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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 23, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has announced a hunt for the tens of thousands of missing text messages sent by f.b.i. employees they were sent at the height of the agency's probe into the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election some of the exchanges that was seen raise serious questions about anti trumped bias within the f.b.i. from washington here's samir khan. months of text messages between two f.b.i. staffers linked to the trump of russia propane have gone missing one of the agency's peter struck he oversaw the investigation into alleged russian interference now he was also part of robert muller's team that was looking into suppose the pollution between trump and the problem prior to that the clinton e-mail investigation which went nowhere and then there's lisa page a lawyer for the department of justice who also worked for robert muller the couple came into prominence back in december when their private text conversations were released to congress girls hillary should win. i know. and maybe your
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man just the way you are because your man to protect the country from that manifest . thanks it's absolutely true that we're very very fortunate and of course i'll try and approach it that way these text messages proved that both struck and page were biased in favor of hillary and the messages even hint at some nefarious political activity so when they wanted to dig deeper it turned out the rest of their conversation had disappeared the f.b.i. ascribed the dates lost to misconfiguration issues related to rollouts provisioning and so for upgrades the conflicts with the f.b.i.'s collection capabilities but let's look at the time frame of these text messages december fourteenth twenty sixteenth roommates seventeen twenty seventeen and when did muller's investigation into russia well you can start oh look may seventeenth twenty seventeen surprisingly convenient the timing is just too coincidental seems that they were trying to plant the evidence somehow as an insurance policy thinking that trump had
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no way of getting elected and then when he did scrambling in order to try to stop the election or to create the necessity of an impeachment of trump they were conspiring inside the f.b.i. to figure out how to catch trump on some sort of you know criminal activity having a russian connection russian money laundering being involved with putin in the in the russian trump collusion of which they provided zero evidence. the disappearance of crucial data is not uncommon in the u.s. intelligence community the n.s.a. recently revealed it accidentally erased surveillance information to simply free up space on its hard drives the data was related to the presidential surveillance program or p.s.p. which included warrantless wiretapping during george w. bush's time in office the n.s.a. was ordered to preserve the information by a court as it was deemed important to a number of pending lawsuits. the b.s.p.
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internet content that matched great cheerier that were broadly used to delete dead of a certain type in response to mission requirements to free up space and improve the formants of the backup system the n.s.a. has no reason to believe at this time that the continent data was specifically targeted for deletion. russia's defense minister has revealed that moscow is in talks with several nations over the purchase of a state of the art russian missile defense system. has more. internationally it is described as one of the best air defense systems in the world with a range of about four hundred kilometers and the ability to hit as many as eighty targets at the same time traveling at a speed of up to five kilometers a second i was going to say hour but no second and perhaps that's what explains the demand also russia is using the ask for a hundred in syria words job is to act as
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a shield for the russian army units in the country so let's take a look at the system in action. it tell me which nations are interested in the russian army's top man didn't specify although he mentioned the regions some countries in the middle east and also in southeast asia that wasn't the only so to say teaser that came from the russian defense minister what he said was that whenever he's in talks with the
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other army bosses from the other countries there is always some discussion about potential contracts to buy some of russia's best defense tech so if we are to believe him soon we are meant to find out who's next to get the f. four hundred mention the word next not must mean that russia has already sold some of these defense systems well for example turkey has already god a contract. tell you what when these papers were of saw and it was big news this is what adds the spice to the story think about it turkey is a nato member and a key ally of the us and the region and it chooses russian made air defense systems to keep their skies safe someone else who's military might is all but dependent on america and saudi arabia and a few months ago the saudis and the russians agreed on
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a deal to purchase the system as well china is getting it india too so let's see if the next customer proves to be a surprise the. japanese have a poet has witnessed a mass brawl between turks and kurds as tensions flare has been a chain cousin into northern syria we'll have the details after this break. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixties. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than nothing. to see people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank takes. it seriously send us an email.
