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there's a number on. it don't. p t r k k is a subsidiary of the mocking croak the mocking crow because they're fretting directly responsible for this disaster the mocking crops applies to wilma wilma supplies unilever and you only live in markets these products under 400 different brand names in supermarkets. in my country unilever it's the claim that they use 100 percent sustainable. and i'll try it there are thousands of sustainability and quality labels but then known relevant liguori girl ations for this business that has a turnover of 37000000000 euros a year companies and is has he asians in all branches invent certification labels as they see fit standards are usually company clee opaque.
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my . little. things along those doing it isn't what they were up today so i did it once into scientists on sun cunliffe processor here and now i'm less intense in austin on the kansas lines and you could also if that's not those captains on the dishonest examining on muslim following last. night's amusia. the phrase in dire state covers $56.00 this is space is the wind in an hour you can buy stocks didn't make it more environmental friendly would more feel.
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but but then i look at the labels you are in most of the labels are fake they say oh it's green it's right environment a friend lives what they were and it's a fake label the company itself invented i'm with you that at some level. it's overwhelming there's so much noise about. what's right and what's good for you i mean did let's not forget even organic and by the law just is ok to eat but who knows where all this came from or how it was made or anything about it and do i know that it's healthy well you know it may have high levels of it in me over 20 but let me again it has it been transported so long that some of this is decayed you know what what the hell is going on so even with just very basic questions we are both empowered to make individual consumption decisions and given so much information that you don't know what the hell's going on make smart decisions people look here's information here's
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a pamphlet and we've even shrunk the information you need down to the size of a postage stamp and we'll stick it on and so it'll say fan trade told satan friendly you know locust composable recent you know all this that and so you're reading something that looks like a long list. but you know this is not fat and you're like it's not that it's not fair to ask everyone to become experts in nutrition and so more dynamics in climate change in uncles aunts petition law in labor law and in ecology that then when you see this you know this package on the shelf you can interpret it even if that was telling the truth which it isn't. because already you've reduced this to an individual consumption decision and it shouldn't be that i mean is like exaggerate coffee but i buy fair trade coffee because the alternative is fostered coffee you know that coffee that exploits children and if you don't want. non-exploitative
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things the wise is an option why is this something that you have to choose to do why you have to choose not to exploit people why do you have to choose not to kill dolphins when you have to choose to all of the south why isn't this something you don't have to worry about why isn't that something just a basic threshold of legislation so that it's not an individual choice but the only way you get there is by organizing it's econ short for those individual choices to become law so the farm years for someone who aren't at definitely need to buy some stuff but it would be for me. too tree to go through all this and to find a rich would be ok. my i'm going to be unkind and say so what you're saying is how do we keep things the way they all the change everything. in the book a good because you're like going to the store but you know you want to be sure that
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when you pick up that package pringles it's organic and sustainable bungles as opposed to. be the alternative maybe not randalls. i'm a look at it another way no treats i'm just saying something made by procter and gamble in order to make pringles sustainably the price of pringles needs to go up 4 or 5 times at least and probably more. to it the thought of having to fork over something doesn't appeal to me even as a child i didn't like that the everywhere there are products that keifer hot air but you shouldn't really exist at all to destroy all types of products for. furniture household appliances and a drama for communication and entertainment and taste of course all. the right
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kind are you and you got a for america yeah i'm on i don in mourning and. i'm very honored to be thinking of john. and here. so she is not. nice for you because you're not taking every chance so you know they stand on their person and you don't like or you know the new john because this is this just trash as far as i'm concerned you know. us just like they don't really make anything that's worth keeping anymore now it's all plastic. you know there's nothing i mean you know you go buy a new a new and it's not going to look like an old family all fans are heavy duty metal you know junk is the good stuff. and.
