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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 18, 2019 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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things and now i understand that president rouhani has made it clear that there won't be a meeting between me and the saudis have asked for an international commission to mourn it all the places where the attack has taken place so i think the let us wait and see you see unsourced leaks are already appearing in western mainstream media that it definitely was iran and not the who to use of yemen. to the around go facility in saudi arabia i mean what do you think about the timing of it do you think it seems plausible that iran ahead of next tuesday's general assembly in new york would do this while the iran is probably still waiting from the united states to return to the g c p a way and since they have not received any kind of sign that the end that the states is going to accept that it's all terms they're probably reluctant in meeting and having anybody that during the u.n.
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general assembly i think the situation on the ground in the region is it is not that bad a confrontation between major powers or major actors most of the confrontation is taking place through proxies and it is so obvious that the who have mentioned that they will attack again this doesn't necessarily mean that they have conducted the 1st attack but they at least tried to give the sign that they are also in the game you see i'm really referring to the fact that when shinzo arbor the japanese prime minister was in tears suddenly iran was accused of seizing a japanese vessel then when donald trump says 11 conditional talks with president rouhani was of course being in turkey on monday suddenly this happens you don't see that there's anything to be suspicious about i don't find any kind of the direct relationship between the president. heinies and prison terms meeting possible
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meeting and the visit of bit to to her on it is probably a coincidence but i still insist that we will have to wait and see what the. real motive behind the attack and who has organized attack is clear of course britain seized an iranian vessel amidst all of the recent uptick in the threats military threats against iran what do you make of britain once you do overthrow your southern neighbor this government the government of syria in the context of monday's talks or one of the major results of the trilateral summit. was. probably the agreement on the formation of the constitutional committee and now all the 3 sides have agreed that the names are more or less creator and there is no dispute about the lists which shows that we can proceed with the
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geneva process and this is an encouraging sign because the constitutional committee's formation is a major step towards the continuation of the peace talks now once the considered committee is formed and once the geneva talks start i think it is quite obvious that we are accepting that this transition is going to take place during the assad regime is still in power so. when we go back to 7 or 8 years earlier all the international community was against conducting all these developments. but now it's obvious that it has proved his strong presence and control over the syrian territory you see these talks and i know we're going to get further details in the next 48 hours 24 hours they're taking. well in the past few
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weeks israel has bombed damascus israel has bombed lebanon israel has bombed iraq do you think the 3 leaders rouhani and the one are aware of this context i think this was asked during the press conference that all the 3 leaders and since in the communicate has mentioned that they have also discussed a couple of other regional developments and international developments whether israeli issue or other topics have been discussed but the answer was no. probably think that the israeli situation is very much related to the elections and since the israeli elections was approaching probably israel was showing some kind of strength and assertiveness in the region so that the this attitude could perhaps have any impact on the elections on the other side i think
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russia is also very careful in its relations with israel in iran is also. quite aware that has certain ambitions against iran and simply wants to be prudent and doing that does not want to escalate things so israeli issue has not been on the agenda between the 2 between the treaty there's i presume who do you think the president is going to think of the fact that the 3 leaders didn't really even talk about united states recognition of israeli occupation illegal occupation of the golan syrian property let alone of course the state of east jerusalem yes i don't think that he's extremely happy about that he was probably. but the 3 leaders did not mention anything about all these issues the israeli developments and they probably agreed not to mention even if they had discussed these issues. behind
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closed doors do you think it's sensible of the 3 leaders to trust nato nations of the well britain has been selling record amounts of weapons to israel and israeli weapons have indeed been found in syria amidst the conflict i don't think that this has been discussed either because you know that this is a continuation of the us tunnel process and the source the process so that's really there's probably prefer to focus mainly on the continuation of the stand and the sorts of processes and to focus on the situation on the theatres concerning issues in blip on any issues in the east of euphrates and also perhaps the preparation between turkey and the united states for the establishment of a safe zone in the north east of syria because here in britain we've had the memoirs of former prime minister david cameron who you met when you were. here in london he's been blaming boris johnson for lies about what he alleges
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a lies about turkey in the brics that referendum why do you think we don't hear more about the numbers of refugees taken by turkey let alone what agreement about refugees was made at my design career summit in just tell us a little about it 3600000 refugees from syria. point 6000000 which are the official figures that have been announced so far but i believe the number is quite high it is probably a little bit over 4000000. and this is certainly becoming a major burden for turkish economy because the government has already declared that turkey has spent more than $35000000000.00 us dollars for all the syrian. refugees currently in turkey. i think did numbers quite low when i was ambassador there and when david. cameron was prime
