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alou just wasting money just to you might as well throw it out the window if that's your attitude then obviously i'm not going to persuade him or anybody who believes that that by you know that's what he will do what effect anybody's opinion no she has me i didn't really know what so i said my point is my point is my point is that yes i think facebook should be ashamed of itself because the evidence seems to be that it knew exactly what it was what its role in this was and in a sense it was kind of facilitating this in the interest of making a buck and i think that's wrong. now in other news new arms the was to become the main topic for the talks between the saudi crown prince and the u.s. president on tuesday did find a creative way to present his potential customers with more military hardware. three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the screeners review. so here it is
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a very wealthy nation and they're going to give the united states some of that well probably however that meeting was met with protesters activists called on washington to stop backing the society led bombing of yemen. i am and this is a cry county crown prince it's here in the u.s. the news inside the white house right now meeting with president roosevelt well he's here to secure and secure more u.s. went things to be used against me i mean and to him but also he learned himself as a reformer who will be responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth and yemen and you know they are you are you. saying there's been a whole lot of criticism over washington's role in the kingdom's campaign but first some background ten thousand people have been killed since the start of the intervention back in two thousand and fifteen and the saudi imposed blockade has
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left the country at the brink of famine which the u.n. has deemed the world's worst humanitarian crisis. certainly think it would. argue. now even though the public has condemned washington's role the u.s. has been actively supporting the campaign by arming the saudis amongst many other things last year trump signed a record arms deal with saudi arabia worth about a hundred and ten billion dollars one of the biggest in history and trump hopes to make more deals with the country some senators have voiced opposition to u.s. involvement and they even put forth legislation in the senate that would end
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cooperation with the saudis but that was voted down and they've even grilled u.s. centcom over the use of american weapons but the pentagon didn't seem to have any answers just sit com track the pope. this of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of the mission sounder we do not ok so mary kom with that report now forty two people are confirmed dead after a series of missile attacks struck government controlled suburbs of the syrian capital local state media have blamed eastern ghouta rebels many died after one rocket hit a crowded market local journalist. has been at the site. this is one of the largest single rocket strikes that ever hit the syrian capital damascus since the beginning of the conflict back in two thousand and eleven the rockets hit a popular market a marketplace for three problems of the heart of people shopping close to the people into a celebrity mothers day and many people buying their gifts yesterday and when the
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shells heard leaving the small number of. civilians into a particular struggle. when we got outside we couldn't see anything because the dust a real massacre i swear wouldn't wish anyone to witness a scene like this it's really saddening. in the past forty eight hours the syrian army was able to make substantial gains in the syrian military now controls over thirty percent of what was once one of the most important and closest to the syrian couple damascus trouble holding close it is believed that it is in this location many of the headquarters of the rebels were established perhaps this is the reason why the rebels have stepped up their rocket attacks in this recap of the mask of damascus have seen an increase in the number of rockets that hit it in the past twenty four hours but also the quality of the caliber of the requests of the rebels are using to show the couple damascus. and the strain so called biohacking named has implanted
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a chip in his hand to ride public transport more conveniently but what he didn't expect was be taken to court and receive a hefty fine. i work in buyer having broad based i grind so i put technology inside my body i'm a federal politicians song political candidate with the science party. that you can program is that using is like open your door you can interact with a variety of technology at the moment this one has the back of my thumb. so you can touch my. state government is encouraging people to hack the system but when somebody came and hacked it in a way that i hadn't anticipated it caused me to end up in court and that was quite of the thing that was surprising especially with the amount of interest that the case gone and it was a would have been
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a really good opportunity to show innovative ways of using the transport system and my law basically started that this is a case where the law hasn't for up with technology and i'm maybe six months to a year head of where things could go. if we see more cases like this how it might affect all the people with implants down the future how far the rights of companies extend with respect to the rights of the individual that has that implantable technology inside that body. he still had a muslim policeman in germany he's fined for refusing to shake hands with a woman we'll debate that story plus have a look at this to just after the break. the above.
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what politicians do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some want to be. back at you like to be for us to see what the forecast for you can people get. interested always at the water's edge. this should.