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and when else should seem wrong. why don't we all just don't. let me. get to shape out these days comes to educate and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back to the program turkey's continuing military campaign against the kurdish militia forces in northern syria is causing attentions to fire much further afield on tuesday a large pro kurdish protest next to turkish airlines task at germany's hannah
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spilled over into violence almost two hundred people were involved in the brawl all video news agency ruptly was there as it happened. i. think. i. think. began its latest military operation against kurdish groups in syria last week claiming the kurdish forces there are terrorists the brawl in hanover airport resulted in police reportedly using pack a spray to separate the two groups the authorities also deployed twenty vehicles to the scene. which are going to live now by political commentator and historian
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darwish adel thanks for joining us here you saw the footage there it was pretty intense for all what to what extent do you think that this is indicative of the tensions between the turks and kurds and and how much can we read into it. well i think this is a very complex situation and many players are into it and giving. people actually specially the kurds will find themselves powerless against the might of turkey as we have seen in the unfortunate scenes from frankfurt and probably other places it could actually spill over and affect europe affect people who think we are far away and if we look back on this very complex matter we find these groups were the actually backbone of the fight on the ground against islamist terrorists with the turks. turkey you know even for
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a single bullet again the islamic terrorists. in syria not affecting. turkey but because both of them are the allies of their lives in history as we see here of the fear of the american diplomacy and american policy in the region that they could actually at least agreed. but again there are the only players the russians are. really and hopefully perhaps the russians can call again one of those famous conferences and talk and get the situation under control. adel said you know the kurds are powerless. against the might of turkey. and the u.s. seems to be in a bit of a tricky situation here doesn't it because obviously they need turkey on side the part of nato but at the same time that they have been a close ally to the kurds and it's also the u.s.
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has also been accused of trying to break up syria and creating a de facto kurdish state in your opinion whose side is washington likely to take given that as you said the kurds are pretty powerless. well it's very very hard actually to read the american foreign policy at the moment even if we cast our mind back three years ago we find that the obama administration would turning a blind eye on the supplies of arms to terrorist groups we have seen when they were actually. under siege and most of the how president obama interfered and that was actually january of two thousand and seven teed to let. the mackerras move out so they saw the american for foreign policy is incoherent what americans need to do d.v.d. actually sit down with our allies big pressure that and see this one to see that
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will want to see happening and of course that to be in consultation with other forces in the region and until the russians intervened. the russian nobody really was sticking the five seriously against islamic terrorists islamic state and we have seen the public opinion in america in the west refusing troops on the ground so it was on the air operation and the fighting on the grounds were done by the forces like the kurds forces. america's client so another guy has actually to explain to the clients what do they want so far i haven't seen any actual move by america to draw a map between their allies. i mean you even explain that perfectly so how are you expecting the u.s. to react to the latest hostilities in syrian kurdistan because it's pretty silent at the moment isn't it. the are silence of the silence is deafening and i think
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there is silence actually be taking the green light in turkey to actually figure action what we might see the fallout from that in syria itself woman see immersions of the islamic terrorist groups we might see a clash between the syrians and the. how far the russians russia really control the space would be in actually silent all which side the will of then if the fallout actually goes beyond that that we might see allies of the kurds inside the might actually take some kind of violent action. within the past and so on and as we have seen outside in europe other places where the kurds and the turkish come face to face so unless the americans really pull
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their act together and at least a started some kind of working out a plan where they want to do next i fear the worse ok darwish their political commentator and historian thanks very much feel expert opinion on this. one of the largest consulting firms in the world ernst and young has been accused of multiple illegal dealings a former employee who says he was fired for revealing the allegation disclosed that the accounting giant is involved in bribery money laundering and the cover up of illicit gold purchases from conflict zones. has the details. the story hidden in the court papers filed by this auditor against his ex bosses could be one of the grandest smuggling scams greed money laundering and back door dealings measured in billions of dollars. is accusing one of the world's biggest audit ing firms of covering up the tracks over dubai precious metals megacorp act one.
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ernst and young for an audit inspectors come to dubai and the first thing they see is a pile of moroccan gold buyers casually bundled up on a desk stacks of gold at a gold refinery could be business as usual except these buyers are literally painted silver in order to sneak them into dubai for tool five tons of gold gold bars coated silver smuggled old to more cool arriving in dubai declared as gold when the team found the discussed it with with colucci the admitted this is the way of doing business with the with these moral consult lawyers inspectors do some more digging and what they reveal brings us to act two some of the precious metal in colossus coffers could be blood gold shuffling through papers auditor's discover the refinery was more than happy to shake hands with small mining operations in
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sudan and the democratic republic of congo apparently colossi asked for no licenses offering cash in hand in exchange for gold proceeds from search sales and conflict torn countries are known to directly fuel gang wars which are responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths soldiers naam group leaders see in control of the gold mines as a way to money guns and power for forty two of the ruthlessly often targeting civilians in the process so ernst and young employees calm through colossus cash transactions that's when we get to act three apparently the company deals in cash almost as much as in conventional bank transfers. that's billions of dollars going into a legal black hole impossible to trace so the audit has diligently record every failure of the dubai giant but there's no pattern the back for them from the boss we requested a meeting with the babies to get it or when they realized that we're not going to
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alter our findings or change them they went ahead and. changed their own guidelines in such a way that our findings and or for their conclusions will not be made public ernst and young have denied allegations they were in cahoots with the group the dubai refinery is still in business saying there's been no material impact on their ability to operate or trade i'm just rehired the man who led the team and expose the alleged wrongdoings says the audit ing giant branded him a troublemaker and sacked him so is blowing the whistle a noble thing or just a falls there and in this saga it's left up to the court. and of r.t. . join me at the top of the out with more of the latest news.