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minister the syrian problem was in its initial phase and probably that was not a big issue and nobody expected that it would continue and the result with that kind of huge floor of people into turkey the deal between turkey and the rippin union came on only in 2015 and recently in it has been declared by the european union i think. mrs morgan who mentioned that european union has already given 5600000000 euros to turkey to cope with the problems created by the syrian refugees in turkey you said that some people didn't expect the refugee crisis i'd suggest that many people did you presumably talk with boris johnson then when he was foreign secretary before you became prime minister obviously as he is today you really didn't see any understanding in britain that support factor support for islam ists in syria to overthrow the government would
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lead to a refugee crisis on the scale as i told i mean the refugee crisis what that that that scale in those years. i think when the break that talks and the referendum was being prepared one of the issues that boris johnson particularly emphasized was the possible increase of flow into the united kingdom through turkey but of course that was not a very prudent policy and i wouldn't say that it was. it was helping it to the cause or breaks it it was simply exaggerating a situation and simply trying to convince the people that they should vote for leave i think he now everybody agrees that johnson. did not play the turkey card very cleverly at that time during the david cameron so i. to
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that debate ambassador thank you thank you very much after the break up the u.k. prime minister boris johnson fled the press conference in luxembourg only to face a supreme court in london deliberating on his own alleged lying because boris johnson run out of places to hide and 5 years to the day scotland voted to remain in the u.k. we get to the actual trade committee chair and guess what neal whether his s.n.p. will now ally with germany corbin to annihilate boris johnson story is going up about 2 and going underground. again we stand on the brink of war we should not be surprised official washington was quick to blame iran for the attack on saudi energy assets iran has denied involvement while the who have claimed responsibility will trump take the neo-con bait and set the middle east on fire.
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they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one in the cells will ever make it to the top. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once. not even broken wings can do to them. for generations at the moment. but they sweat and tears on us he. just. wants to. do.
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rick. welcome back joining me now to go through some of these top stories on the day after the end of the liberal democrat conference as one of the party's former coalition ministers norman baker moment thanks for coming on where you are not at the conference and he didn't even i don't know whether you were there i wasn't there because i have a lights going to conferences then p. and. i really felt to have to go let's go straight to this story from from the mirror this is our our friend next story something about who talks out gay power and bill calls america and who defects to the liberal democrat or a new call the your party for calm rage sam. what do you think about al ensuring do you think he should never been pardoned post was of course is why is this man in
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your party what sort of party is the liberal democrats if it allows me and chuck you know for his war garrulous to the promoter will stare at me angela smith who talks about funny tinge journalists of people of color who jenna birgitte friend of mock reggae haven't the same it's a party look at that hate that's. that's got to scrape in the bowels go to the bottom of it without a list of irrelevant comments look them in the sky those who defected to the lib dems from labor and conservative put their careers in a lot in many cases they recognize that throwing their careers away they've done so out of principle so the people of principle of the ones who are defecting is a need difficult thing to do to defect to any party the ones who should be criticizing other people and tory party and labor party that matter who mumble under their breath this is terrible i don't like the way my party is going it's all wrong and they do nothing keep their mouths shut these guys are stood up being counted he explicitly spoke out against the pardoning of people who are l.g.b. t. who had been. convicted prior to equality legislators are stunned that he was doing
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so as a minister or not was just following orders is no yes no but that's what this is do when you don't follow orders you resign from the government as i resigned eventually from the coalition government having had enough of the reason may how far does this go then so will the liberal democrats allow people that you fundamentally disagree with the party is a broad church like any political party is only people who disagree with individual policies you know chin found for example who believe the party had a different view on gay rights from for most of the people in the party and i want to go to due to this wonder and david cameron's memoirs yes your take on david cameron book to do nothing in libya was to facilitate murder well it's always difficult isn't it as a british prime minister to try to involve the country in which he's expedition of a and so on because we've all heard of the destruction of africa's i know which is but capital and i know absolutely and i think david had a point on a particular issue but the the trouble was after iraq and the lies appalling was
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told by tony blair and i was accountable to sign paul and it was naturally skeptical about taking it was he's action i think that's only right you know where i disagree with david cameron this issue was not the the right to get involved and prevent a whole the cost if you like a terrible example of what might have happened to him well how did happen he says he says he saved libya well i think because gadhafi had said libya will be well gadhafi was a terrible terrible man but where i disagree with david cameron is this these matters should be ones for the united nations you know we are not the world's policeman no no this america no this russia not any other country but why do you think cameron hasn't realized what you've just said to me now in the luxury of his . well i think this to live residual feeding that britain has got some sort of responsibility to the world we've not lost the mindset that we're one of the great powers we don't one of the great powers international law is something we want.