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come back to wate now a new sexual consent bill in sweden is proposing to increase the punishment for rape the plan is handed to parliament on choose day revise the list of sexual crimes that's different from current legislation where has to be shown that there was violence and threats force or that the plaintiff was in a particularly vulnerable situation we have not however change the basic principle that it's willingness which decides if it's knots of abuse or not. there will no longer be a need to prove intent in rape for example meanwhile sexual consent must now be verbal or via clear actions as mentioned punishment for perpetrators is also being increased however no changes to evidence standards were proposed it does come amid a ten percent rise in the number of rape crimes in the country in just a year or the danish journalists i've been flying home just fear that if passed the
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law will only increase the number of false accusations. i think it is a way to send some political signals because this is a law well to change the definition of what is rape and now a man has to prove that that there was a tool of consent from the woman it can be easier to accuse a man really there are three going on that is never reported because there's no evidence so this could actually help a lot of women to come out and make accusations but what could also happen is that there will be a lot of false accusations and you know just having sexual activity could be like entering a courtroom. islamic state has claimed responsibility for a suicide blast near kabul university that killed twenty nine people schools have been injured with several in a critical condition the attack hit a road leading to
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a shiite shrine comes as some shia celebrate a major religious holiday a muslim police officer in germany has been fined a thousand euros after refusing to shake hands with a female coworker citing religious reasons the officer was then made to sign a document acknowledging women as equals while also promising not to discriminate in future the incident took place at a staff party last year which led to disciplinary action some islamic scholars do not allow any form of physical contact with the opposite sex if the man and women are not women are not related to my colleague dana hawkins heard opposing views from experts about the story. this behavior is the worst so the ladies who would think the same thing will also not change the hands of the man so it's not a sort of not accepting or upsetting the gender of the one it belongs to a tradition in europe as
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a sort of court greeting each other and shaking the hand there is a difference between different people and the train cultures and some cultures they fit better together and others do not does not fits a perfect when you have a complete different concept of culture in your country we don't try to to islam as eyes every problem we see in our lives there is a lot of other cultures like the japanese they don't. even some of the orthodox jews and also they don't like to shake hands the similar case in sweden with. where a police officer again. believes refused to shake hands. sided with the officer they said we need to embrace diversity. what's the problem with embracing diversity muslim immigrants do made a lot of more problems for instance eastern european immigrants or vietnamese immigrants germany has to decide what it wants to become do we want to accept that
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islam is part of our every day life and every day is cultures or do we want to accept the whale. on women's heads and faces do we want to accept brick or do we want to accept gender inequality the majority of people in germany surveys shows. don't want that freedom of religion is one of the columns of our society and accepting diversity as societies should be so so generous to accept is that versity but there is there is a general. in the general. comment that how to deal respectful with each other accepting. finally donald trump's policies and behavior do you continue to dominate american headlines but if bestselling books are anything to go by the public is currently more interested in his vice president mike pence or perhaps we should say his family pet.
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also wrote a book about mark penn says rob it's all story is about mall and falling in love with another boy roberts because oh he said wesley i don't want to talk without you ever again and wesley said that's funny because i never want to put you marlon brando. the your c.r.t. international thanks you company to soften him don't forget plenty more stories to you at our website at r.t.
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dot com. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the football with you and do so with all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low as i want you know and i'm really happy to join to him for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me to just say the review theology team's latest edition make up as we go so i need to
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just say look. time about e-mail bag of the entire game i need them i get. them but then again. peddle going to die me buying them my money i mean god. making them move to india attempting to make those changes have been made you can see so if you want. many new development actually get to be me i've got to get a license to be any. patient is fulfilling and hopefully you can feel cool before you. allow.
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it would appear the more the political less. and their allies in the corporate media kept donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state the firing of andrew mccabe at the f.b.i. is a case in point is this the beginning of a purge. when all makers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the room in clusters project themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real news is really low. please well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called
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pirates for so long. i mean they're in this small ball and stitch it hard pulling shapes and it's. not something. the little self did big fish already ninety percent of the dot i need to clone to conquer. a concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet oh you get an idea my culture. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with miss b. is the deal going to give us. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future generations to have and enjoy the ocean how we have.
