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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 14, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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in the pentagon papers senator mike gravel if donald trump firing john bolton will really make any difference to lethal u.s. foreign policy plus a scottish court rules boris johnson misled the queen we ask what is boris johnson is that the public on the man who was his top adviser tells us. to britain's responsibilities in the fight against climate change all the more coming up in today's going on to grab the 1st straight to why the european union has been forced to announce it will stop printing tens of billions of euros from the vendor joining me is research head of university college london the institute for innovation and public purpose joyce thanks for coming on how bad things of after 11 years after the bailouts of the financial crash the e.c.b. has to do this that's previously pretty 2.6 trillion between 201528 yeah i mean we are now i think in the sort of japan type situation where you know it's been over a decade since the financial crisis we've had these massive monetary stimulus in the u.k. in the us europe the e.c.b.
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in japan and we still haven't got anywhere near the levels of growth that we had pre-crisis so the output gap between the protect what could have the growth we should have had a more we do have it remains very long yet we're we're in a bad situation i think and britain. half a trillion of this quantitative easing and even voices in the military will see committee at the bank of england saying it's not working yet well there's voices everywhere now even some of the top central central bank governors raising questions about q.e. . druggy in his announcement talked about the need for governments to do more expanding fiscal policy and that's a view that's becoming increasingly prevalent i think amongst monetary policy makers governments aren't yet getting the message that we still haven't seen expansion in fiscal policy to create demand in the economy that i think kids need.
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the roots of the response problem to what we have right now are the roots to be found in postings because. i know you've been writing about the fact that we keep emphasizing household spending rather than innovation and progress and the fact that money supply may not be the most important thing here it may be money allocation as someone from the chinese communist but anyway yes i think that is exactly the problem there isn't really a supply story problem there's a demand side problem the demand is coming from speculative speculative type demand so there's lots of demand from households to get mortgages to buy houses house prices keep going on there's demand from investors to buy financial assets but there isn't enough them on from businesses to invest in innovation in capital investment paying my wages is a group think they think that entrepreneurs small businesses big corporations they
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will be investing thinking it's all about the private sector and they'll do it yeah i think it is about to do that i think the theory of quantitative easing is basically that if the central bank buys up the safe assets the government bonds some of their corporate bonds that are held by institutional investors as there is institutional investors will then bible and slightly risky of bones from the real economy from medium sized and those firms will then use that money to invest in capital investment productive activity in reality where there isn't enough demand in the economy and what you've seen is those investors just buying other types of financial assets buying up real estate in capital cities around the world which is why people go to rent a flat in london exactly which is why you know young people can't buy buy flats anymore i'm not just in london the us and european cities as well increasingly this is the religious this great faith bankers the economists about that is the private sector so. part of it i think is
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a lack of confidence in the potential of the state in the potential of government to actually do useful stuff to actually direct the economy in a way that is socially desirable you know what we need is a kind of green new deal approach for example where we look to create decent well paid jobs in the sectors where we actually really need new jobs so really the middle management because if the data shows i think your institution as we've published since the thirty's homewards it has been the state that hasn't really the best of the evidence suggests that actually when central banks and ministries of finance collaborate and coordinate their activities where the government says we're going to do this big expansion in infrastructure we're going to spend this on r. and b. and the central bank finances support financing through its monetary policy or has credit guidance policies that direct bank lending into those sectors most needed
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then you tend to have more successful outcomes not everywhere of course there's always exceptions there's always those involved ways and you will south american failed states but in countries with mature institutions and democracies that's not generally the case well they know they even lie about interest rate in the city of london as we know from libel until say a german call been government starts nationalizing everything and green new deal. policy doesn't look likely to change given what the e.c.b. did you think it may be at the loose local level that people can start creating recreating in the economy say with the brixton pound which you have to explain yeah yeah i think we should certainly be encouraging local and regional efforts to get more control over economies i think what we really do need actually is more regional banks actually say so banks his focus is not the world as we have in the u.k. and big banks tent. want to make big loans right they don't tend to want to support
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for example small businesses transaction costs are just too high the risks are too high they'd much rather make big planes with atlanta's as the backing is the collateral but actually in the act that doesn't help create a more productive economy just drives off house prices say so i think we need to you know the german model is quite a good one they have a big stake investment bank there k f w sitting behind regional public banks that actually then lend to me and middle sized companies to support innovation to support new kinds of products so that would be a more interesting model in scotland they have just launched a national investment bank that we had vised nicholas sturgeon on actually on my p.p. . england the u.k. doesn't have such a institution actually one of the few advanced economies where we don't have a big state investment bank you're drunk on thank you well in the united states 2020 democrat presidential contender tools are gathered holds a town hall today in iowa after the d.n.c.
