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wide and as that economic crisis continues the focus of davos seems to have blurred a bit at the politics of two thousand and seventeen leakin for the first time ever the summit is chaired thoroughly by women and a number of the discussions really don't seem to have anything to do with economics at all focusing instead on race privilege and harassment all of the greatest hits from the past year the social issues of two thousand and seventeen including. inclusiveness. was mentioned and all those things have been everywhere in the new sport that sounds important maybe but not as important as the economics of the summit i think that north america europe japan and all the developed nations have never been as inclusive as they are now all told by the way of course there are reactions. to certain things like the migration crisis but the people are used to it now much more than before and we are very inclusive it's not a time for crusades anymore. well
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a delegation from russian cyber security company. took time out to talk to us about the gathering and the issues they face. i would say the trend from the last two years and actually one of the main topics of this year in davos it's fragmentation of the world unfortunately it's happening there is a global geopolitical tensions and fights between countries and the private companies that make for results i would say that the pressure in the united states is enormous it's the biggest it's really disappointing for some reason and surprising for me that that private company can be limited in its operations in the contre with no reasons with north it's just by a decision of the us goldman it's really frustrating because it means that we can't protect organizations in years ago meant and. that is one of the best according to the present tense and this is just means that the. they leave themselves on protected from from cyber crime and from cyber attacks which is really frustrated
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and i believe that in the long term this is just a very. very wrong decision to ban independent private company from its operation in the country. with all the gas around in the swiss resort this time it seems a bit overwhelmed by its signature feature in the snow over the past week it's see nearly two metres of the white stuff the heaviest in nearly two decades traffic has been disrupted with many delegates struggling to reach the venue in fact there's also a very real danger from avalanches but the discomfort hasn't stopped the online community from seeing the funny side. done with reality economic and environmental social and political fragility in an avalanche territory a loud noise can bring the whole mountain down and donald trump comes to town on friday turns out davos is actually a social experiment when you gather a bunch of the ne eyepiece then make them carry their own luggage through the snow and stand in lines with each other out. wonder what would happen if you did and no
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one could leave for a week and the world realize that it could run itself without the business and political elite. turning your attention to france now where a prison staff in the country are blockading detention facilities and calling for a complete overhaul of the system there over one hundred centers have been affected the protests are now in their ninety's the day began after a series of assaults against prison workers by inmates one of the hotspots has been the ferry. and you're horace it is the largest in europe holding more than four thousand inmates it's also used to monitor suspected extremists among them of this so the faces trial over the twenty fifteen par istar attacks stuff held demonstrations side the prison on friday violence broke. i. hope you guys
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today we've all come here for a strike because discontent is spreading across france the crucial problem is the security of prison personnel on top of that there's the issue of islamic radicals who are also kept in our jail who are not isolated from other inmates. are not usually it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition. well what the blockades on demonstrations spreading across from charlotte dubin ski has been following the story for us. oen day number nine this is the second week over a nationwide protests and we have the standard at least seventy prisons are blockading yet again today now they started over a week ago because three security guards at
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a prison in the north of france were attacked by an inmate a convicted terrorist now since that attack took place in these protests have been happening they have been more assaults and attacks on prison guards in prisons in france heeding to prison guards who were attacks on sunday evening now that the prison guards say that they would is incredibly dangerous they feel is sometimes to go to work they fear for their lives because of the types of prisoners that they dealing with they say that in some prisons like that largest prison in europe that sometimes the inmates refuse to go back to their jails and this is a prison with a high number apparently of radicalized inmates so these are just some of the concerns that the security guards have they also say that they are very very understaffed with the suggestion that sometimes in that largest prison in europe there is only one security guard for every ninety inmates now i've been talking to
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some of the security guards would be lining the other concerns. to tell you to go our work is very dangerous where with tins of aggression and. experience violence which is not taken into consideration by the government. it has become more and more difficult for us to act i've seen physical aggression towards my colleagues every day it happens every time we open the doors to pull the new city we denounce the working in dishes of our colleagues in the prison the security conditions the numerous acts of aggression against them we want salaries to be increased for those who face such risks of work as well as an increase in personnel and better security so what all the demands of the prison guards well they say they want more than the one thousand. jobs that they've already been offered over the next four years by the justice minister they also say that they want radicalized prisoners to be isolated in prisons for their safety and they want to have more security services
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available to deal with situations we also know that the president might go on this said that he will unveil a grand plan at the end of next month to reform the entire prison system in france but that still more than a month away and the question is ease action needed soon or the prison guards who remain blockading so many of the prisons in france say it is needed sooner because they need to have more secure conditions to work in immediately. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has announced the hunt for the tens of thousands of missing text messages sent by f.b.i. employees they were sent up the height of the agency's probe into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election some of the exchanges that were seen raise serious questions about. bias within the f.b.i. from washington expounding on it here are some your account. months of text messages between two f.b.i. staffers linked to the trump of russia probe have gone missing one of the agency's
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peter struck he oversaw the investigation into alleged russian interference now he was also part of robert muller's team that was looking into suppose the pollution between trump and the problem prior to that the clinton e-mail investigation which went nowhere and then there's lisa page a lawyer for the department of justice who also worked for robert muller the couple payment to prominence back in december when their private text conversations were released to congress girls hillary should win. i know. and maybe your man just the way you are because your man to protect the country from that manifest. thanks it's absolutely true that we're very very fortunate and of course i'll try and approach it that way these text messages prove that both struck and page were biased in favor of hillary and the messages even hint at some nefarious political activity so when they wanted to dig deeper it turned out the rest of their conversation had disappeared the f.b.i.
