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tv   News  RT  September 11, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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the u.s. president far as one of the most hawkish members of his white house team john bolton who becomes the 3rd national security adviser to be booted out by donald trump. also this hour memorials are held across the u.s. for the victims of the 911 terror attacks while survivors continue to ask questions about how the investigation process has been handled. the wanted to put the interests of. the geopolitical region 1st. the needs of the
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families and their family members survivors. and germany infuriates china by rolling out the red carpet for hong kong protest leader as he urges the e.u. to use human rights as a bargaining chip in trade talks with beijing. you're watching are to international bring your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. the u.s. president has sacked his 3rd national security adviser citing multiple disagreements john bolton's policies were seen by many as controversial and attracted plenty of criticism. i know everyone's talked about this for an awfully long time there were definite places that bess and i bowled and i had different views about how we should proceed like certainly and i disagree with john boehner on this if me and policy are not that we're dealing with
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a man bolton comes out of the same group of advisors that led us into war in iraq and have caused america to put our troops in harm's way for far too often too little benefits john bolton is known for his aggressive approach to foreign policy he supported the u.s. intervention in syria and was staunchly against easing pressure on north korea he also adopted a tough stance on iran and backed scrapping the nuclear deal than a hawk and 6 a closer look at his record. scandals resignations and dismissals are part and parcel of trump's presidency a few policy disagreements a swift tweet from the presidents and another administration official bites the dust it was clear from the outset that trump and his national security advisor would have their disagreements i'm the one that tempers him but that's ok i have different sides i mean i have john bolton and have other people that are a little more dovish than him and ultimately i make that decision we can speculate
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on which exact squabble led to bolton's exit the failed talks on afghanistan the question of rush hour or perhaps iran but it seems the animosity lasted until his final day in office i offered to resign last night and president trump said let's talk about it tomorrow i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration to trump views himself as a skilled dealmaker who talked tough when needed for bolton but wasn't enough he needed to walk the walk and actively consistently show strength on all fronts the middle east russia north korea latin america you name it he held out on compromising stance on sanctions military action and regime change. bolton was one of the key advocates of toppling the madeira government using any means necessary all options on the table ready to go this troika of tyranny this
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triangle of care stretching from havana to caracas to managua is the cause of immense human suffering this is a time for action. trump showed he was willing to meet to negotiate with even the greatest perceived u.s. adversities even if it meant just for symbolic photo op the right intentions seems to be their bet it will make it clear that they won't i don't like sanctions because. in his country i think they want to make peace i think it's time for bolton though this was unacceptable so it could be a long and unproductive meeting or it could be a short non productive meeting we have very much in mind the libyan model from 20032004 while bolton boiled that north korea had violated un sanctions off the missile test and may trump downplayed the incident saying he wasn't spooked north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but
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not me. taking on iran was perhaps bolton's priority number one within a month of his appointment in april 28th seen the u.s. have pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and advocate of preemptive strikes he pushed for military action against iran after a u.s. drone was brought down and as ever his thinly veiled threats centered around regime change we hope that these new measures directed at the arabian dictatorship will compel the government to re-evaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people well i think he is on the verge of making a mistake i think his advisors are pushing him in the wrong direction ironically just as bolton prepared to depart speculations been rife on possible talks between trump and the rain in president through any it would have thought possible after so much hostile rhetoric perhaps the final straw was trump's plan to wind down the
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longest war in u.s. history including hosting talks with taliban leaders at camp david it's speculated that bolton this was in comprehensible so what's next for u.s. foreign policy will trumps words often have little relation with his actions and the u.s. secretary of state reassures us not too much will change of leave to the president talk about the reasons he made the decision but i would say this the president's intitled to the steps that he wants that at any moment. staff person who works directly for the president states and he should have people he trusted values and whose efforts and judgments benefit him in delivering american foreign policy and seems that way though without bolton's presence u.s. foreign policy might have more surprises in store during trump's. we discuss bolton's dismissal with former u.s. naval intelligence officer steven rogers and former u.s. congressman ron paul. john bolton was rather more hawkish than any national
