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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 13, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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that's and i wish we could say we didn't see this coming as mr piet was preparing to kill net neutrality public outcry was overwhelming members of congress urged the chairman to postpone the vote not only didn't he but the snarky tone of pi's replied of those concerns seemed intended to antagonize is in charge and you're not as he mocked the concerns of those concerned this presidential appointee whom we address as the honorable seemed anything but. this chairman is deregulating corporate broadcasters like crazy in just recent weeks he's eliminated the main studio rule which required local broadcasters to broadcast locally he liberace's liberalized the newspaper across ownership guidelines a change which seems tailor made for the looming mega merger of two corporate media giants right wing sinclair broadcasting and the tribune company so the corporate
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suits love him or as our twitter follower richard caldwell put it the poor guy is realizing that while his personality was a hit with that cognac crew at the ski lodge is frat reunion the rest of the country is not at all amused yes many are wary of this ex varieties and lawyer and they billing big telcos and cable companies to alter the internet as we know it if net neutrality dies this is what funny or die predicts customers will hear from their cable company. what are you going to do another cable service provider but. chances are we only have remove your network you're watching so that's still money in our pocket or she could watch netflix or hulu in fact should we own whoever we also make them for its business or for streaming content which means a probably but this goes on to do yes the net neutrality concept is easily misunderstood and agents of change are seldom welcome so while we
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pray for the safety of mr pi's family we hope he committed some of the found time he spent under federal protection this week rethinking his approach said less gently mr chairman please act more. honorable all day long on talk radio and sunday morning on the talk shows we hear and see people struggling not to quote the president closest i've heard today was it rhymes with spit hole has it come to this joining us next from beverly hills ms manners i'm holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our team america join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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it's being called an olympic truce after months of over the top rhetoric the two careers are talking again the first time in two years is this a serious diplomatic opening or merely a ploy south korea appears to welcome this opening is the same apply to washington . i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat and where i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you know. i could love italy like. you know just look at those still give up food for the hope of the. earth. but you don't really feel like a human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave you this book.
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does it seem like the cell phone loud talkers are getting louder is the waiter in different did you get your order wrong or if you're the server are diners rude to you do people at work or on the phone constantly interrupt you when you're speaking as personal space shrinking or your children texting at the table to people in person seem a snarky as they seem on facebook or twitter or are you just hopelessly old school to expect what we used to call manners let's ask lisa ghosh
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a founder and c.e.o. of beverly hills manners she advises major corporations and brands and even oscar winning celebrities and lisa i must confess when we spoke on the phone i invited you i did choose my words carefully how do i do. you were amazing your speech is eloquent it's beautiful i was very impressed well thank you dating myself but my strict upbringing please and thank you and your welcome or obligatory and now sometimes when i tell the waitress thank you you're welcome has been replaced by no problem why would it be a problem. exactly and you know really it's funny how this is sort of been incorporated now into our everyday vernacular i actually noticed myself saying not at all to someone who thought i you know they were being an imposition and i wanted to make sure i didn't say no problem myself i think that
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most people will actually perceive that expression as being a bit rude and i think that some people may use it as a little bit of the distancing expression particularly in the service industry i think that's when people use it most and that can agitate sometimes patrons who are the recipients of that service you know if we think about the five main magic words your welcome is i think number three way please thank you yes you're welcome so i really always encourage my clients to use the magic words you can really never go wrong with saying your welcome because in actuality no problem does sound like you you know you've been put out in some way and it's a much less gracious response you know as a lad i was taught to hold the door for a woman to offer a stranger a seat on the subway or wherever a back in the early seventy's with brothers of flame and helen reddy singing i am
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woman a lot of that stuff. for a while is that sort of thing again gentlemen risk seeming condescending. and again in these times it's funny we almost don't know but i actually participated in in a museum project about opening doors and when you think about the act of opening a door for someone it's really what we you know falls into the category of what we call social grace common courtesy so if you think of it in that manner why would everyone look at that as an affront or a sign of weakness on the flipside it's really a sign of respect when you think about you know having consideration for someone whether they're infirmed whether they are carrying packages whether they be male or female if you're walking through the door and someone is behind you wouldn't
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anybody perceive that to be rude if you just let the door slam in their face i think so and i actually know people who who take offense i mean the who have literally stopped holding doors open for people because they've they haven't said thank you for example or they've taken it the wrong way in the post harvey weinstein workplace is decorum back in vogue. i would say absolutely i think that if there's ever been a site for what i do that the time is now you know obviously people are paying particular attention to sexual assault sexual harassment but what i am trying to do is work with corporations and talk to them more about the bigger picture which is you know how business is business etiquette and you know fits into the workplace and when you talk about business etiquette you're really talking about business