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ascribed the dates lost to misconfiguration issues related to rollouts provisioning and so for upgrades the conflicts with the f.b.i. has collection capabilities but let's look at the time frame of these text messages december fourteenth twenty sixteenth roommates seventeen twenty seventy and when did muller's investigation into prussian blue should start oh look may seventeenth twenty seventeen surprisingly convenient the timing is just too coincidental seems that they were trying to plant the evidence somehow as an insurance policy thinking that trump had no way of getting elected and then when he did scrambling in order to try to stop the election or to create the necessity of an impeachment of trump they were conspiring inside the f.b.i. to figure out how to catch trump on some sort of you know criminal activity having a russian connection russian money laundering. being involved with putin in the in the russian trump collusion of which they've provided zero evidence. well the
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disappearance of crucial data is not uncommon in the u.s. intelligence community the n.s.a. recently revealed it accidentally array's surveillance information simply to free up space on its hard drives well the data was related to the presidential surveillance program or p.s.p. which included warrantless wiretapping george w. bush's time in office the n.s.a. was ordered to preserve the information by courts it was deemed important to a number of pending lawsuits the b.s.p. internets count and it matched criteria that were broadly used to delete that of a certain type in response to mission requirements to free up space and improve performance of the backup system the n.s.a. has no reason to believe at this time that the continent data was specifically targeted for deletion. ok there's some stunning pictures now of turkey's continuing
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military campaign against the kurdish militias in northern syria is causing tensions the flare as far afield as germany on monday pro kurdish activists protesting next to the turkish early lines they asked how to overreport ended up fighting with turkish puss injures almost two hundred people were involved in the brawl which was broken up by police using pepper spray. was i was i was i was i was it was i are when the back drop to this is that began it's really his military operation against the syrian kurdish fighters are the end of last week if you use them as terrorists and is concerned about their
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growing consolidation of power in northern syria political commentator adel darwish told us that washington must take a clear position on the hostilities and help the two sides work towards a solution kurds would find themselves powerless against the might of turkey as we have seen in the unfortunates scenes from frankfurt and from the other places it could actually spill over and affect europe figure people who think they are far away it's very very hard actually to the american foreign policy at the moment first the americans have to explain to their allies of our world what is that is throughout history and the policy on the stool. do the would actually to have a peaceful settlement in syria and keep the. political integrity of syria as a nation is did as does one of
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a number to do the actually and want to end the conflict and see peace not. russia's defense minister has revealed that moscow is in talks with several nations over the purchase of a state of the art russian missile defense system with the report you're starting to leave the tranquil. it's acknowledged as one of the best air defense systems out there it can strike eighty targets at a time at a range of four hundred kilometers even if they're travelling at five kilometers a second i'm always about to say an hour but no a second so perhaps that's why there is high demand for the s four hundred isn't developed technology still on the drawing board or sitting in a dusty warehouse it's on active duty in syria protecting russian units there.
