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make $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes get some when you live where. you don't care and. so your care might. be in the headlines right now north korea and the u.s. is set to resume stalled nuclear talks in sweden with both sides also testing ballistic weapons of the days leading up to the meat. story about christie in the u.k. failing to get the psychical but an employment tribunal coming off his refusal to use female pronouns for a transgender woman the hearing ruled that was incompatible with human dignity we hear from the doctor involved. with the i desire to be also to do something the colonel do if you read it. and was called the world's most popular politician in jail the former brazilian president lula da silva gives an exclusive interview to up to spanish from his prison. cannot be filled pascucci you were
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supposed to trump's craziness the craziness of a u.s. president who believes that varied and each country kill somebody has to stop brazil. hello it's just a midday or moscow the 44th of october live from the r.t. world view center it's kevin owen here for the next 30 minutes with a round up of you can stay with me to 1st focus on north korea negotiators have arrived in sweden to resume stalled nuclear talks with the u.s. it comes just a few days after pyongyang say they tested a new sea launched missile the search area had a call with japanese minister defense kono where they discussed north korea they both agree that the north korea tests are unnecessarily provocative and do not set the stage for diplomacy and that north korea should cease these tests north korea says its missile is capable of being launched from a submarine indicating
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a major expansion of its weapons capabilities then and some analysts 2 are calling this the most significant test since the country 1st began dialogue with washington in 28 but just a few hours. later after the test the u.s. launched its own test firing an intercontinental ballistic missile over the pacific they say for national security purposes a corresponding caleb maupin looks deeper at washington's justification north korea and the united states are headed back to the negotiating table this weekend says president trump we'll see they want to talk we'll be talking to him soon we'll see so we can all just relax and anticipate one step closer to world peace right well no a missile was launched on wednesday the u.s. state department burned with outrage we call on north korea to refrain from provocations abide by their obligations under un security council resolutions and remain in gauged in substantive and sustained negotiations to do their part to ensure peace and stability on the korean peninsula and as you do nuclear is ation
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now to prove their point about peace and stability the united states launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the coast of california on the exact same day but they say it is not a provocative move according to the pentagon brass it's all about peace and security this visible message of national security. interests when a potential aggressor so let's recap shall we this is the pug 3 it's endangering the stability and peace of the entire region and this is the minuteman 3 i.c.b.m. it's just making the world a safer and happier place in august the united states once again conducted military drills in south korea rehearsing for an all out war against the north but they say it's nothing provocative about it simply a measure of security north korea didn't see it that way into korean concerns will be difficult unless the put an end to military exercise will give
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a plausible explanation in a sincere manner that is worth mentioning these drills were scaled down a bit compared to the ones done in the past we are working very hard to make sure that it is not perceived as provocative. to go as far as to modify even the name of the exercise and to modify the scenario to take out all the offensive characteristics it's all about perception if we do it it's understandable for security purposes think of the i.c.b.m. as a jolly little kite bringing joy but if they view it it's a provocation putting the entire region into danger yes it's one sided attitudes like that that are sure to bring peace on earth they fired off an i.c.b.m. missile. you know like 4200 miles to the marshall islands as wasn't a small underground or underwater test so the us is. wants to be able to behave one way as a military might with its military might around the world and the other countries
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do the opposite and so unfortunately we are left with these types of instances where very few people question the power military of the united states people question why the united states is testing the nuclear deterrent if you will . in the u.k. next to christian talk to who is such refusing to use female programs when discussing a transgender woman as lost his legal fight against his former employer is in an interview with dr david my critics play just why he refused to back down in the dispute. as i'm a christian i would consider it be up to dishonest use pronouns in that way and simple deeply affected my christian based on my walk with god and certainly as a doctor it's quite simply unscientific and unproven. that i would never refuse to treat any patient of whatever they are they come from
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the question here is whether i can be forced to do something and so something which goes against my conscience. only but it is. only what it but i desire not to be forced to do something that i cannot do while dr david my chris worked for britain's national health service for a long time 26 years despite that he was subsequently sacked after a conversation with his boss during which he refused hypothetically this is to refer to quote a 6 foot tall bearded man as madam while the doctor says his employer discriminated against his religious beliefs nonetheless an employment tribunal has ruled that that objection was incompatible with human dignity. and lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others in so far as those police form part of his wider faith his want of faith also does
