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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 7, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene 0 that that i. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. israeli authorities have arrested several jewish suspects in connection with the killing of a palestinian teenager. aziz lammist militants do battle in iraq, they're waging another come pain on social media. and from solitary seniors to dangerous, abandoned residencies. we'll look at how tokyo officials trying to treat two
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different symptoms of an aging society. israeli authorities have authoritied several jewish suspects in connection with the killing of a palestinian teenager. his murder sparked a wave of protests and prime minister netanyahu promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. >> we do not differentiate between the two. and we will respond to all of them. whenever they come from, with a firm hand. >> the teen was abducted on wednesday. in east jerusalem. his charred body was found later in the day in a wooded area. he was 16 years old. palestinians hit the streets in protest. many believe the killing was revenge for the murders last month of three israeli teens. security forces have been kept busy trying to stop the demonstrations. iraqi forces tried but they have not been able to stop a sunni militant offensive across
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northern and western iraq. so they're drawing on an old military tactic to try to stop the insurgents from advancing on the capital baghdad. they're building a wall. government forces started construction in al hadam about 100 kilometers northeast of baghdad. they'll build a barrier 2 meters high. militants have seized a number of cities including the country's second largest mosul. they're claiming parts of iraq and syria as their territory. government forces have fought them on the ground and from the air. prime minister nuri al malaki is trying to cling to power in the midst of the confusion. he's a shia and sunnis and kurds blame him for favoring shias. the divisions preventing lawmakers from forming a new government and facing the insurgency. members of the islamic state of iraq and the levant not just
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fighting with guns and anti-aircraft missiles but laptops and smartphones as weapons. nhk world's craig dale tells us more about the group's social media strategy. >> reporter: isil militants are fighting on two fronts. one is the dusty battlefields of iraq and syria. ♪ the other is the almost limitless arena of the internet. from twitter to facebook to youtube, the group is online and active. >> 80 thousand followers they have and the number is getting bigger and bigger every day. >> reporter: this man is an expert on how islamist militants use social media. he said their cyber tactics have changed with the times. >> first they use the internet forums or message board for
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propaganda or recruitment. and then they are shifting to social media. >> reporter: years ago, osama bin laden and other militants started using video to spread their messages. they used the internet because it was free. the arab spring uprisings in 2011 further highlighted the power of social media. texts, photos, video, anything could go viral in an instant. isil militants know that well. they're constantly uploading content. they use hash tags such as isil, jihad and calamity will befall u.s. to promote their violent campaign. everything from images of men destined for execution to slick videos outlining their ideology. isil tailors the messages to
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reach a wide audience. for example, the announcement last week about the establishment about a caliphate didn't just go out in arabic. >> almost simultaneously english, french, russian, and german text version appeared on the internet. >> reporter: their main goals are to incite fear, raise money, and recruit more fighters. >> social media is mainly for the muslims outside iraq or syria. they are targeting not only the arab muslim population, but also, the young muslims in the western countries or central asian countries. >> reporter: authorities around the world are carrying out a cyber counterattack. u.s. state department staff run a twitter account called think
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again turn away. they call their posts truths about terrorism. then there are the social media providers themselves. youtube managers often take down videos and those at twitter and facebook suspend accounts but many groups quickly set up new ones. government officials in europe are calling on social media companies to tighten rules even further. they want to shut down violent jihadists entirely. representatives of nine nations will meet tuesday in milan to go over recommendation. craig dale, nhk world, tokyo. an emergency warning for parts of the japanese southern islands as typhoon neoguri approaches. this very strong system is expected to create high waves and bring winds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour hour. our meteorologist jonathan oh is here with the details. jonathan? >> hello, gene.
