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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2011 4:52pm-5:18pm EDT

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god c.k.r. your forehead a fee of forty kilos to sleep let's walk let's walk as yourself then our shadow health is gentlemanly i think we're off you know just be sure to come a cheeseburger and. we watched on as always bold strong muscles for exist and if the competitors had a little trouble with the point they could still make up for it in the tardis who. was. president on house and beautiful places for relaxing stroll. just over half a century ago this area was nothing but grass and maybe the old potato allotments until this man came along in one percent turned it into almost forty what does a beautiful botanical gardens right and center a president and i'm off to meet an old friend of his. son who has been a professor at the local university for more than forty years and is literally see
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in the gardens grow from nothing to what they are today. he says it's done irregularly all these paths are like the english style. but they're all of different heights as you can see and you can find every conceivable form of plants life. in fact there are more than seventy different red grapes in the gardens and susana was happy to show me some of her favorites. with you can you feel it. that's riots and smells like. there are around twenty full time staff here but they can always do with one hand and that minutes i got to put my own tiny sapling in the ground. this little maple tree is one of more than forty thousand trees
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a little by hand and hopefully in a few decades to come it will still be here giving say to the president. and. unfortunately my time in the city was coming to an end but there was one group of local heroes i really wanted to meet. the people here love the river which runs right through president it can also be a dangerous place there are up to five accidents a day on the water during the summer season but that's what crossing the dolls river rescue service is here for. oh i was here to see what sort of challenges i face. yes once i changed into my official rescue ranger gear we were ready to head on to the river. now this is
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a typical day you know we're on patrol but you only want to do is go down the cuban river all the way to places where bathing is allowed and most importantly where it's not allowed to. shoot the problem is that there is a very strong current in the kugan river and swimming can be very dangerous. some people try to do it when they're under the influence of alcohol. like loose teenagers over there for instance but as the pope drove past they seem to change their minds pretty quickly. too guys are they're just hard to put a place for. leisure and his colleagues normally patrol a forty kilometer stretch but state the public role playing the use of the river. of course it never hurts to remind. everyone having a nice time don't go swimming don't go.
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see and nobody's going swimming to see how impressed they are with all authority. mind you there were one or two people who did look like they were getting ready to hold themselves. future victims. so from a little been very quiet but things were about to get interesting. well everyone's been doing very well behaved out on the reduced day but to go as he still needs train which means they need a victim. of mass market. it's a little difficult to do a good impression of a drowning man in a highly buoyant soups but i did try my best and that river was no.
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no no. plate. by its own. but fortunately i was only squashing around for a minute or two before i was free to safety. another soul saved by the president to the. rescue service. but definitely recommend the drysuit. those people that. i was happy to be out of the ocean but i was genuinely sad to be leaving. outside of moscow and st petersburg is the most modern and well maintained city are seen in russia and when i think i could genuinely live with you looking at the beautiful books sometimes called schools in action or just genuine cause such culture and
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hospitality was a done sybil. the
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official on t.l.c. keisha johnson on called tough for me to. look at all she lights on the go. video on demand all season long fuel costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british style. suppliers of the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. to overthrow the assad government not to have a more democratic government a more humane government but a government that is allied with the united states of america is grabbing the bull by the horns this as the country uses the arab spring to cultivate revolution and launch longtime enemies or wither away but is a grass is always greener on the other side well think of asia times correspondent am. a really is so much more mission based and for trial it's about their brothers and sisters and executing the task that they've been given. ok. anderson this is no laughing matter mainstream news outlets providing comic relief
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for the joke monsters and not that hard hitting journalist so what's with this whole world for sale and what's next for t.v. . they're taking the same risks with investor you know investors' money to pozieres money that they were taken before and why because they know they'll be bailed out if there's a problem now doesn't the u.s. government know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie so three years after the collapse of lehman brothers has anything really changed or are big banks from wall street still just. it's thursday september fifteenth five pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for and watching our team files the new developments in libya today as for the first time western leaders are on the ground their first time since the
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nato led mission began french president nicolas sarkozy and british prime minister david cameron were there to show support for the national transitional council and also to pledge more aid to the rebels to help ensure the surrender of gadhafi loyalists france and britain of course just part of the equation the u.s. also has strongly backs the libyan opposition and it's possible we may be seeing similar events unfold in syria u.s. letters leaders continue to loudly proclaim their condemnation of syria's president bashar al assad but quote america's decision to take sides bring some unexpected and even unwanted results are the correspondent on it as you can take a look at this part of the story. as nations in the middle east and north africa are torn between the struggle to bring about change and the struggle not to let that change ruin their lives washington views the arab spring as an opportunity to finally see some of its longtime foes crumble even though iran is not an arab