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not satisfy the requirements of being worthy of respect in a democratic society dr mark critz says the ruling against him also sets a dangerous president to now. i was not the shop floor and i was i say variegated or the joke is did i. about her believe in my manager or people with the people of the shop floor of the national health service known and very good about their beliefs this is really really the precedence of the case and that's that's why we really were shocked at the porpoises the very quickly the 1st one is that you're not allowed not to leave the transgender movements maxim's the 2nd one is components the the rest and believe me it's male and female and the sex pronouns of this is not allowable or is the core christian believes or christianity is not compatible with modern society or human dignity is
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a very big preston's each one of those huge is a huge blow. it's got a lot of people talking about it to be asked to the rights campaigner peter tatchell and christian legal activist under williams for their particular views on the story conflict it fundamentally with his faith and also with his belief as a doctor and how best to treat such a patient is a religion which actually helps people to understand who they are made in the image of god male and female there are some passages in the bible which are hard in conflict with basic human rights them in some paul in the new testament seem to adore slavery in the old testament it justifies the killing of gay and lesbian people so you know we have to grapple with this the reality for him is the. yes the way in which really to help someone who is confused about their gender is to help them to live in the biological gender in which they were born that would certainly be his way his belief of how to look after
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a person who is confused about their gender trans people are not confused they have a genuine sincere overwhelming belief that they are something other than they were signed a birth for forcing society forcing medics forcing teachers full seeing doctors forcing the people the general public at large forcing us all to say something is that is not true is not current it's not compassionate to someone that is confused about their gender i think it's very offensive for andrea to say that and i'm sure she would would not want to do the suffering and indeed the sieved non-recognition or denial that trans people so often face that is not delusional is not being dishonest is not avoiding the truth it is the reality that gender is a spectrum we now live in a more open liberal tolerant society where people no longer have the fear they have
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to hide away and suppress their desires we live in a 1000000 of years and hering and very very size what a curious unheard of things are not an intellectual exercise that you're at your age when i think that we are in a debate around here day here please let me speak there are who they are and to call them confuse is deeply and profoundly insulting the reality was he realized that he had the very statement of saying that you made male and female was a statement the cause offense the reality is that the saying that you get left out in the cold is the reality is that our children no longer are no longer being taught that they are boys and girls they are being taught extraordinary things where their sexualized is here in our children in. culture is absolutely huge and where that's all leading is to a great confusion and a great chaos. meantime before the next it is paid to promote multiculturalism and diversity the british army seems to have offended one of the racial groups who was
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trying to attract it treated the black history month is now being expanded to include asian people too so it could tell it takes up the story. there are some battles you can't when just ask the british army no i'm not talking about iraq or afghanistan or even the 1st war i'm talking about the fight to win over the hearts and minds of and every citizen of us old blighty black history month has kicked off in the u.k. this week and the british army tell if you keep its finger on the pulse has dedicated the next 30 days not just to black people but to all the asians who have served in its ranks still haven't got over that clearly. we missed a trick here we didn't explain that black history month has expanded to include the history of asian people and their contribution to hence our recognition of our historic partnership with the indian army but in the minefield of political
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hypersensitivity the initiative might just be a flop it's been slammed by the very communities it was supposed to ingratiate herself with and less these asians a black i don't want to see it to be honest there are 12 months in a year black history month took up one month of the 12 but they wanted to be black asian and minority ethnic moms w.t.f. pick another months and make that asian history month i'm sure a lot of asians will appreciate it come on don't be stupid it's bloody black history month why is that you can criticize the army for its lack of manners for the move very thought point for the british so thank goodness for the good old delete button because the tweet in question was removed not before had fired up the haters of course and even the odd lonely voice of support the contribution of sikh hindu and muslim communities can't be ignored if they consider themselves politically black than they are i can't even pretend to know what politically black
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is but i can tell you what black history month is initiated violence across the pond. the us decided to give off a month every year you know to repent for all those centuries of slavery and segregation and it's part of a growing trend of affirmative action that might just be backfiring take while famous harvard university for example turns out it's got racial quotas to ensure a dive us community something that didn't go down too well with a group of asian americans who filed a lawsuit saying they would be penalized in favor of their fellow black applicants despite having far better entrance schools and indeed multiple studies have shown that if the university based its admissions process just on academic factors what a bizarre notion asians make up over 40 percent of harvard's classes that's more than twice its current figures. the coolest conclusion the harvard has shown that its admissions program serves its compelling interest in diversity but assume
