it's chaotic and not the most effective and there are more organized traffic routes and specifically identified need and that's what gets delivered there. all of the stuff is gathered here. both in the philippine-american community in southern california or throughout california and from all of these agencies as
2:22 pm
well, they are waiting for the go sign to get it there. >> thank you very much, mike. we cannot wait until the supplies get there. these images are desperate and it's unimaginable what's happening there. thank you very much. >> if you want to help the victims of the typhoon, log on to our website, we have a list of organizations accepting donations and billy deck is leading an effort as well. if you're in the chicago area, check it out. they are doing great things there as well. another major food recall, this time involving more than 90 tons of prepackaged sandwiches and salads. i'll talk with food safety advocate who says we will keep seeing these types of problems as long as food stores are not held responsible. also also, support growing for efforts to increase the minimum wage and it's not just from democrats. it is one of the things we just thought you should know. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep taking it if you know your heartburn keeps coming back?
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welcome back, an outbreak of e. coli which sickened people has prompted a california company to recall thousands of prepackaged salads and tainted sandwiches to popular retailers like whole foods and trader joe's, they contained cooked chicken or ham. the organic baby food company is recalling its products after discovering that a manufacturing defect may cause spoilage. these are just two of the most recent food recalls the fda website lists seven food recalls so far this month and including thousands of pounds of meat recalled because of possible listeria contamination, that was used in prepackaged meals distributed nationwide. why are we seeing these recalls? joining me is bill marler of food safety news. thank you so much for your time. >> you bet. >> in one of your articles
2:27 pm
recently, you said that when we're going through the grocery store with our families we should ask ourselves, does the retailer locally regionally or worldwide own really care if what it sells has pathogens or if it can kill or maim me or my family? that is a heck of a question to ask but that is truly what we should ask ourselves. >> with the consolidation of retail market, with the big box stores, it really in the last decade, the power is in the retailers and they set the speks then put the problem upstream to the middle men and the growers and shippers. and when there's a problem, when there's an outbreak, they push the problem upstream and so they really don't hold in that position that caring for those customers. they want us to come to the stores and buy the stuff.
2:28 pm
when things go bad and they push the problem away from them. >> some will say logically you would do that. you're the retailer, putting it on the shelf. ultimately if it's tainted lettuce or meat it's coming from another source into the store. why is that not acceptable? >> what's not acceptable, they set the speks, they then set the price and then they squeeze the suppliers and the producers and farmers on price and those people can't spend the kind of money on food safety measures that would protect us all. the retailers can't have their proverbial cake and eat it too. they've got to pay fair price, fair wage and have to put food safety back where it needs to be. >> what about the government and fda and usda? >> well, they are woefully understaffed and underfunded. on imports, fda may look at 1%
2:29 pm
of the imports to come into the united states and imports are a huge, huge and growing portion of the food we eat. fda may look at food production plant once every five years. they just don't have the people power to do the work. >> one of your articles, you mentioned minnesota and oregon. they don't wait on the fda or usda. there are states that take measures that help protect us the consumers. >> yes, it's interesting in minnesota, i always say if an outbreak is linked in any way to minnesota, oregon, you're going to have a nationwide recall. they are really good at what they do. if it's in the southern tier states, you can forget it. they don't invest in surveillance and infrastructure which puts us all at risk. >> you certainly have interesting information on your website. a lot for us to chew on as long as it doesn't make us sick.
2:30 pm
>> so to speak. >> thank you. coming up -- >> no matter what path you choose, no matter what dreams you have, you have got to do whatever it takes to continue your education after high school. >> first lady michelle obama is joining the president's efforts to get the u.s. to have the highest percentage of college grads by 2020. details about her new initiative also ahead, one state is now helping undocumented immigrants come out of the shadows even as efforts fail for reform on a national level. we'll look at what is happening in illinois and why both parties according to some shoulder the blame here. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one.
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unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet?