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the indic of the trunk i begin to realize that our system is a pile. and 3 all right in the middle of it by purchasing products we play our part in the destruction of the planet. if we are lucky. in order to prevent us thinking that such products shouldn't exist corporations constantly talk about sustainability. and the end of coca-cola that's it. sustainability is absolutely critical to our business survival and to our growth. the head of ikea does it to. sustain it is a vital part of our strategy everyone says it in a way how we're using resources in assessed pain over man that becomes and. i'm
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confident that we can create a more equitable and sustainable world for all of us we can create value safely and sustainably it's about creating a culture of sustainability students so this is the guns in ridding pool for the lips of those who does those guns and murdered in the survey in the movie he's helped me up at the end of the. busyness of the debate just. to busy doing so someone will keep manning learned to employ. mum wasn't. even in the. ok it's just. brings them deported think that suing to get my yellow just on my lady in the navy they still don't was my lord just sign me up. let's just listen to us 60 have a place as good reason to constrain all the slaves as give us numbers and margot
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says she there and they get to see it get in these that it does and this is sam only does it is as if you know as we do this isn't this lending going in moving does. he need one didn't mind i just lived to see mr on legislation lizards has a date he says that is going to end and then does that all stand it when dismissal god. and that's just a scandal. even. this is a child this is daniel baird and i'm not saying. this is him is going out as does mrs didn't and. must do must respect. that he did not this is then he does on that one that says none of that that's that is under this i need to tie up a little. too much on its own. bruising just to eat years and to numbers as medicine and also mention to you not of the things taken they must make and also meeting between 9 and this is 2nd eldest. that's the undone immanence i'm reading
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what is good news is that when you muslim it didn't want anyone and strengthen them in the face of ad understood so going in there isn't was this guy's messiah displacement in des moines son in law that just does it answer how morris is still did his own to name an awful and this is a little the end no instead just on the most conflict in the land was privileged enough. in demand lit me an example of it's haven't been doing it you can order songs on tag attached and on past attempts my understand as most lengthy snooze mitten summons to summon. you to makes me really furious when corporations maintain. responsibly with people trying to find out the opposite. understanding the
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textile factory fire radioactive contamination after a reactor to exit. the notion of to break into them often mining company there's no way to. say this guy. is up to us and is much. more slim yet. so as engines have to. satisfy him. you're counting on. the board the horizon the pause the rising does the kids yes it was a long time i went up to the field designers make tons of it. in here that i said to some embarrassment in my city last night. undiscounted cmos what does is gives a losing developmental. solid nothing kept a hunch in my class. i did used to. and the amount of these men had to say nationalities
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to government doesn't come from you seem to stick over this this is not just a go i just found out. i had international and a half. hour to be entered a new sneaky of them are so much. like family are you in northeastern. neon disorganizing is made with a gun it's to tell me it's not to reduce. this so i tarzan here in gaza it was a company can be in paris is to dump time is meant to move the meting and financial system obviously mirza's this in minute move undone say i need to add into our studies to design a new one and all out in time does the company last 100 sacked beyond petroleum or mine i know it's gonna be a minute house in sunlight and i do not want done is just before the. next challenge is done and so i just hope that she has done just as easily as exists and b.p. has listened as
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a ballplayer done with owning one. the last icing call individual become more. important because not every day to be good the sea. water optimist in the west. the so-called individual i suppose in this country. a strong belief. society and the freedom of the individual. to my hardest to wear dashboards to care but it. does show. up in design mode to be washed.
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out a regular we keep things normal so when. they say country because he must tell a physio to make us tell us your face or body has suddenly become one thing my mother but it had to be neighbors who. sit. in a monkey to move the whole thing as opposed to how funny thing with the quote this is you just said come see. it all just so you don't get off your mayor giuliani they have. diced so much smoke the soup he chews still so not to sin on. me it simply
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doesn't seem. i still remember vividly how stunned i was around the prison 20th 2010 to training rick deepwater horizon exploded in the gulf of mexico and 11 people died.
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every day more than 3000000 gallons of crude oil gushed out into the ocean for 87 days straight the oil slick was calling sized to the u.s. state of new cheney and. in cases like this it is routine from all to nationals to shift the blame on to test some contractors in subsea trees. c.e.o. at the time tony hayward had to stretch this was an error accident this was a drilling rig operated by another company it was their people versus times their processes we are responsible not for the accident but we are responsible for the oil and for dealing with it and cleaning the situation up. after the catastrophe to c.e.o. off b.p. tony hayward resigned with a severance pay contract millions and under the new c.e.o. all things continue as usual b.p.'s response efforts in the gulf of mexico were
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unprecedented in scale we took responsibility for the cleanup immediately b.p. can help by applying its distinctive skills capabilities and technologies in demanding areas. this is why. we intend to move further into harsh remote and complex geographies. 3 years before a v.c. to be p.t.s. to be finished. and if oil can still be found it must belong to someone else they say. nice 3 guys are having a. nice to meet you. going to the beach yes wrote on and see what nature is deposited on the beach for us to look up to they will look at it under the naked eye and they will turn on the the light onto it and see what courses by council come off of it what color. we found a lot of tar balls the day i touched them i would suggest using gloves because we
