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really this is it with all due respect this is the best the russians have facebook if lionel is of the view that all the billions of dollars that spent worldwide on advertising on news channels like our teacher and others is just absolutely just wasting money just to you might as well throw it out the window if that's your attitude then obviously i'm not going to persuade him or anybody who believes that that by you know that's what he's going to affect anybody's opinion line oh no she's me i didn't really know what so i said my point is my point is my point is that yes i think facebook should be ashamed of itself because the evidence seems to be that it knew exactly what it was what its role in this was and in a sense it was kind of facilitating this in the interest of making a buck and i think that's wrong. you arms deals became the main topic of the talks between the saudi crown prince and the u.s. president on tuesday donald trump found a creative way to present his potential customer with more military hardware. three
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billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars there's been a review here so here it is a very wealthy nation and they're going to give the united states some of them well hopefully however that meeting was met with protests as activists called on washington to stop supporting the ongoing saudi bombing campaign of yemen. your image is a crown i can only crown prince it's here in the us the news inside the white house right now meeting with president roosevelt well he's here to secure and secure more us when things are to be used against he i mean and to him because he learned himself as a reformer who will be responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth and yemen and you know they are you are you.
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saying there's been a whole lot of criticism over washington's role in the kingdom's campaign but first some background ten thousand people have been killed since the start of the intervention back in two thousand and fifteen and a saudi imposed blockade has left the country at the brink of famine which the u.n. has deemed the world's worst humanitarian crisis. look at your work very. hard. now even though the public has condemned washington's role the u.s. has been actively supporting the campaign by arming the saudis amongst many other things last year trump signed a record arms deal with saudi arabia worth about
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a hundred and ten billion dollars one of the biggest in history and trump hopes to make more deals with the country some senators have voiced opposition to u.s. involvement and they even put forth legislation in the senate that would end cooperation with the saudis but that was voted down and they've even grilled u.s. centcom over the use of american weapons but the pentagon didn't seem to have any answers just sit com track the pope. purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of that mission senator we do not ok. forty two people are confirmed dead after several missiles struck the government controlled suburbs of the syrian capital local state media have blamed eastern due to rebels for the attacks most died after a rocket hit a crowded market thirty five people were also injured. shelling became the deadliest in weeks as the area sees heavy fighting between government forces and
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militants one witness described the attack. when we got out sorry we couldn't see anything because the dust a real massacre i swear i wouldn't wish anyone to witness the scene like this it's really sad. and you are sexual consent bill in sweden is proposing to increase the punishment for rape but the plans handed to parliament on tuesday revised the list of sexual crimes that's different from current legislation where has to be shown that there was violence and threats force or that the plaintiff was in a particularly vulnerable situation we have not however change the basic principle that it's willingness which decides if it's an act of abuse or not there will no longer be a need to prove intent in rape for example meanwhile sexual consent must now be verbal or clear actions as mentioned punishment for perpetrators is also being
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increased however no changes to evidence standards were proposed outcomes are made a ten percent rise in the number of rape crimes in the country in just one year over danish journalist i've been through on home fears that if passed the law will only increase the number of false accusations. i think it is a way to send some political signals because is nor will it change the definition of what is rape and now a man has to prove that there was a total consent from the woman it can be easier to accuse a man of rape and there are rapes going on that is never reported because there's no evidence so this could actually help a lot of women to come out and make accusations but what could also happen is that there will be a lot of false accusations and you know just having sexual activity could be like
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entering a courtroom. australian so-called bio hacker named me who has implanted a chip in his hand to ride public transport more conveniently but what he didn't expect was to be taken to court and receive a hefty fine. i work in buyer having broad based i grind so i put technology inside my body i'm a federal politicians song political candidate with the science party. you can program a suggestions like open your door you can interact with a variety of technology at the moment. so you can touch my. state government is encouraging people to hack the system but when somebody came and acted in a way that i haven't anticipated it caused me to end up in court and that was quite
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of the thing that was surprising especially with the amount of interest that the case gone and it was a would have been a really good opportunity to show innovative ways of using the transport system and my law and basically stated that this is a case where the law hasn't caught up with technology and i'm maybe six months to a year i had a way things go. if we see more cases like this how it might affect other people with implants down the future how far the rights of companies extend with respect to the rights of the individual that has that implantable technology inside their body so you went there worldwide news continues in just a moment. chokes seem wrong when old clothes just don't hold. any old belief yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and indeed from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. good politicians do something good to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to be preached. to the right to be close this is what it looks like three in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters of. this ship.
