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the looting of japan's lost communities police arrest a gang targeting homes of the radiation zone while the owners who evacuated struggle to rebuild their shattered lives and. beliefs the list russia publishes a previously confidential index on people and groups and links to terrorism in the north caucasus. and the cellphone now work that signalling werther shoals are india's fisherman find out where the money is. and in russia the markets have opened to interpose to territories i was just here and as you may just saw seeing some gains voiced by high oil prices more market analysis and business about twenty minutes.
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eleven am in the russian capital you're watching r.t.i. marina joshie welcome to the program the trauma for victims of japan's tsunami disaster is being compounded by the fear that they are abandoned homes are being robbed a group of suspected looters has been arrested in the fukushima dai. occupations as they are victims continue to care for a basic necessities for months after disaster struck as sean thomas reports the toll on those left sifting through what remains of their lives is a man's. as the waves crash against a damaged to sea wall on the japanese coast volunteers work tirelessly to clean up the debris and bring some sense of normalcy back to the area. and i want to tell people we need more help more supplies and things are still behind here beyond the physical destruction and there is a distressing psychological factor as well the city if you want he is right on the edge of the twenty kilometer exclusion zone for radiation contamination in fact in
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a recent study by japan's nuclear safety commission forty five percent of one thousand children tested in any walk and in neighboring cities have tested positive for thyroid radiation exposure a figure that has parents appalled that the government has resets the great era for safety and are not concerned with the consequences their reaction is only to help the governments they face but they don't actually take care of the damage and the people here. first there was the earthquake then the devastating a wave which rushed in and destroyed this part of the coastal city of it walking also there are the nuclear radiation waves that are coming into this area as well the volunteers that are coming in to rebuild this city certainly have their work cut out for them but just like the city itself the people who live here the community they need to have their spirits rebuilt as well. that. again in an effort to keep the community emotionally strong organizers have brought
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this acting troupe in from tokyo they saved their goal is to provide something beyond a simple entertainment. through that shared community experience there is a sense of hope that the city of milwaukee can indeed recover from a convenience store because they close. the city hall but it's you've seen anything like it's coming. and with an understanding that there is still much more work that needs to be done the people here are working to keep their community together. i just want them to stay where they want. and they can be helpful that i keep doing that. rebuilding the city one step at a time when you want the city japan sean thomas forty. well when it comes to gauging the health of fact a fukushima anxiety over atomic energy often makes it tough for people to separate fear from fact next hour the director general of the world nuclear association
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tells us that the media isn't helping whether it's comparisons to tragedies like churn novel. we've seen twenty four thousand japanese citizens killed by an earthquake and a tsunami. we've seen the media have a frenzy in covering the accident at fukushima which has not made it had not been responsible for a single radiation fatality i think it was a tragedy in terms of the world's understanding of the essential safety of nuclear power i also think however that it might also be educational in the long term because people have begun to focus on and as they begin to begin to focus even more clearly on the ultimate consequences of fukushima they will learn that there was relatively little damage done. denmark is breaking ranks with its neighbors in europe's open borders owned by reinstating controls on its boundaries with germany and sweden one danish m.p.
