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everybody watches that and says hey i don't want to eat that because americans are going to go the emergency care. now it's sort of strange. that well there was that there was a study actually in the journal pediatrics your children ages one to three accounted for seventy two percent of cleaning products to little babies a poison. so there's more time on these cleaning household products forty percent of those poisonings came from cleaners in spray bottles so time let me ask why are we regulating spray bottles that's a good question you shouldn't say that too loud this close to capitol hill we might start seeing them suddenly be like oh my gosh spray bottles we have to go regulate that you know i mean of course you put your you put labels on it and all that but i think it's just because it's like you know hey this is a new fangled fancy thing that you know these things of have only come out like these positive a little recently so it was i mean that's a funny thing that people say like they've never been around but dishwasher have made this for a long time and you know back in our day we had the entire bread out of the box
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where this is and have our there was what i want to bother you know what's really fascinating according to the consumer product safety commission there have been a total of five deaths in the u.s. related the to the ingestion of that on average five out of three hundred million people and most of those because we're from what don't swear suffering from dementia but even kids that this kind of smells like that you know or the out the the candy bar with the with the razor blade in a later hour and you never happened only people poisoned by hollowing can you work within the same family. yes as you can drag which by the way we're on a government shutdown so if you wanted to regs ronnie get them now and bring them back room grab some for me too because there's no one there to stop us it's crazy oh i'm well it's interesting because i think it's so funny that there is this idea that we have to it's always like keeping teenagers from smoking big teenagers from drinking keeping them from doing drugs keeping them from having sex will just tell them not to do it and tell them everything is dangerous and it seems that chuck
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schumer is so shocked that. kids you know kids to do crazy things there's actually a study valerie raina cornell college of human ecology had studied this back in the early twenty for twenty min two thousand this idea of why do kids do this so what she said is teens often decide that the benefits of risky behavior immediate gratification for gratification or peer acceptance outweighs the risks and we need to we needed studies multiple studies to explain the guys on capitol hill. teens do stupid stuff for attention and if you tell them they're not supposed to they're just going to and even though it is they're going to make more so you keep bringing it up to me it's just teams are going to read teams and you know johnny olds going to swell the marble row going to be sad but it wouldn't be swallowing the marble anyway as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics which cover the facebook twitter c.e.o. also in our dot com coming up former cia analyst ray mcgovern and arsonist
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discussed the n.s.a. and the f.b.i. sometimes said the butterfingers of hope agencies are now being accused of accidentally on purpose believing controversial in a boarding data state to want to. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. prescribed medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i decided like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit
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suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real. this is truly all to what i did was. to in the legal trial. just because. in two thousand and seven after the public outcry over the bush administration's use of warrantless domestic surveillance a federal court ordered the n.s.a. to preserve a trove of intercepted web data that was at the heart of a legal dispute over domestic surveillance well too exactly nobody is surprised it now turns out that apparently the esteemed
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a wiretapping agency lost approximately seven years of controversial intercepted data the data you see was lost during a broad housecleaning effort and had to go to make room for you guessed it through surveillance data ironically this news appeared within days of president trump citing a bipartisan bill broadly reauthorizing the n.s.a. surveillance authorities even as republicans in congress raise hell over a quasi five memo that allegedly documents the various surveillance abuses committed by the f.b.i. and the o.j. and the russian collusion investigation so to bring us some clarity if possible in a week of wide ranging surveillance news we welcome former cia analyst ray mcgovern to the show welcome ray. thank you very much right i got to grow up about what exactly was in the buried of the n.s.a. purged and just tell our viewers why was it important to hold onto that they just miraculously lost by accident i'm sure. it will
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tyrone nobody knows this because it hasn't been much in the press but in april of last year there was a study done of the faces that is the foreign intelligence surveillance act the court judgments on things presented to them by the year done by the obama administration and no fewer than eighty five percent of them were shown to be illegal and illegally given to people who are not authorized to get them it's a kinds of things that can be used not only in prosecutions but as blackmail or in leaks to the press so i mean this is a great country isn't it i mean this is the situation it's not only whoosh it's not only is fellow trouble it's obama it's everyone who plays fast and loose with the the laws in the constitution says fourth amendment protects us presumably or at least literally from illegal searches and seizures without
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a court warrant. no matter how you slice it it looks pretty bad for the n.s.a. has it was had a lot of criticism over the last well forever how do you think this is a case of and this is a question i often have because i don't know how to answer it because i'm between two things is it just a case of mit's mismanagement and incompetence or is this deliberate keeping information and just a deliberate coverup. well i like to be very charitable and forgiving but even i still much of a stretch to think this is gross incompetence so low there is gross incompetence by the bushel at n.s.a. now this is deliberate let's face it these things were incredibly embarrassing not only was it n.s.a. but the once it f.b.i. and this isn't a question it's that the same materials who sent lead it just at the same time by both agencies i mean give me
