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tv   Keiser Report  RT  February 16, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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evidence of this affecting the election at all so what it is is it imagined russian brainwashing or some telepath you know they're they're trying to say no no discord and i'm reading this and i see now there was some actual charges about beg for our good for an age of violations that were more tangible but i have never seen out of a thirty seven page indictment such lyrical. being prosaic narratives about this one did this and this one without saying this is against the law normally if a russian were to do this or in america were to do this that's what a crime is these are apparently laws that violate american laws only if the person committing them is russian or russian national whatever that is. and i'm not that will leave it lying a legal and media analyst thank you very much thank you.
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meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state is in turkey in an effort to mend ties with ankara rex tillerson has met president erdogan as well as the country's foreign minister the nato allies have been told so but washington support for kurdish militias in syria ankara is angry the u.s. backs groups that turkey calls terrorists to listen try to ease tensions by claiming the support is limited however this does not seem to be enough. but always been clear with turkey that the weapons provided to the syrian immigrated forces would be limited missions specifically the provided only experimental bases to achieve military objectives only we demand that this relationship and by that i mean we want them to end all the support given to the syrian arm of the p.k. the white b.g. . well let's take a closer look at the two groups the defense minister was referring to the p.k. k.
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is the kurdistan workers' party a group fighting turkish authorities for more than thirty years both ankara and washington consider them a terrorist organization however america and turkey have different views on the syrian based kurdish militia called the people's protection units or the wife p.g. anchor regarded as a branch of the p.k. k. and therefore terrorists but the us led coalition seized the white p.g. as allies in the fight against islamic state in syria well in january the pentagon announced it was creating a kurdish led security force on turkey's doorstep in northern syria in response ankara launched a military campaign against kurdish militias they're threatening a direct clash with american forces. when tillerson arrived in the turkish capital he was met by a large number of protests against his business. well
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let's discuss this issue with president of kurdistan's national assembly in syria shaker thank you very much indeed for joining me and hopefully you can hear me i can certainly hear you which is good do you think that this meeting will ease the tensions between washington and anger in syria. absolutely not of course secretary terrorists and try to assure turkey that their weapons are not going to pick a aliment and also the kurds there to fight isis and they have a limited scope in syria although surance is that tell us and have provided tricky were not sufficient enough for the turks. agreed to obviously quite a way to cooperate but in the long run they will not trust each other neither side trusts each other we know that intel or sonos and the pentagon knows that turkey
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has more than twelve islamic groups that syrians would fight well with turkey now against the kurds these are former jihadi these are muslim brotherhood the isis group. group so so us knows clearly that turkey has a lot of support for islamist groups in the only way to stop that is using the kurds working with the kurds therefore you will see the differences that will continue and both sides will try to find a way to not clash because obviously turkey have threatened us and in the northern no match for the u.s. and obviously they need to find a way a mechanism to say. i guess their stature by threaten america and not acting on it and in our view the kurds will remain a choir that washington will play a least eastern view fraidy in christan of syria and what turkey is
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promoting in accusing the kurds of being k.k. or terrorists it's absolutely absurd turkey is supporting terrorists turkey is against it people of the kurdish descent in turkey in syria in iraq in iran and everywhere else and this is about time for turkey to address the kurdish issue and in. turkey if they want to resolve this issue or not by attacking the kurds of syria and killing children women and this is something that the us administration knows turkey is to cross the kurds not to stop isis or aliment of that nature therefore they will this is your will. and that's a look in the meantime what took you so much selling to deal with russia to purchase the s four hundred air defense systems i mean washington has drawn up legislation that could sanction talking about i mean here's how rex tillerson justify that move let's have a listen. to that legislation was not you harm our friends and allies but it is directed at russia for its interference in our elections so we've been advising the
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countries around the world history what the impact on their relationship and purchases that they might be consider with russia and many have reconsidered those and have decided to not proceed with those. or we had to rex tillerson there when doesn't that sound like a threat. first of all when you look at that you have to go back a little bit. to the reason in the rationale for that many nations in the middle east including saudi arabia and others they reach out to the russian when they realize american friends and foes could not trust america and in that region starting with obama in recently also with trump as well so a lot of the nation's difficulty that they had to go to russia because they were the player in town and they won the syria war starting sometime last year and i think this is the issues or maybe two thousand and sixteen so this is the underline