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good to have you with us today. police officer. after refusing to shake hands with a female coworker. women as equals while also promising not to discriminate in the future now the incident took place at a party last year which led to disciplinary. allow any form of physical contact with the opposite sex if the women are not related. opposing views. this behavior is the worst so the ladies who think the same thing will also not change the hands of the man so it's not a sort of not accepting or upsetting the gender of the one it belongs to a tradition in europe as
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a sort of court greeting each other and shaking the hand there is a difference between different people on the train cultures and some cultures they fit better together and others do not that's not fits a perfect when you have a complete different concept of culture in your country we don't try to to islam as eyes every problem we see in our lives there is a lot of other cultures like the japanese they don't. even some of the orthodox jews and also they don't like to shake hands the similar case in sweden with. where a police officer again. believes refused to shake hands. sided with the officer they said we need to embrace diversity. what's the problem with embracing diversity muslim immigrants do made a lot of more problems for instance eastern european immigrants or vietnamese immigrants germany has to decide what it wants to become do we want to accept that
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islam is part of our every day's life and every day is cultures or do we want to accept the wail. on women's heads and faces do we want to accept work or do we want to accept gender inequality the majority of people in germany in surveys shows. don't want that freedom of religion is one of the columns of our society and accepting diversity as societies should be so so generous to accept is that versity but there is there is a general. and the general. comment that how to deal respectful with the accepted. some news just in right now in the program what we understand twenty six people are confirmed dead as a result of a suicide blast in the afghan capital that's according to local officials eighteen people are also confirmed to be injured the blast hit an area close to kabul
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university and the psyche of the explosion has now been cordoned off by security forces and no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack though the blast hit kabul on the first day of a major religious holiday. rumors auguring of a key shuffled in donald trump's legal team with american media headlines warning that the president plans to fire the head of the rusher investigation of. the following two tweets fueled the media attention a troubling questions the impartiality of the investigation led by you also claims that the probe itself is based on quote a fake dossier paid for by democrat rivals just to remind you robert miller is an investigator leading the probe into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election his team continues to look for possible connections between trauma and russia reporters did manage to last trump himself about potential firing
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the president refused to be drawn in. thank you very much. trump didn't tweet about him that whole time even once until this week at c no cause when it comes to mr maule or he needs to be able to do is job independent of any political influence donald trump is gearing up to fire robert muller if you're innocent act innocent and right now he's looking like you know i want this over because he's got something to hide and that's a mistake we spoke to news commentator juno louden she believes that the mother issue is being driven by mainstream media because they believe it could lead to impeachment. the topic of moeller is one of the votes perfect examples of where trump tweets something the media goes into apoplexy over it gets themselves all in a tailspin about it when in fact there's nothing going on there and there's nothing that's going to come of it and the media feeds right into this the media with love
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to believe that the president would fire moeller and that this would somehow lead to the president's impeachment because that's exactly what the left wants they are constantly desperately clawing and scraping for some way to get this president out in the media perceives everything that the president does as strictly a prediction of his next policy move they're making a gross error that they've been making for going on a couple years now and that's why it's not serving the media so well but despite the rush of probe dominating american mainstream media headlines of the current best selling politics related books in america suggest the public is more interested in a slightly less serious issue. we
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also wrote a book about mike pence a scrap its all story is about mullen bunco falling in love with another boy roberts because i don't know what i'm told he said wesley i don't want to talk without you ever again and wesley said that's funny because i never want to talk without you marlon brando. and your program returns in about half an hour.
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the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a much larger mission was one that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the. football isn't only about
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what happens on the beach for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. and spending tribute to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great chance with. the base. i have. my own. i have. a right.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm part show and coming up with lots of news today on autos we talk with the car code lauren fix and we also look at block chain and crypto is with perry and boring from the chamber of digital commerce plus last time we were able to get to our conversation on why the u.s. department of defense is having still a con belly one artificial intelligence we'll have that interview with todd shipley of various software all that's coming up but first let's head to some of. the trumpet ministrations preparing to level roughly sixty billion dollars of
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additional tariffs on china related to intellectual property according to the washington post the report is that the president's aides suggested thirty billion and the president said double it the package which the this point is to be announced on friday is said to target one hundred or more different products which the administration will argue were actually developed using american technologies that was either stolen or pressured by the chinese in order to release exchange for access to try. ninety's markets it was bound to happen an autonomous car has killed a woman in tempe arizona the news comes as regulators and carmakers have been increasing research and development of autonomous vehicles the vehicle of volvo operated by the ride hailing company hoover hit a woman when she was jaywalking while this appears to be the first fatality of a pedestrian a driver in an autonomous engaged tesla was killed back in twenty sixteen hoover has halted the company's self driving testing program. and other auto news a u.s.