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a break they had to people's because if you left one with this information then you don't protect everyone who is involved so this is pretty sinister this is the deep state in action and i'm sure that representative newness has information bearing on these things even though the tapes themselves have been deleted you know it's interesting is the in those cynical look at things we'll have to ask you know the warrantless surveillance camera when the george w. bush didn't seem to have a long lasting effect on public opinion in considering how little progress we've seen you know tragically neither been absent revelations at least you know in the decision makers do you realistically think we'll ever see a truly open real debate of government surveillance state in our country in the halls of congress are we ever going to see that. well this is what to watch for terror on. were these to happen now is representative of newness and you should
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give the information he has to the attorney general betray general impression can be a grand jury the grand jury issue indictments and you know even though it is a stretch at this point to have the perceptual innocence these crooks are necessary because they say officials. do deserve the presumption of innocence but you should get a jury to decide that not the government which i wrote in order to have it so thank you you were very right on that front is that interesting ok the news comes out the same week that congress reauthorizes the government's fi's authorities and also the same week that this classified memo surfaces allegedly detailing intelligence community surveillance abuses when monitoring the trump campaign so. what do you think the president has allies would have had some qualms about signing off on such broad surveillance powers after he spent so much of the last year and his campaign
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talking about the deep state now that the state was going to get him and we had to worry about it and yet now here we are he's giving the deep seas that is not just getting in bed with the dave states he's married he sighed over as. he's adopted a couple of kids they got a dog like their or their buddy buddy now. isn't that odd then that makes one wonder what's right what's going on help me what would happen if i should get help to use it isn't that what it is an awful lot of thought are i. have to figure trump i mean he knows that he himself and his closest supervisors like. general slim were victims of this skullduggery this playing fast and loose with the fourth amendment and why he signed that thing where well he sort of change his mind he was in the senate then later they all we have moved aside and well you know he makes compromises and the deep state does have chapter and verse on trump himself
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so this is not a new tactic you know when james komi the head of the f.b.i. when trump was president elect and first few weeks of his presidency when he lingered behind on the the sixth of january two thousand and seventeen and said no mr trump. you brennan and rogers have gone but this is very delicate information we have this dossier and it's not for a fight but tests terribly scoreless and you say shit about what you did in moscow and that which is which is one which you know that that's out there and you know it was just just to let you know who it said all about you know all about you yeah that's what tyrone your dad told me happens when one comes into high office they take a side and say now he know we have this information so the bottom line is if you don't play ball with the deep state you could be scurrilously depots for what one
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reason or another whether it's real or whether it's fabricated i remember that well actually. my father won because it was very interesting within a few months and suddenly was having you know twenty three cia agents brought him into. the basement of the capitol and essentially does the pose them and asked them all these questions about how he won and all that just kind of letting their presence known there and then when he was governor he did it and then of them had any last names i talked to your dad you know it's very marketable it's illegal it's beefsteak erks and they do have lots of goods and lots of people and when people say what americans say as they did after it's notan turn talked about turn key tyranny most americans said well i'm clean. but that to be afraid of well. we turned to to a stasi member stussy who's the east german secret service people who kept
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a list listening here if people should just leave india under the lives of others they know what it's like their great film and we talk to bush dunk schmidt who is a like ten a colonel in stasi research what's going on what do you say to people who say i've got nothing to hide the brother may be curious is this. is terribly naive so he just so you were to this information on who is to use it against you don't get to decide how it's you will loose and just leave it to a part of it it's from being used against you is to kind of it it. is a first place if that's necessary and i was reading we all have to go there is that idea that we get so we're naive in a world that you know we you have major politicians going don't upset the the intelligence community don't have such a deep theater they'll get you know and you know but none of us are supposed to be paranoid about things like that they have all our information you know they've
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literally given us every reason to be paranoid and terrified and by whatever it is are agreeing to everything i want to ask you if i gave you if i gave you the superpower right now to change like one thing in our intelligence community to make it work better to get away from what we're talking about what would that be. i would put in a new national intelligence director of impeccable integrity now you may have to look around in the country for somebody like that you would find when the president is asleep or you will never get through them but his predecessor was a crook so if you want to give the director of national intelligence more than just titular authority over what happens in the intelligence committee you put it very in there like stansfield turner admiral or stars u.s. navy who served as the director of central intelligence underachieve macarthur he