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the russian army's top man hasn't revealed the names of the system's next buyers but he did mention the regions the middle east and southeast asia he's touring that part of the world right now mr scheuer who says whenever he's talking to army bosses from other countries there's always discussion about buying russia's defense technology so soon we'll find out who's next in line for the four hundred i say next because turkey has already got a contract and when they signed the papers it was big news sure that's a nato member washington's key ally that's counting on russian engineering to keep
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its safe somewhere else that's military might is all but dependent on america is saudi arabia but a few months ago the saudis and the russians agreed on an ass four hundred deal as well china is getting it and india too let's see if the name of the new. next customer comes as a surprise. one of the largest consulting firms in the world ernst and young has been accused of multiple illegal dealings a former employee who say he was fired for revealing the allegations the slows the the accounting giant is involved in bribery money laundering and the cover up of illicit gold purchases from conflict zones you've done of picks up the story the story hidden in the court papers filed by this audit against his ex bosses could be one of the grandest smuggling scams greed money laundering and baghdad dealings measured in billions of dollars. is accusing one of the world's biggest audit ing
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firms of covering up the tracks over dubai precious metals megacorp act one. ernst and young for an audit inspectors come to dubai and the first thing they see is a pile of moroccan gold buyers casually bundled up on a desk stacks of gold at a gold refinery could be business as usual except these buyers are literally painted silver in order to sneak them into dubai four to five tons of gold gold bars coated silver smuggled old to more cool arriving in dubai declared as gold when the team found the discussed it with with colucci the admitted this is the way of doing business with the with these moral consult lawyers inspectors do some more digging and what they reveal brings us to act two some of the precious metal in colossi scoffers could be blood gold shuffling through papers auditor's discover
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the refinery was more than happy to shake hands with small mining operations in sudan and the democratic republic of congo apparently colossi asked for no licenses offering cash in hand in exchange for gold proceeds from surge sales conflict in. torn countries are known to directly fuel gang wars which are responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths soldiers naam group leaders see in control of the gold mines as a way to money guns and power for forty each other ruthlessly often targeting civilians in the process so ernst and young employees calm through colossus cash transactions that's when we get to act three apparently the company deals in cash almost as much as in conventional bank transfers that billions of dollars go into a legal black hole impossible to trace so the auditor's diligently record every failure of the dubai giant but there's no pats on the back for them from the boss
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we requested a meeting with the babies to get it or when they realized that we're not going to alter our findings or change them they went ahead and. changed their own guidelines in such a way that our findings and or for their conclusions will not be made public ernst and young have denied allegations they were in cahoots with the group the dubai refinery is still in business saying there's been no material impact on their ability to operate or trade i'm just rehired the man who led the team and expose the alleged wrongdoings says the audit in giant branded him a troublemaker and sacked him so is blowing the whistle a noble thing or just a falls there and in this saga it's left up to the court you've done of r.t. . all right we're back watching the hawks in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest news and views from moscow this is our.
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next geysers line it looks like they say most of the delegates. listen to these this is a central plank support diagram is the problem when they stop to. greetings and salutations well thankfully after a weekend of federal government shutdown we are still standing here in the united states of dysfunction at noon on monday the shutdown ended not with
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a great bang but with a whimper of a vote to once again kick the federal funding can down the road for another three weeks or so presumably so the democrats republicans can better hone their blame game skills and further perfecter abject irresponsibility towards their jobs and u.s. citizens senate minority leader chuck schumer announced monday that after several discussions offers and counteroffers the republican leader and i have come to an arrangement we will vote today to reopen the government to continue negotiating a global agreement. sorry charles but you can't put enough polish on this latest congressional debacle because it is and will always be a permanent staying on the linoleum countertop that is us politics sadly my friends the stains are many and frankly guests are really starting to take notice and stage
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right the twenty eight thousand idle men trust barometer published just in time for the world economic forum's meeting in davos switzerland by the idle and global communications marketing for i don't men's annual trust barometer in case you haven't guessed by now measures the public's trust in various institutions and governments and according to their latest then you will port report trust in the us has suffered the largest ever recorded drop in these surveys history among the general population and even more outstanding is that trust among the informed public in the us imploded plunging twenty three points making it now the lowest of the twenty eight countries surveyed. so let us thank our illustrious democrats and republicans for destroying our faith in a working government and forcing us all to start watching the whole.
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thing. it looks like. it would be. as if you took a bite out of it. like you know that i got. to . leave the. world and i want you to watch in the harks i am i robot and i am having the while i'm in this shutdown yes the shutdown has finally ended we've got to it was epic we didn't know if the sky was going to follow what things were going to explode if seven eleven wouldn't be open or what other horrible catastrophe would befall on our seven eleven will be open
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because unlike the government when you work at seven eleven you don't get to just shut the story down because you don't like. the price of thing like like a little crazy tablet they put another stop gap which i think is their fifty five keeping track for coming up to this but they put another stopgap in basically just to keep the government funded to just do their job was that some simple goal i know this stopgap ends of february i believe eighth and you know after the latest circus you know doc biting and chip and like all these things are fighting over is there any hope for the united states congress to actually get their act together do you have hope to have with the congress will one day act like congress and do things not with this congress no third. on you show they should all just be like languishing cries from the moving boxes and so often just little by guides to moving they should just start moving and getting their office this fact up because they're not going to make it through and they're not selections like over whatever
