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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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into the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines to cause a report on. the latest chapter of the georgian spy saga high profile photographers in the spotlight as to police he uses them are working for moscow while children claims that all video cold fish in skeptics inside the country say they kill them and is only a good chance. until she does syria a lot more and not in a few minutes time. it's feared hundreds of people have been killed in a blast in turkmenistan but there is confusion a state officials say there were no fatalities. and a crumbling empire owner of the british tabloid accused of hacking the phones of the murder victims is expected in london to deal with a crisis and perform the last edition goes to press.
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seven pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story georgia's government says high profile photographers arrested this week were linked to russian special services and passed on secret information to them the three men have been charged with spying after being arrested thursday our correspondent peter all there has more. initially there were four photojournalist arrested on thursday one of those has now been released without charge over the three that remain in custody are all we're all pool reporters meaning that they had very close quarters contact with the president of georgia because saakashvili now. we are hearing this one of those who is in custody has confessed on video to having been a spy to be sending information to moscow and in that video confession he is in the
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case is the one of those three that are in custody now with regard to the third member of the team he's believed to be on a hunger strike denying any charges against him no the reason they would charge this comes after their their personal hard drives were seized and detailed maps of the presidential compound and presidential goings on the the the daily schedule of mikheil saakashvili was found on that hard drive this resulted in the charges being leveled against them no they will remain in custody until september when they will face a closed doors trial so russia is accused of being a little quick on the truth when it comes to labeling people spies they say that there isn't enough evidence to link these people to to moscow and says that the russians are the only people that think that russia has jumped the gun a few times on labeling people spies. to go with.
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anyone i guess is just. a russian. spokesperson for the russian foreign ministry they're saying that russia didn't have anything to do with these people who are being charged with espionage in georgia last year we saw thirteen people arrested on espionage charges now nine of those were found guilty just last week and handed down sentences ranging between eleven years and fourteen years in torture itself down. that bits of it and how to play against this we're hearing a tool to daily use paper. of what they threw him in to be determined to be a witch hunt against anybody who opposes saakashvili they say that it was businessmen then it was politicians and scientists and now the new target out this week these journalists. george's opposition opposition leader and you know burjanadze tells our t.v.
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evidence the authorities are claiming they've got could have been obtained under duress. it's not the first case one person who he's underage he's giving such kind of explanation they specially have to take into account that he was not the only life jew and they had a very small child who i have been released now for thirty. one of the weeks. mentioned of course it's quite difficult for me to say one hundred percent what is behind a bad. situation but in georgia time to time we are receiving from candles these congress had no real legal outcomes and we never saw any kind of real it's human patients that government we think right now government decided to hire externally so she's quite symbolic because government is trying to control everybody and i think until now we didn't use these even one of the din. of the large government
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thing. going to have a kind of problem when you have problems with social and health care when you have a problem. mentary a rule of law and the rights of the people when you lost your country twenty percent or thirty thirty because the old i may depart then but it is possible action you should find somebody who will be guilty if you never think which is wrong in the country they were very old probably school technique and greece is. quite easy to explain russian stuff and you need that and everything working along the country russian so it's actually creating things i cannot say me. trying to lead everybody who they gave him or against he's a regime and fighting for real democracy in this country she is trying to link progression. it's fear that about two hundred people may have been killed in a series of explosions that shook the city of abidjan in turkmenistan some local reports say the blast happened at
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a musician's depot though the government continues to claim it was a fireworks factory state officials have not confirmed. any casualties effected area is cordoned off and closed the entry police are being ordered to detain anyone who tries to take pictures or mobile phone footage of the site many people can't contact family and friends because of disruption of color lines a special government commissions reportedly been set up to investigate thursday's explosions in the country's long when a very secretive state with the internet banned till recently did contact the editor of the human rights website there gave us the latest information. to the russian aggression starting from yesterday people began returning to the town fires have been put out glocal so helping soldiers to clean up into reports the number of casualties and those who died because of injuries has reached nine hundred but we have to verify this information i cannot guarantee its reliability but it's certainly more than two hundred people and many died in hospital the residents of about their own are no longer in a state of panic but some are still looking for their family members and they can
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say that the situation is calm in some remote regions people aren't aware of what's happened as they have no internet access some are perhaps unhappy as the would like the president to announce a state of mourning or express his condolences it seems that their forties and willing to admit that there are casualties there's no official theory as to the causes of the explosion and usually there was an opinion that the fire happened because of very hot weather frankly speaking it's hard for me to tell therefore i won't be drawing any conclusions as witnesses many servicemen who were guarding those warehouse died in the fire. stay with us here on our team coming up later this hour guilty until proven innocent as the front page coverage of us criminal cases muddy waters of the justice system you report out of concerns that many trials may be prejudiced. and find out how young indian businessmen are looking to inspire and innovate as we forgive away from the country's longstanding culture.
