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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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americans need as judge and jury the news outlets jeopardizing justice by sentencing suspects before they've even been inside a courtroom. egypt said demonstration things are proof of the testers are rushing to her square angry at slower phones and corruption following letters uprising. and reports so widespread deaths and devastation from lost in turkmenistan brought in a new city government disguises it as a honest guy a weapons isn't.
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it ironic he's a life in the heart of the russian capital the society being it proved innocence in court can play into insignificance in america especially when a guilty verdict is already acknowledged in the media single mother casey anthony was cleared of murdering her two year old daughter this week but it's done nothing to sway public opinion that's been spurred on by t.v. and newspapers message chuckin of reports. innocent until proven guilty it's a whole mark principle of the american justice system legally after shoved aside from the vigor of some of the arrests young african black and brown. being sat down in history in an obsessive kind of way fifty shots sixty starts laying on our stomach in our back as we ride or as we walk or flee to beating suspects into
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offenses in cases of entrapment entrapment is not what we got in traveling is getting someone to do something that they would normally do to perp walks that read suspect in handcuffs for the world to see. to a media frenzy devouring some cases and not others i finally did before that i see it as guilty until proven guilty in these cases the government is changing the laws sam and is a former white collar convict who knows the criminal justice systems discrepancies inside and out i had more of a row two years covering up my crimes. when i decided to cooperate with the head it took two more years. now a teacher he says media coverage also affects the jury or they see the image of a guy in handcuffs and see an image of a person being arrested they see the image of a person. and their effect just like everybody else.
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so are you presumed guilty from the get go and how much of a role because the media play if you're accused of a devious crime it's going to be in huge headlines on page one when you exonerated it's on page twenty seven below the fold two column inches and your neighbors somehow didn't manage to catch it that they server would still thinks you're a child molester not guilty take the not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder case involving her two year old daughter the court of public opinion remains split from a court of justice all thanks to nonstop media coverage of the case for the past three years. it's crazy maybe it's great they have except when they get it from the media assume she was going to go. in the case of former i.m.f. head know many extras con media satisfy their likeness taste with extreme passion only for the case to crumble i think there should be a. media outlets are required to play your exoneration as big and as long as your
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accusation this is rarely the case as dubious practices in the criminal justice system spread so does the finger pointing and questioning the future of human rights in the us where as we call in as americans i'm fifty one years old i live. this is getting now going this is really getting ugly the principles that the u.s. once prided itself in occupier suspects of having to fight their battles publicly the minute of their arrest in attempts to prove their innocence underlining the discrepancies in the u.s. criminal justice system are alive and kicking this internal party in iraq. the march towards a reborn egypt has slowed to cruel how the interim leaders have been sent the strongest message yet and they're not doing enough for the tens of thousands turning out the biggest protests months demonstrates is a filter square in cairo and gathered there are other citizens angry that the government was dragging its heels on forms demanded president mubarak.