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country the arab spring touch bread to absolutely. and i think in many ways it's a matter of time before that kind of change. and revolution occurred and under the umbrella affair of revolutions washington is also beating the drums of regime change in syria iran's closest ally in the region violence within the country has been widely condemned countries like russia and china call for both sides in syria to talk and end the bloodshed while america is blaming assad alone i think. just like a dolphin or not and let's hope that russia or assad is next in line they were overthrown khadafi they're going to have a proxy or client government in tripoli the next step is syria they want to overthrow syrian x. they take advantage of any movement that exists in syria to overthrow the assad government not to have a more democratic government a more humane government but a government that is allied with the united states and after syria the next target
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will be iran itself watching regimes go down one by one american politicians are filled with new hopes and aspirations some went as far as to predict the arab spring will spread all across the world what this is all about is the arab spring and pressure assad is next and even places like china and russia and other places they're very uneasy this is about people aspiring for freedom and that's what the libyan people just actually. it's wishful thinking on the part of john mccain but it speaks volumes to where the real orientation is in washington not just of the republicans but the democrats too so they would like to overthrow a government in china they would like to overthrow the government in russia they would like to overthrow the government of venezuela and cuba or wherever people are independent of the dictates of washington but when it comes to syria and iran washington doesn't seem to be just fantasizing about revolutions by throwing its support behind revolution makers and really say washington is seeking to increase
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its influence and control in these countries let's look at how things have been in the control depart. so far eject thousands protest against the us backed military there that's still in power last week addiction store and peace really embassy and rage by the killing of five egyptian border guards in review rushing to judith leadership is taking over but the country is at risk of plunging into tribal war syria the opposition includes those with radical agenda so the aftermath of the so-called arab spring remains very murky and difficult it washington seems to be using the herb spring can fulfill its long time goals but the fear is it might end up getting the opposite of what it wishes for and undermining the whole region i'm trying to shut down reporting from washington r.t. . u.s. involvement in iraq afghanistan libya guy and pointed out and now syria so what's the truth behind the action asia times correspondent pepe escobar isn't found hala
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brazil and joins me now to talk about this pepper in a report i talked about washington throwing its support behind it revolution makers what do you make of this statement. well it's the. very young twenty first century of course if you are. shiite majority country and you have a military base you need a country but obviously no intervention if you have a dictator that it's been relatively friendly with the west but not. independence and he has loads of oil and he sits in the strategic northern africa name the country libya then you get nato intervention if you have a country in the middle east that israel you know has a russian military base in it if they really name the country syria you're next so this is this is how it works you could pencil did agree of independence of the
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dictator if you're one of our bastards but if you buster that we can rely on that was not the case with khadafi. and if everything is geared towards the pentagon's full spectrum dominance doctrine this means the pentagon wants to control what they call the arc of instability from north africa going through the middle east and central asia so expect major interventions you know r.t. is that down with russian ambassador to the un vitaly churkin to get his take on the u.s. role in syria and what is possibly ahead i want to play a little piece of that interview for you and have you respond because well what some critics are swearing to us though this is not their intention to use military force incidentally we have to remind them that with. statements and assurances from them of those sources well we're working on the preservation of
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libya which we're very quickly forgotten in the heat of the battle in. so i mean what do you think of that you thang it's hard to trust you know a partner here look mr churchill mr carter of course they're right and the remember mr gorbachev twenty years ago when he was assured by george bush father that nato would never try to take over the countries from the iran curtain it was never posed there extract to the emerging russian see what happened and gorbachev has been talking about this endlessly for the past twenty years of course you cannot trust the pentagon and nato nato now is. i would say is the global ruble caught their weaponized arm of the you literally mice but you went then in they can go anywhere they can go to central asia afghanistan they can go to north in africa in libya they might go to the mideast they ran into the eleventh in
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syria and john mccain ended neo cons in us are saying look one day we don't intervene in china as well this is not exactly wishful thinking this is what's behind what we learned a few hours ago that the missile shield is going to be deployed in poland in romania and perhaps soon enough in two or three years turkey as well which is a very close our right to russia so nato is encircled in the planet with their view licious and with missile shield as well and they're saying look. this is just too military and so if you believe something like this you believe in the. balance like you are wanted by someone else i will let you go there is a time correspondent passed the bar thank you. still ahead here on our tea what's going on with mainstream media this is a loaded question up next we'll take a look at how hard it in news is being replaced by comedy comedians like jon
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stewart are turning to serious topics that are no laughing matter. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is your view with machinery see where are we heading state controls capital city schools satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear so you saw the part of it and realized everything you thought you