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but first the owner of the news of the world rupert murdoch is going to fly to london to confront the christ. the troubled british tabloid police are now investigating the deletion of millions of e-mails that were potentially valuable evidence in a phone hacking scandal papers accused of snooping on the phone messages of politicians celebrities and victims of crime a number of arrests were made friday including that of andy colson a former editor of the paper who also served as the prime minister's media chain it's how boyd's former royal correspondent also arrested both men were later released on bail the prime minister's announced two independent public inquiries as a result of the scandal news of the world staff are preparing for its final edition this sunday following its announcement the close john god who used to work for one of murdoch's newspapers says the media and political circles in the u.k. are too close many of us are calling for a full public inquiry led by a judge and cameron has been dragged through this position he's now willing to let it happen to extremely embarrassing for at least part of what's called the chipping
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condom set which is a rural parts of britain he lives down there the weekend rebecca brooks lives down there son colin nish lives down there and the whole set you kind of make socially that say it was a different set when labor in power would try to need blair but all of it is too cozy and too comfortable if you don't have a real democracy you have to have a separation between the press surely the the political establishment and the government of the day you also need to have separation between the judiciary and those two areas in britain and the united kingdom they've become too close over the last thirteen or fourteen years and i believe that's made no ordinary people in britain their views have no really been represented odd in the newspapers or in the political arena last spot for democracy so david cameron should stop investigating himself that's far as i'm concerned i one would you employ a man who's already had to resign over phone hacking allegations why would you take
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him to the heart of government where he could have access to top secrets garcia. it's an information it's a sorry sorry day let me tell you not just the british press the british could more closely you can log on and have your say on our website r t v dot com in our latest poll today we're asking is shutting down news of the world the right thing to do almost half say yes they think rupert murdoch's media dominance should be ended twenty two percent also say yes but for the reason that such tabloids are an embarrassment to british media twelve percent believe it's the wrong decision to cut the pay for his current wrong decision and that the paper's current staff shouldn't be punished nineteen percent say news of the world has been made a scapegoat. also logline check out the catwalk turns into a cat fight in central russia one of the little trips up and bumps into her colleague watch out. watch our interview with the daughter of actor charlie chaplin he talks about the ups and downs of life on the screen.
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egypt returning to normal after a friday demonstrations filled cairo's tahrir square and other places there's huge public anger at the interim government that they think is riding its heels on the reforms demanded when the people toppled president hosni mubarak from power interim leaders have been sent the strongest message that they're not doing enough with tens of thousands turning out for the biggest protests in months gyptian is also frustrated at the sluggish pace of prosecuting senior officials and police officers who were accused of brutality during friday's uprising professor mark almond from oxford university says the revolution is only added to needs of egypt's economic woes and not brought about the change people wanted. the expectations that the full
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of mubarak could be followed by a change of regime hasn't really come up. his family and closest cronies have been imprisoned or accused will go on trial next month of all sorts of crimes against the people against the interests of country but of course field marshal tantawi members of the military route counsel for his appointees to a great extent across egypt people they will see that their local boss the local head of the industry should be changed so there's a sense that the old regime was decapitated but minus mubarak it's still in power ironically one of the big reasons of the revolution people's economic discontent this social this interim the irritation about unemployment and so on actually the process of getting rid of all barak has made in the short term the economy worse but i do think really there's an easy answer to egypt's economic problems because global oil prices global food prices and so on are rising and egypt is essentially a quarter and u.s.