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issue they try to please the russian and develop the new the new sheriff in town and a force to reckon with now turkey and russian side. it is both they don't trust each other also in this case they're both using each other russian wants to exploit the division create a gap between in nato members turkey and us in the i think the turks also want to use it to put a pressure an american to abandon the kurdish issue in syria and iraq and i think that's not going to work in our view again you have to look at the turkey they have to address the clearly issues they have to stop supporting terrorists turkey want terrorist isis and its border but it does not want the kurds in single kurds have attacked tricky on the contrary turkey today with a twelve terrorist groups fighting the kurds in our free and killing children and
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this is got to stop the international community need to support the kurdish people and we call on international community and also on the russian and american to support the kurds the kurds were betrayed by the russians by americans and this need to stop if they want to stop the islamist radicals ation in terrorizing the whole middle east and europe and even america and russia as well so so we see those activities is not only just posturing. and we leave it ashikaga bass president of the kurdistan national center for syria thank you very much indeed thank you. well russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov recently said using the kurdish problem for one's own geopolitical interests is an extremely dangerous and ever. asked by toure this whole issue is further proof of the short sightedness or lack of vision or whatever you want to call it if not malicious intent on the part of the us for over two or three years now which is basically the entire time that the
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u.s. led coalition has been operating in syria u.s. special forces and other american troops have been active on the ground in syria in violation of international law without any invitation from damascus the legitimate government or mandate from the un security council right from the start of their operation in syria the us has backed up the kurds and ignored the voices of discontent coming from turkey no matter how you view turkey's position it is real and it has never been a secret to anyone that the turks have said repeatedly that they would do all sorts of things to prevent the kurds from taking control of the turkey syria border despite this over the entire period i've mentioned the americans have been consistently providing on lots of them in fact to the kurdish forces ignoring turkey's position. turkey announced its military operation as far as i'm concerned
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it was by no means a surprise ankara's repeated warnings to washington have fallen on deaf ears. for taking on the kurdish issue through the narrow lens of one's own political interests in a specific part of a greater region which is what the us is doing at the moment is an extremely dangerous endeavor it can lead to a lot of trouble in a number of other countries where kurds live and where the kurdish issue is just as relevant what they should be doing is looking for a way to ensure equal rights for the kurds living within existing borders and not trying to stir up the entire region which is something our western colleagues have been engaged in over the past century. want to use after a break. the
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touch. welcome back it's now a week since the winter olympics in south korea officially began the ping touching stories of mutual help and support sporting control the sea and a vehicle so i made the headlines. as well unfortunately with these winter olympics the story has been that every other day yung chang treats the media with some sort of scandal so far perhaps one of the most disgusting ones for me was when a canadian short track speed skater was receiving death threats from the locals after she finished fourth first but then a south korean athlete was disqualified and then her position was upgraded to third place and that's when things started happening but you shouldn't get the impression
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that the a look big games are doomed because in many sports there is such family spirit it's the kind of family spirit that goes first after nationality ride. politics etc there was one good example when george cross country skiing competition a russian skier lost a part of his equipment and then an american coach rushed to help him out if the russian skier had to do this u. turn you don't come back to take it up that would have been a disaster for the race but thanks to the american coach it didn't happen and we talked to the man in the cross country ski family is this exactly that it's a family we often benefit from russian or no region coach is giving our fleets a pole in a race and we'll do the same i would say it's very friendly when you walk by a russian athlete or coach will always say congratulations or if we've had a good race they will say congratulations to us three years ago and the entire
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russian women's team came up to our hotel in her tea and cookies with our own her continue and not many people spoke the same language we know a few words of russian a couple of them they knew some more english than we knew russian but we had a great time and it was one of those moments in my career that i remember well i guess when it comes to pole what i call rivals russia and the us helping each other out in sports it works both ways and here with me i got the chang silver medalist in luge bris master who definitely knows what i'm talking about and he's ready to tell us about a story that happened to him a few months ago as far as i understand chris hi again congratulations and what's that story with the russian athlete i guess helping you out yeah thank you very much so as it was a couple weeks ago where i was having a very difficult last season people were starting to reach out and help me and
