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arrived in a car and opened fire before making their way to the french diplomatic mission france's special envoy has already tweeted that the incident is a terror attack although there's been no official confirmation as yet the u.s. embassy bikin a fast those capital is advised people to stay indoors of course we'll be updating you as we get more details on this story. now a video has emerged showing the moments leading up to a palestinian man's death during an israeli armed raid in the west bank please be warned you might find some of the images coming up upsetting yes in our third hour the can be seen running down an alley wielding an object of some kind here he is then shot by an israeli soldier the soldier and his colleagues proceed to kick him on the ground and then drag him along an alley a sorority later died the israeli army has changed its version of what happened several times firstly the i.d.f. said he did tack the soldiers with a knife and received first aid at the scene but then they said he did attack them
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with a nine bar and was taken to hospital according to the i.d.f. latest statement on the instant i saw radi died from tear gas inhalation the soldier who fired a shot at us or a sorority was interviewed by i.d.f. investigators in his statement he said he thought his life was in danger when we spoke to a member of the fast revolutionary council who says that the i.d.f. don't consider palestinians human. they're incited to deal with palestinians as subhumans the whole rhetoric of india to do you may know is the palestinian people is something that the israeli army now even schools are known for they can save people's life and they can avoid killing people but it is the charge they get from the training school education and all the incitement and all the dehumanization of the palestinian people that makes them act in such
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a criminal fashion. over to study has shown that in twenty seventeen migrant was the most frequently used word in the country's newspaper headlines against the backdrop of the only going refugee crisis italy is going to the polls on sunday public opinion seems divided today with right leaning parties gaining momentum as you can see from this chart for italia and ignored our forecasts to get over thirty percent of the vote both parties and one for their tough stance on immigration this issue remains a key one to you is the country struggles to deal with the continuing flow of new comers and say children or travel to one tally in time that hopes its approach to migrants will be taken up by the country as a whole we are incest asunder vani on the outskirts of milan in the north of italy once an industrial town used to have overwhelmingly communist views dubbed the
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stalingrad of the country today those views have all but vanished with elections in italy just around the corner this place hopes to lead by example in tackling immigration intolerance seems to be the last of concerns. whatever will help the situation must be done it's very important in other countries they are already doing these kinds of things and no one gets offended because it is a warranty for us and them. we need to find the best solution possible first we need to find out how many migrants we can identify through digital fingerprints and any other systems then we need to see if this works. they are human beings too but if there are hundreds of thousands coming into italy every year we really have a problem we can't accommodate. them and you know of it would be very difficult for the system to work where not alone in france and germany the situation is even worse but they don't have the same level of hate towards migrants that we have here
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most recently two hundred migrants were expelled from here plans to build one of the biggest mosques in northern italy were blocked and works to install facial recognition security cameras are already under way. in italy ask us how we got it done burning the mosque and removing migrants other mayors are looking to us for advice. that what was left had plans to build one of the biggest most in northern italy this project would have meant turning my city into italy's mecca this was a criminal project that would have turned. into a magnet for muslims. at the. start of the surveillance project which will check the entrances and exits to the town based on the israeli model including facial recognition and monitoring
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number plates so everyone who enters and leaves town. i hope saudi hope that after the next election on sunday we will have a government in rome and we'll do the same we are doing in an unpredictable vote it only will go to the polls on sunday immigration is a card being played passionately by all sides of the spectrum so it's who can take lead that will determine whether models like this one will be followed around the country reporting from c'est asunder vonnie in italy and associates working or for r.t. and will stay in this league because allegations of meddling have recently surfaced too but this time it's not a foreign power supposedly trying to change the mood in the country rather it's an actress model she claims she has been blocked from instagram over the alleged
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influence she could have on the upcoming general election i was browsing on my normally aware and all of a sudden the screen disappeared i was very surprised i never violated easter grandpa. like some one of their society did that i might influence. the public opinion on a disturbing well parlor salerno there has a history of unconventional campaigning on social media she first hit headlines back in twenty six danger in a referendum on constitutional reforms when she launched a controversial campaign against the move the activists promised free sexual services for those who would vote no she says she did make good in a promise launching her so-called pompa tour we spoke to. by campaigning was not strictly political i quitted a pompadour as in that stating my opinion about river and him and
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and bring a lot of attention. to does he is sure basically a was a gainst. reform they proposed did where potentially arming seated sense right. i am super proud of my country i love being italian and. i think that is an amazing country. i just want that people to vote with their heart and candidates. whoever and wherever would win them in. can war to create a bad award for all of us for our children and it's unjust that a lot of talented guys as to get out. because i think said not good he.
