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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  January 21, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EST

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vancouver. a new law in germany which combats hate speech online was making headlines again this week that's after the facebook account of a member of the right wing alternative to germany policy was blocked it came off that she called for people to join a women's march against a rape and killings perpetrated by migrants in the country i organized the women's march to the chancery almost every day we read about horrific rapes and matter of lehman the more women come the more pressure it will put in america and politicians from the old parties together let us take to the streets to fight for our right to freedom and some determination. despite belonging to a party known for its strong and the migrant rhetoric leyla bilger who's a women and children's rights activist regularly travels to syria and iraq to help people that she's of migrant origin herself and was surprised at the official reason for her facebook ban. as an interface will come ashore on my travels with facebook started a few years ago facebook has
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a big issue with women on migrant background you can notice that i don't have a nordic look i can see that i'm originally from the south here in germany i find for human rights which isn't always easy in islamic countries people like me are silenced by facebook it says i have a certain popularity and quite a large following i was blocked for thirty days then my account was deleted but that wasn't the first time my accounts have now been purged four times and since i am a member of the air of d. which in germany fires for women's rights i am a nuisance for facebook and the mainstream media. was banned under the new law that forces social media to delete offensive content within twenty four hours after receiving a complaint otherwise companies face big fines earlier this month the deputy leader of the alternative for joining the party said that facebook and twitter accounts were suspended after she criticized the country's police for saying happy new year in arabic. again says people who express their anger at migrant policies in germany
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seeing their voices silenced. this problem is you know the policy of the german government and especially of the older parties is intended to help young men from islamic or african countries get settled in europe and to accept their religion and culture for this reason and german citizen who has lived here forever is being ignored and in the case of facebook or twitter it works like this they censor all critical statements even though they are consistent with the real situation of course it runs against the mainstream political line in germany for this reason they try to silence all critics of the german government's asylum policy. drug related crimes are becoming so bad on parts of the paris metro that train drivers are reportedly refusing to stop at certain stations so according to a union representing the metro and bus network in the french capital. charlotte dubin ski investigates. for most parisians the metro is a staple of life with its winding tunnels and lines that stretch across the city
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it's often the easiest way to get from a to b. but down in the underground the gritty underbelly of the capital is being exposed drug related crime and violence has been a long standing issue on purpose as metro but now the unions representing the train drivers say it's a spiral out of control dealers and muses including those taking crack cocaine a new role god thing they've doing. lighting up metro drivers is so fearful of attacks at some stations many are choosing to no longer stop there a survivor more force of a more pro quo is very dangerous and it's terrifying and it can range from a simple punch to people using nails knives. stations like marks door more and market a year are especially troubled druggies has come here for their daily fix
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and gangs have taken over for problem of a more. the problem is very dangerous for both the metro workers and for the commuters is even more dangerous they are targets of fast i've seen more than one hundred attacks take place within minutes of arriving at mark's door metro station we witnessed what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera has just arrived with a bag in hand he walked the platform stopping and exchanging some packages with people and then he left with his bag empty this seems to be the new normal. there are lots of drug users and i think that with everything that's happening in the match though they should be doing something most of the time the drug users are aggressive and everyone. he's afraid for the security of my children. twenty
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twenty five. lived there we we we verse of course. have been attacked just one time because. we had them in the middle of the night is smart for. playing with that problem was the precipice a problem as the security robberies can happen sometimes it's maybe aggression physical aggression sometimes too why ceasar man attack another young man as we travel through some of the most dangerous stations we saw metro security and police trying to crack down on the problem they succeeded in moving this bunch along but in reality all they've done is move the problem to another stop on to another day charlotte even ski r.t. paris i just a moment here on our international and at the weekly continuing will bring you
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though the very latest update on a deadly taliban attack on a luxury hotel in the afghan capital new developments on that story back in a moment.