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prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at the point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some sight was all who was made on to prison so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was is terminally alter what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe here's what people have been saying about rejected and i suspect it's full on author of the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americas do the same we are
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apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank so they can go write it seriously send us an e-mail. this is says holland kentucky. over all of this move them voice it was very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the poor. as a certain man that that was a laugh track these people are survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become
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a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. a. lot. of the. killing.
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of innocent. oh well for the for the different kind they're on an oh oh oh my mojo good quest for georgia dome on when martin oh man never been worse than that i left trying to show for her and then oh i'll try to. over larry. just to have our father through the sofa story. for vitale cano nature and the interdict set off at the monitor though you. know it fred you know to be has zero which i don't want you to agree with sign your fed your b.s. will be doing could have to understand just that i was so well. they fed your bad medicine and could offer through him as i said
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a woman or as i said. in conklin to show dewani why nice. lot of nice gloss and non they were all smoke source but i just felt anything on it. and then you have time to shout like on his own when you have to block and the low shits of the had lifestyles get asked and i would have a profit without the first so we will move in with stuff but the war and what he says as she. for many a month left with it i will face it off but. will. not miss it if it don't. they don't live. down oh. yeah.
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yeah. but still a little bit. sad i thought i was just like that and no friends here at the fed the idea i had met our task in perfect. well and there much on. luck in. the good i saw the show can is that i had no how them to fit in and out of ideas. for good to find out as much after and then i let the shit out of that i was there much down the. first alone on that or with the laughing while bad in are the times i feel i know i will weigh on the. good outfits or the shot i haven't had the. under his nose no talent enough laughs and that doesn't address the note i want to let him but i'm going to cut in then you can keep an eye on what i've found is each on
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a football fault. when you enter this city one of the first signs you see reads welcome to burial ground of the american. soldiers had just put up posters asking people to inform on and search stacking u.s. troops. they had barely left the scene before the locals tore the posters down. god did it for the love of money food for the joy you know what i would do let me just. follow a shot of the irish and clean it out how to koko your knee. so i you know could you know connie and i to get on and was all that i want to. feel good. that i was.
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here just outside all hollow but i was back. in time the shit out of the shot at. which telephoning posts that had to have. been how you want it. actually has been going to hell as long as i can tell you how could a lot of all of you to want to know how i. don't occlusion i don't catch why i want to. cloud legally almost classmate told us to get a little from the will of the why other. and i would stay out of the as a warning. along with any shot i had to give my room's. tenure was only out on those that have already indicated. i didn't belong.
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in the. that him because i would have doggedly. as a. whole not pay any no. costume a lot and it's only an infant show doing not only you know him global issue and we have a single day as an issue in. a sinister home why a smile on a. gorgeous moon are not very many yet go to. an equation or explosion of an occasional sell off so shows a vessel of a goodly community of risk on the health so she can go on as would live in on
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a five hundred. or so it may change so much in oh well. i was going to sort out the laying. low in the way it is yet there were no homeless have access. to our information leading to charge a dollar well. actually probably good enough. because i don't want a bornean we had pushed out by the clock lot either strong are. a number of you know it also. could. i'm out of the last class a war that is a volcano and i miss america for. as hot as i can a china son made toys. i see did his father's homeland and us going to die all cut in on it by that them by saying i love. you.
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i know i. plead guilty. you got it. i got. you. to to. see me show. you. my. feet. joe i.
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was. trying to. move. the market. i was a little cutie pie. in this new album quite well. it started. out all of the. people who i didn't know what their ideas or going to say will be filled with joy i don't go away john ascher. fulfilling all of. those i don't want to fall off well. you know how good my. will was i still ended there. how long oh i see
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a. show you just gotta go down and. look i mean. i only saw. you know mostly don't like allies of the government and. you know yeah yeah it's the law and you know they're just wrong but i know what i did. you know you. did this you know. oh. god why did john. from the. sixty's for the title but. as you had to say here for the last. stand and i said and i have to ask area i'm going to buy a senate.


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