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welcome back. first lady michelle obama began a new initiative, a push to increase the number of low income stuns who could go on to college. she spoke a few miles from the white house. she drew on her own story, daughter of a city worker in
2:34 pm
chicago, going to graduate from princeton and harvard law. >> i am here today because i want you to know that my story can be your story. the details might be a little different. but let me tell you, so many of the challenges and the triumphs will be just the same. but no matter what path you choose, no matter what dreams you have, you've got to do whatever it takes to continue your education after high school. >> and joining me now, "washington post" political reporter henderson. good to see you as always. the goal of the new project is to immerse her more directly into the president's policies according to the white house here. this is an interesting direction. we talked so much about his legacy and discussing hers more as well. >> this is an interesting direction for her. we saw her over the last years focus on healthy eating and
2:35 pm
childhood obesity and now she's made a turn in some ways harkens back to her days at princeton and at harvard when she was a volunteer and tried to shrink the gap between people who could go on to those elite schools and those who couldn't. i think the question here is the details. she talked about the details between her story and other kids stories. what exactly is she going to do? is this just a psa advocacy campaign in the way that just say no was for nancy reagan or is she going to be a convener of college boards and college administration offices to encourage them to figure out a way to reach out to low income kids who don't tend to go to those upper esh lon schools like harvard and princeton. that's for all sorts of reasons,
2:36 pm
lack of imagination, maybe they never heard of those schools but there's a question of costs and all sorts of things. >> did we hear from her speech or her team regarding the specifics? >> not yet. if you look at what happened with let's move, it was a soft rollout. you trace that in some ways back to the garden which you planted first and sort of planting the seeds for what she would do later with let's move and healthy eating. we have to see. one of the things great about this for the president, he hasn't had a real face of his education plan and approach to education and in some ways it's been pretty stark what he's been able to do. there are common core standards all across the country right now and the stimulus package gave more to the education department than any had in the past. here you have a very public face education policy which i think is a good thing -- >> absolutely. what made it a good thing with
2:37 pm
let's move, she's an active mom and we see her in the video, shaquille o'neal and the kids and being an example and every time you hear it, how could you not think of american dream and how hard work pays off, which gives not just a face of somebody in the white house being the first lady, but someone who experienced this. >> we know her for being fit and she exercises and has fabulous arms. if you were a kid in the inner city. i mentor kids here in d.c., for her to be this example, she takes her role as a role model seriously and the focus in on the education issue and closing the achievement gap, even if at first put her story out in a public way is a good thing for kids. >> nia malika henderson, thank you so much. >> good news for undocumented immigrants coming out of the shadow. undocumented immigrants in illinois can begin the process
2:38 pm
to receive a state driver's license. illinois is now one of the 11 states plus the district of columbia that have passed laws allowing undocumented immigrants to get a license. as the larger debate over immigration reform rages. it was stalled in the house after a measure passed the senate back in june. joining me now, nbc latino contributor, raul reyes, good to see you. >> hey there. >> the pugh research center poll shows last week the president's approval when it comes to immigration policy 60% disapprove. he's seen a drop here. >> right. >> despite the fact it's being held up in the house, people look at what he promised in his goal for immigration reform? >> the reality is as we look ahead, look at his legacy, no matter what he has tried to do or best efforts or speeches, he is on track for the record deportations and because of these crises that have come up from the irs to the debt ceiling
2:39 pm
crisis, there has always been immigration reform has always been pushed to the back burner. >> and it doesn't help when you have this piecemeal approach maybe one state or the other giving license, one state having another rule as relates to kids being able to go off to college, who are here by no decision of their own but still going through the process. you don't have an overall immigration, just piecing it together. >> the interesting thing we're seeing now. there's a trend now talking about the 11 states that allow the undocumented to get licenses. this is a reversal that we saw in 2010 that the states led by alabama and arizona were trying to make life as hard as possible for undocumented immigrants. now it flipped where states are trying to just deal with reality and make their lives easier. the underlying motivation is the same, the lack of action by -- >> and the hill has a two part series on immigration reform and the title is how immigration
2:40 pm
died. >> right. >> how does that give optimism to people out there who want this to happen? >> right, their lives depend on it and futures and whether or not their family will be intact depends on it. unfortunately, how many times have we talked about this and i'm always optimistic about it. but we may be approaching the hard wall of reality. even people like luis gutierrez, different sides of the aisle who have been pushing for reforming saying, well, it's a steeper climb and getting harder. every day that the house -- >> republicans in the house. >> have not acted, that makes the odds harder to achieve. it's a sad reality for young people but that's where we are. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. >> 12 years after fans fell in love with "the best man", the best man holiday is set to hit theaters. raw raul is smiling now very excited about the movie. we're going to talk about
2:41 pm
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so we can make better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the feds have given the okay for a merger to create the biggest airline. that tops our look at stories around the "news nation." the justice department reached an agreement that allows american airlines to merge with u.s. airways. they had been blocking the merger saying it woe drive up ticket prices. both agreed to give takeoff and landing slots at several airports, including reagan national and new york's laguardia. the settlement still requires approval from a federal judge. the suspect in the sex torgs case involving miss teen usa pled guilty to three counts of extortion and one count of computer hacking. jared abrams hacked into the computers of miss teen usa and several other women and accessed their web cam to see kretly
2:45 pm
photograph them and threaten to publish the images unless they gave him more pictures. under the plea he faces up to 11 years in federal prison and up to a million dollars in fines. and new york's world trade center tower has been declared the tallest building in the united states. the tower beat out chicago's famous willis tower, the sears tower, 1,451 feet tall, the tip of the world trade center spir, 1776. those are the numbers, speaking of another number, 15 years ago, the movie "best man" opened top of the box office and generated a warm response from critic and fans. it was a notable success for romantic comedy featuring primarily african-american ensemble casts. since then fans have been clammering for the sequel and now the wishes have come true with the best man holiday finally arriving in theaters this week. >> come on, man, dated all kinds of women, jordan is pretty
2:46 pm
special. >> surprised she got past all you guys. >> who says she did? >> he's just messing with you, man. >> joining me now live the director malcolm d. lee and morris chestnut, one of the stars. we picked a clip with the white guy in the movie. not sure why that happened but nevertheless, i think this is amazing and every person i told that you were going to be on today, what took so long. tell me, what took so long? >> i'm a slow writer, that's all there is to it. >> there has to be more. best man was my first movie, i didn't want to repeat myself and wanted to make a movie that is going to be a classic. sequels are tough. they are often rehash of the same -- >> it seems like a lot of bad ones come out. >> and -- i won't name names. >> hangover.