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hold on to something that trump is pretty destroying of course the united states but we in europe hold on to it because trump trump's people didn't deny that air at the embassy but how could they devalue it well i mean the bedrock of our people out of their debriefing of everything in sight they're destroying everything internationally and the camera apologize over the bricks that referendum and so on here didn't apologize for libya in these moments you know what i think he's probably believing you're probably saying what he believed to be right ok let's go to the china daily about arguably the most famous put it on is this is the daily mirror in the china daily. to remain in prison after sentence expires well to be honest with you i don't take any lessons from china daily on people being in prison on duty because they've locked up 1000000 week goes to any trial whatsoever such as the children denies that they have is that this film is for asian is actually coming out of this film of it we've seen it this google does numerous witnesses are spoken to them up into we could come from the oppose the iraq war claim many
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activists claim lots of this is being used against the chinese but that's going on there well i'm just making the point that this is this is the attempt by the chinese to go for lowest common denominator they have got a big state on their conscience in the way they deal with people not come to the don't like but in a case in which on the issue here i mean this is difficult because people are held in the mountains if they are expected or thought you might have school and that's a normal process in the courts of law people all the time are held there needn't be political prisoners or people who go out he has no charges in this country no we've got an extradition warrant applied for by the us and signed by the home secretary and that carries some weight and i understand that the 1st he's going to court is it about less than a month's time so the time he sort of you know is still in the home of as you'd be fine would someone who internationally is seen as the award winning journalist and publisher jailed on their mind without any conviction whatsoever. being in. for
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years and he's being overwhelmed political refugee granted as he's been for years no zone pollution could do we now know that no he was granted asylum and the united nations repertoire on torture says that he was tortured by the u.k. government well i don't believe he was talked about the u.k. government but this is a matter for the courts not so much of for government ministers who don't have governments running the courts force in this country as indeed we've seen with the whole process that negotiations look i mean i'm in i'm in i'm privileged about mr asante undoubtedly some of the material he brought forward was in the public interest for us to do about all the other hand war crimes yeah i'd absolutely but on the other hand you also released a whole lot of information about individuals that was quite irresponsible so he didn't really handle what he did say denies that well i mean i think the guardian in the new york times that revealed the unredacted information well they got it from him and therefore i think he's responsible for the omega thank you well as this supreme court in london rules or whether scotland's highest court was right to
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judge that boris johnson unlawfully shut down parliament i'm joined now via skype from the western isles whether chair of britain's international trade committee yes m.p.'s angus macneil thanks thanks for coming on so presumably already quite frightened by just when sort of the liberal democrat tim it just went and gave a speech in about 24 hours at that have a liberal democrat conference without blairite labor and austerity tories on board she was claiming credit for knife crime reductions in glasgow what's the s.n.p. going to do against the lib dems. i apologize for how celebratory sluicing have anything at all to do tonight chemical is utterly laughable abuse and some of us get on with this going to go to one of the scottish parliament for the last 10 years nothing at all to do that myself as a west as m.p. have said nothing to do with jocelyn's us a little den of westchester m.p.'s not just the the the evidence claims that just winds made it kind of laughable and the more which is out of their suspects are supposed to stop but except party but some of you who will be aware
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that if they go loot back of this account of the record of that 25th of february 2008 just wish it was a start but accident be the start but until she was the one who was calling for but accidentally ended and it went it to backwoodsmen it feel like we're only looking for the president of the lisbon treaty joyously instead of the liberals were the ones who kicked all this off who made me really get the guys and the backwards men as i call them of the tory party test of just listens please i mean and by december should decide to close and buy new year who knows what ship it. really is but of course the name of the mcgrath one thing last time around that we may be facing in a general election in the united kingdom the tories of all parties did well in scotland how are you going to stop them doing as well the game boys joins the sissy the early christmas present if you like for all of them and sara for the s.n.p.