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ratings and salutations according to the united nations human rights office as of november last year at least at least over five thousand civilians in the war torn country of yemen have been killed over eight thousand of them wounded recorded human rights watch those numbers are likely to be much much higher. one of the major players in the catastrophic loss of life and diabolical living conditions currently savaging yemen is the kingdom of saudi arabia who along with their coalition forces have aggressively and violently bombed yemen into what many are calling the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe. yes even worse than what you've read about and seen in syria but who wants to dwell on you know little
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things like human catastrophe would royalty is coming to town yes the crown prince of saudi arabia been solemn hit washington d.c. this week mohawk watchers and judging from the farting corporate press and overjoyed expressions on defense contractor faces you would think that the son of helio sim self-hate the un had just landed at dulles international and promised one concubines and chariot rides for the kids c.b.s. his own sixty minutes the grand old long running emmy vacuum cleaner news show hyped their one on one interview with the crown prince by tweeting out prince mohammed bin solomon is already the most dominant arab leader in a generation his reforms inside saudi arabia been revolutionary is a mancipation he's emancipating women introducing music and cinema cracking down on corruption in the land with fifteen thousand princes princes. you know sixty minutes i just come here i just went you know sixty minutes that you know you're
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here in or gas living colonialism and showing just. as many hasan wrote for the intercept move over tom friedman and david ignatius table acknowledges the saudis seem to have found a new cheerleader within the us press corps so that raises the big ultimate question hawk watchers has been solomon the dreamy reformer prints that mainstream media is making him out to be or is he just another tyrant king in the making let's find out by watching the hawks. if that's. what you know that i got.
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well the watch of the hawks arms i robot and i'm tabitha wallace and i am also. very very disappointed and so similar a strong i'm really disappointed in sixty minutes i know they've made mistakes in the past i feel like they have to you know it's on as if they're perfect nobody's perfect but years and years i mean i've watched sixty minutes since i was a child and. to watch this interview which was a softball question after softball question i mean roughly only a couple of minutes was spent on the saudi air strikes or with the human the very very very horrible human rights violations. in in yemen no coverage no questions about their you know controversial record of stonings and beheadings nothing on the little thing was no big deal just about to ask about it no questions
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about twenty eight declassified pages that connected you know the so there was a pos strong strongly suggested at the very least a connection between what happened in new york on nine eleven and the saudi involvement or funding which i think surprising big deal another good question that i ask of the get a situation like that like when you have a leader there right one of you you go to the hard questions and to the point you're sixty minutes no we're just supposed to sit there as women and of course they have interviewed this like as if a woman are supposed to go oh my god exists so wonderful that he's like letting women do this first of all. i could do an hour on that alone but you know maybe i don't know ask him about how there's a death penalty in saudi arabia for you know blasphemy or sorcery you know i get in trouble for that one clearly adultery and homosexuality people get so into that they get thrown off buildings people get beheaded for these things and yeah that wasn't a big deal and money has someone in the other side also mentioned this and he said instead we're treated like the idea that they should be writing instead we were
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treated to o'donnell owing an eyeing of the crown prince's youthfulness workaholism and lest we forget the support for women drivers the interview itself consists of one softball question after another and it was separate tell me old he let me drive you may answer putting up the body it's still it's a monarchy it's a dictatorship i mean president i don't understand why we're falling over them it's amazing to me to when you see that kind of duality taken place because it's like on one hand you know we're ridiculing people for you know calling up to say like hey congrats you're one while on the other hand like the media is like falling over themselves for a guy who doesn't even have elections in this country now there's fifty thousand princes i mean they've got it you would write when i read that script i read that tweet and i think i mentioned on my twitter account also it's a thing about you know he also was literally the architect of the war in iraq and that's the thing that you know mentioned what's amazing today tiller's that we're
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having a vote in the senate on tuesday the same day that the prince arrives to essentially have. you know pass a potential resolution directing u.s. military to stop cooperating with the saudi lebrun when it's gotten that bad that the senate actually voted on stopping the just extraordinary in the united states today. imagine not having more war and not voting for more war. shocking to me one of the resolutions backers of some of the likely republican out of utah. named on the senate floor last week listen to this he said the constitution is polluted pretty clear on this point it says that congress show of the power to declare war congress not the president not the pentagon but congress so now they are stepping up under him leave bernie sanders one another person stop the put this resolution forward and maybe get out of the business of helping saudi bomb yemen into the stone age and the part about the vote is that it has to happen because it