2:47 pm
>> shots fired. >> it happens. if i was ever going to rejoin the characteristics it would be ten years later when they had a chance to live life. >> you would have a storyline, wouldn't be for the sake of having a sequel. do you understand how the fans have been suffering and you've been wanting to see the characters and where the love lives have taken them and romances. >> there's only three days left. >> don't let it happen again. >> all good things come to those who wait. >> that's right. you're looking at this ensemble cast, a romantic comedy at a time, they deal with subject matter that audiences want to see but there is a desert when it comes to romantic comedies featuring people of color. >> i agree with that. the thing about it, now is a perfect time for our film to come out. a lot of films with very serious subject matters "12 years a slave" "the butler" and now we
2:48 pm
deal with romantic comedy. >> that's the thing. any time is the perfect time for this, but this shows a slice of black life if you can call it that, that people either don't know exist and think our lives are incredible hardships like "precious" or we have to all goes back in time to explore other subjects. there's a modern picture of black life now. >> when president obama was first elected. my wife and fans walked down the streets and looking at us, they exist. >> unicorn. >> lost tribe of barack where we do exist. that was my impetus to make the first best man, wasn't seeing myself represented as a human being, as an american. and then people are educated and have faults and desires and dislikes and i wanted to show a full representation of very different black people also. all educated but very different
2:49 pm
characteristics. >> how is it to be back with the whole group there. was it like a family reunion? >> like riding a bike. one thing malcolm did, a week before we started filming, we got together and wauxed the original and that got us back into the mode. one thing about malcolm's writing with this film, not just black relationships and black stories and black issues. anybody who comes to the movie can relate to the characteristics. >> and how we feel people of color when you see a jennifer aniston movie, i see a romantic comedy and that is the ultimate goal here and that's why movies like this are needed. you're not going to a black film. you're going to a romantic comedy that features a cast like this film. >> absolutely. >> i mean, it's been a problem. i've always made universal pictures and things that appeal to everyone. when general audiences see a poster full of black faces on there that aren't will smith, they are like, that's not for me. this is for everyone. >> i was saying raul reyes was
2:50 pm
here doing immigration, he said i couldn't wait for the sequel, couldn't wait for it to come out. he's not the typical picture of what snib will look like that wants to see the film. we know sex sells. morris, morris, morris, what's going on here. >> oh! >> let me tell you, margaret, bun one of my producers, this is her screen saver. how much more money does he give you to sell his film like this. >> all i had to do was read the script. what malcolm put into the character. >> don't try to play me. >> how long did you have to work out for that? >> it took about, about three months. >> how many sit-ups before the picture. >> it was dieting and exercise and i had a trainer who helped me get there and malcolm's motivation. >> really? >> there was a story because malcolm said, i want you to get that v taper right here that the
2:51 pm
ladies like. >> ank lo, they used to call it, way back -- >> all right. >> i can't wait to see the film. i'll be hosting a panel tomorrow night with malcolm talking about diversity in hollywood and really what's needed and how we embrace it. it's a great film and that's what should matter. thank you so much. great pleasure. >> up next, our "news nation" gut check, is hillary clinton stronger than in 2008? more on what we're learning about this new nbc poll and do you agree with some of these numbers? [ male announcer ] wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn -- tough on grease yet gentle. dawn helps open something even bigger. [ all ] 3, 2, 1! this year, dawn is also donating $1 million. learn more at woah! what? it's called a smoky eye. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best at new trends but you know what's best for your kids.
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there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. caroline kennedy was sworn at the state department as new u.s. ambassador to japan. tonight the japanese embassy in washington will host a reception in her honor. in ten days the nation will mark
2:55 pm
the 50th anniversary of assassination of her father, president john f. kennedy. a new gallup poll shows the vast amount of americans support raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour. 76% support the move, an increase of 5% from march and the poll shows an increase amongst republicans in supporting an increase in the minimum wage. time for the "news nation" gut check. at the top of the show, we discussed the poll showing if the election was held today, hillary clinton would beat christie by 10 points. this was taken after christie's landslide victory and even won groupz that typically vote democratic. hillary clinton is clearly the front-runner nationwide and pulling incredibly high numbers within her own party. our first read team notes it's a signal that she is stronger than she's ever been. what does your gut tell you? do you believe she's stronger than in 2008?
2:56 pm
go to to vote. the video posted online by a ucla student highlighting the lack of african-american students at the university, we ask should california's prop 209 which bans state schools from considering raising ethnicity and admissions process being reexamined. 42% said yes, 50 said no. we'll be live from washington, d.c. tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small.
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