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ethics as well so things you know sort of tenets that we discuss when we talk about manners or etiquette our basic you know you know attitude consideration obviously respect things like honesty and integrity all of these things are coming into play and they're more necessary now than ever especially in these times where we are in a no tolerance society and where we have these things called virtual where seeds where everything is traceable right and everyone is being held accountable. this scrutiny is never going to abate for the last several decades these manners that our parents drilled into us have been just as political correctness and after all these sex scandals spawned the me too movement could we
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see a pendulum swing the political correction. i think so but i'd like to make a distinction between what i think is the difference between political correctness and manners and i do think that we listen as human beings through a particular filter and that there are some people that have a listening tour being basically being on the defense they're there almost walking around with frayed or exposed nerves just just waiting for someone to say something that may not be intentionally offensive so i think while we are hyper conscious of being politically correct people need to also learn the art of letting things roll off the shoulder or rising above the fray so that not everyone is jumping on
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a soapbox per se and getting offended left right and center or but that they are really you know saving these actions for when they're really most meaningful and i think honestly in these times we also need to just cut one another a bit of a break because political correctness can are i personally believe it can go a bit far and it doesn't necessarily mean that you are well mannered or not well mannered well as are two distinct things and to that point technology has become an influence in his book intelligence for your life powerful lessons for personal growth john tesh urges that unless you have children or you're waiting for news about a liver transplant it's too tempting the few checking who is calling each time it rains and your date might just think it's another man or woman and he says it's disrespectful to divide your attention between the person in front of you and
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a little piece of pie. plastic it also says you're only semi important to me so manners at the table are a big deal what's to blame for the way this conversation has deteriorated is it texting is it social media has donald trump made things worse. so i would say all of the above that in terms of when i work with my clients honestly no nothing should be on the table that isn't a item that belongs on the table something that's useful for dining so. the cell phones need to be in the lab so when we talk about cell phones i think the biggest issue is that people do find it offensive i know i meet with many friends who still slap that phone right in front of me and they're multitasking and we do need practice in being present with those we are physically sitting in front of and
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working on our face to face conversation which is something that sorely lacking these young kids that are growing up today with their face buried in their phone are really missing out on reading things like facial expressions and learning how to listen to a tone of voice when they're texting all the time which is really the preferred mode of communication i have two teenage daughters who i see do this all the time and they they're losing these interpersonal skills which are still highly necessary when conducting business or forming solid relationships nuance does seem to be lost on the digital generation now admittedly i made my living speaking so speech is something i'm very conscious of and it's always pained me to hear young people insert like multiple times mid sentence but in the last decade or so i
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hear otherwise intelligent thoughtful people begin sentences so what's that about. exactly well in my book i talk about this exact subject and i say that about at the age of fourteen it's time to take those verbal training wheels off. and what we find and i i have this conversation with clients is that a lot of people tend to slip into this area of junk words and like is probably the biggest offender and we've used it in our vernacular in a variety of ways whether to soften the blow or whether we're just pausing for a fact or whether we're quoting someone and it's become especially if you have children i mean again my teenage daughters unfortunately despite the fact that i correct them all the time still use it and i hear their friends using it and i
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think that parents have actually picked up on this and unconsciously i've actually found myself using it and once i noticed my daughter recording me at the time so it's something that we just have to become more conscious of and you know when we speak about the english language there are hundreds of thousands of other words we could be using that make us sound so much more intelligent and so we just have to become more aware and make a choice well to limit those words here's my pet peeve you get somebodies voicemail you follow the instructions you leave a message moments later your phone rings and they say hey you called and i saw you get my message and they said no no i just saw that you called that drives me nuts i got fifteen seconds what is your number one pet peeve. i agree with you there my number by the way again in my book i have a to z. glossary of all of my pet peeves just so you know however i think for me my biggest
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pet peeve is when someone is sick and then they go out and socialize and then i go to shake their hand and they refuse my handshake let the record show that i ended our conversation by saying thank you lisa gosh a very cool web site is beverly hills manners dot com. thank you for having me. i was never much of a conspiracy theorist before donald trump got elected but now every time he utters one of these outrageous i can't help but think it's a diversion as robert muller's noose tightens watch the other hand agree disagree tweet me at holland cook. and that is the big picture if you missed any part of this week's show or if you want to share it you can where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture r.t.