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thanks for joining us here on out c six civilians have been killed in afghanistan after a group of gunmen attacked a luxury hotel in kabul the attack began overnight when. the intercontinental hotel and took. hostage a subsequent security operation. was eventually authorities said three attackers were killed on sunday morning and they declared an end to the siege however the taliban which claimed responsibility for
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the. gunman to carry out the. security forces also managed to rescue one hundred twenty six people a third of whom foreign nationals in the. toll is expected to rise as an afghan airlines spokesperson told local media that eighteen employees who were staying at the hotel are still missing. or defense and security analyst come out a number of factors led to the relative success of the taliban attack i think unfortunately the afghan security forces are just not up to the standards or there's too much pressure on them and there's not much coordination between nato forces and the afghan police there are multiple threats there's the taliban there's no there's i says there's also has this law which is also in the government so there are a number of opponents and i think this simply isn't the right intelligence to counter these kind of attacks because they're happening in the regular basis one
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day it's a civilian target one day it's a military target one commercial road or a hotel like today had to counter terrorism in afghanistan you need a region approach and the regional approach means working with iran working with pakistan and working with russia in the central asian states at the moment the us is not really doing that they have their own strategy and it's not doesn't fit in with britain strategy. twitter started sending emails to those who might have followed retreated old like suspected russian propaganda accounts during the u.s. presidential campaign company believes almost seven hundred thousand users fall into that category of the e-mail users to learn more about the nature of russian propaganda and one of those contacted was political comedian tim young. well i thought it was very interesting getting a letter from twitter because. i never recall re tweeting or liking something that i would have viewed as russian propaganda to have donald trump elected or or
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manipulate the election is a propaganda tool if you agree with what you're liking or re tweeting i'm not sure who is being influenced as an american by the tweets especially the tweets that they showed they had a few example tweets and a lot of them were just basic political messages that anyone in america could come up with so i think twitter and a lot of the democrats think americans are extremely stupid so i'm not sure exactly why twitter thought that i would have been fluence to buy something. outside of this country to begin with in the election. twitter to explain how it identifies accounts related to so-called russian propaganda but so far we've had no reply and u.s. lawmakers have accused the site of playing host to a torrent of dissent from nation during the twenty sixteen election campaign and twitter said it would have to identify and inform people about that alleged propaganda a letter that i wrote calling on these companies to individually inform all users who are exposed to fall misleading and inflammatory posts generated by russian
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agents we will be working to identify and inform individually the users who may have been exposed to the irish accounts during the election. it's nearly impossible to be able to show what is actually political propaganda because in. and election cycle everything can be considered political propaganda and what is considered a different country meddling in another country's election because i think contacted i've done digital marketing before for many people and i think contacted by foreign leaders to run their digital campaigns and do social media for them so would that count as an american meddling in their election like there's so many different ways you can categorize this and it really doesn't make sense. but it plays into the old now one year old or longer conspiracy theory that russian the russian government colluded with the trump campaign which there's still no evidence of. four people have filed a lawsuit against the city
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a booklet in california and its university for injuries they claim they received during riots on the campus there last year the violence erupted over a speech set to be given at the university by a prominent conservative. we
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talked to katrina who is taking legal steps against book lee university. but when the attack started and specially after i was pepper sprayed i was completely incapacitated there was nothing i could do to defend myself so i had no choice but to turn around and just face the barricade i was worried about what was happening to my husband it turned out he was just a few feet away from me being beaten worse than any of us he was being unconscious afterwards by the police both the city and the campus police who are clearly not equipped given what happened in the injuries that were sustained read i saw personally it was police initially standing outside of the building that they later locked us out of i saw them there their knowledge with a wave and by the time the attack actually started they were nowhere to be seen
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they had locked themselves inside the building and wouldn't give us any aid at all the university of california berkeley has declined to comment the city itself previously filed court motion seeking to dismiss a similar case the lawyer representing the victims says they want to send a message to campus stuff and police to do a better job the injuries caused to our clients two of which were beaten unconscious and still suffer from psychological disorders post-traumatic disorders so they are seeking money damages to compensate them for that but the main goal of this case is to send a message to campus police and campus universities that they they have to do their job you know i liken what happened here the deliberate effort to not intervene and to not do anything to fire a man watching a building on fire with their with their hoses water pouring out of them but