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who has been pushing for stricter immigration laws says it's the european union's biggest achilles heel. the idea of open borders europe has shown to be a utopia and we have the choice of the european idea or reality as we live in the real world we can see what comes across our borders and not least at least what this leave in denmark was stolen goods have increased we cannot see the just watch that happen the same thing we see with the euro the instruction of europe even in countries that were meant to have it every year and couldn't do the proper way we see the e.u. . disintegrating and i can see that happening all over the place not only in boom or we might just be the first one to take steps to avoid further problems for our country the e.u. it's an idea it's an ideology if you like is disintegrating. we want to know what do you think about how closing the borders will affect europe's unity and here's
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how opinions are dividing and r.t. dot com at the moment. well there is quite a split among responses over a third say it's the only way to tackle the immigration crisis and that the e.u. has done for but a quater regret that the union is proving an unworkable slightly fewer believe there is still a chance for the bloc if europeans find a way to come together in troubled times while eighteen percent tells us it's just a temporary setback on the rocky road of integration add your voice now at r.t. dot com. and major islamist terrorism in southern russia is being strongly linked to similar groups in other parts of the world it features on a newly released list by russia those sought to be heavily involved or in funding terror timothy's or north caucasus correspondent tell us more on this somebody to tell us who is on that list and what is
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a hope to achieve. well this is a list. and companies that are involved in terrorism or financing of terrorism was published in this russian governmental newspaper this morning now the document that ice present here consists of to parse the first one was done by russia's foreign ministry on of the basis of the similar un documents list of foreign individuals and foreign companies that are involved in the financing also of terrorism now the second list a was done by russia's justice ministry and focuses on those individuals and those companies whose activities are connected to russia and now the document which is present here in this newspaper is only the first part which is open to public and people that are named in here are people where or where proofs of their involvement are already found this to list
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already shows that the world of terrorism is connected to each other and when we talk about the problem of terrorism the really there are simply no borders between countries and that the problem of terrorism is a global issue for example here in russia's north caucasus and this volatile region where we are right now after a number of. leading hands of terrorism and with links to the international terrorist organization al qaida have been killed and they were behind some of the worst terrorist attacks on the russian capital and now it's really no matter where the terrorist attacks happens now the same people are behind this moves and really we are fighting the one single anime and several several years ago at the world saad. there are present here and russia's north caucasus. rebels but now the situation has changed and russia's most wanted. was put
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by the united states on. the list of the world's most wanted terrorist now all of this moves really show with thoughts of the problem of terrorism as a global issue and it's far from being solved. all right matthew thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update live from logic of cause and russia's north caucasus. well so have here in our crime and punishment for deaths in the balkans war. you know you get a mandate to disarm and then they're telling you actually wall don't disarm bellbird breaks out and you're the one left responsible as of that score it puts the blame for the deaths of three muslims in the massacre on benevolence some say it's the view when that's the guilty party. and while some places strive for in the panels we hear how emotions are running high in one country over the prospect of becoming part of it stronger neighbor not everyone would consider
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it a happy marriage as we report later. it would be so much brighter if you knew more about the song from funds to the precious. stone totty don't come. wealthy british style. that's not on. the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining crime is a report on the. relatives of three bosnian muslims who were killed in this robbery to massacre during the bosnian war have won a lawsuit against the netherlands judges ruled that dutch peacekeepers failed to protect the victims and have ordered the government to pay compensation the victims were support staff for the dutch u.n. peacekeeping force and were among the muslims who took shelter in the un protect them quite the man who were executed by bosnian serbs after peacekeepers forced them out of the compound along with thousands of others more than eight thousand bosnian muslim man and boys were killed in srebrenica engine why nine hundred ninety five was in a pocket a political analyst based in belgrade says it's the u.n. who's responsible not the netherlands. the dutch soldiers or under un made a mandate there's no question about that now on the other hand i think maybe
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somebody is trying to shift the blame from the u.n. to a member state and this is tricky. business because at the end of the day we have some lawsuits other lawsuits not this one against the united nations itself and it's going to a european court because the dutch courts refused to rule against you and so this may be somebody is trying to shift the blame over to holland rather than the u.n. because if the u.n. is liable to one lawsuit it may be liable to lawsuits all over the world we also have families of serb victims who are victims of moslem forces from syria but in the in the period of one nine hundred ninety two to ninety ninety five also suing the dutch state themselves also for failing to provide protection. from what was supposed to be a demilitarized area instead but it and this militarization never actually took place if one looks at the testimony of hundreds of dutch soldiers who testified as