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security advisor that i've seen at least in my lifetime he was opposed to the president taking steps to sit with foreign leaders across the table look when president trump suggested that lattimer putin be invited to the g. 7 summit was opposed to that the president recently want the taliban to come to camp david and talk and so it seemed to be a situation where the national security advisor john bolton was not respecting the wishes of the president united states the president is the duly elected representative in this country and mr bolton had an obligation to support the president's policies. also i had a lot of disagreement with secretary of state might pompei oh and as a result we now see what this culminated in today every time i think trump is making progress bold you know but in any room is this so i think the timing is just
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too late i mean not to lay bad later than it should be as you'd been a long time ago. a lot of people here didn't even want his appointment because he's the only was able to take a position that didn't require senate approval so he had this position which is very very important but he's been a monkey wrench in donald trump's policies of trying to back away from some of these conflicts around the world and it's led to a lot of frustration. the un has issued a stark warning to benjamin netanyahu over his plans for the west bank the israeli prime minister is up for reelection next week and has promised to annex large parts of the territory if he wins. and the. we are on the eve of election president trump said that after the elections he would present he's deal of the century for a permanent agreement for israel's and the palestinians this offers us a great challenge and agreed he. oric once in a lifetime opportunity to apply israel sovereignty over our settlements in judea
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and samaria and also other areas with significance for our security our heritage and our future any israeli decision to impose its laws jurisdiction administration in the occupied west bank is without any international legal effect i think such such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving negotiations regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution. of the council is considering this announcement a serious development and a new israeli aggression through its intention to violate international law the un charter and the concerned resolutions of the international legitimacy. the area is home to some 3000000 palestinians but increasing number of israelis have settled there over recent years with major international organizations labeling it occupied territory and there's concern that a move by israel to seize the part known as the in jordan valley or mark an end to
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a 2 state solution in the historic conflict. there israeli prime minister's promise comes just a few days before israel flap election that was triggered after he failed to form a governing coalition earlier this year we spoke to a political analysts who think that netanyahu announcement is a political stunt to win both. this is what's happening in the israeli election every single day and it's a now is throwing some other hail mary hoping that he's going to catch some voters hoping that someone is going to listen and right now the united states is in the corner and that's when you know and again this is
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a lot of electioneering he has donald trump helping him campaign helping possibly will providing something to israel last few days in the next few days and it's a cynical use of policy it's a cynical use of a very serious issue it's a serious use of a contentious issue internationally there are people that think that maybe these territories are occupied there are a lot of people that think that they're not to use it now i think a lot of people think it's a political stunt and it's a political stunt that may work. today marks 18 years since the $911.00 terror attacks in the united states memorial ceremonies are being held across the country and around the world for the thousands who were killed and injured.
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despite inquiries and investigations many facts remain unclear with survivors and relatives launching a lawsuit against the saudi government claiming they aided some of the masterminds behind the attacks the filing also demands the u.s. government to disclose reductive names but some survivors saying the saudis role has been downplayed at the highest levels sources claiming a former f.b.i. director contributed to a cover up as well at the time of the attacks the man in charge of the f.b.i. was robert mueller now russia collision profane he oversaw the agency's 911 and best a geisha and he later testified that he wasn't aware of any saudi links are to scale up and picks up the story. the 911 attacks that shocked the world took place 18 years ago on wednesday the cost in terms of human life was massive in response to 911 the f.b.i. launched a massive investigation and who headed up that investigation robert muller and
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that's the same robert mueller who recently led the probe into allegations of trump russia collusion now the media portrayed robert mueller as a relentless crusader he was standing up to trumpet and digging for truth but when it came to investigating foreign influence into 911 he looked a little bit soft riyadh was an obvious target for an investigation into the 911 attacks the possible complicity of saudi arabia was brought up from the beginning osama bin ladin himself a saudi as are 15 of the 19 hijackers now saudi arabia of course denies any wrongdoing but now a victim of 911 is speaking up and saying that robert mueller appeared to be covering for saudi arabia in his investigation the saudi arabia was from the very beginning involved through the whole process and they didn't want to see information as a matter of fact even the obama administration the one. formation to be revealed they wanted to preserve. their geopolitical region 1st the.