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they're there is that they're not doing any work and i'm not the only person who thinks that the this is a matter of trust can you do the job will you have results well we're seeing no results and this isn't just for one year this is for four years eight years twelve years sixteen years this isn't new and that's what the item and survey actually is according to the report you have no country saw steep declines in the united states you had a thirty seven aggregate point aggregate drop in trust along across all american institutions and at the opposite end of the spectrum you have china that experienced a twenty seven point gain more than any other country so here is this you know the big scary communist china that's going to take over the whole world they literally have more trust their people have more trust that's incredible that's a great it's when it's an interesting group or here's a democracy it doesn't it shouldn't be that hard to earn the trust of people if you believe in what you're saying then the people will believe in it but that's the problem our politicians don't believe what they say they just i don't think so i
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mean chuckle schumer i think you know people can say oh he's such a smart strategist and he's brilliant at what he does and then to me his strategy is just kind of failure after failure after failure at least actually doing the good of the people the same of the republican side because the rest i mean it's not a point i'm sorry everybody hates congress because congress doesn't do their job well the c.e.o. of big adelman richard the c.e.o. who produced the study actually. he called this lack of trust in the government the ultimate irony because when you think about it all we've heard about is how unemployment is down and the stock market is so great. and this is where you see that huge chasm between the a leaves and the rest of the country this is why you had the election we had because they don't realize that nobody who is the one percent cares about the stock market because it doesn't change what our what our
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paychecks look like it doesn't change how much you know your mom or your grandma or whoever has to buy milk it doesn't change that you have to pay your rent you're not going to magically just because all the stock market's doing great you have it doesn't affect most people don't have their money in the stock market tragically you know going to aruba they don't get it but yeah then it's like you know look you've got people like start going crazy more hours every day people are excited more about bitcoin sure they are about to start morgan at the end of the day there is a great it's this disconnect yourself what is there with the big wave the reason that people like it is that politicians can have their hands on it going to hell is at some point you have to just say the trust in the media is going to trust and trust in our institutions and isn't trust in the institutions as they stand it's the people who are running i could agree that's why certain systems don't work because you've had person after person after all it's just. we've been we've got our money stolen we've been spied upon we've you know wall street bailed out there you know we have whistleblowers being thrown in jail there is no public trust in government
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because government has not earned our trust you know and that's what they are missing they just assume hey i get the job people automatically trust me no you get the job if you actually have to do the work of the people not the lobbyists and the people pulling your strings. for decades teenagers have climbed water towers car service tried to drink a gallon of milk eight ghost peppers and generally did incredibly stupid things to gain acceptance or amusement of their peers the tired pod challenge is the latest teen stunt to terrify adults and the media these alondra pods of small packets made out of dissolvable jelly containing concentrated laundry detergent are meant. for convenience but their colorful appearance has allegedly caused an epidemic of children and teens eating the laundry pods and dying. or has it according to the current headlines there's no doubt that something must be done to end the scourge teens even longer pause for fun their children mistaking them for candy senator
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chuck we must investigate snorkeled chocolate schumer has been on the laundry pod case since two thousand and twelve when he made this claim at an official press conference saying quote these pods were supposed to make less household chores easier not tempt our children to swallow harmful chemicals i saw one on my staffers desk and i wanted to do it. and quit says twenty files procter and gamble the company behind tied pauses at a bitter tasting but nontoxic coating to the outside for the pods to deter children for biting into that they've added additional lots of the containers and are educating the public on how to keep them out of the hands of toddlers but according to the american association of poison control centers in two thousand and seventeen more calls came in regarding hand sanitizer toothpaste deodorant mouthwash more than the laundry pozen fact the calls which were mostly regarding children under five and over half of which aren't even related to an actual ingestion have gone
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down fourteen percent since twenty fifteen so pearl collectors is asking that was the lending that corporations and the government become are de facto nanny is really the best use of our fragile democracy. will not only know why the government is doing this ray because good old chuckles schumer apparently has been more interested in whether people use laundry pods. or double chocolate really is this is this how far we fall and that it's it's congress's job to think about these things i'm sorry when i was growing up. you know we had iron metal playgrounds we had things that actually hurt us and you know the classic george carlin routine of little johnny swallows the marble then the other little kids realize if we shouldn't swallow marbles. that's kind of what just what we do darwinism child rearing it's really interesting we have mystery yes kids too there's this idea i mean you think there should be something you do you can't just be like oh who cares you know of course i mean there's
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a recent sort of safety measures but is it really is this a huge problem that we need to have story after story and all of these politicians talking about bills to protect the children won't because their parents don't want to parent right i mean i'm sorry if teenagers on you tube want to eat stupid things for clicks and then they get hurt and go to the emergency room will everybody watches that and says hey i don't want to eat that because they're going to go to the emergency care you know i don't know it's sort of strange. that well there was that there was a study actually in the journal pediatrics and ages one to three accounted for seventy two percent of cleaning products to little babies a poisoning so this or a time when these cleaning household products forty percent of those poisonings came from cleaners in spray bottles so tie let me ask why are we regulating spray bottles that's a good question you shouldn't say that too loud this close to capitol hill we might see.


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