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they're too afraid to go into the building because they might get hurt it's the goal of law enforcement it's the role of law enforcement i should say to serve and protect the public and they did not do that. bitcoins being on a rollercoaster ride as of late when the states or its value plummet to below ten thousand. those are the crash photos of global crackdown on digital currencies in terms of regulation in brazil investment funds and are prohibited from buying cryptocurrency these in china or thora to use the targeting online platforms that offer exchange services and india is actively targeting wealthy bitcoin is through income tax regulation some believe asia will bring in even harder measures and there are warnings this could now be a survival of the fittest for digital currencies. china has always been opposed to it too but quite and korea now is becoming increasingly concerned japan is going wild but most of the action but quite all crimes are you know they just sell the
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speculation is really extreme particularly in japan and they know that this is going to have shown so they're correcting a child i might add. the communist congress has is taking a turn to deal with speculators the only issue right now is that this sector is so technologically advanced that it went and became big outside the bounds of national governments and what they're doing is catching up the world doesn't need on a business sense all of these. all of these projects they're not necessary some of them will outperform al compete their peers just because they have a better management teams better products better solutions their technology etc just look at them as very speculative start of business is some of them as it happened in the us that in the nasdaq bubble of the late ninety's some of them will
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be a dominant company dominated business and ten to twenty years but most of them will be wiped away the underlying technology watching technology is good is here to stay . thanks for sharing a sunday with us here on r.t. international and joining us here for the weekly it will continue in half an hour with my colleague here. in order to overthrow the regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the now. tional interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels.
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prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was that my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects why he. was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's a. previously
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on the great american pilgrimage a well as my little boy right now wanted to fill our members that we could own our own businesses that's their home for good and that's by the way so that our children and their children have a better than what we have today. everybody i'm stephen baldwin so what task hollywood guy usual suspects every movie proud american first of all i'm just as george washington and r.v.'s to see uncle steve enjoyed the big boy was this is my buddy max famous financial guru and will he's a little bit different i honestly think and all i know that there were no windows up last but not least my larger than life. peter knight and aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun.
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meet every day americans are always calling what's america to our ancestors suffered the most and see how things got so crazy i was naked to keep my finger on hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. are alone here makes his way through the midwest in hopes to reunite with max and also continue on the pilgrimage of no max lost in chicago stephen has a new copilot look rio we're in chicago. i'll tell you something else right now rio i like big cities brother for new yorkers right but i come to chicago a lot of old friends here we've got great deep dish pizza. and look.
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i think both of us we need a little cleanup going to happen. find a barber shop i'll bet your buddy can find something for you to get all cleaned up pretty sound good. in search of a barber shop stephen finds a cornerstone in the sell side neighborhood to get cleaned up and speak with the owner to get his perspective on what's happening in america is often very still. and afternoon also big brother thought i heard i'm good sir i love to get cleaned up if you have some availability i got a man standing by ready for you margot young lady we're going to give you a shampoo first if you're going to take a haircut free thank you do me a favor have a seat with your writing thanks all right. while waiting steven decides to photo bomb some selfies. you got your special client mr rooney is good with shampoo are all from a big club. and also gives unsolicited relationship advice. you're
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probably better. you better get another job. or you're. going to be over. the merchant the learner one day at a time star david. are you ready almost never. turns up said i'm revealing too many girl secrets you just upset. as a guy sharing a scene thank you so much. more than this last thing you have a seat belt while he may be a distracted driver he always wears his seat belt in your new. machine. you can count on how so i feel perfectly well steven is getting is here done rio is having a spa day of his own. the
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low. level. is the standards we don't well. i grew up you know with the dead that was the next mine so it was always when he was coming or harry's kids it was always clean around all that stuff so you. say yeah i mean if that's cool but i mean i need it and. now knows this i'm going to the national today once i'm done with pounds establishment. ready to go acceptable respectable well it's going to take more than a shape for that and take more than. i just said that.