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refused to allow her to thursday's debate in texas not one mention of president trump firing his 3rd national security adviser john bolton was made of the democrat debate but joining me now via skype from california is former senator and twice u.s. presidential candidate mike gravel senator thanks very calming back on the show so you've called it wonderful news for a safer world what do you make of her d.n.c. media are already criticizing don't jump for sacking john bolton as the 27 the national security adviser joe scarborough on m.s.n. we see owned by the same owners of c.n.n. and sky news backers of biden and warren all saying you know bolton wouldn't cozy up to america's enemies like the president would that's why he went to the. leadership it really. was probably the most significant warmonger in recent history and should be able to give him and he could. who knows when when
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he was fired and he was fired not resigned and think that this will be smersh is up his image for quite a while because bolton was on the verge of creating an invasion of iran his response will for our attitude towards russia and china and the force of north korea in. it when he was appointed what it was that the view very pessimistic that pessimistic situation well now that he fired is going to limit the possibility of donald trump setting off a war by accident he will do it on purpose he's not only a warmer he shot a lot of other problems but that's not one of them and so did the democrats would step forward as like i say it's worse an embarrassment that just shows you that the
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likelihood that by then you get selected or a conventional democrat gets elected we're going to be able to see the same ole same ole where democrats are just as interested. as republicans because bolton is a popular around the world we have mike flynn is free to censor on this show actually didn't seem to want to war on russia so you're saying that basically we should be more confident the trump white house wouldn't want to go to war with well there is an economic war already against venezuela iran cuba syria russia you think that we're in safe i have well i think we are very safe when you say he is a war there's no question about the sanctions are kind of war that killed just as many people as the violent wars. but but now.
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car trumps the early to make a deal with anybody and is ridiculous there's no we have no right to go up sanction anybody. but bolton was at 10 initiating a war and the fact that he's no longer there and pompei o is just there and then t. shirt and you'll sucker and do anything that trump wants but the latter is a truck going to war at this point and his russian army personally and to putin is is to be applauded and also that north korea you mention the democrats anyone who despise john bolton as national security advisor they shouldn't think that joe biden. or maybe i don't know maybe even elizabeth warren let alone kemal arris of the democrats for the 2020 the elections necessarily will be different on foreign policy when it comes to wars. i grew up there totally i think that the only change
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we have to end the decent foreign policy is for early senators to get elected and told she get her to be selected sites president then will be kerry and she to reverse the course of our desire to be an entire you've shut down your 2020 campaign and as you said you're endorsing bernie sanders for the president of the elections next year we know from wiki leaks what the democrats did to try and destroy bernie sanders chances last time around in favor of hillary clinton you're still supporting bernie sanders now but you don't think the d.n.c. is going to do the same thing so yes they try i don't love to be successful but douche no question but at the leadership in their own party is not supporting bernie sanders and also told she cared because both of them represent. a name it was schecter the mill vote us are complex and i know the job she ever going to try
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and stay in from the october debates she was she was she you know the process just the way they shoot me when we get there and she has got to say the proper number of donors. over or over 1200. what happened to her happened to me is that they didn't put my name to make sure my need appear in a number of polls of another because you're obviously not a good driver see about all d.n.c. parts as i'm just going to briefly ask you given the announcement from netanyahu about the annexation of yet more land illegally under international law bernie sanders is tweeted against israel for the proposed further an accession of the west bank do you think you expect c.n.n.'s n.b.c. talking heads that alone d.n.c. the establishment clintonite obama right type people to accuse him of anti semitism . no because bernie is jewish and so you can accuse him and he
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should not say anything that would lead him because he went on soldiers in the course when you're talking about you know you're talking about one of the 8 criminals in the whole. of the leaders whole. question of prayer but i just hold that. loses the election and the end of him because the persecution and the crimes that he's. coming back but 1st he's got to and i hope so. thank you after the break did boris johnson oversee the slashing of resources dedicated to tackling the greatest threat to planet earth climate change while serving as britain's top diplomat we speak to the man who was his chief environmental advisor to david came. about through going underground.