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needs of the families and the family members survivors that were directly affected by the event so in that way it was. a way to digest the level of incompetence that we had in the government regarding to the 911 investigation i believe that all up to now we still don't know everything that happened on that day that the f.b.i. agents who did begin to look into saudi arabia actually collected all kinds of data but they weren't allowed to share any of it diplomatic and intelligence person know of saudi arabia knowingly provided material support to the 2 hijackers and facilitated the $911.00 plot another former f.b.i. agent says that prince bandar. it was at that point the saudi ambassador should have been a suspect he should be treated as a terrorist suspect as should other members of the saudi elite class who the u.s. government knows are currently funding the global jihad but the f.b.i. didn't question bandar instead $1.00 was assigned to a score bandar as well as
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a whole slew of saudi officials and at least one member of the bin laden family on a plane out of the country for any arab the joint terrorism task force says that he was investigating a saudi cleric for his possible role in the 911 attacks he says that his warrant for this cleric was cancelled and the cleric also got a special flight out of the country. lucky was a very high value target everybody wanted to wrap him up get him in a chair and see what he knew about the money then we got the was that they just wanted to rescind the warrant and everybody's like what do you want to do that for the justice department was afraid to be embarrassed by the entire lucky episode not only did robert mueller seem to have the back of the saudis when it came to his work at the f.b.i. but he also objected to the senate intel committee looking into a possible role in 911 by the saudis as well investigates and michael jacobson came
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across a stray reference to a bureau informant in san diego who had known one of the hijackers bob graham the former chairman of the senate intelligence committee said that robert mueller made the strongest objections to jacobson and his colleagues visiting send you go 18 years on many americans have lots of questions about 911 what forces could have conspired along with the hijackers and it seems like a lot of these very legitimate questions have not been answered caleb r.t. new york we spoke to a former f.b.i. agent who was active during investigations into $911.00 she says failures in the process led to policy decisions that have caused more suffering. and if they had gone through the truth about how the 911 attacks had occurred how all these failures to share information to even read information if they had done that within a couple of months and i'm sure most of the agents would have told the truth of the
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the war in iraq for instance would not have been launched there probably would have been no guantanamo no torture no rounding up of innocent people in new york city robert muller did play a role he followed orders and he did not he did not allow for instance the joint intelligence committee looking into the. the 2 hijackers who were coming to california who were actually gain with an f.b.i. informant he required that he would not allow that f.b.i. source to be interviewed robert muller along with condi rice along with the bush administration were saying that they had no advance warning that the 911 attacks would occur and this was of course completely opposite of the truth there were many many intelligence warnings in memos that came from a number of different intelligence agencies. we've asked the f.b.i. for comment but have not received one yet we'll bring you any information that we get. still to come in the program diplomatic turbulence between china and germany
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as berlin gives a high level welcome to one of the leaders of the hong kong protest movement got the details on that and a couple going. to base it on 920 s. you know there were no laws really on wall street and the abuses were issued and the market one way and people began to look at the stock market as the proxy for the economy people are getting wealthy because their stocks are going up and they do they quit their jobs they just become speculators as. so this is what happened now people are saying look the economy is the real economy is terrible we have no jobs they've been shipped overseas nothing left of the day trading and the market goes up therefore i'm being productive but it's a piece. seemed
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wrong. why don't we all just don't all. let me. get to shape out these days become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . welcome back the protests in hong kong will not stop even though the authorities have withdrawn a controversial extradition law that's the message from one of the protest movements figureheads joshua long during a media conference in berlin the activists also called on europe to put economic
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pressure on beijing. withdrawal of the field is far from enough the protests in hong kong i'm not likely to stop because we are still fighting for our fundamental rights and democracy what i hope is apart from each statement to show he supports on hong kong steamer can i say should we strongly hold. in the future european union when they need to make trade negotiation with china they could at human right cause related to hong kong protests. now addressing the media wasn't all josh what wang was in town for earlier on tuesday he was given a high level reception in berlin by german foreign minister heiko moss this while china which described the meet and greet with the senior official as disrespectful on the the phone china is extremely unhappy at germany for hosting hong kong separatists so they can undertake anti china separatist activities and a german foreign minister publicly meeting such people it is disrespectful of
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china's sovereignty in egypt ference in its internal affairs. are to fill in quarter now reports from berlin looking at what message the hong kong activists had for the west berlin recently rolled out the red carpet for hong kong opposition leader inviting the 22 year old busy to a human rights event at the boom to stop once there was jumped at the opportunity to call hong kong's political situation part of a new cold war we are you know the old cold war all. we heard every word to say to get with us resisting the price rise it was time for wong to turn on the charm for germany's big weeks and foreign minister heiko moss was one of the 1st to be won over after hearing that one was detained in china for breaking bail and then released just a day before the event moss was overjoyed. we will come the fact that joshua warm
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is free. and what could make a bull in the stock conference even better a photo shoot wong was pictured with the leader of the white helmets an organization often praised by western leaders and just as often accused by critics of staging chemical attacks and supporting terrorist groups by now was probably an expert at posing in pictures because just last month he was caught on camera meeting with an employee of the u.s. consulates political division in hong kong and although wong has been hustling hard for that western support he's also been very critical of the west and the fact that they haven't done enough. i want the conflicts to be resolved without violence and anything else would be a disaster joining the law is a help but it's a country with 2 systems and the system in hong kong gives people more civil rights than it does the china. i thank chancellor merkel for speaking to hong kong in beijing but it was far less clear than the hong kong people wanted germany's
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business interest should not override the universal value we believe in if the chancellor wants to do something then she must help urge president xi to respond to the call for free elections of course china has even more against western officials stoking the flames of opposition in hong kong they've already labeled meetings with western officials as meddling and the root cause of violence in hong kong but based on this most recent rendezvous it seems the west is not listening the the main topics of the protests address to the hong kong government has moved in the direction that they have asked for the bill has not just been declared dead it has been very drawn an independent police commission 3 m. work already exists and it is in the process of putting together an inquiry on with regard to police activities so there really isn't that much to protest about but they have now escalated their demands and these sort of and meeting mr wong and the congress u.s.