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so my friend would you mind me asking what brought you to our lovely tessa here let me get your first name play money into power listen pal pals barbershop where we have the heart of being a war when the middle of a very historical neighborhood here chicago is going through a lot of stressful things right now even here alan seventy four you must be doing something right yes we're doing good business we're good people here were professional we're licensed most barbershops back a day or historically you know a place where weather comes together me and they kind of this big change and it's generations of check stuff goes through to bring that back i want to make a place where i can get my head that i was the give me here to one day my neighborhood and i couldn't find a place for us so well like you know what i'll push away he had a small small was it he nobody was here and i stood here with a thirty thousand dollars business by myself for like three months nobody came in
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there one day i got to watch as they were going to have three boat was we were going to. it's kind of sort of good advice thanks guess this big fat vegas baby does believe b.m. and actually i was blessed to you know have some money stand about work in film production. of live in this neighborhood for years i care about my people my situation is to be the best example of me so you know what i'm an all complain about not have the obvious appeal to women so i went to bob a college game bob's license that stuck and that of a tame a barber teaches license so i was stuck there and on the bubble chicago for a t.v. show you almost got permitted to go to the marley with the me brother. because we were traveling through self coda. and met a fellow who's a native american who is part of the dakota lakota sioux nation ok and he runs and
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he started on the rez because there's a lot of poverty on the reservation so like you he said you know what i'm going to start a business on the reservation to all the young people can say you can have your own business he just said the same thing pretty much just you know there's no barber shop you did all of that at a time when it was probably the most difficult to do that in the economics of it yes and no i guess in the secant was one of most a gated cities in the world we have three different neighborhoods. our sales african-americans were devoted to gang bang away so it's a lot of things that keep us apart said the barber shop is not just the easy thing to do just you know properties it was by books it's a lot of different factions that have to do with just our visits. to really bunch of cattle which is saying one of the worst things they could have had to a man and it was business happen to us here so somebody came to do
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a start right there and started shooting to cause. q. was shot. in his box shop two years ago. you know bob right now was here. this those below went by the wall and it's totally changed perception this is your neighborhood your bob's from your barber shop to shop it you go back to the course is this pretty was all you have it would you like to go back to you would feel to be it was blown out of i don't you my god no nothing but this spirit of death. keeps people where nothing to the less wealthy and also pretty much going to happen . we have nothing to do with everybody knows that we're positive and those that will stand it we license bob as we do is supposed to so why should just fall back and they did is one of situations will tragedy well it's really turned into trial so well something bad happened but it was used for good so i was was washout free
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or something to somebody in his bunch of these kids so they call for a cease fire label because they realize if it could he to hear of the kids that are going out here kill each of us want to stand up because they expect to stand up to this people so that's why we need to get all the barbers go again obama causes go together we did fifty four bombers in the park for a couple of hours here is what they call the brotherhood of a cease fire. who we do is empower the barbers to start to speak to their clients get this war starts there but right soviet power pharmacists really realize who they are what their. what their position is aside they use their power to create change and they start to talk to the key thing the kids look up to the city is here they come to you you make them look good they will miss the mayor actually paid attention and gave us two hours between valdosta over the war college and a barber shop across the street mayor emanuel may we finally you've done something . others were robbed as my guest will be
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a guest. well you are good at it and by the way you google me i'm perceived as a trump loven right wing christian and christian conservative of the dead about to get about the bible reading my here's a. bill this is here here's. this article about. you when you get to the t. word from there. you know the wriggle room not the whole israel's own house and what i'm learning is i'm just still. who you are where you're from who i am one of been through it you know i'll tell you right now man i find myself more blessed and happy and joyous and free the more i stop worrying about how much i think i can impact all this politics of this and. try to save the
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world you can't save the world is the very last place is a billion people who are right where you can save your family by being the best example from a you can say to your community your company you a little bit where you live do it by being a good example as well as we would always miss you know what's crazy what i'm trying to do right now and i'm going to get in trouble for this one. but like rodney king said can't we all just get along and i believe we can once we get to know each other that's. you know what i'm all star trek tos was that's what my going to be our prime directive you know me though most of you know roads other cultures best know because of who you know will to be going to try to help and the deal is only all star trek you know in the enterprise you go all the cultural work we go and it will be wonderful world like good we could simply be that way but people have agendas i am taking bags you voted for chopra but you have a totally different perspective a was going over the world than i do.


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