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to what happened in seventy eight so you could see that they were actually put in a quite a difficult position politics were being played high politics with people's lives you know you get a mandate to disarm and then they're telling you actually well don't disarm and then babbar breaks out and you're the one left responsible. mobile phones are increasingly sophisticated these days by there is one the use you might not have considered catching fish and even troller cruz used to rely on luck for a good catch but as preassure now reports it's a different kind of network that's funding their fortunes. mohun kumar revs up his engine for a day of fishing off the coast of carolina the southernmost state in india with a little bit of i studied in school until the seventh grade but then i had to leave school because we were not economically well off so i had to help my dad with fishing kumar is one of thousands of fishermen in the state who wake up at one o'clock in the morning to earn a living for decades fishermen like kumar relied on luck and prayer to find
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a good catch but all that has changed since the introduction of the mobile phone in the state more than ten years ago but. if the fish is not available where we go fishing fisherman in other parts of the sea call us and tell us where we might be able to find a good catch then we go to that particular place. in addition because of the new ease of communication kumar is able to find out how much demand is that his local market and the prices the buyers are offering in order to determine where best to sell his fish today he is making double the amount of money he was making before he started using a mobile phone he now owns his own boat and says he is able to send his three daughters to college india has the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world in the most growth is happening in rural areas what may be seen as a convenience in the west is being utilized by indian fishermen revolutionizing their business and turning them into entrepreneurs and business men in their
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communities most of these fishermen have been doing this work for generations and never imagined they'd become so tech savvy they had watched their fathers and grandfathers come home from sea several times with no fish at all but today that never happens you know about a little bit of there's a lot of difference between the times when we used to go fishing with stick boats and now when we go fishing with engine but after the arrival of the phone it's become easier for us to studies show that mobile phones aren't just empowering the fisherman in the community more competition means better prices for consumers on average they fallen by four percent it's a new quality of life for the people of this community who never dreamed that they would escape poverty. most fishermen are illiterates but we want to give a proper education to our children and that is possible because of the earning we get from the fishing business there's no doubts that mobile phones have helped. providing new opportunities by advancing their tradition with technology preassure
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either r.t. carola india and you control our website for more features and analysis of our stories here is what's in the wind at r.t. dot com today. doctors and prison officials are blamed by human rights investigators for causing the custody death of whistleblowing where sergei magnitsky law. delivering junk russian postal workers are caught stealing from parcels and making up the wait with trash. former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn's hopes of a political comeback are all but dash now that a french writer has officially filed a complaint for a two thousand and three rape a tan strauss kahn's lawyers now pledged his suit tristan been on for slander
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meanwhile the current assault charges against him in new york continued to add away was the investigation questioning his alleged victim's credibility it's why aimed at the hotel made every case of her asylum application and the law to lie about income tax but even these developments are likely to prove too late to revive scouse khan's reputation and career his french history history professor robert de rats he told r.t. . i don't think it's political sesa nation and i think it really is a case of political suicide and i really think that dominic strauss kahn is at the margins of this case it's significant that tristan macmanus mother who is a fairly important figure in the socialist party and who urged her daughter back in two thousand and three not to say anything about the attack has now come out of the closet and insists strong and is sexual
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habits have been long known among socialists a long amended but nobody said anything about them so he may emerge a free man but whether his freedom is going to lead to the it leaves a completely different story and a number of women in fact are appalled. the which is what they call which they call the grand old men of the socialist party are plotting to being one another on the park right now because khan seems to be on the verge of of being liberated from new york city's judicial system. also take a look at some other stories from around the world amnesty international wants syria's authorities to be investigated by the war crimes court over its violent crackdown on protesters a report by the organization's us president says regime may have committed crimes against humanity including torture custom deaths and arbitrary detention rights
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groups say more than thirteen hundred civilians have been killed across the country since anti-government protests began in mid march. bankers are the need of paris to work out a deal on how much private money will be included in the greek bailout e.u. leaders insist they must contribute to the second aid package greece with one hundred ten billion euros of rescue money last may but it didn't stand the debt crisis there's also the growing risk that portugal will need a second bailout after a major credit ratings agency downgraded its debt to joe. he's amazing pictures from the united states show a wall of dust moving through the city of phoenix in arizona sandstorms like this happen during the region's monsoon season which is underway they occur over or desert land and can reach thousands of feet into the air spurred by strong winds the dance cloud dramatically reduced visibility grounding flights at major airports