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media has come under fire for its reporting of a number of high profile criminal trials a case of single mother casey anthony acquitted of murdering her two year old child earlier this week has been at the center of heated debate for years as artie's honest i see churkin reports there are some concerns our public opinion may be swayed by the headlines rather of any evidence. innocent until proven guilty it's a whole mark principle of the american justice system legally after shoved aside from the vigor of some of the arrests young african black and brown. being sat down in the street and an obsessive kind of way fifty shots sixty sets laying on our stomach in our back as we run or as we walk or flee to beating suspects into offenses in cases of entrapment entrapment is not legal entrapment is getting someone to do something that they would normally do to perp walks that read suspects in handcuffs for the world to see. to
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a media frenzy devouring some cases. not others i finally had before the. guilty until proven guilty case. government is changing the laws so are you presumed guilty from the get go and how much of a role does the media play if you're accused of it. it's going to be a huge headlines on page one when you exonerated it's on page twenty seven below the full two column which is your neighbor somehow didn't manage to catch it that day so everyone still thinks you're a child molester take the not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder case involving her two year old daughter a court of public opinion remains split from a court of justice all thanks to nonstop media coverage of the case for the past three years. and i think it's great and except i get it from the media assume she was going to be able to in the case of former i.m.f. head to many straws con the media satisfy their gluttonous taste stream passion
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only for the case to crumble i think there should be a. media outlets are required to play your exoneration as big and as long as your accusation this is rarely the case as dubious practices in the criminal justice system spread so does the finger pointing and questioning the future of human rights in the us why is we calling as americans i would say it's one years old and i'm like. this is getting now going this is really good now when the principles that you what's most prided itself on are either fire suspects or having to fight their battles publicly the minute they arrest and attempts to prove their innocence underlining the discrepancies in the u.s. criminal justice system are alive and kicking the situation out of the park seems to me on still to come this hour heading east we take you on a tour of the kurgan region in southern siberia a place of rare rural charm and some of the usual custom plus. with messing about
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on the road just outside moscow but one in mind which suit you'll find out in just a few minutes. but first with a population of more than a billion people india is a promising platform for entrepreneurship but young indian businessmen have to rely on their creativity and innovation to find new ways of making profit or change careers three to reports. downstairs in a dusty basement in jelly's oakland neighborhood you'll find twenty six year old pickle kamar this is one of several of his manufacturing sites it's small and weak but it's one of the offices kamar uses to make sporting equipment including tents he's also working to mastermind a sports curriculum for hundreds of schools around india in an attempt to build an empire that he hopes will change the sporting culture in his country forever there was a gap in the market there was you know. all
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things as far as the sports the industry as a whole was concerned so. it's. the whole industry and right now he's the number one guy in india doing it in the short time his company has been around its profits have increased two hundred percent per month and he's been named one of the top ten young entrepreneurs in the country it's a massive undertaking especially in a country where studies have always been prioritized over sports but kumar as part of a growing movement of young people who believe that they can change cultural mentalities and implement new ideas in their country we have so many graduates coming over. every year even if a small percentage of. entrepreneurship is becoming a hot field for young people in india while many of the parents of the students on india's college campuses new government math in engineering is stable and
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prestigious the younger generation is the innovation as key to the future according to the indian government the number of small and medium enterprises in this country is rising by fifteen percent. while their peers in the west are struggling to find jobs during this crisis many leaders are encouraging their youth to continue to focus on innovation despite the unstable times we know what it takes to compete for the jobs in. the stories of our time read out in a bait educate and outbuild the rest of the world. it's a pursuit that some believe could shift the power dynamics in the world and. in. india. as far as who is going to produce what are you going to prove himself in india and many new startups. succeeding in the global reach kumar dispell entrepreneur is it meant that starting a venture. but they try to focus on the positives they believe it has for themselves and their country making
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a difference. you believe in something you thought this is this is what doesn't exist and i want to do something about it creating new jobs for their people while dressed in their countries mean it's preassure either r t new delhi india turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe south sudan has become the world's newest nation following separation from the north thousands of people have taken part in massive celebrations in the new capital juba. to the two countries that you separate countries have not yet reached an agreement on their borders natural resources or the status of their citizens clashes over disputed territory still continue in some areas. in the lazio police fired tear gas and arrested up to sixteen hundred activists as thousands gathered across the capital of kuala lumpur those detained included several senior opposition officials in the protest which was the country's biggest political rally in years was the culmination of weeks of pressure on the prime minister demanding alecto reforms