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he's going to ensure that any 2 or 3 microsoft will not going to be very much in the weight of single digits perhaps alone perhaps 2 but mostly the 0 the 2 beast is gone and i think when people see the true source of the problems of the 2 of them made especially because i've been home to roost right by me for the to do some of their bigs and homeworks to think again it bothers. 32 seats in scotland a set of 10 most likely 17. there are 2 issues that not concerned so let it go the way the polls are good people can see there are people being responsible and given scotland's future b.d.'s said b. but as for fishing i want to get on to the revelations forced out of the government about medicine shortages and food shortages but will you be using any supremes court verdict in favor of boris johnson and any possible scottish referendum by the johnson had not given the side of the david but doesn't know it counted by the
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judges and how getting them all the evidence they wanted. could conclude it doesn't connect to the case of conclusion all of us know about this conclusion that ben wallace. whenever they want to go to johnson's ministers leave the cut out but those were caused job because of their political considerations to. say she used the material things of the court all the subregion quarterly deliberating on the eve it says no the scottish court court is was wrong will you be using that verdict to the any possible future referendum well i think we will certainly be be throwing it was a vote of sorts and when it paid defense counsel for the next 12 months we can certainly see that scotland's highest court a serious player bozo's and a lot of it is not favorable now i don't know what you mean or the scottish people indeed made of these revelations they were forced out of the government about bricks and planning what do you make of the redactions because some of the u.k. nuclear weapons it was a base in scotland any possible redactions could be about they could be about
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defense well the actions to be but anything but i think they were right people should understand about the yard these documents are not scared because there's a number of companies as international it's come to me over the last 12 to 18 months with all sorts of orders and all sorts of concerns i said get the public see it we don't want to get involved in politics we don't want to take the heat that's going to come with our so we've got to in this situation of but exit a number of. companies are actually afraid to tell the truth of their fears because they feel a political head will come to the supermarket chains to me here and a half ago with currency in interference that the other basket will go a bit 7 percent there will be problems getting stuff on the shelf quickly there are big problems getting the range of the shelf as well so don't be surprised that these things and they're becoming more and more open they're certainly being well
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documented medical fears my colleagues the surface of it for us and pete. i think certainly going on by the medical isotopes of the last cattle monahan it last so the number of these things are ruled and the number of these things are not perfect fear this is what came of the way the heart attacks and this is a stent it why boris johnson was his general election before halloween because from middlemen but on worse empty shelves and lack of medicines do not make winning election campaigns well obviously the prime minister denies that there's positivity is what's required but as you said you are the chair of the international trade committee and i understand you got a reply from the international trade secretary lives trust about questions that you've asked of her. yeah you know like with most of us expected to come to comedy she didn't come to the movie we played you know i did i think less of us has got the message quite clearly that you do come to parliamentary committees and perhaps
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this size was shown deal and experience who knows but i think she's got the message no isolated but some sort of water with very selling our society out of all places of involvement in a genocide in the yemen at the moment and their behavior in the conduct of city island and the court's ruling against them leaves less than us in a more precarious position with bigger and more important questions to answer that klaus i was intending to ask a and to get it because we invite the saudi arabian ambassador to london to answer some of those questions i understand actually trusses in australia of all places just finally there's a climate global climate strike on friday i know jo swinson obviously she did take pro fracking donation money but she did raise the idea of environmental climate collapse would you be urging people to take part in the global climate strike on friday what they were going to do is a take this very seriously i mean that north of the plains and that's out of your
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doors they are certainly concerned about what is happening in the others a supplier has to take very seriously the state itself is one of those things that makes people think it might be good we have it over everything there is and i also fear we may be reason that the fear of these idea that some psychologists thought of it. i'm going to tell people i don't mean what we should or shouldn't do but i think one thing should be on it is that something needs to start howling to ensure that that kind of number stuccoed there you will number start going up and we believe it and more sustainable planet are living in a more sustainable planet and we see less weather fluctuations that are happening it more often i guess with me and thank you. that's it for the show will be back on saturday 70 years to the day chairman mao inaugurated a people's republic of china that would lift more than 850000000 people out of extreme poverty until the media don't forget to subscribe to our channel.
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is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implement from the inside venezuela things no different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum venezuela associate. famously have a son of the moment who flew down that. battle scene on the moon the people of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative
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economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed. welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched kaiser report. that he. should. go to work. on the call from day. one he does acknowledge the falls so. you can
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see each of them with bullets of them some on them some of them not sick enough something. dramatic video that took you just wrote a song sit on me she's on that you moved down a soft spot will not keep you down at this time i don't. need to promote. the only wonderful committed to the continued commitment to yourself to pull the ripples from the way. the bees all. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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deadlock troop point 0 israel is on course for yet another alexion stalemates with prime minister netanyahu currently lugging a seat behind centrist rival benny get. coalition talks saloon neither of enough for a majority. will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government i intend to speak with everyone starting tonight we will work to form a broad unity government. coming up while saudi arabia tries to establish exactly who was. its oil facilities the us thanks to hasty accusations pinning the blame firmly all around.


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