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racial categorizations are necessary to serve the interest and while the court might have backed hard at this time it's opened a can of worms an increasingly divisive issue affirmative action lifeline that its heyday is over so there's a huge amount of marketing executives and only sort of social media advisers you know in places like the british army and you're completely detached from reality and society and that sort of started to use all these social awareness kind of things like we're just for marketing this entire social awareness kind of you know progressive stuff should probably let the people who are actually experiencing racism probably less to look over people who are actually there on the streets variance in these things rather than you know. who are sort of defining and sort of deciding their. i think that by providing a lower standard for a certain race of people and a higher standard for a different race of people certainly 1st of all creates
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a lot of conflict between different races of people that would not have existed otherwise but i think it also demotivates. certain people you know who probably would have been more motivated to go out and do so based off of their hard work an absolute which now they're not being rewarded for and i think that it provides unfair advantages soon we're going to run out of months and seeing any action one takes to place one minority waggle faith and not that you've got to admit it's tough out there on the front line of political correctness so we have been on the front line ahead of the program this friday afternoon the honeyed mobile for nato soldiers in the baltic as the lines tests of troops loyalty just one of the stories you got lined up for you but now back.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if. the situation. grandchildren were little children ask their group. is it true that. these cars used people drove the. greek room. to. make or break the entire proposition financialization news because without a baseline to value risk and to value time you have no basis to value this financial eyes post industrial economy whatsoever it's all basically a guessing game.
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again thanks choosing out international a list of channels to watch we appreciate it next nato has wrapped up its military war games in the baltic a stone's throw from russia's border over 3000 troops some 12 member states took part this time but while those soldiers and hardware were put through their paces something else was happening too it's come to light that other alliance troops have been having their loyalty tested no less by phone up.
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means that space spread by russia has dominated the true headlines fake news it's spread by russian. whole there's always strategies of making progress and it doesn't matter if it's a strategy with supplier or so on a strategy by radio broadcast or different weight and.
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let's say. what a way or to a 'd program. something to influence so jews or groups can be done by the internet i think that's a natural process so we're just kind of the food easily by a social media. any kind of group can be food easily licensed and we use we just have to see and social networks we have to if you have a product or another license what's going on there there's a lot of all through. this information and so i'm not very stormy just like this. for brazilian president lula da silva has refused to put in a semi open prison with better conditions claiming it would accept bargaining with his rights and freedom there is an air suited to civil was the president of brazil from 2003 to 2010 he then said as their presidential staff in the administration of
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his successor but things took a turn in 2017 lulu was convicted of money laundering and corruption and sentenced to 12 years in prison over it in an arctic blast polish channel spoke to the former president in his prison. was fear no one has to accept foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state i do not support american brazilian colombian or any other interference their attempts to control another country by promoting their own candidates by creating a fake figurehead like one guy joe i'm totally against this there are situations that a democratic country has to deal with on its own but. you brazil is a very big country it can be fully sovereign or it could become one of the main actors on international policy i admire the role that president putin plays in the
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modern world it shows that the world cannot be held hostage to u.s. policy to trump's crazy or the craziness of a u.s. president who believes that he could invade any country kill any president somebody has to stop him and brazil compute that during his very little or also touched on the political crisis in another latin american country peru here is thoughts on that. i think peru is seeing the same thing that has happened to other south american countries we keep seeing new ways of staging a coup this isn't the 1st time a president has tried to disband the national parliament it's happened in brazil as well there is only one way out of such crises and that's democracy in court the situation in peru is difficult and they need new elections which is
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a surge their office president dissolved congress for failing to support his anti corruption reforms the parliament which consists mainly of opposition parties then voted to remove him from office throughout the week you crowds have been rallying in support of the president r.t. spanish correspondent nicholas sanchez a donovan's in the proving capital for us these protesters took to the streets of lima to say this is all the president martinelli scours decision to dissolve congress earlier this week the president and the opposition led congress have been tied up in a long battle with widespread corruption at its poll actually martin discover has seen most of the anti craft reforms be improved by congress and many here say that that is because lawmakers have been protected same party politicians and businessmen that have ties to corruption especially to the