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just died three days ago when you were who worked for him go they needed it wasn't afraid he wasn't trying to play on the president's team and if he hadn't that noses out of joint he did it was necessary popular but he made the community work that's what you need it was just community that's what we've missed since i mean turner well thank you as always very for coming on and giving us your perspective on these issues facing us today it's a truly a great pleasure thank you are most welcome. nearly four hundred fifty two or seventy five percent of the world's active volcanoes are found in the ring of fire a twenty five thousand square foot area in the basin of the pacific ocean and one of those is about to erupt the manila in the middle of philippines mt may own the centerpiece of a unesco biosphere reserve has been raised to a threat level for just one spot below the highest warning available for eruption
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detection eruptions of steam and rock began in december of two thousand and seventeen causing the dangerous zone surrounding the volcano to be increased to a full eight kilometer radius the volcano may own as over eight thousand feet tall and sits above a mostly agricultural region in the area but don't worry the philippines office of civil defense are evacuating not only tens of thousands of people. also setting up evacuation areas for paid whose water buffaloes cows and poultry as of january eighteenth there were six thousand nine hundred seventy three families or twenty six thousand people housed in evacuation centers with that number expected to hit seventy five thousand and more if the eruption is as massive as some fear i'm at i really hope i really hope that everybody gets out of there in time but boy you talk about the spectacle of nature that's that's you see it right there and one of there we wait for get we forget and the major has that i do hope that they can get those people out of the path of the thing that is our show for you today everybody and
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remember everyone in this world we are no longer told you know loved enough so i told you all i love you i am tired robot and i'm top of the lawless people watching those hawks and have a great day and night everybody. but boy mind you're here again better because like nine hundred talk to brock there
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said this was their year toy such a to go to all kinds of crazy eyes and yeah it sure. are experiencing a bit of a fall back. here's what people have been saying about rejected in ninety two i was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs. paula. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank so are you going to seriously send us an e-mail. yes that was pretty good with a large booklet you've come. up with the last election i believe the words will mostly we're going to my wall so you
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will but you know one of them stood up and we push it out so i. can pick out a new. kind of game and you can go up to the middle of the scouts. even who could still be you know t.v. he should resign if you took the stage. he was more than a million killed by. the secret of the armor if you can you could either call you up when you tell my boss leave you. my suspicion. i. i. knew who. thought. the little.
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boat. heads of states and titans of business and finance assigned on the swiss with the world economic forum we'd look at what's on their agenda also to come. prison staff blockade dozens of detention facilities across the country as they demand safe working conditions after a spate of attacks by inmates. and a probe is launched into five months of crucial text messages that have been lost by the f.b.i. they could potentially shed light on bias within the agency. international
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live from moscow studio with me welcome to the program the luxury resort of davos is opening its doors to the annual world economic forum and with this year's focus on creating a shared future in a fractured world it's pulled in a record number of world leaders and heads of government that includes trump who is just the second u.s. president to attend the summit reports. today is the first official day of the world economic forum here in the swiss alps and it has attracted a number of political heavyweights that are going to be in attendance everyone from theresa may to mccraw on merkel justin trudeau and surprisingly enough donald trump he has a speech scheduled for later this week that is much anticipated and it will make him this second u.s. president to ever attend the first being bill clinton back in two thousand now an ill timed government shutdown back at home did put his trip under question for
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a little while but things are back on track at this point of course many are very curious about how his america first actually fit in with the globalist atmosphere that the forum both although no one's really expecting him to conform to that this year in general is shaping up to be a whole new davos with the politics of the last year creeping in and economic focus being a bit blurred first of all this is the first year ever that the summit is chaired by only women and a number of the discussions really don't seem to have much of an economic focus at all discussing things like race privilege and sexual harassment the hottest trends of two thousand and seventeen of course and v.i.p.'s are not the only thing descending on the past few days have seen almost two meters of snow fall leaving a lot of concerns and its wake the local authorities have warned of the possibility of avalanches the helo pad in davos was closed down for a few hours leaving the question of how the leaders are going to get to the forum perhaps we'll see them all on skis and done with reality economic and environmental social and political fragility avalanche territory noise can bring them home. comes
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to town on friday turns out davos is actually a social experiment when you gather a bunch of the eyepiece then make them carry their own luggage. and stand in lines with each other out. wonder what would happen if. no one could leave for a week and the world realized that it could run itself without the business and political elites. journalist luke told us he believes the summit should be placing more emphasis on solving global economic problems the social issues of two thousand and seventeen including. inclusiveness so. was mentioned and all those things have been everywhere in the new school that sounds important maybe but not as important as the economics of the summit i think that north america europe japan and all developed nations have never been as inclusive as they are now