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being a war resolution being the kind of resolution they have to vote on or whether like it or not so they can't push off to the side and then you'll know who's forward who's a hawk that you will know really quickly from that because i mean there's no way that you could look at the suffering going on in yemen and say oh we want to continue to be a part of that the suffering going on there justifies the mission that we've been told over of well you know we've got a it's an iranian proxy and we've got to keep iranians influence down and all of this other garbage that we get fed all the time it's like you know none of us even wonder how true or not true justifies the amount of suffering in yemen that we've seen in these last few years that no not the starvation none of that suffering. when every day only news cycle can feel like a year back on earth one of the twentieth century and maybe hard to believe that this week marks the fifteenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq much has changed since then iraq has undergone one wave of chaotic
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violence after another in the nihilistic forces of isis a largely coming on in the u.s. three radically different presidents have now all had to struggle with the political ramifications of one of the nation's longest and most controversial wars hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of civilians have now paid with their lives for a conflict we still fail to fully comprehend and rationalize and is slowly evolving understanding of the intelligence that led to the two thousand and three invasion has allowed any unbiased critic to realize that the entire enterprise was premised on a series of lies and manipulations but one thing that. for the last remains the same and that's the other lack of accountability for any of the players responsible for the debacle are chased and cullen joins us now to explore how those very same players are now back at it again getting the word your arms unimpeded with new targets on their minds thanks for joining us good to be with you fifteen years later down and i see those same faces that brought us into the iraq war one after another the crystals and like all of the layoffs for us you know who are some of
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these people what are they saying what what what are the folks that we're looking at here well i mean it really starts at the top we have to look at the commander in chief himself you know mr mission accomplished george w. bush two term president who started the war in iraq based on a series of lies that he knew were lies and in the savagery of the trump era has been able to completely rehabilitate his image and is now be loved by liberals simply because he goes along with the narrative that once again is evidence free that russia hacked our election and so he's been welcomed back into the bosom of the mainstream we can look at colin powell the former secretary of state who lied at the u.n. security council about anthrax claiming saddam hussein was behind it and is now a fellow at there are no is on the board of directors of the neo conservative think tank the council of foreign relations and he even admitted that he was he was lying
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but he really you know faced no punishment i think most of all the greatest figure today is robert muller the former f.b.i. director who is now leading the justice department special investigation into alleged russian interference and he is he more than anyone is beloved by liberals as a hero who is going to take down trump with the silver bullet that just seems like it's so close but they can't quite get any continues to to feed this monster that is a total distraction from. our devastating us foreign policy that continues to destroy countries today got us a what where to fit into that hole in the very rocky moment i get colin powell i get to take it remind the viewers of what we're bowler kind of trifecta when he testified under oath and should you know perjured himself that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and he should be held accountable for that but you know obviously like like all these other officials he's not. yet lying to congress i'm
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not that big a deal and if i got by minor infraction as long as you're on the right side on the right party at the time what i wonder is how culpable is the mainstream media for sort of to keep feeding and reseating and rebranding these think tank ideologues that we've watched i mean let's be real about think tanks have to get out not to major in the entire conversation about another day about how. they are to get us but do you how much does the press you know i'll call people are they are continuing to let people who have lied about major things that have led to a million people dying if not more how culpable as the press for letting that happen well i think when we talk about the military industrial complex we have to understand that a major component of that is media and media is its role is what noam chomsky called manufacturing consent which is pushing out lie after lie and creating this environment where people are unable to resist and we see that with the russia gate
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narrative we see that with syria where it's you know allegations of chemical weapons nonstop we see that with the current and well it's not even an investigation there's been no investigation into the poisoning of the double agent in london. and so you know we look at figures like bill kristol who is a long time neo conservative guy did his his his think tank the project for a new american century that guided the bush administration into war with iraq and now he's welcome don and the. b.c. on major networks and so i think regardless liberal conservative our mainstream media there is a pro where pro-war narrative voices anti-war voices that one time were allowed to come on anti-imperialist voices have been totally excluded and the entire range of discussion is basically when are we going to bomb and let's do it now.


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