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ahead of national polls expected next year the national party's did in power for almost six decades and there are growing calls for change. japan's prime minister's announced it will take up to twenty years to clean up after the fukushima nuclear disaster the first time the government's attempted to indicate how wrong the operation may take mergence he measures. it was they try to shut down the reactors to prevent further radiation leaks the fukushima plant was ruined when it was hit by an earthquake and tsunami in march thousands of people have left the area around the facility we're seeing a few years. time now for a russian closeup team to take you want to journey two thousand kilometers east of moscow. walk into the corridor a region located at the southern tip of siberia it's home to the mountains and
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untouched landscapes but the natural beauty of the area is not appealing to most of its residents entire villages are becoming ghost towns as young people move to the cities boyko managed to find one place where residents have a good reason to stay. here we are in the village of cast. grand region and for the past fifteen years its population has been steadily increasing here is the reason why. it's monday morning and alexander the former prison guard is it work testing the incoming employees for alcohol. so they're all over the limit there is a choice to be started for a no show and lose thirty percent of their month's salary i drop three kilometers and be docked ten percent of that month's wage those who do the testing every morning. or position with and can see it could be but they will see it on their
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paycheck and that's a strong incentive not to drink you can week. enforced alcohol abstinence is the idea of these two man alexander will take off is the director of the still such plan and lives to extend his influence as far as possible and out of big ideas very epitome of micromanagement for the past fifteen years he's been preaching to his employees how to make good sausages and how to live a good life. while it is a must it's the quality of the product that gave you this job in the first place and it's the quality of the germans whether you'll keep it which after firing dozens of workers for showing up drunk at work well xander started lateran his employees on the harms of all the whole three times a day during breaks. the holy roman emperor charlemagne said the drunk for the first time should be beaten with a stick and those called for the second time should need beaten and probably.
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should be hanged as a former boxer he's not shy about exercising his rule with an r. in first has built his version of the iron curtain around his plan with dozens of video cameras around the facility employees have no chance to circumvent the art of big brother on the upside there are no longer the issue. with the rules are very rigid and most people find it hard to comply but those who don't play by alexander's rules don't work here. alexander strive to set the rules of the game doesn't and within his plan the only corporate tax payer in the village of four thousand people has taken on a very wide notion of social responsibility using the plants profits he gave a local roads renovated a school and will pick church and while he agrees that modesty is a virtue of its function as of giving guidance and advice is evident wherever he goes in you are doesn't matter that you come from
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a village what matters most is to get a good education thank god we've got good teachers and behave well in school is that clear. but this approach has divided villagers the majority believe alexander is a blessing or a minority and primarily those who he's fired and not as impressed. as the old saying goes one man's meat is another man's poison not everybody in this village appreciates the exalted philosophy and he's it's unethical in spreading it around some people call him a control freak others to resort to more agricultural language his opponents also include some local officials who believe they go xander has too much power that infringes on their own authority but alexander accuses them of not doing enough for the people when i ask him whether he'd like to run for office he's response was a resounding no because if you're blessed i think the whole purpose of power is to create to make life around you better and in this regard i have all the power that
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i need as for the iron fist i think every successful activity requires discipline strict discipline and it starts with me instead of waiting for somebody to come and do something i do it myself i may offend other people who would sooner or later they'll understand that i was doing it for the wrong good. many historians made the keys that russians prefer authoritarian leaders and attack minded problems of alcohol addiction and rural isolation need street discipline and total control good or bad in the xander scase it seems to have true efficient at some avoid r. t. the village of. oregon region. but only in this news water aqua sporting enthusiasm flocking to the outskirts of moscow to find a bargain or two this weekend yachts and speed boats are changing hands of the annual marine fair where want to be sailors can buy or sell used vessels artie's tom burton swapped his suit for a wetsuit to find out more. if you're thinking about russia you're probably
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thinking about an awful lot of land but there's also an awful lot of water here and is this event today still world on the outskirts of moscow which is trying to show all the fun you could have around the water in russia there are three types of people who've come to this event today first of all the look surest types they're here to look at to try out and maybe to buy folks like minded looking at a price tag of about half a million euros on the inside no expense spared we had a look around some of these folks and on indian side they really are on the juris site second time the people here are literally people they've come here to relax on the flanks they've come here to drink cocktails in the sun and to watch the photon people be active people they've come in to take part in a lot of the competitions here the sporting events wakeboarding the surfing competitions and they've come to try and show that you can have
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a lot of fun and be active in the water i'm here to try and show that to by doing this. you are flying consumables could collapse in the hope that it will shut up to go on the boat is now going up to try myself clear. because he didn't see the lottery that was right there on the dock. well i'll be back with a recap of today's stories in just a moment stay with us here are. the
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please. come and. pick. him up. come up. an if twenty years ago largest country in. the surface of. the. slum which had been an excellent speech and a church. where did it take.


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