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all told by the way of course there are reactions to certain things like the migration crisis but the people are used to it now much more than before and we are very inclusive it's not a time for crusades anymore as we have a three day government shutdown in the u.s. has finally come to an end after president trump signed a temporary funding bill congress now has just over two weeks to reach an agreement on the phony issue of protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children however a lot of media coverage of the bipartisan spirit is making sure to focus on donald trump's shortcomings even though the shutdown was actually two weeks shorter than the previous one back in twenty thirteen. should have been a day of celebration for president from one year in office the one year anniversary of his presidency but the party he planned it mar a lago is no more at the moment because you're waking up to
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a government that is shut down this is hard stuff for him this is first anniversary tomorrow he's got a big party and then he's going out to show the world what a great job he's doing as president so after years of domestic crisis if he was such a great deal maker the government wouldn't be close to what it. for the first time in seventeen years much of the federal government is shutdown congress failed to agree on a new funding board midnight deadline the public of course is increasingly disgusted by what they're seeing going on or not going on in washington and the latest a.b.c. news washington post poll showed majorities disapproving of the president and both parties in congress. president off across france are blockading detention facilities and calling for a complete overhaul of the system and one hundred centers have been affected the protests are now in the ninth day and began after a series of assaults against prison workers by inmates one of the hot spots has
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been the floor. near paris is the largest in europe and holds more than four thousand inmates it's also used to monitor suspected extremists among them and their son who faces trial over the twenty fifteen paris terror attack a staff held demonstrations outside of the prison on friday violence broke out. which is nice today we've all come here for a strike because discontent is spreading across france the crucial problem is the security of prison personnel top of that is the issue of islamic radicals who are also kept in our jails who are not isolated other inmates. are not usually it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition.
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with the blockades and demonstrations spreading across france challenging penske has been following the story. we all day number nine this is the second week over a nationwide protests and we understand that at least seventy prisons are blockaded yet again today now they started over a week ago because three security guards at a prison in the north of france were attacked by an inmate a convicted terrorist now since that attack took place in these protests have been happening there have been more assaults of attacks on prison guards in prisons in france including two prison guards who were attacked on sunday evening now that the prison guards say that they would is incredibly dangerous they feel is sometimes to go to work they fear for their lives because of the types of prisoners that they
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dealing with they say that in some prisons like that largest prison in europe that sometimes the inmates refuse to go back to their jails and this is a prison with a high number apparently of radicalized inmates so these are just some of the concerns that the security guards have they also say that they are very very understaffed with the suggestion that sometimes in that largest prison in europe there is only one security guard for every ninety inmates now i've been talking to some of the security guards would be lining the other concerns. latoyia to the our work is very dangerous where weak teams of aggression and we experience violence which is not taken into consideration by the government. it has become more and more difficult for us to act i've seen physical aggression towards my colleagues every day it happens every time we open the door to support the new city we denounce the working in dishes of our colleagues in the prison the security
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conditions the numerous acts of aggression against them we want salaries to be increased for those who face such risk to work as well as an increase in personnel and better security so what all the demands of the prison guards well they say they want more than the one thousand. jobs that they've already been offered over the next four years by the justice minister they also say that they will radicalize prisoners to be isolated in prisons for their safety and they want to have more security services available to deal with situations we also know that the president might go on this said that he will unveil a prime time at the end of next month to reform the entire prison system in france but that still more than a month away and the question is is action needed soon or the prison guards to remain blockading so many of the prisons in france say it is needed sooner because they need to have more secure conditions to work in immediately. u.s.
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attorney general jeff sessions has announced the hunt for the tens of thousands of missing text messages sent by f.b.i. employees they were sent to the height of the agency's probe into the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election some of the exchanges that was seen raise serious questions about trump bias within the f.b.i. from washington now his samir khan. months of text messages between two f.b.i. staffers linked to the trump of russia pro perhaps gone missing one of the agents is peter struck he oversaw the investigation into alleged russian interference now he was also part of robert muller's team that was looking into suppose the pollution between trump and the prime one prior to that the plane didn't email investigation which went nowhere and then there's lisa page a lawyer for the department of justice who also worked for robert muller the couple came into prominence back in december when their private text conversations were released to congress god hillary should win. i know.


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