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there was a specific russian athlete he offered me help like technical help with with my i pod with with fiberglass with with aerodynamics and although it didn't work because i'm. it's larger than he is the fact that he was willing to reach out and help me and such like the desperate times shows that sport can bridge you know cultures it can bridge politics that we can connect on the human level through sports and that's that's really what embodies the olympics here is that so many countries are coming together connecting through sport it really shows the power of the human spirit absolutely this is a small little step it takes a lot of people to get one of these and i can't think simulate enough for thinking about me and just trying to help me out and it's a time of need i am very close friends with with so many different russian athletes and yes there's been a lot of scandals and i'm really i can't wait for the day that we can move past this and we can just get right back to sport clean sport it's so easy to talk about
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negative things but it's really difficult to highlight these positive situations you know who knows maybe in one two olympics this wall behind us and we'll get right back to you know clean competition and a lot of fun. when we won't rushes team have added another silver in the sky listen to their tally but it was a medal that might never have been the key to google of had considered boycotting the games in support of his fellow countryman band overtaking claims that a group of had to prepare all his equipment himself as the reduced team has led to a lack of coaches the competition he even did the same for his team mate. well in other results from chang on friday twenty three year old natalia about that only now took bronze in speed skating and cross country skiing denise spitz off also claimed a bronze in his event that makes a total of eight medals for the olympic athletes from russia team. now about the
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latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of our stories it was. a everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh task hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm out of the abraham lincoln high no no no in those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun every day americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. on the.
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up. when lawmakers manufacture come sentenced to lick wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round of lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to the real news.
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yes some new solution and nice but. just music was taken from both of them which this mission of the new question is a. little bit slow up until just almost a trial of. the spirit to do some odd some serious.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter all of l. the stakes couldn't be higher and it's happening in syria the goal of destroying the islamic state is largely complete now the syrian proxy war is in train a new stage who are the players and what are their and aims and what does winning mean. and what's next for syria i'm joined by my guest. in london he's an expert on political islam and author of islamic state the digital caliphate in beirut we have morrow she is a journalist and university lecturer and in turn around we cross to. he is an
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associate professor at the university of toronto ok and i think that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate mara let me let me go to you because you are the closest to what we're talking about here there are so many different things going on contra veiling trends contradictory trends going on in syria right now i think we're all very familiar what has happened in the last six seven years would you say that this conflict is taking on a new form is it morphed into something and is it more dangerous than what we've seen before go ahead in beirut. definitely specially after the talks in touch and we saw last week was a hectic week inside of syria beginning in february for when we had the first launching of israeli the first and this month of launching of israeli attacks on the outskirts of damascus countryside killing. and certain military force for the allies of the an arab army and then going on tuesday two days. later they did the same and then the big. happening that also happened between thursday and friday
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when the u.s. bombed. positions in there is or killing more than one hundred. members of the army alongside with reports saying that there were also russians on board we still don't have a confirmation from the kremlin on that and then what happened late on saturday or don't saturday with the downing of the israeli jets or their. territories in syria which was a very dramatic development. for the war inside syria for all the happenings that were going on especially again i like to reiterate after the sort she talks which brought about several very important points for the upcoming solutions inside of the syrian conflict for possible dialogues to be conducted between the warring parties what is happening is a very big indication that the u.s. is is very much paranoid of what will happen next in syria that's a very good let me go back to you in london because we have the three players that
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turkey russia and iran they don't all see eye to eye on all of the issues however american behavior in syria is bringing those three countries together we have word that there's going to be a conference and all of the date hasn't been set yet but that the u.s. is a galvanizing point for these regional players now and the u.s. has made it very clear it isn't going anywhere this is one of the reasons why i was doing this program here because they say they're not leaving they don't really justify their illegal existence in a sovereign country where they were never invited in the first place and we have the israelis on the move go ahead in london. it is very critical time for the whole region i believe and i could say clearly that. this many people and why they want to stay there simply because of the islamic. because of that they injure of the terrorist organization islamic state collapsed