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senate hearing on air bags today in washington examined that pakatan airbag inflator recalls the most extensive recall in auto history that many lawmakers have complained is moving too slowly infect our two americas learned that one of the hundreds of thousands of vehicles with the problem that air base airbag million light without an accident due to high humidity and deterioration that some auto owners have been informed of the problem without the automaker providing any solutions whatsoever one such automaker is a lincoln motor company which r t america's learned sent a letter to some vehicle owners stating an exploding inflator may result in sharp metal fragments striking vehicle occupants causing serious injury or death while what the vehicle owner to do well according to lincoln when parts are available the lincoln motor company will send a letter to inform you that parts are ready and to contact your deal to schedule
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a repair that's comforting not meanwhile yesterday it was reported that hyundai and kia are now under review in the u.s. for their airbag problems in this case the airbags were manufactured by german auto parts maker z.f. t.r.w. formerly u.s. based t.r.w. automotive the national transportation the national highway traffic traffic safety administration said it is reviewing about four hundred twenty five thousand vehicles made by hyundai and kia due to four accidents in which. airbags did not deploy last month hyundai recalled one hundred fifty five thousand sonata model vehicles for the same reason in two thousand and sixteen feet chrysler over a half a million vehicles for airbags which did not inflate. their discuss all of that more is car coach lauren fix lauren thank you for being with us again i mean what's an auto owner to do when the answer is no there is no repairing your problem right
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now from airbags but it could cause serious death or injury well i've got the same problem i have two vehicles that are under airbag recall and there are no parts available so you have to just keep calling the dealer and being persistent it's not like one dealer has it and it doesn't the fact is you still need to be in the loop so it's up to you to be proactive i know the federal government is really trying to make sure that every single person out there that has an air bag problem gets it repaired the problem is if there are no parts because the manufacturer has to go back and retool it you kind of have to wait it out if you sell the vehicle or trade the vehicle in because you're concerned that's understood usually there is some sort of concession for that situation concession from the dealer if you take it back to the dealer and try to get it taken back. right this they wouldn't buy it that without having to buy another vehicle they're going to try and sell you something else on the lot because it's all about sales so they're going to try and up sell you into a newer model that doesn't have that problem or a used car that's on the lot so be prepared for that but they won't just buy it
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outright that this won't happen it's really sort of strange what lincoln says lincoln says that you know there airbags i don't know if this is the same for for all of the i know there's a couple of companies that are involved in the airbag demise the problem but lincoln says that there are bags are susceptible to temperature changes and the humidity variations therefore when they do get parts they're going to first go to areas in the southern united states then followed by i don't know buffalo new york maybe lauren then by canada so you'll be middle of the line now if you're in buffalo and you drive your car to i don't know daytona and you stay down there for a lot of the time you're sort of that so well i guess right right whether you call it snow birds around here those are people that live up the northern end of the country during the summer and the southern end during the winter yeah you would be susceptible you would probably want to register your vehicle if you're looking for an airbag replacement somewhere down in florida you're more likely to get that
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airbag replaced at a sooner date the big thing that i tell everyone if you're ever concerned you never want to be closer than twelve inches of that airbag to the center of your chest and the reason for that is that is the proper distance closer if that airbag as a ploy or an accident whether there's a problem i don't recall or not you're likely to get injured so you want to be at least twelve inches and as i mean be back as far as you can have to reach the pedals and the steering wheel but keep that in mind from a safety perspective get there by replaced when you can if you're totally concerned you're thinking i'm not willing to take that risk you may have to invest in another vehicle that's great consumer information lauren let me ask you real quickly before we go we saw this first autonomy's car related deaths the called off their testing program is that going to have some chilling impact. on the longer term autonomous cars where you think it's just going to last for a while it's going to cause some serious government regulation which we know is coming the insurance agencies are going to raise their rates because they know one
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death is one too many and then of course you've got the hackers who are waiting for this network to start going for these autonomous cars to communicate with each other and the only winner in all of this is only one group and that's the toward attorneys they're very excited they're going to sue bull and the insurance company the driver anybody that hires the city that they're going to sue every one of the only ones going to make money out of this is going to be the attorneys oh my gosh we thank you for the information either way but we're glad to know the status lauren fix the car coach thanks for your time as always anytime. master card says they would be amenable to considering offering crypto currencies if they were backed by a central bank ari starker the co-president of master card asia pacific business said that so long as it's backed by a regulator we look at it in a more favorable way some national banks including sweden's are considering a crypto currency master card already has thirty patents related to crypto