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this is a concerning situation because of the intensity of the storm packs with it as it continues to approach the southern islands of japan. you can see here already that the northern tip of the system starting to clip parts of okinawa and we have some video to show you about some of the initial impacts already showing up at this point. you can see the waves starting to kick up. the winds are already picking up, as well. and this will only get worse so if you have not had the preparations at this point, it's a little bit too late for that because we're starting to see the conditions deteriorate. let me show you the latest picture of space before the sun went down and you can see here we have some outlying islands already presented here and already the cloud cover is starting to impact those areas. right now, neoguri is a very strong typhoon. it is expected to intensify into the highest category, the violent typhoon, as we go throughout the next 24 hours. currently packing winds of 180
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kilometers per hour. it will eventually run over okinawa as we go through tuesday. eventually departing from there, though the danger period continues to linger into wednesday setting the sights for kyushu and some portions of south korea and as far as the central portions of japan into osaka dealing with this by the middle to later portions of week and the winds up to 90 kilometers per hour partial to south korea. the emergency warning in effect for miyako islands because of the winds with wave heights as much as 14 meters. on top of that, in 24 hours, expecting 350 millimeters of rain creating a flooding sich wags and also landslides and a very concerning situation. something that needs to be monitored, something that needs to be prepared for going throughout the next few days. we'll have a look at the world weather coming up in a bit.
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japanese prime minister shinzo abe is on a tour of new zealand, australia and new guinea. in auckland on monday, he met his counter part john key to discuss his new approach to security. abe explained his cabinet's recent decision to reinterpret the constitution. the change enables japan to exercise its right to collective self defense. he wants personal to defend allies under attack and told key he wants japan to play a more active role achieving peace and stability in the asia region and key expressed support. at a news conference afterwards, abe stressed the close ties between the two countries. >> reporter: new zealand and japan are partners that share basic values. in the meeting today, we confirmed expanding our cooperation, not only on
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bilateral issues, but on regional and international matters, as well. >> abe also says he intends to explain the new security policy to other countries, as well. prime minister abe also paid his respects to earthquake victims while in new zealand. he visited the site of a powerful tremor that hit three years ago. abe was in christ church. the quake killed more than 180 people. 28 of them were japanese students that died when the language school collapsed. abe laid flowers at the site. he also visited a new cathedral built to replace the one damaged in the quake. it's made most of cardboard and designed by japanese architect ban. he's visiting australia during the three-nation tour oceania. the germans are coming to china in bigger ways and ron madison from the biz team has more. ron? >> that's right.
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both countries hoping to beef up economic ties and that's despite human rights issues. leaders of germany and china have agreed to step up cooperation in industries including auto and aircraft. german chancellor merkel and chinese premier met in beijing on sunday and monday. they signed business deals worth several billion dollars. german media reports say volkswagen will build two fact rils in china and airbus received orders for 100 helicopters. merkel said during the meetings that the cooperation of the two countries is not limited to economic issues. she noted that the two countries will address soishl and time rights and called on china to improve the human rights record. lee stressed that they're tackling human rights issues saying they're included in a comprehensive reforms that his country's carrying out together with political, economic and environmental issues. japan's consumption tax hike
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in april -- leaving a key end yeah or the unchanged from the previous month. officials from the cabinet office said the coincident index at 111.1 for may. this index measures the current state of the economy by weighing data including employment, production and personal consumption. in may, ice cream as well as cold drinks sold well and auto sales continued to suffer from the tax hike. they kept the assessment unchanged from april saying that it is weakening. now, the leading index which forecasts the state of the economy down the road fell 0.8 points from april, that's the fourth straight monthly drop. officials blame a rise in auto inventory and a fall in housing starts. let's get a check of the markets now. investor sentiment in europe appears to be weighed down by the data out of germany. output fell in may well below
