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tv   News  RT  June 3, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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thank you. very well might continue watching on since last. it. was. the u.s. president all transfers treated to a royal welcome as the mbox and i 3 day state visit to britain but not before stirring up controversy of the trunks in crowds of protesters. from son in law says he's uncertain palestinians are capable of governing themselves it comes as his plans peace summit is snubbed by palestinian leaders who accuse him of trying to bind them up. and race based genocides that's how
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a new canadian government report is branded decades of violence against the country's indigenous women. this state has done nothing about it so they've been complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls she does haven't been able to put all of those pieces together until now. a warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me the key our. top story president donald trump is kicked off a 3 day state visit to the u.k. he was welcomed by the queen and members of the royal family at buckingham palace.
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mr president. i'm delighted to welcome you and mr trump to viking appendage the seasoning. chum's visit was already stirring controversy even before we landed in london police boyko how small the trip started in true. trump style while he was still on air force one before it is even touched down on u.k. soil trump had. some pretty controversial tweets about none other than the london kong reigniting this feud between them take a listen to what the 2 had to say about each other don't trump is just one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat using the same divisive troops of the fascists of the 20th century to garner support. subject com has been foolishly not visiting president of
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the united states point far the most important ally of the united kingdom he's a stone cold loser you should focus on crime in london not me in the long running spat between the 2 trumps criticised what he says is his failure to tackle levels of knife crime in the capital here and khan has criticised trump's policies among which is of course this very controversial muslim travel ban comes people have already said that this is much more serious than childish insults which should be beneath the president of the united states today is all about the home and the ceremony for the. geisha and now there is a lot of ceremony inside the palace gardens right now that heard a lot of banging from inside that was the way he was greeted by the royal family donald trump met the queen prince charles he's there with maloney a lot of his grown children are with him as well donald trump is only the 3rd u.s.
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president to be given this whole hold for u.k. state to visit obama and bush of course it before him so he's trying to pretty exclusive club but yet behind the scenes we're seeing something very different we're seeing these tweets being fired off he's giving quite outspoken interviews god knows what's going to happen when journalists get a microphone close to him he's already weighed in on the potential successor to theresa may there is of course a leadership race on him now at the moment trump's already said that he's gunning for boris johnson some see him as the u.k. counterpart to donald trump another blonde bombshell and donald trump's also been talking about to resume may's negotiating skills when it comes to the brags that negotiations with brussels will go with them i wouldn't believe. the big number that some of these go to that is. waiting. to deal with
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a woman who would if you don't get the deal you want you to give it. do you want to win so today as i said all about the pomp and the ceremony tomorrow much more about worked on trump is staying at the u.s. ambassador's residence he's going to be having a working breakfast with the u.s. ambassador and representatives of u.s. business here in the u.k. and then he's going to be he's going to short meeting with a reason may in downing street it's not going to be a one on one as was expected beforehand perhaps a sense that the u.s. president doesn't see the need to speak to to resume a for a particularly long time she is after all resigning on friday. well as the special guests have been digging into their sumptuous food at a banquet tonight hundreds of people outside buckingham palace have been taking digs at the trump's shaadi as woodstock. because last year when he traveled to the united kingdom donald trump was met with hundreds of thousands of protesters condemning his policies in this year we've seen the movement on momentum really
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stepping up to give protesters here tonight they say that that hungry with donald trump's policies i don't standing in solidarity with those of bearing the brunt of that controversial issue surrounding the mexican border problem in the united states particularly around the muslim travel ban and of course issues surrounding women women and gender so here today protesters are really say one clear message that donald trump is simply not welcome here. is part of the problem. with the. situation he boarded the last place these opportunities from these protests show that certainly is just really don't want to be here having to do with out we be debilitated the way the place is pretty good and. that people could. really get the child that they needed like the. point needs to be making doing. the.