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straight up the sluggish pace of prosecuting senior officials at least officers who are accused of. abuse are rising but there are still large international relations professor mark almond. from the area you're not traveling to change. the expectations that the fall of mubarak will be followed by a change of regime hasn't really come about the baraka his family and closest cronies have been imprisoned or accused will go on trial next month of all sorts of crimes against the people against the interest of country because of course field marshal tantawi and the other members of the military ruling council with his appointees to great extent across egypt people don't see that their local boss the local head of the stray should be changed so there's a sense that the old regime was decapitated but minus mubarak it's still in power
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the revolution comes about because people are very discontented have reasons for the crowd economic discontents put it the process of the revolution causes so much disruption that we see tourists stay away from egypt that kills a lot of business we see people worried about investing there because they wonder who's going. be in power in a few months time so ironically one of the big reasons for the revolution people's economic this country this social this contentious issue right on employment and so on actually the process of getting rid of arc is made in the short term economy worse but i do think really there's an easy answer to egypt's economic problems because global oil prices global food prices on a rising and egypt is essential. but in a few minutes georgia's cloak and dagger conundrum. really sees faith of spies at every turn and down south and i prefer to talk with us first we ask whether the snapper is really snooping. around in it or when it india's
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enterprising youth for any small business and it's a big profits. the former editor of britain's a best selling newspaper has been released on bail after being arrested on charges of phone hacking and he calls it the news of the world tabloid but it allegedly intercepted phone calls from murder victims and their soldiers' families later went on to become the prime minister's media. denies knowledge on the hacking during his time as editor to other people including newspapers for more oil corresponding to the rest of prime minister cameron is promising to in crowleys weeks and practices this press a million sixty eight year old musicals is being closed by its medium. its last edition will be on sunday a public outrage against the paper's actions lived up to this week for journalists
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to have access of course never missing teenager repaired it was later found that radio host john gaunt used to work for the news the world system says britain's immediate risk to tie did the political elite. many of us are calling for a full public inquiry led by a judge and cameron has been dragged into this position he's now willing to let it happen six truly embarrassing for him he's part of what's called the chipping condom set which is a rural part of britain he lives down there at the weekend rebecca brooks lives down there cern colonist lived down there and the whole set you gonna make socially that set was a different set when labor in power which only blair got all of it is too cozy and too comfortable if you don't have a real democracy you have to have a separation of the press surely and indeed the political establishment and the government of the day you also need to have separation between the judiciary and those two areas in britain and the united kingdom they've become too close over the
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last thirteen or fourteen years and i believe that last may not all married people in britain their views have not really been represented either in the newspapers or in the political arena that's bad for democracy so david cameron should start investigating and instead of as far as i'm concerned one would your employer a man who's already had to resign over phone hacking allegations why would you take him to the heart of government where he could about access to top secrets garcias and information it's a sorry sorry day let me tell you not just for the british press but for british democracy. two hundred people they have been killed in a series of explosions that turkmenistan city rather than local media sources report the blasts happened. when the government continues to claim it was due to fire with materials contacts the editor of a human rights website stone gives more details. clearly very close started with
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a blast that was followed by a series of explosions the panic spread among people immediately because people didn't know what was going on the government's reaction came too late only eight hours after the explosions of the first military and emergency vehicle start coming to out of down from the capital we know the blast occurred to him initially the fire hasn't been extinguished yet there's one more death row which contention at lower. officials say the explosions were caused by fireworks materials but there's enough evidence to prove it was ammunition around two hundred people are believed to have died half of them soldiers others are civilians many of them are children it's difficult to say how many people have been injured many apartment buildings schools and should fly in ruins and there are cases of looting. calls of turkmenistan websites also reports that media blackout the country's state trial is showing entertainment programs instead of news bulletins meanwhile police
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are being ordered to the table anyone who tries to take pictures of the home of. their. website tells a crowd of children wandering the streets and. many there can't contact their friends because of disruptions to telephone lines. if georgia's authorities are to be believed there are secret agents working around every corner just days after jailing people for espionage for russia high profile talkers that are by special services they're accused of spying for a foreign state it's not clear which one of these categories of those into what's behind the water suspicions. an event that i still spy with my little lie george is continuing his for of encounter espionage campaign and this time around the people in the spotlight are those who usually stay behind the scenes for photo
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journalists have been detained including the president's personal photographer and employees of the associated press and the european press agency the a.p. photographer was later released without charge but the other three remaining custody. of the other misapply but i have met with my client he's got injuries to his face at the moment he still hasn't been charged with anything and we waiting on the prosecution to file the case and to question him formally charging our clients . so for a georgian authorities haven't specified exactly who they believe these journalists were spying for their previous spying allegations however have mostly been aimed at russia for soccer rights noles the continuation of more and more russian hysteria see the basis for. the most the poles and mean i'll be right he should care. power because destruction of the second term which we
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can solve the insurgency is going and will all work is there are. a lot of political nature of war in europe your partners lie georgians all proud to live. in the power. bunch of. georgia and. we should but he's probably. watching agents or. more. recently hysteria began with yet another alleged spy story last year thirteen people were detained and accused of being spies on russia's payroll earlier this week nine of them were found guilty and sentenced to. which we now live in and fourteen years behind bars but what lies behind this frenzied espionage clamp down on. anyone i guess is just. and it has been noticed not just by russia but
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a risky international organisation. even so it seems international disbelief and new year or so rests and convictions are not enough to put the paranoia of georgian officials to rest georgia's interior minister claims that there are more alleged spies out there and that he knows exactly who they are where they are and what they're doing when all official b.b.c. hails these efforts many seem to be of the opinion that it's just plain wishful thinking. katharine's are artsy. so to come on the program join the law and. more often do women. have a bright. high profile sex scandals dominating front pages where new york lost how best to tackle the tension.