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and leaving thousands without electricity. activist in romania are campaigning for unification was neighboring by next year they say there restoring justice because the two countries were historically united but as are the reports the motives may be not quite so pure. from photo exhibitions to in both bucharest and. since two thousand and nine some movements in romania have been complaining to win back what they see as their land. since april it's been impossible to miss colorful stickers like that in towns and cities across romania besar robbia is romania they say believing that the land which is now the sovereign state of republic of moldova must again be on the book arrest control and indeed it was until the nineteenth century which saw it pass hands several times with the collapse of the u.s.s.r. moldova declared independence becoming
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a member of the united nations the currency of europe and the world trade organization now an alliance of more than thirty n.g.o.s in romania say these achievements would be sacrificed in the name of reunification by reunification. of the romanians from the two states from romania and republic of moldova from one state because for the. fact we are separated unjustly and we want this historical. truth bucharest official line is that reunification of the two nations can only happen if the both soviet state becomes an e.u. member but politicians in moldova have expressed concerns that president a cesspool would not wait for that eventuality and will instead at some point in the future expand his country's borders to absorb moldova the remaining president. a couple of months ago clearly said. within twenty five years from now. we will
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integrate. here under the. european integration romania but it actually is actually discrediting. the european integration because for most of the people of european integration is definitely not integration with things. analysts in the moldavian capital say the last few years have served as a clear proof of this intention. to change of. clothes or remain in media outlets that. includes several major t.v. stations and two dozen papers we believe that their main mission. construction over the. next year which marks two hundred years since book arrest last for the first time the action twenty twelve movement is planning a massive information offensive on mobile was population action twenty twelve says
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it is not funded nor officially supported by bucharest and that their mission is peaceful form the people of the need to restore the greater romania if the majority of people from romania and from the republic of moldova decide that. they want. to use the. picking could be possible. if that's the case then it's hard to imagine any reunification in the near future especially with up to forty percent of romania agreeing they'd love to have bessarabia back but almost two thirds of population wants to remain sober and. let's see russia see reporting from bucharest in romania and kishan republic of moldova. later today we'll bring you more insight into what life is like today in post soviet states we'll explore kyrgyzstan which last year saw a violent revolution an athame conflict on its way to democracy. twenty years ago
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a large country. disintegrating. what had been true. where did it take. and business news is next with you here in our city. that's right time for the latest business update the money pouring out of russia is a trend the government's long been struggling to reverse june low became the first months to see foreign capital go the other way and register and inflows essential by default such as the inflow could be as much as three billion dollars that's against an eight billion dollar outflow in april and a five billion flight in made it's been a rough first half of the year with over thirty one billion dollars leaving the country but the central bank is sticking to the it's an estimate of around thirty five billion dollars of capital flight. also goes main stock exchange will launch
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a dark pool for traders who don't want to reveal their big market or does this way the minus six can get involved in the over the counter market where all the names exceed regular trading well it's aimed at preventing it's valid more than one hundred forty thousand dollars from impeding trading currently such stock exchange deals cover twenty percent of the forces daily turnover initially the dark pool will involve only fifteen blue chips and daily trading will start at eleven. twelve say the new timetable will prevent wild market fluctuations and decrease the chances of price manipulation. time for a quick check on the markets precious metals are catching their breath after tuesday's rally debt problems and beat you out of europe heating investor demand for safe haven coverage prices that are just at seventy two dollars and tuesday well they are because one day gain in eight months oil is trading near
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a three week high on speculation that current inventories in the u.s. could decline for the third week by the u.s. energy department will be released on thursday and the suggest it showed large stockpiles dropped two and a half million barrels last week and across asia china stocks are being pulled down . fireballs that just projects shareholder in china and the china construction bank will sell its stake to funds mickey is trading in the black financials are limiting broader gains after a few has bank shares the most brunt of. let me just start of trading in europe energy stocks are receiving a philip from a rise in crude prices although euro zone debt problems are capital gains of raging say agency moody's to cut more credit rating to junk states purchase similar picture in russia as in the mine as it's opened in the poles chartres don't just march like they are sleeping into a red this hour as investors are cautious to make any big moves let's now have
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a check on some of the individual show moves on the mice its energy majors are among the main gave us a frosty after point seven percent meanwhile banking stocks are under pressure was down point three percent. of a percent in the rads. part of russia for the first six months of the year has topped five percent because price increases were in cereals and greens which became almost twenty percent more expensive and non-food tobacco is up twelve percent and ten traditionally inflation russia grows faster in the second home will begin but authorities still expected to be around seven percent by the year end. ok that wraps up the business bulletin join me unless someone has time for more business stories here on our end but nor mind you can always get more news from our web site r.t. dot com slash business. feel
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