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market expectations. london is lower with frankfurt down more than .1%. paris losing .4%. earlier asia markets ended mixed. nikkei down due mainly to profit taking. meanwhile indonesia's main index climbed to the highest close in nearly months. analysts say sentiment was lifted showing that a presidential candidate leading the race. investors are hopeful to go ahead with reforms in the country if elected. in terms of currencies, dollar-yen in a pretty narrow range at roughly 101.94. traders keeping a close eye on the minutes of the federal reserve policy meeting held in june and scheduled for release on wednesday. euro-yen at 138.59. the single currency saw some selling following the weak manufacturing numbers out of germany. japanese officials have resumed talks with the eu
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counterparts on a huge trade deal. the key sticking points are tariffs and access to japan's railway business. the talks resume tokyo monday after a pause of three months. officials broke off in late march to assess progress achieved since april last year. well, they have decided to continue negotiating. in the latest round, eu officials are expected to demand that japan ease barriers for railroad projects. japanese officials insist the companies regardless of nationality are already able to take part in bidding for japanese rail projects. now, on tariffs, japan wants the eu to abolish import duties on cars and 'plinss and phase out tariffs on european wine in seven years after the trade deal takes effect. but european officials want this to happen earlier. japanese government officials hope to reach broad agreement with the eu on terms of the deal by the end of next year. the latest talks set to continue until friday. japan's trade minister trying to drum up more
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opportunities for japanese executives. he's become the first person in his position ever to visit israel. he sat down in jerusalem with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they talked about ways to encourage more cooperation between business executives and their countries. and they agreed to create a framework for joint research and development. they see potential in a range of fields. israel and japan both have leading companies in technology, health care and agriculture. motegi and netanyahu discussed cyber security and agreed to share information. motegi will visit the territories and turkey during his trip. budget airlines in japan will soon face stiffer competition. low-cost carrier thai asia x plans to start in september and going to be the first thai lcc to begin regular service to japan. executives of the bangkok-based airline made the announcement at
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an airport in the thai capital. the company said it will start services between there and two major airports in japan on september 1st. the company plans to use its airbus 330 aircraft to fly daily to tokyo and five days a week to kasnsai. it says airfares about 30% cheaper than those for major airlines. the number of japanese tourists to thailand declined. but thai visitors to japan have been increasing since the government waved visa requirements. okay. that is going to do it for biz tonight. i'll leave you with the markets.
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china's president has criticized the way historical events are perceived in japan. xi jinping claimed there are those that intentionally misrepresent past acts of aggression. xi made the comment on the 77th comment of the marco polo bridge incident. he was delivering a speech. state-run tv said that xi first chinese foth attend the annual ceremony. >> translator: if someone wants to deny, bend or even glorify historical acts of aggression, neither the chinese people nor the people of the world will tolerate it. >> japan's chief cabinet secretary said the tactic of
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turning history into an international issue does not aid the effort of original peace and stability. >> translator: in the asia pacific region, national leaders should look toward the future and build cooperative ties to work on common challenges faced by international society. >> suga noted that japan's contribution to global peace received members from the members of the international community and insisted that the nation's stance on historical issues would never change and added that the japanese government will continue to carefully monitor china's comments on such matters. japanese leaders are looking for ways to deal with the two-pronged demographic challenge. the country is aging faster than any nation in the world. about a quarter of the population is older than 65.