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congress getting in the act it just provides that much more oxygen for the movement to keep going on even though their protests have been met which is in heaven doubly then drifting towards violence. more than a 1000000 tons of radioactive waste water could be dumped into the pacific ocean that's the grave warning from japan's environment minister where authorities are still dealing with the aftermath of the fukushima nuclear disaster only option will be to drain it into the sea and dilute it the whole of the government will discuss this but i would like to offer my simple opinion. groundwater has accumulated at the plant since the events of 2011 that's when a tsunami triggered multiple nuclear meltdowns officials have attempted to remove harmful pollutants but a lot still remain and they're warning the run out of storage space by $2822.00 meanwhile the government spent $320000000.00 on a wall to slow the flow of water to the reactors but it's not worked as well as they'd hoped tens of thousands were evacuated from fukushima after the tragedy
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which claimed the lives of more than 2000 people according to japan's reconstruction agency we spoke to a nuclear expert about the ongoing dangers. people will be getting concentrated radiation doses and seafood this is extremely hazardous highly concentrated radioactive waste water that will bio accumulate in the food chain and humans are at the top of the food chain it's not just japanese people it's anyone who eat seafood from the pacific ocean that's why the south korean government is very concerned the united states government should be very concerned only now the japanese government is proposing to intentionally release a 1000000 tons of highly radioactive waste water that's a 1000000000 liters of highly radioactive waste water they should retain it they should store it for 125 years let the tritium decay away but there will still be other radioactive poisons in there that have to be filtered out and isolated from the environment for much longer periods of time. let's finish up now with some news
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that in brief from around the world starting and wind us harris where thousands took to the streets to vent their anger at the country's economic crisis people were demanding better wages and food aid elections are coming up at the end of october but under the current administration argentina took out the largest loan in i.m.f. history but living conditions have only worsened. in iraq a religious holiday turned to tragedy when a worshipper fell over during a mass ritual starting a stampede that killed 31 people over 100 other were also injured witnesses say the man's fault led to a domino effect of people tripping over each other i've officers say the stampede happened when a walkway comes collapsed. and the european space agency it says the amazon rain forest fires have led to a huge jump in pollution levels in brazil the flames rage on despite the country's president banning land clearance fires for 60 days officials say the number of
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fires in the amazon this year is the highest since 2010. that's a global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always head to our website are to dot com for the details on all those stories and many more. resists is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter box they're throwing this away industry should be blamed for all of this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as it sits to
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look at soon as excuse. to mail or else as soon as law sets for their classes kristie it's a costly on my end i need to stay in your own hands at a special projects funding he doesn't have and close all agree on i knew that that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. when lawmakers manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives only the one percent of. the time going or middle of the room sick. to lose any more you leave for. the world is driven
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by dreamers shaped by one person or those. thinks. we should ask. ratings and sell you to us it's a show hawk watchers everyone's favorite oval busy office chicken hawk john ball is now out of a job while there is some confusion over whether he resigned or was terminated u.s.
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president donald trump says fired bull claims he resigned either way poor johnny will be joining the unemployment lines until he lands that cushy foreign policy pundit gig at fox news c.n.n. or even e m m s n b c given their love of all things regime change but unlike bolton the golden pundit parachute that awaits him what happens to the millions of other u.s. citizens facing unemployment or economic and social hardships all according to a new study on u.s. suicide rates published last friday for some a grim and tragic trend and b c news reports that from 1999 to 2016 the rate of suicide among americans ages 25 to $64.00 rose by 41 percent and that rates among people living in rural counties were 25 percent higher than those in major metropolitan areas the study in.


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