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things that need the data if you think that it is awfully embarrassing for this country and i feel ashamed to race in may from boston. so as you can hear the atmosphere is incredibly and just to clear up buckingham palace but tomorrow they're expecting protests to be much louder much bigger. from our london ken livingstone believes trump should keep his nose out of british politics. we have no idea who her success is going to be i know because this is our thing american president indorsing very tough and to say the most dishonest form of destroyed i've had to deal with in my life the simple fact he has nothing to do with any of this may i grew up in that post-war world where britain was america's principal ally frankly now we would be mad to be caught up in any of the dangerous nonsense that trump could lead us into another war and so on 3 i think we should distance
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ourselves from this president. being tied up with in this way is just dangerous. race based genocide that's how canadian government report has branded decades of violence against the country's indigenous women. the truth shared in these international inquiry hearings tell the story or more accurately thousands of stories of acts of genocide against 1st nations this genocide has been empowered by colonial structures leading directly to the current increased rates of violence death and suicide in indigenous populations or 3 huntly cofounder of no most silence create believes the 1st nations reserves don't receive enough support from the government there's a long way to go before this line will stop and the report even states that one of the rules which list i don't actually try many people women and trans and
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people have gone missing that have not been met you know reserves are under some good and there's like chronic lack of housing and there's no safe drinking water so this water boiling rise rees in over $250.00 communities so not counted it is not going out and there is not enough time day and support for and it is not people here. and titled reclaiming power and place the reports of commerce 3 years to compile the inquiry heard more than 2000 witness testimonies and claims the canadian justice system is based on the values of the settler colonial society and fails to include indigenous concepts of justice the probe states the death or disappearance of thousands of women have likely gone unrecorded and admit it admits that no one knows the exact number despite a previous estimate of 4000 we also spoke with pamela powell marta chair of indigenous governance from ryerson university who thinks the state has done nothing to address the problem. there's
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a whole bunch of really you know problematic criminal activity as regards to indigenous women and girls and it's been unaddressed for all of these decades until this inquiry schon a light on it i am calling on all canadians and in fact other countries around the world to put political pressure on both our federal government and all of our provincial governments to to do something and to actually investigate state actors who are complicit or directly involved in the murders exploitations and disappearances of indigenous women and girls the information has been there but part of the problem is the silencing of indigenous women's voices on is almost like they need to move it where women haven't been believed when they were raped or sexually assaulted for indigenous women and girls it's been even worse because we've had studies we've had investigations it's well known that human traffickers
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target native women it's well known that the majority of kids who go into foster care suffer from you know over a curse ration or sexual abuse or they're traded in the human trafficking industry but this state has done nothing about it so they've been very complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls but canadians haven't been able to put all of those pieces together until now. court in sweden has rejected a request by prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant against wiki makes cofounded julia saw and in connection to a rape case investigation i mean freedom i don't think authorities thanks tradition in the u.k. . the district court. decided that the right to now is not proportionate to. pretrial detention. for mr sancia in his absence because in their. you it is possible to further the
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investigation without this by the use of for example a european investigation order of the case which was 1st investigated in 2010 was reopened last month on the grounds that a songes arrest in the u.k. could present a new opportunity for prosecution the investigation had been previously suspended in 2017 as the whistleblower remains holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy in london a son spent nearly 70 years there in a bid to avoid extradition to sweden before being arrested by u.k. or thora he is when ecuador revoked his asylum he's since been sentenced to 15 weeks in prison for breaking but he still faces another extradition request by the u.s. journalist neil clark believes will do it may be buckling under pressure from other countries on the swedish authorities have come under great pressure from the british authorities to not got the case we know from e-mails for example all the
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favorite tourist once a day to day get cold feet saying quote the crown prosecution service lawyers to the swedish prosecutors about this so i think this is a welcome development it is a commonsense development case as it stood anyway. certainly didn't seem to be the strongest and then there's of course the practicalities of that he's already detained so to see his extradition really at this stage wouldn't make common sense . they were clinton has been invited as a keynote speaker at the cyber defense summit which is due to be held in autumn the move has sparked sango with critics pointing out the e-mail scandal that marred the former us democratic presidential nominees political career during her campaign investigators uncovered she sent a classified materials via her private e-mail that was repeatedly subject to intrusion the former u.s. secretary of state was later accused of trying to conceal evidence by deleting over 30000 e-mails about. time she partly blamed alleged russian fiber activities used