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to make matters worse, the birthrate remains low, deaths xeetded births since 2007. "newsline" is looking at the impact of this problem in a two-part series. we starting off with how aging is affecting tokyo. here's nhk world's yoshiko nakata. >> reporter: 80-year-old kioka has lived alone for more than 30 years. her younger sister died alone in february. she wonders what will happen to her down the road. >> translator: when i feel sick and go to bed i worry if things get worse overnight if i weren't living by myself there'd be someone to notice my situation but i'm alone. i'm worried. >> reporter: haneda lives in one
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of the busiest parts of tokyo. 20% of residents here are 65 or older. a third of them live alone. some have died alone only to be found weeks later. many officials have programs of seven years to try to tackle this sol dare death problem. but roughly 300 workers and volunteers are stretched to the limit. they have to make home visits to some 4,300 seniors. the shortage in personnel means program coordinators have to rely on older volunteers. but health issues have forced some of them to stop doing the home visits. including 83-year-old nuriyi
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tomita. >> translator: it got to the point where seniors i visit for the program started asking me about my own health. it's very unfortunate but the time has come for me to scale back. >> translator: city officials are working to deal with another problem caused in part by the low birthrate in asian population. more residences are being abandoned like this one and some have become potential hazards. in some cases, houses and apartments remain abandoned after owners die. >> translator: you'll find empty houses here and there. >> translator: it would be scary if fire breaks out. >> reporter: many officials in northeastern tokyo adopted an ordinance three years ago requiring owners to tear down or
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repair deteriorated homes. if the owner is dead, officials have to track down family members. but in some cases, relatives aren't willing to shoulder the cost. so, they're offering subsidies. it's led to the demolition of about 100 unoccupied units deemed dangerous. >> translator: we have found nearly 2,000 deteriorated homes in adachi including some with residents. right now we're hurrying to scrap or repair the rest of them. >> reporter: the challenge is daunting. a government survey found 750,000 housing units in tokyo were empty. that's roughly 11% of all housing in the capital. a private research institute estimates the figure could nearly double by 2028 or 1 in 5
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homes. an expert on urban design and architect says an aging city makes a city more vulnerable. >> translator: when aging picks up dramatically in a given area, public authorities will have to spend considerable amounts of money. not only for nursing and medical services, but to keep cities functioning properly. that's a huge burden. >> reporter: the aging of society is like a disease that demands attention. but the treatment plan is complex and long term. yoshiko nakata, nhk world, tokyo. our look at aging and the low birthrate in japan will continue on tuesday. we'll show you why some people see too many obstacles on the
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road to parenthood. our meteorologist jonathan oh is back with a look at the rest of the world's weather. jonathan? >> hello, gene. i know that we are continuing to monitor typhoon neoguri but there are also a couple of features in asia bringing problems. one is located down towards southeastern china as the rainy season pours large amounts of rain there. there's places where streets turn into rivers. the kurns is powerful and rescue efforts are taking place there's difficulty with the powerful waters in the area. also over into japan, seeing the rainy listen front dotting the picture and the interaction will take place as the typhoon continues to approach japan and also south korea. i want to mention there's also plenty of rain taking place down towards the philippines. on sunday, neoguri kind of took away all the moisture from the philippines and now we're seeing it enhancing the monsoonal front
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so once again down towards the philippines you are going to see more rain into lu zon and will see the rain continuing to pour into parts of southern china and also into the indochina peninsula. now, we take a look at the americas and the last few frames here you notice the clouds billowing up over missouri. that was part of a very stormy day on sunday because we have warm air coming in from the south due to high pressure, cold air coming in from the north from canada. that collision created the severe storm and looking out for the possibility of even more active weather as we continue through monday. you can see here at rain is expected to intensify as we go through the afternoon hours from missouri and also into iowa and the rain chances do extend into the great lakes. meanwhile, that high pressure system down toward the south bringing in lot of warm, moist air so even though we're seeing sunny skies it feels very humid. 32 in atlanta. up to 32 in new york city. and highs in the mid-30s in
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washington, d.c. we are also seeing some active weather in the western portions of europe. there's a cold front that's extending down from the scandinavian peninsula. it was creating some problems in the british isles. looks like that down to france and the picture need and the northern portion of the italian peninsula dealing with active weather monday and then tuesday we have hot air in place because high pressure from the immediate trainian sea bringing in warm air and bringing rain and thunderstorms to spread toward the east into portions of poland and austria. but for monday you are going to stay dry. sunny skies in vienna. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks very much for
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joining us. glad we could be together.
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the japanese crested ibis. currently the crested ibis lives in just one place in japan, sado island. the bird's beautiful pale rosy feathers were once believed to have mystical powers.


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