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brazilian construction company of the bridge that hasn't actually spends millions of dollars in bribes here in peru as we've heard many here support the president but others demand general elections and they say that peru needs fresh air i mean the president martin this guy was appointed a new cabinet with many new ministers well it's going to be a few difficult months for them and but the truth is that until. well we have a new city home dressed in her robe the president is going to have to govern through presidential decree. so as a crisis improve develops many analysts are drawing parallels to the situation in venezuela it also had its national assembly the equivalent of congress dissolved by ruling forces the opposition rejected the move and appointed their own interim president as the country split then some state sided with the us backed opposition one political analyst we spoke to says that despite the similarities between the situations in peru and venezuela they are treated very differently by washington if
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we compare bin is clearly and we compare peru indeed i mean in this occasion the united states has to step back and see what will happen and what is going to be. a role of the united states if they would be like doing exactly the same as they have done before you know you would have expected. they would support if they would be more like you know inclined to do the same thing and to be more coherent in their in their political stance you're not at the has. kind of a double a rule that's not very clear right you apply some criteria. because some countries have the and different set of criteria to the situation or crisis in another country which that shows probably in double more are. the president of the philippines is there in russia right now on his 2nd official visit since he took
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office seize met with a russian president in the southern city assault she was no bucket of moscow for business for him promoting trade and investment ties between both countries earlier i was joined here in the studio by his communication secretary martin. the relationship of russia and the philippine government has improved a lot the relationship is better than ever as you can see since that the became president of the for the peace 2016 and we started. towards a path of independent foreign policy investments coming from russia has increased 100 percent it is now to about $1300000000.00 because china a bit of a hot topic in some of the dispute of the south china sea is that being resolved to you making them some some headway that the philippines is. the side that have committed to resolve this issue in a peaceful and diplomatic manner the entire relationship of the philippines and
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china is not dependent on the issue of the west philippine sea we also have other relationships we have relationship based on people to people exchanges of business exchanges we also have cultural exchanges back to the russian president putin he's cool but i'm a putin i'm quoting his favorite here and i want to hear your bosses go i mean if he really said that the president admires the no nonsense approach of president vladimir putin to governance the same way that he told the better you go with isis how is the battle commencing how is it going very successful the president the president rodrigo that and the military of course aided by our foreign friends was able to successfully for the ice is in. just a few weeks ago the isis element. was connected to the 1st. suicide bombing in the whole issue was arrested by the philippine government
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continue to do this job it's not easy. well it's not there the president of the philippines communication secretary follow on news and so much more a main site. for those exactly 27 minutes past the way things are looking for most go so far this friday afternoon with me kevin now in brace brace boom bust is here after the break. seemed wrong. but. just don't call. me. yet to say proud to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand losing distance is just the dance the right questions and demand the right answers. question. in 2040 you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know or here i mean you know i live. in the. school and you go to the ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. those who took part in this today over 5000000000
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dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. this is broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century. and i'm christiane watching him here's a look at what. i don't see it is big 2000. but it quite possibly is going to be a recession which they certainly trumps try to apply to pop. american manufacturing continue to supply driving global markets what it. meant to protect me and that we managed to catch up with author and economist steve keen to get his take on the
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international law and what we can expect on the horizon for the european central bank is back on to the microscope in the making wake of its major rate cut and now the central bank is feeling some heat within the e.u. the worry for american business association is standing by to take us through the turbulence across the atlantic so much news so little time ago. the u.s. equity markets dropped after the release of disappointing economic data adding to fears over the health of the global. economy but it turns out that the old good news is bad news once again holds true stocks got a panic bid up as the odds of an imminent rate soared above 90 percent now all 3 major u.s. indexes turned around from early market plunged to claw back to flat earlier this week i posted its weakest readings on the manufacturing sector in more than 10 years this weakness raised concerns over the china u.s. trade wars impact on the economy expectations were hopeful for
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a bounce in the eyes and services data out today in order to save the market but today.


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