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to interfere behead the election for her loss hillary clinton said victory was stolen from an easy close don of looks into the summits choice of speaker. hackers nerds who used to be shaken down for lunch money but found a way to turn things around the u.s. government has them on the same threat list alongside terrorists they can bring down corporations and worst of all steal those photos from your hidden folder and upload them to your mother's facebook page but threat you not the guys behind the cyber defense summit 2019 have your back decide to defend someone is a way for all the folks in the security communities to get together to share what works we're going to invite people from many different organizations to share their experiences and the headline of this super bowl is the one and only hillary clinton a person with the most packable security record i don't know how it works digitally
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at all i'm not the most technically capable person. i don't i'm not you know i don't i have no idea i mean facts really do speak for themselves did you know that recently she realized there could be a point of having not one but 2 smartphones looking back it would have been better if it i simply used a 2nd email account and carried a 2nd found in a crazy is that right and if you are struggling to keep your digital assets clean as no better person for the job to do what the service like with a cloth or something need help organizing your email collection well you're in luck because that's where hillary clinton really shines good any correspondence say particularly amuse your spouse perhaps even a lot of such emails there are. tens of thousands of them mrs clinton
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is an outspoken specialist in the cleaner business you get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33000 e-mails and then us at war should work bleach them as you would say a very expensive process trust me if even the f.b.i. couldn't get to them your significant other wouldn't even know they were there in other words and this is an open forum or everybody learns how to do their jobs better particularly in the server wiping department. son in law has said in an interview he isn't certain the palestinian people are able to govern themselves so our question has been meeting with israeli and arab leaders to promote his peace plan he also is that the palestinians were to blame for the u.s. stopping aid to the region. out if you will be ok with all of those things that you guys have done the actions we've taken were because americans eat is not entitle me and we get criticized by their government response of this presidency over me give
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you more aid so again that was as a result of decisions taken by the palestinian leadership palestinian leaders have already said they will boycott a planned summit in bahrain at the end of the month palestinians accuse the us of bias in the peace negotiations in 2017 washington recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and relocated its embassy there then the u.s. cut off aid and closed its palestinian diplomatic office and in march trump recognized israeli sovereignty over the occupied syrian golan heights. while palestinians rejects ones are trying to tarzan's the deal of the century the us president thinks it can still lead to pace and garcia of picks up the story. to be fair trump was never particularly shy needlessly humble when he does something great he likes to let people know about it is stable genius has great vision has great. negotiation we need. a
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leader that wrote the art of the deal israel palestine. if you're going to make it that probably is the hardest deal there is to make and i'm a very good deal mike i believe me if you can't make a good deal with a politician then there's something wrong with you any great deal maker needs a great problem to solve obvious no north korea rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. we were going to do it. because we really have no choice to regional local the china trade deal is too mundane and above average dealmaker would be good enough to solve it trump is a great deal maker and he needs the greatest problem is really palestinian conflict you're not going to support me even though you know i'm the
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best thing that could ever happen to israel and i shall be that they have so much and coleman trump and b.b. their egos self righteousness and their struggles against humility trump loves b.b. and b.b. love the strumpet jarrad pushed up trumps mother in law also jewish is now in israel and he's got it the plan the solution the deal of the century we appreciate all of your efforts to strengthen the relationship between our 2 countries it's never been stronger and we're very excited about all the potential that lies ahead for israel for the relationship alliance between the united states and america has never been stronger and it's going to get even stronger it will come as no surprise but something is great is this takes passion takes trust history and trump and bibi to go way back i've known the president and i've known this. family history of long term. there is
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no greater supporter of the jewish people and the jewish story than president donald trump but what about the plan it's believed trump and kush that have been secretly drawing it up for 2 years why she quickly well because it could make some of israel's neighbors angry imagine a husband and wife during divorce they can't seem to agree on how to split their house so a judge rules that the wife can keep the house and gives the husband the neighbour's house how absolutely great is that jordan egypt saudi arabia syria all stand to lose land for the sake of the palestinian state guess who isn't giving up an inch of its territory. krishna wrote me something from the u.s.