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goes there is no war i think that anybody with a set of more than we have right now i want people to be social. above day at all paying are. you watching also you still ahead this hour a pair of socks covering the face of hitler has sparked outrage in poland we'll tell you who put their foot in it just after the break.
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a party divided in with out a clear message democrats face a fundamental dilemma move to the left and reach out to the grassroots and in the process alienated donor base to continue business as usual democrats fired up losing. welcome back now fashion can be controversial at the best of times but add politics to the mix and someone is going to be upset as happened in poland recently. thank.
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you. i. thank you. thank. god. but in a separate case poland's jewish association has accused a catholic priest of spreading hate after he claimed on a t.v. show that jews have their own version of the truth for us the truth corresponds to fights for the jews truth means something that confirms their understanding of
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what's been official if a jew is religious than truth means something god wants for circular jews the truth is subjective or whatever serves israel's interests and union of jewish communities in poland wrote a letter to the national broadcasting council demanding that it comment on the priest's words and the anchor's response of letting their remarks go unchallenged the union also urged the camps or to take measures to avoid a repeat in the future writer and political commentator of a door esque in says anti semitism is on the rise. we see in almost all four paws towards the pact countries certain very dangerous camps not just to rewrite their history but this special loot to glorify the darkest pages of history on the eve of the holocaust they they take this amendment to their law allowing put on trial people for action telling truth about the role of poles
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in the holocaust their humiliating remember e of victims way must talk of the truth and unfortunately i don't see european countries even america talking openly and loudly glorification of nazi criminals in ukraine and in the baltic states. now with russia's presidential election just over two weeks away the hopefuls have been sparring in a tabel televised debate let me putin declined to participate in that those that did ended up having a rather heated exchange. stop being an iced up arsonist. and they get a little booklet that signals on one that worked at the site of a busboy nutrient i don't know about you like. you would you know that i did
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not know which it is that i would. do it because all stores tell you pope ross lucian bute theodosia. death of sumo the premium for going to them with a party for them with his thirty i'm sure if you want our words we want our old. friend you by the score to know all this because it just goes with this goes your data point is this or that. is the only good when you stick to one principle yes you can do what you do and you. see it because there are nine other does not but he might be just a business long number of c. it wasn't. easy when you sold out employees if you lose your job final bill cohen you should also we're going to join the gym design would be to do with the i need to spend more in the should actually not get off because that you to she said with my by not the revolution i do you know you have accountability for what you
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assert but what is the muslim you have there. we are going to look good deeds but it is a good mother throughout the world look move. into but i wish but even though we deal with. eugene you can i did it because i did that because you don't skewer but especially one bunch. ok well before we go this hour lets you step bring you an update on that breaking news this hour gunfire and explosions have been reported near the french embassy in kenya fast in west africa witnesses say that five gunmen arrived in a car and i've been five before making their way to the french diplomatic mission france's special envoy. has already tweeted that the incident is a terror attack although there's been no official confirmation as yet it's being reported that security forces have now arrived at the same u.s. embassy in bikini fastow's capitalised advising people to stay indoors of course we'll keep you updated on that story i'll be back with more news in just over half
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. the anyone thinks that for the sake of joining the european union serbia would recognize kosovo under the conditions that they impose right now and not on the basis of one of dialogue a compromise very wrong who wants a compromise but the solution proposed by cost of all of amiens is not the real solution. still on the tail of the deer they will bottomless ali and china six oir get. an estimated eighty fastens under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know storm over. to their home in the heat of the thing. many sell their
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bodies just to make ends meet it's. a secular than a second oh no assisted him to give it up says it to his credit. counselors threads of dealing drugs to make a living. guess. what. came of it when you. do need. to know is in a bad week for jarrad cushion or assist future the white house that and a whole lot more on this edition. of the politicking on larry king it's not been a good week for president trump's son in law and senior advisor jared