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resists is a stick from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litterbug for throwing this away and history should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. cookouts. in maine that seems. their plastic. tank the new phones at a special projects funded me tell. me on i'm your best bet is the end of infinity but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back this week scotland's highest court ruled boris johnson unlawfully shut down britain's parliament on tuesday the u.k. supreme court will scrutinize whether the new prime minister misled the queen well arguably johnson has previous when it comes to preventing scrutiny over nothing less than global catastrophe johnson's former advisor and u.k. special representative for climate change so david king joins me now so david welcome to going underground so i'm going to say surely to sell with i mean you've got a center for climate repair in cambridge operating time to celebrate britain is the 1st country in the world to declare a climate emergency. does britain have reason to be proud about itself well i think britain has been playing a leadership role on action on climate change since the year 2000 and believe it's
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fair to say without britain's actions the paris agreement in 2015 wouldn't have happened just to back that up. i was chief scientific adviser with blair from 2000 for 8 years and subsequently i was brought back into government by cameron during the coalition government period i was given 165 climate it had been embassies around the world know the country had full time time to test these a climate always in a different diplomatic outposts is going to spread the best literally around the world but we could move them around so i signed 3 agreements with china for example and we move 22 climate attaches into our embassy in china and the like are they talk to good china is in the middle of expanding one of the biggest environmental programs in world history but they don't look upon you as being to any blair favors for the iraq war all the rest of it not in the saloon for not environmental
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disaster my reputation in china in many african countries in india i would say is very very high people listen to scientists say blair and cameron cameron of course famously who posed with the huskies to election the body they would you pay tribute to both of those early deciders with the environment and then comes may and this is what you're referring to the prime minister may says britain will not only reduce its emissions by 80 percent by 2050 but we will head for a net 0 emissions by mid century 1st country in the world to state that and then we have this statement we have a climate emergency absolutely right. i would say we need to be very very worried about the future of humanity if we don't get a grip on the state of climate change as it is today and of course you mention
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those on voices and you are on the record for saying the boris johnson who didn't know when he was foreign secretary about the fact that most of the more than 5 that we lost not try it we lost 100 of those tom and it has shays joining boris johnson's period as foreign secretary although it was the head of the diplomatic service who did this when i saw him he said he didn't even know this had happened the reason i'm saying they went 5 they were redeployed which is the biggest department in the british government today the problem for brics it suddenly you've got a department soaking up people from other ministries who from climate change will when discussing important things with the counterparts in the embassies around the world to going into brics is that if you're saying it is what happened i mean don moon saying they went app's repairing for yes no deal. that's not to say that boris johnson did you knew that he knew that this was happening and to stand i mean he is
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on the record and said he said good god i didn't know that when you told him that they'd be redeployed well i think i think the real question is and i have another interaction with the prime minister in his role as mayor a few weeks into his period as mayor he called me and asked me to carry commission into the future of the thames estuary airport he's in there on the record as saying he wants you to chair the old you know the best guess michel. and i said. i know what you're thinking of i had proposed the development of 2 asymmetric islands in the thames estuary so that if there was a tsunami coming up the tim these 2 items would destroy the tsunami and instead of london so the thames estuary would be where the tsunami would come in that would build up force up the thames estuary and destroy. now this was
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a proposal then several people looked at the maps of my goodness we could put at least 6 runways almost 2 and forest picked it up and said we need a new have port for london that i said but if it's a nominee does hit this we lose our ip. the net result of all of this was i said i wouldn't be prepared to chair that commission but i was prepared to cherry commission to look into the future development of the thames estuary area but he announced to the press to us that you were going to chair the. so i stepped put his arm around me and said david is agreed to chair this commission and i said afterwards can i have a word with you and he said sure and i said do you remember what he said not chairing the commission into the future and he just rubbed his head and put his head down and said oh silly me silly me sorry but never mind the press will have
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deemed to have got it wrong i mean he didn't so did you know that he was in effect lying about your now that i'm not a cycle that. you have to be very expert on climate change. when it comes to policy or on an international scale you mentioned actually the tsunami have to us we haven't the we've had earthquakes in the past couple of weeks in northern england the images that we have of the earthquakes or the like that produced tsunamis what was it like working for boris johnson given that obviously his government was in favor of fracking. indeed the liberal democrat current deputy leader ed davey was the climate change minister said fracking does not endanger the climate targets of this country and of course george osborne it is in the evening standard here in london says that he said that we should incentivize shale gas extraction on afraid that fracking is a very real risk to our future in terms of climate change we should not be fracking . leakage of methane from the united states is causing more climate