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president in the state department there is an official mark of the state of israel which had not been updated since the 6 day war well now it's been suggested krishna brought me the new map which includes the golan heights is part of israel it's signed by president trump who writes nice so i would like to say that's very nice real nice we'll great stuff it may seem one sided entirely biased and completely in favor of israel but let me tell you this if a palestinian man had made the effort to marry donald trump's daughter things could have been very different but he didn't did he. benjamin netanyahu has repeatedly voiced to support and friendship toward washington fighting ties that have lasted decades the most difficult to see from the palestinian national initiative believes a concerted effort is underway to change international thinking so what's middle
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east peace. the most recent statements of mr gerson question of only show one thing that he is working for mr netanyahu the prime minister of israel and he is working for the most extreme and racist elements in israel these statements by mr question especially when he says that palestinians cannot rule themselves without israel is nothing but a supporter to the continuation of the patient and operation and the system of apartheid by israel against the palestinians in my opinion the question out is now trying to change the historical american position and to confront the international consensus that the palestinians should have a state of their own and their occupied palestinian territories question out is that going to change that course in service of the zionist movement and in service of the israeli extreme government that's exactly what the so-called the deal of the century is about. as well for me for this hour stay with us for the latest in
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football on jayson radio's on the touchline next. china is not a partner or number one for us yet. and countries our trade partners number one with us and. i cannot share the. those who are those who say that it's a turn of russia he supported in no russia i hope will never turn eastwards. you know russian egoless is looking to both sides west towards the nice towards.
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the human being needs are rules queen has to pay even with one leg but like a king we manage as we are. affordable i didn't enjoy dancing on ice in moscow. it's liverpool who were champions of europe after beating spurs to neil in madrid you can clear up finally getting his hands on that trophy i must be feeling right now what is it like to win your 1st champions league saw you were not as. not that's crazy as normally. the real feeling was
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what you have inside what you keep. i would say for eternity probably he was recording everything that happened i remember every detail of my. champions league finals everything you record absolutely everything. and probably happens the same when you lose these finals so probably has also or on the hard disk. of the thirds of the other finals sold this one and comes for him is that in the moment where. i think he deserves the most we did a fantastic job with. bringing what was your to the bundesliga and also put it into the final but i think to win the champions league the year after that you knew. i think is very very remarkable and only possible
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in the special quebec of a pool with a special coach like is being honest it wasn't a great game to watch but lived did have the perfect start didn't they they were awarded a penalty just after 23 seconds did you think it was a penalty. you know is is is hard it's still something that in football is a bit. confusing tension to knowing tension the arm close to your body arm in a position that is not a natural position like it happened yesterday i think the 1st contact we'd we'd see saw cause a little bit chest arm shoulder but then there is. i think the continuation of that. that ball that is already in continuation of course of those 2 goes to the arm. the referee was close he made immediately the decision.
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or was quiet or decided to let it go what. would frustrate me to leave as a coach but maybe i think about these and not everybody sings about these is that i tried to work a lot of the challenges in the box and of course the human being needs the arms to keep the balance the plays they need that arms to do fast. to do fast movements but you can train in the way where the player immediately when you feel that using avengers position in the box you know 121 situation you has to do it without his arms and he has to learn how to keep the balance how to the position of the body to help him we dog the need of the arms to keep that balance so we didn't get frustrated because. i think. as
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a plating the defensive situation in the box and according to the new rules and then sort of the that can have different interpretations you cannot you cannot go for of the jewelry draw. in its position most out of school would under a lot of pressure we did have to wait in the for the whole thing to be reviewed by far he took his chance well well. he hired you to say that if you score busy is an amazing penalty and sometimes you take an incredible penalty but the. ball he. the high court on polls is not that wall is not a good penalty the penalty is when the ball hit the net and was the caves i think he was nervous and i think. because he's not the super penalty taker i seem he made the right decision we cheese i am not the superdelegate taker i have
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not called enough to look for the keeper to wait for the keeper movement to choose the corner when i am on the ball of my lest step he made the decision before he take heed he did fast and if if is not fast go to save it so i think the the good thing of the penalty was that it could not win the moment of pressure knowing that is not a super specialist and good decision i go stronger and even if the keeper goes to the same side is difficult for the keeper to save overrules spectacle it was a strange game to watch for perspective as a fan you seem to be scrappy wasn't quite what obvious expecting normally i thought it would be a lot more tacky from both sides of the quality of the game was not good. the quality of passing was not good. many players they made individual
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mistakes from passing. i remember 345 easy passes that the ball in through the touchline not accuracy not because i know me going the movement of of the ball that for me was was very very clear then. we winning one new after one minute made a difference to 2 to liverpool of course if it makes always a little bit of a difference but if you look at the liverpool midfield players. for being on one of them and jordan then the son they don't put one single foot in tottenham box there was always always the 2 center backs and the 3 meet fielders they were always in a position of block then the 2 full backs were attacking.


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