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commissionaire in the space of only a few days his security clearance has been downgraded and we've learned from reports that a few foreign governments discuss ways they might be able to manipulate his business dealings and foreign policy naive attack and that many in the white house we're worried about the same thing we'll get the latest with our good friend eleanor clift columnist for the daily beast political commentator and author and she joins me from washington what's your reaction i want to add to this to krishna losing his top should tell you. reporter the decisions in four countries were able to manipulate him what do you make of this well the two generals in the white house general kelly who is the chief of staff and general h.r. mcmaster who's a national security advisor apparently have been concerned about this for some time so this is an epic power struggle and the two generals may have written their
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epitaph by ordering that jared questionnaires security credential be downgraded because they are going right up against the president who said he was sure that general kelly would do the right thing and make the right decision i'm not sure that what mr kelley did will qualify is the right decision for the president so now the president has to decide to see just ignore the limitations that have been put on his son in law and exclude him from the daily intelligence briefing exclude him from briefings where classified information comes up or does he exercise his power as chief executive which he could do president trump could simply wave the concerns and grant security to his son in law he realizes that wouldn't look good so i don't know what happens next as jared and a van to go back to new york and say we've had enough of this grief did they stay in the white house with the million patients of a downgraded status or do the people who made the decision pay the price and go you
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can write any one of several endings to this particular episode from the president in anything. i'm thinking that the president largely ignores the limitations and that. they basically step around. the orders and cushion or stays in place at least for the the short term but you know that that that's a guess for his own nano kelly would have to quit if that happened right now i would guess ok now we have jeff sessions saying on wednesday that he would do his job with integrity and honor the president criticized him calling him disgraceful. what do you make of that well and this is over the fact that. attorney general
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sessions is investigating claims that republicans are making that the pfizer warrant process was abused by the f.b.i. and that he's investigating that internally with department of justice personnel as opposed to appointing a special prosecutor which is what the president would like i think sessions is handling himself with enormous dignity despite all the abuse he's taken and this is another one of these standoffs you wonder how much is president trump going to endure from his perspective or at some point as he pull the trigger and and fire sessions i think the people around the president telling him that he shouldn't do that he can't do that that it would almost be handily handing the special counsel robert muller an ace card to play against him
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but you just get the sense that this president is see them constantly about this ongoing probe which is of course getting closer and closer to his own financial past and present probably. has announced that he will run again in twenty twenty that surprise you. know on the afternoon of the inauguration day he had an aide filed papers for his reelection which has got to be a record of some sort and and even this appointing a campaign manager full what to two years three years ahead of time is is extraordinary but he likes to think of himself as campaigning all the time he wants a schedule that has rallies and i think he's very aware of the fact. that if he doesn't keep stoking his base that he could well you know face defeat so i think
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he's he's convinced himself that if he keeps running all out and does everything just like he did in twenty sixteen he can prove all the critics wrong and that democrats i must say so many people say to me well who are the democrats going to run the democrats are nowhere near thinking of who they're going to run in two thousand and twenty and they're probably going to have to go through not have to go through they will go through a long process winning down easily more than a dozen candidates before they arrive at their candidate there are no back rooms anymore. maybe there should be eleanor we always love talking to you thanks for your time today all right thank you former congressman david jolly now joins me for tampa he is in tampa republican of florida also a frequent critic of the president and his team so many things happening at once what do you make david of hope resigning as communications director. oh look the
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chaos continues in the white house i think the question is was it related all to her testimony recently before house investigators and what she came out saying and fact admitted to that at times she has lied and the question is are they really white lies that she mentioned or words or some type of concealment of evidence to see if she actually in some type of legal jeopardy look it may be that she has just had a year of exhaustion in this white house but the timing of this is fairly suspicious that there might be something more what's your reaction to the downgrading of gerrard cushions security clearance. you know it's no surprise larry in the united states for security clearance if there is not some very specific event the three things that are always studied are individuals debt either personally or through business cases of infidelity or cases of substance abuse and we know jared cushion or and his his family business is real estate holdings