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and in russia closer religious. leaders city we discover how to succeed in the middle of nowhere. with a population of more than a billion coming from. india's enterprising entrepreneurs and its young people seizing the initiative by turning their passions into profits. from the reports they've got an eye on the culture as much as capitalism. downstairs in a dusty basement in jelly's folklore neighborhood you'll find twenty six year old people kamar this is one of several of its manufacturing sites it's small and weak but it's one of the offices kamar uses to make sporting equipment including taps he's also working to mastermind a sports curriculum for hundreds of schools around india in an attempt to build an empire that he hopes will change the sporting culture in his country forever there was no gap in the market there was you know. very few quality
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footings as far as this board the industry as a whole was concerned so. it's are there for the whole industry and right now he's the number one guy in india doing it in the short time his company has been around its profits have increased two hundred percent per month and he's been named one of the top ten young entrepreneurs in the country it's a massive undertaking especially in a country where studies have always been prioritized over sports but kamar is part of a growing movement of young people who believe that they can change cultural mentalities and implement new ideas in their country we have so many graduates coming know. every year and if a small percentage of them go you know i don't think. you will even a single entrepreneurship is becoming a hot field for young people in india many of the parents of the students on
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india's college campuses your government met with in engineering a stable and prestigious the younger generation is being innovation as key to the future according to the indian government the number of small and medium enterprises in this country is rising by fifteen percent. while their peers in the west are struggling to find jobs during this financial crisis many leaders are encouraging their youth to continue to focus on innovation despite the unstable times we know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time read out in a big educate and outbuild rest of the world. it's a persecuted some believe could shift the power dynamics in the world i'm going to show dart in next. so as far as you know vision goes on to produce what you're going to prove himself in india and the new startups that will be really good chance of succeeding in the global stage kumar dispell entrepreneurs admit that starting
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a venture can be stressful but they try to focus on the positives they believe it has for themselves and their country making a difference and you believed in something you thought they will get this is this is what. doesn't exist and i want to something about it creating new jobs for people of all addressed in their countries means preassure either archie new delhi india. this hour there is a new country on the well south pacific done an independent state ok so let me submit sort of variations began a little night music down the streets. told me he's too spunky through these and pump it off and she laughs when the whole. un early deployed troops today still be speaking. and iced coffee i mean people take in the streets of the serious if you like commanding presence sidesteps the ice with the g.'s for me to show up supports my
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french and pacifist a story to get some answers. out of this something sooners so that after seeing the ports that the country's diplomats are the only people it's just a peaceful. means. former american first lady betty ford has died at the age of ninety three she was that would have a president's job for that time to the renowned drug and alcohol rehab center which . ford was considered one of the most visible first ladies in america. long wasn't and she was ninety four in the sixty's. there are some accusations which prove false and still prove fatal to your reputation as a nuisance to well online talk show host laurie how often people in new york what
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this means for people's definition is going too far. is the actual assault cases of d.s. k. angelina sounds are getting a lot of coverage in the news do you think it's right for women or men to report anything actually encounter they feel uncomfortable with this week let's talk about that if you feel that she's been violated i think reporting is the best idea and how that plays out you know that that's how that plays out the reporting should be a woman's instinct at what point does it cross over to consider just for attention . yeah it's a it's a tough mind between those two people two people it's impossible i think women should not get in situations i think there are lots of times that we put ourselves in situations and we have a messenger insiders that says get out of there and sometimes we don't listen to that message. or she says no. is it the same for women as