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knew. i'm sorry is a big issue. i want to take a look now at the media landscape in america and some changes that both significant i think it's worth taking a closer look all right so i want to start with one of my favorite late night talk show hosts or comedians whatever you want to call him jon stewart of the daily show he is back from vacation this week and as always hitting upon a lot of things that people are thinking about and talking about in the news he and his producers have always put together a montage of clips to highlight some of the ironies going on especially with famous politicians here's this from last night. but with the release last month of his new tell some good story cheney is now saying. he's
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on dateline did they show morning joe every show fox news has ever produced and putting a double shot of hannity from the situation room a.b.c. news she spent and even the tonight show i mean kind of interesting because when dick cheney was the vice president he never really came out and spoke to the media so you know an interesting point but earlier this week a really interesting serious interview with admiral mike mullen chairman of the joint chiefs chiefs of staff take a look this is part of it i was surprised in meeting with people that i've met in the military how a political they truly are how it really is so much more mission based and fraternal it's about their brothers and sisters and executing the tasks that they've been given well i think as you saw on the trip that we were on together is it very clear so much you've done there with your fighting with in many ways that's why they are there they understand what they're doing for their country they
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understand their mission. and on the daily show talking about u.s. troops and of course you know not all the sound bites pasted together so often of elected officials saying one thing and then saying the opposite a few months later about done a lot of times by the daily show producers but all of those intrepid reporters on the ground on the front lines of where news is happening reporters like i don't know anderson cooper. to really clean up and rebuild port au prince is going to require more than your shovels and brooms and work crews here's what i know i can tell you at this hour last night basically this exact time there was a large promo boruc demonstration the death toll continues to rise before numbers at this point we're still very early days. here. while these days more and more serious journalists are expanding their role and instead becoming talk show host here's intrepid reporter anderson cooper now. i'm
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telling you smokey is one impossibly lucky and usually spunky freakishly tanned beer guzzling juice had a hug and that's a loving but tara body and size money making machine we really want to do is show that kind of covered a broad range of topics. you know all the real housewives of beverly hills by donations people who believe. this is a sign it was going to be really funny. anderson cooper going tanning a with no care what is going on air well to discuss with me i've got georgetown university journalism professor chris chambers chris and i just think oh anderson cooper we found him you know in haiti in egypt and with. what's happening well i mean in a way this no it's no accident that people are backing away from mainstream media
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the three networks and the cable networks coverage of supposedly serious issues analysis investigative reporting and looking at you know outlets like our t.v. or or independent news sites on the internet or even social media based news because of this stuff because basically what they're doing is it's this whole forest called brandon handsome and they figure he can go from this hard hitting reporter who's in haiti to a daytime talk show but we're not talking about the same demographics here the talk show demographic there and they don't care about rescuing children in haiti or what's going on to hear square this is a demographic you see the commercials that are played their usual usually trial lawyers or for diploma mills or something like that or if i may be quasar sexist it's a twenty four to sixty year old female demographic and it's largely either an educated
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or under-educated off something i mean back at ten twenty years ago that people who . who did what interesting cooper did who paid their dues who went on the front lines you know maybe they were also white house reporter or whatever they then went on to be evening anchors not to go tanning with you think that's part of a larger trend here oh yes i mean this is this is the total deconstruction of the us media and this is this we've talked about this before i mean and just keep it's a gift that keeps on giving i don't think you could get any worse you could do you would see him move on to maybe taking over from wolf blitzer for the situation room that's not happening and those are particularly are flattening out you know so what is the next best thing in terms of what you know i have friends at time warner the probably going to kick my butt but the next best thing for the time warner people in charge to do is to say what have brandon hantz me will move him into his own show during the daytime which has nothing to do with the hard news that he's really
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known for and again that's a tough transition but in their minds you know they can introduce him to a new audience you can see more accessible and more like a regular guy and you know he started off with about it you know a pretty good share but a million point three people watching he and amy winehouse his family but then it devolved from there to kathy griffin and then snooki and that's what he has to do to keep an audience he's not he's not dr phil he's not dr oz he doesn't have that hook he's going to have to make it more of a kind of a silly variety i mean certainly it's one thing to want to expand your horizons and try different things but i just can't help thinking i mean this is the same guy who is the only you know non c.b.s. reporter to be able to do thanks on sixty million and then you see this let's turn it around and look at the other side jon stewart i mean every single night you know you turn on and you're seeing dots being connected you know by. producers that are
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really holding our lawmakers and. animal based on just putting them face to face the exact things that they said if he's there is that shirtless with snooki who can't even pronounce his name so you're going to get called mr anderton. but i mean what what what fuck with with jon stewart doing the job that we always sort of charged journalists with doing which is holding a lawmaker's accountable interviewing a heavy here like admiral mike not what's happening here on the stephen colbert is doing it to me can't make them out there basically they're really all they're doing is occupying the space that these guys once you know occupied that's all it is it's not anything more complicated.


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