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currencies and walk jane and here to discuss this in all things blog chain in crypto is parry i'm born the founder and president of the chamber of digital commerce perience thank you so much for being here i'm really pleased to have you we've known each other for a couple of years and your real expert in this field what do you make of that master card headline it's really exciting stuff there is actually a number of major central banks around the world that are looking at the possibility of issuing fiachra and seeds on block change just last november i went to singapore at the invitation of the monetary authority of singapore the central bank for singapore where they were releasing the task the project then this is when the most exciting things we're seeing in central banking and monetary policy today so the central bank of singapore has taken the singaporean dollar and they've tokenize it across three different blocks chains and then they released those the data from that test and wait last year there's other central banks that are looking at this as well and including the in the u.k.
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canada is actively exploring on open box chains such as the theory and and just a couple of years ago i had the opportunity to present at the federal reserve with janet yellen and with over ninety central banks all in one room at one time where we have a chamber assembly members god to help educate central banks around the world on the potential benefits of block change what's really important that whole education you know the g twenty finance ministers are meeting down and going to sorries right now actually and if we go all the way back they take a big interest. in financial regulation back in two thousand and nine in the pittsburgh meeting they came up with some of these sort of suggested rules of the road to deal with things that later became like the dodd frank law except so i'm wondering whether or not they're going to come up with some sort of rules on crypto currency and maybe block chain maybe if not now later given that we've seen as mother european monetary authority and others the f.c.c.
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and other regulators saying be cautious to consumers is that reasonable i mean it's always fraud in the financial areas right but it seems like there's more babies just because there's so much going on with crypto currencies but is there more to something we need to be really be worried about if so what the regulators are really concerned about is the consumer and vaster the retail investor being led astray by a fraudulent scam so as with all the new technology and sometimes criminals or some of the early adopters and there absolutely is a legal activity out there it doesn't represent a huge percentage of the actual activity that's happening but it does end up taking the majority of the headlines but i would say for the retail consumer who wants to invest in crypto currency is buyer beware because there are scans and you need to know and understand what you are investing and don't invest in anything that you do not understand or that you're not ready to lose in case you know something
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something happens so how do we go about it you and i have talked over the years about this how do we go about sort of professionalizing the crip those space of the blog chain space to make it really to bring the adults into the room and get away from the scam well this is a big reason why we founded the chamber and july of two thousand and fourteen we represent over one hundred sixty companies that are both investing and evading with chain based technologies and we're here to be a resource to the policy community so these are companies who want to deploy this technology for. at the coal and productive reasons and we want to make sure that the regulatory community is comfortable with this technology and they understand the benefits of it and that we work together to build a regulatory framework that addresses regulators concerns like. consumer protections but also does not hinder the end of a shot and you know what's really a double edged sword is you know you know for years i was the first financial regulator to say you know we need to regulate these things but it wasn't because i didn't want them around i wanted i want them and i still do but figuring out that
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appropriate balance between how much do you regulate or too much so you for innovation is a question and i know that we've talked in the past and i think you're involved in some self regulatory efforts we saw of the the winkel by tyler and cam cameron winkel boss talk about setting up a self regulatory organisation and we say that in their sorrow that means separate from the government and some people would like to only have the self regulatory organisation as opposed to like the f.c.c. and my old agency to see f.t.c. what's your what's your take on this and how do you thread that needle well the hallmark to a true self regulatory organisation and that it goes through the congressional process so the commissioner quantize from the clintons from the c.f.a. say it was really the person who originally called for that and called for in us are only asking to kind of clarify what he meant by that and what he meant was either or either something bad goes through the congress.


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