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for man one hundred percent. so why do we treat it more as a woman's issue because it happens more often to women. who have a pride to go. about money rich girl rich and of course for. good that's just another way for women to get rich. so do you think it's fair that the laws generally tend to side with women. i think it's impossible to really say what's fair or what's not at this point again we carry our eight years of what's fair changed so much i think in general my inclination is to say yes it is because women are the most part of been the victims for so many years that you always have to side more with them in order to make it equal it's like affirmative action in a way like you have to do something to make things better so that they're not always the victims no matter how you feel about the lines of specialists else the bottom line is that the rule no means no will always be
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a good one to follow. there's more of new york's thoughts on line authority dot com it's tough to say there's anger israel blocking activists latest efforts to get aid to. some two hundred people selling. points others. in this space canadian company comes to the camera international space station find out how much of an able to zoom in. sitting for the country next in russia close up. yes we're traveling two thousand kilometers east of moscow to the cool down region
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and sudden siberia it's one of the many areas where entire villages are becoming ghost towns people move to the cities generation get fewer in number but there's one place where the restaurants have a good reason to stay. away to find out what it is. here we are in the village of chastise syria in the qur'an region and to get past santa fifteen years its population has been steadily increasing here is the reason why it's monday morning and alexander form a prison guard is it work testing the incoming employees for alcohol. over the limit there is a choice to decide for a no show and lose thirty percent of them on salary or job three kilometers and be docked ten percent of that month's wage there's no we do the testing every morning regardless of gender or position with. their paycheck and that's
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a strong incentive not to drink working week. enforced alcohol abstinence is the idea of this man alexander able to cough is the director of the still six pound unlatched extend influence as far as possible and i have big ideas to be a good theory if p. to me of micro-management for the past fifteen years has been preaching to employees how to lead good sausages and how to live a good life. while it is a must it's the quality of the product to give you this job in the first place and it's the quality of the terms whether you keep. firing dozens of workers for showing up drunk at work or xander started lateran his employees on the harms of all the whole three times a day during with breaks you've got the holy roman emperor charlemagne so the drunk for the first time beaten with a stick those quarter the second time should be beaten and probably. should be
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hanged as a former boxer he's not shy about exercising his rule with an r. in first has built his version of the iron curtain around his plan with dozens of video cameras around the facility employees have no chance to circumvent the art of big brother on the outside that's are no longer the issue. of the day there is a very rigid and most people find it hard to comply but those who don't play by alexander as rules don't for here. alexander strive to set the rules of the game doesn't and within his plan the only corporate tax payer in the village of four thousand people is taken on a very wide notion of social responsibility using that plant profits he paid all local roads renovated a school and built a church and while he agrees that modesty is a virtue of his fondness of giving guidance and advice is evident wherever he goes in you are doesn't matter that you come from a village what matters most is to get
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a good education thank god we've got good teachers and behave well in school is that clear. but this approach has divided villagers the majority believe alexander is a blessing or a minority and primarily those who he's fired and not as impressed. as the old saying goes one man's meat is another man's poison not everybody in this village appreciates alexander philosophy and his tenacity in spreading it around some people call him a control freak others to resort to more agricultural language his opponents also include some local officials who believe that alexander has too much power that infringes on their own authority and the xander accuses them of not doing enough for the people when i ask him whether he'd like to run for office he's response was a resounding no. i think the whole purpose of power is to create to make life
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around you better and in this regard i have all the power that i need. i think every successful activity requires discipline discipline and it starts with. weeding for somebody to come and do something i do it myself. people. will understand that i was doing it for the wrong good. many historians make the case that russians prefer authoritarian leaders and they're tackling the deep problems of alcohol addiction and rural isolation need street discipline and total control. in the xander scase it seems to have proved efficient at some avoid r t the village of castro's syria we're going to region. well there's no escaping the door of the bright lights in a few minutes when martin entries takes to some pieces but it's often updates about
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such stories statements. to. the.
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movement. to. see. if.


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