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and if you see it somewhere else you can watch us all watch r t america on direct t.v. channel three two one thanks for watching and question more. all see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free float world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two the most qualified for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently had
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a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last we'll call him the story. of the no zero zero zero zero russia. drive. left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good. for the central bank especially there's the lender of last resort or to provide liquidity in case there's a credit freeze the fact that you have such a banks becoming the buyer of first order and that they're printing money to buy stocks is a complete inversion of what their role is supposed to be in the economy and they become a giant hedge fund. yes
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. but. and this is on bill to agree on colleague. today he's a legal consultant but he used to be a financial criminal the laundered for colombian drug barons and what i did was i thought on this is all going to do we're going to ship it to panama. and from panama we're going to go ahead and ship it around the world and then bring it back to the ice base as legal money investments. i had to go to panama. one
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hundred times every week and i was about the most real and agree on a very familiar with most excellent seka because they were basically. partners with you don't be the partners with these guys who wanted a longer millions and millions a million i would never be able to guess how much money went through panama. who leaked the information to journalists new ones also about these schemes. mr dell.
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have a seat. he had a t.v. in excellent references. i mean let's hear interest we are assembling and the team of lawyers. i think you fit in perfectly have you ever worked with a big database of course. are going to put a. couple of good men had to run. wait a minute. l l o .
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good news. however sooner or later all things come to light money laundering experts agree kenneth knows very well. i certainly. had to pay the price for not just by spending two years in. federal custody but also. i lost my license to practice law for. went to prison for as long as seven years but it seems that fate decided that wasn't enough punishment for him while laundering the drug lords money he didn't notice his wife and brother becoming cocaine addicts later his only son died of an overdose. i blame other people for what he did because he was able to get into that
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world when i wasn't here. i was in europe and then i was in prison and i was unable to supervise him or influence in the long enough and i think he paid the price a lot of kids were lost pay if i had been here would have been different i don't know. twenty twenty sixteen the german newspaper site and published its first story featuring his famous clients within a week the panama police had cordoned off the low firm's offices. of community. i see now why don't. you consult us has been a muscle sick or employee for thirty years it seems he was even ready to work there
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for another thirty but everything changed a year ago. i see this and see. no sort those really need the money i carry more and we get on the most job putting him through one hour when you're not on this set a kind of is enough for you and yet they will have a passing. or getting more corrupt than good ones and doubt. as his business he owns a restaurant across the road has hit rock bottom along with most fun circus reputation. for the. most of. them when i made an offer that morning also take it one day know what i'm most most of them you'll know the moment i thought about how what i would go in the end with found.
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the restaurant near among such fun circle was abandoned by its customers when the company was surrounded by angry clients. it's not hard to understand the millionaires and billionaires it wasn't just the size of the deals that went public on the web but the personal information to. the company can only offer one on so we will act i love animals they might be they in the but i mean the as it were a form of the rally sound. as well as muscle. then they thought or more you mean. but who could steal to enough terabytes of data without being noticed maybe. they must be some person who said yes did then
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go do this one day i came to be so i suppose the information dad. and probably there is a kind of person i know who the passwords on the wall be and i know where to look. i can hear some noise. and you definitely check everything i think there's someone here. or there are. very funny.
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and. come down nothing.
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well thailand is a great place to call asked information not necessarily from the local papers like the one i'm reading now. pepe escobar is an independent journalist and writer. he calls the panama documents a select club it was very striking there were no americans in the list specially but a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that i escobar is certain. all of the information has been carefully selected but who by john doe the journalist who led the investigation or is it possible that someone else orchestrated events. in most twenty sixteen russian president vladimir putin's press secretary received a request from the international consortium of investigative journalists the following day dmitri peskov made a public announcement
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a large scale cyber attack against the president specifically and russia are in general is being prepared. yet another mudslinging publication that is meant to be objective and sensational is being prepared in the next few days. those next few days weren't long in coming. western journalists are practically cost russia's president in a leading role in the panama scandal despite the fact that his name isn't mentioned once and the most that fonseka rock ives. but the material did hold information about an old friend of the president's musician. but no one bothered to look into why his name appeared in the optional files so vladimir putin had to patiently explain. by force and i wanted to do it at them. they give us an operative was there to do is it you how short of.
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it is you. know you have wall or do you store. in the got on with your dish the done with so that there was the above seals that i wouldn't need them during year. but i did that but everything was a girl it was for me and one of the sure what i see more of your poor if you bought of the north. putin and you know not the only russians whose names us and independent european media try to sully a little the carcass recalls i felt offended not just for myself but for the country. after the daily telegraph publication the legendary chess player spent some time proving he hadn't participated in any offshore accounts scheme. that out there you used. to force. him to come. but it didn't occur.


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