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change than before me thame is about 100 times more serious as. a gas for climate change them carbon dioxide you've told successive governments this so why be it's not so instead of the liberal democrats took fracking money why do you think that this current government. that learned the tourism a one said that what you're saying right is all worthy of attention so here's the here's part of the problem we have a cameron government led by cameron saying action on climate change and i'm supporting it and then his minister in defra was cutting out all the legislation that was preventing us from overstepping the mark and this action was running against all the actions on managing climate change so it wasn't a coherent approach different ministers were acting in different ways can i just
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ask you though about the own voice would it be true to say that you stopped the redeployment of further voice because i said that policy was all going to to reduce the number of climate change over was when i left i was given a promise that no more would be lost do you get the promise because of a non-disclosure agreement or it was quite as it was it wasn't quite that but it's fair to say that the foreign secretary me please not to go into the public to. main talking about the law and he was. a few years later and very very worried about coherency in government actions on time of change you can get a prime minister saying one thing in a minister of government behaving in the opposite direction would tell me about this center in cambridge that you started because. i mean the time limits before
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climate catastrophe getting into shorter what is the function of your center in cambridge basically the whole point of the climate negotiations has been to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to a net 0 that is the whole point but at the moment we're at $412.00 parts per 1000000 of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the pre-industrial level was $270.00 you have to go back 3000000 years to get to 420 pounds per 1000000 and sea levels 10 meters high so that that is the long terms threat of where we are today so even if we hit 0 tomorrow we have another job to do but the 2nd thing is what is happening in the arctic region and really what is happening in the arctic region is what is causing all of this big series of disasters happening around the world if we look at the arctic region ochlik ice was expected to melt slowly and by
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2100 if we didn't do something about climate change it would finally expose the arctic sea to day hauffe of the optics is exposed already so what what you have is the arctic circle is now heating up at 2 to 3 times the rate of the rest of the planet now when is that a problem 1st of all greenland is right there next to the arctic sea when all of the greenland ice melts sea levels globally will rise by 7. meter 7 meters means london is indefensible even a couple of meters london is indefensible. with the before the ice core data came out that showed us that it was real climate change is real. did you see the fact that it was manmade climate change 3000000 years is nothing compared to the life of the planet you see direct correlations here that presumably the man in the white
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house he wanted to buy greenland the other day doesn't based on your experience as chief scientific advisor this has absolutely no doubt in my body that the warming up of the planet which is very real rising sea levels which are very real all of these effects or due to 2 things one is removing forests in order to plant. agricultural activity the 2nd thing is our discovery of fossil fuels and burning them to create the industrial revolution that is what's called climate change if we're going to move on we have to treat. the whole fossil fuel era as a pasta era and move into the clean energy era and i believe we can easily do that and we can grow our economies as we do that but secondly we have to remove the excess stuff we've put in there already. i believe there's
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a 3rd action which is and we have to rephrase the pole because we won't get it cool enough fast enough by simply reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is very very big you know they get lots of fossil fuel companies off the hook the big fossil fuel companies that will be the politicians that will be the people that you used to advise when you were advising government my fear as always been that as soon as you start talking about taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere the. fossil fuel industry would see this is a fig leaf they would just carry on business and say they complete the climate repair center in cambridge has 3 objectives the 1st we must reduce emissions to a net 0 the 2nd we have to remove greenhouse gases at something like $2.00 to $3.00 parts per 1000000 a year we couldn't do it faster than that which means it'll take 40 years to get us
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back down to about 350 parts per 1000000 and the 3rd rephrase the poll and refreezing the polls. is a challenge of the order of landing a man on the moon but it needs resolve and it needs finance to back it up so david king thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday the anniversary of black wednesday when your liberal financier george soros broke the bank of england and force the objection of the pound from european exchange rate mechanism years later here on $300000000000.00 to the taxpayer was used as an argument for brics which keep in touch via social media don't forget to subscribe pleasure. today there are good terrorists and bad editors the bad terrorists and those in yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the good those who work in syria the cia and the u.s.
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military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military juntas funding and arming death squads there's no any more because there's always a small people for really good. profit. and. we was a catalan republic because we think it would be fair to our people and we want to contribute to the welfare of europe into the european values of democracy of equality of dialogue of peace and we think that we are ready to contribute on our own with this new europe but as part of the euro means the european community and constituency what's the big deal what's the problem why can't we accept that possibility in the 20 percent.
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conny telecom giant wall wayside is ready to solve the key element of its high speed mobile internet 5 g. technology with a view to addressing concerns of its equipment poses a security risk also ahead. of a. peaceful picnic protest in france over declining living standards descends into violence with demonstrators damaging property and the riot police deploying to cast . a 1st of its kind between the u.s. and israel could be on the constant announces that the 2 nations are ready to talk over a mutual defense treaty we hear what it could mean for the rest of the middle.


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