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includes a lot of debt including from likely international interest and that will always stand in the way of a security clearance so i don't think it's a surprise the question is how seriously does this administration treat the fact that his security clearance has been downgraded you know donald trump has shown through his word indeed that he perhaps does not treat classified information with the same sanctity that his predecessors have so to what extent gerrard's job changes i think is yet to be seen. could override given top security clearance going over john kelly. decision do you think he would do that he. you know this is putting out it is interesting john kelly has had to make some tough decisions on behalf of this white house and they have crossed in many ways the president's own interests and the president's family if you will from jarrett to evolve even to the whole picture situation during the recent case of domestic
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abuse of a top white house aide that hope hicks was apparently involved with so thus far it appears that donald trump has given john kelly leeway to make these decisions but i think we are always waiting for that next shoe to drop with john kelly in the president to decide he will override his own chief of staff we haven't seen it publicly yet but it certainly could happen here in the near future what do you think of the tanking jeff sessions you know it's very interesting of course is continued attacks on jeff sessions but jeff sessions response seems to be strengthening each time and what we saw this week with jeff sessions saying basically i'm going to offer my fidelity and faithfulness to the rule of law in the constitution and not respond directly to the president's criticism you're starting to see a narrative that we saw almost in watergate when nixon began threatening to fire both f.b.i. and justice officials and you saw an attorney general and
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a deputy attorney general finally say we're resigning mr president if you do this whether or not it rises to that level in the future we'll see but jeff sessions has shown that he will be faithful to his department as a matter of his own fidelity to the constitution a surprise he didn't resign. you know that is an interesting question for everybody in this white house donald trump is not loyal to people around him in fact he's surrounded himself by a group of officials who are willing to accept insult and disloyalty from their boss from the present united states and so you question sometimes why somebody would do that jeff sessions has had a very long career in the united states senate this is sort of the pinnacle the apex of his career i think he so enjoys doing the job and being in his current position he will do it until it becomes untenable what we saw this week with him said to the president if you want me gone you're going to fire me because i'm not leaving president met with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle about gun control
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he opened the meeting to the press you think he's making strides in that regard you know it is interesting even for a critic of the president and i count myself one of them you do have to recognize that he is talking about issues that few republicans have been willing to talk about in the past and the question is how much political cover does he give to fellow republicans to follow him now interestingly is what is off the table what is off the table parent lee is an assault weapons ban even when he talks about mental health i'm not sure he's talking about it in a context that fully provides mental health background checks when it comes to comprehensive background checks look the president gets credit for convening these meetings and talking about hard issues i'm not sure much changes in washington we will we are seeing some changes in state so there's a lot of gun laws that states might consider we're seeing that in florida which is
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held by deeply conservative republicans again nothing will go far enough in my opinion to confront these mass casualty event but at least we're having a national conversation and republicans are participating in that conversation as states that have banned those so. it's less. mass killings then states that don't ban them cannot be a wire that why we have assault weapons. listen i think a ban should be on the table it should be debated and frankly if it passed i would be supportive of that i don't know that the votes are there in the senate but i think what they could do larry is make assault weapons so functionally obsolete for the lay person and what i mean by that is make it as hard to get an assault weapon as it is to get a security clearance in this white house make it a six month to twelve month process let's suggest perhaps you have five or six different courses you have to take and pass you have to demonstrate a competency your background check has to be so thorough that it would compare to
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a security clearance background check we could do that and it would ensure that the only people with access are the most responsible most trained military law enforcement and so forth make them functionally obsolete for the lay person. david stay right there will be back with more politicking after the break.
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