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completely it has no capital it has no trick it is some pockets here or there so why the american has two thousand troops in syria and about six thousand troops in iraq this is the biggest question i believe the major challenge for united states is what they are going to do and north of syria are they going to establish a clear this is they are they going to lose you know their pesky shall lie are they going to enter confrontation with syria with that key even with the russia and that's part of the words why they are supplying the kurds with very sophisticated weapons and also some terrorist organization of i pad missiles where they managed to use it to down russian soil jets so this is this is the biggest question i believe you talked about pizza a stumble conference this is very important three major countries major powers are
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going to me there and i believe this kind of meeting i mean taki. russia. this is the major player in the region if they decided actually to meet and they will meet i think the top of the agenda will be how to confront the united states and france how to confront their troops and see that this is the biggest challenge i believe i believe for them and mohamed entering the interesting thing is when you look at all of the players are involved and we've only named a few of them here there are many more no one not one of them wants to see the united states in northern syria except for some misguided the kurds ok and i would i would point out to the kurds is that the u.s. usually turns away from its you know temporary allies and leaves or turns against them ok so the kurds historically make much is the wrong side i think they're doing it again here what is the u.s. doing to suggest what. to be a spoiler is it want to partition does it want to keep the region unstable of
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course everything i just said would benefit israel go ahead mom and i think that's the point everything that the united states does in this region is about israel the only real ally of the united states is israel and even saudi arabia the only reason why it's considered to be a us ally is because it moves in a way in which it is within the framework of the interests of the israeli regime. to if we go back to the beginning of what the crisis in syria and the famous two thousand and twelve defense intelligence agency document. there was an attempt to establish a salafist an extremist regime between syria and iraq in order to isolate syria and. that and that those extremists they were being supported by u.s. allies in the region and as general michael flynn who was the head of the defense
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intelligence agency at that time admitted on al jazeera the united states took a willful decision to support those extremists so the united states back then was supporting an attempt to take over the east of syria later on when the tide turned when the tide turned with the help of russia iran hezbollah the iraqis on the volunteers and isis began to lose ground and territory it was only then that the united states change its policy before that the united states was allowing isis to thrive without the right to go on between turkey and isis we know from kerry the secretary of state of the united states in the audio file that he told the syrian opposition people that the united states allowed isis advance on damascus to put pressure on president assad so only when the tide turned to the united states decided to start fighting isis and that was because they wanted a piece of syria so that they could. basically pursue. same policy which mohamed let me let me let me point out your eyes of the let me point out to our viewers of
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course the donald trump is taking complete credit for the diminished state of isis that's what you learn in western media it is really really remarkable. i could say you know i agree with you in beirut here i mean all also what's really at stake here is there looks like there is a game of chicken being played the united states and israel getting very aggressive and there are russian troops there they are legally they were invited there by the legal government in damascus and it looks like the pentagon is itching for some kind of conflict and i would be very well the pentagon be very careful because the russians don't bluff go ahead in beirut exactly exactly and if you read the mainstream media that was out on wednesday and thursday of this week and the u.s. you can see how they were gloating about the fact that they were bombing the post of the essay where they most probably have directly hit the russian servicemen we
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don't know if they are part of the army or not so one of gloating and they were saying we are at war with russia inside of syria this is no longer a secret so not only that they are pushing for as some sort of a confrontation with russia but they are also under the ground working for this confrontation i mean could you tell me when has the u.s. ever bombed the isis controlled areas of their resort before it was the great no never there are they now bombing the areas that have been liberated by the syrian arab army and its allies why because they don't want them to advance further more to the areas where they occupy was the oil rich obviously all rich areas and there is storage as well they want to keep away from as the so-called s.d.f. which we don't have real information about except the fact that they were isis members that evaporated and then there was something. so we have only kurds that we are talking about here so it's really going to it's really it's really amazing how they suddenly evaporate you know they're just airlifted out and that's what happens here ok. let me go to you here i mean this is the united states i
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mean it's interesting the area of northern syria there that's really where the serious all is ok and denying syria the ability to rebuild is when in fact you know telling the entire world that they will be sanctioned if you give money to the government in damascus to rebuild another round of sanctions against rebuilding a country that the united states is it has a great deal of responsibility for destroying in the first place go ahead in london well i believe the united states realized they were defeated in syria been a project in syria was completely defeated and russia got hands. i mean could be that the building of syria again so at least building needs money and syria needs the oil gaz which is then instead of that is where the oil fields are situated so it seems the american.


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