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found the balls themselves are many times more dangerous in the dispersed oil by itself because it's full of debris a while not just bacteria flesh eating bacteria and other words that tar balls 100 carbons select are their real bone if it gets which means they kill most of the others but the neighbor still lives and we have problems with that rio in the summertime because once it gets in the high numbers you get infected with it's. your leg or arm amputated or you can die from the infection. is that it's and that's what we're seeing down here. and this there is scientific technical documents published in peer reviewed journals that are proving this ok. and what is b.p. doing all this science of control the scientists on to say it's all good now it's all good that's right it's as they say there's what they try to do as they try to
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say there's no ad that ends well of course there's no evidence that you're not looking far are if you're looking far in the wrong places they claim that there's no here because there's nobody that's been able to sing their. print their oil is on going out here looking for evidence that we can say this may be b.p. oil what needs detail oil different when they get it with the dispersant inside the dispersant there are glide calls to see only introduction of the glycol that we know about and so because we know that if we find the glycol zz that's typically the dispersed oil the only one that we know that used to dispersants expression on the scale of 100000000 gallons so the correct stuff is on the grass and that's what we have to look one way to find out the day of the light on it and see if they fluoresce will kill those lights. and that is the oranges that we're looking for. yeah. on's 0 point don't walk down that right here let's not feed the prince
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let's lessen the child's footprint you see where they're walking back and forth and these are things that i'm employed and i knew that little cans but friends walking or i buy this stuff walking through some of these puddles and so these are some of the things that we're seeing and seeing phone pools of water that are floor assaying are ings the car not tar balls and children's feet right and that level is and those are the things that make me say sunlight is going to stand sunlight is gonna do some things.
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mind model. good. good. luck. to the divine make mapped. decisions meaning. to move to some of the lines these teams are going for still to. come up. this. this isn't just sauce. us man even just in the leaked image and decisions. we should do to get against dismissal and list all too this is good. to see among. the
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sides of the oh my exact dislikes to all those asked and. this is a sin does not signal to london a mr collins has had to. test how much can also. very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport it really really. really is. that this is this is really important for the future of the world. we have record high c o 2 levels. we were recently passed over 403 parts per 1000000 of c o 2 in the atmosphere you can see the chart and it looks like a burdock ally and a story climate so chad to address this what we care about what the test though was called the secret master but. this is tangent in the end
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and i'm going to close down in this guy because islam has been in the middle as again my flash was passionate in science and design in klinsmann's balanced and got mixed one to god and been deceived by it * on the planet let. that's does. say it was is and doesn't did and the man's business see him in this yet investigation last i can to this day still was we ask before they are buying less even with this gag it has this latest position that is that i was foolish this is going to save the slashed. bus and then give those who does did most women flash cars good we've got to do this work one of the. elect talk does come up as soon as my daughters and they get off on busy x. dead man this is how this got and i'm listening to him and when we didn't go bob doesn't include excels in all schools i was going to is man sit in a ball does indeed time is a dummy i could use all of my dislike just i'm blessed with the stuff doesn't even
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know it's a lead soon. does noir add to the load goldman sachs is. going to be good quality isn't easy blimp too good to be true inside saying i'm going to need to know until it was pleasant the advice of all of the ashton been on on did indeed in just last segment as has is had enough of them on my end and them to stand to see fisons has saw that moment now and i would say little do you want i'm the one stopping them how is this i'm not a small suzette's isn't a job and i'm good this is news media does is the only good news a good films and you saw that list also had a much closer to being a 1000000 bottles as i listen if i had to guess just saw it. all as well as i was doing today cause the last thing crops this is i'm all in this you just need to lob baldwin goodness on this need to. learn to read big. is as it is is it in the it is to get this done as is saw yet as i live by i don't know how to solve alibi
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consuming i don't know how i've been decided by law in the highlands of just didn't do as you do and in time you do seem to be able is one of the good and be happy why not going and so what does is to cause a clue. car and tire decisions usually show beautiful landscapes we're heading to the place where we think the car. missing corner over the city soon.
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gots my own skies and is the one of the show of concern and almost fun and soon learned to sew on assumes there's also and this is the curse off in the corner. and so salty also doesn't listen and sukkoth to sauce nikolas told all the time just as most men couldn't so sign the do this is saves didn't she at least so glad super shouldn't and this is a time a woman said i list down mine so dang in kind but i use apt get. classless romance on real and then when my harley isn't on to end this is dick. abit disco months on does it cool when your good all day ends up on the defense had i been done with so i'll show it as much as this and again to see an invite is camshaft an emmy a corner as is and mr one up to bring in when i'm told to see who was always as i
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installed. precisely guns are getting mad at and makes a conklin did in the boot bun sucked for her. to feel you could do. when did he smash needn't. have einstein said you ought to put in teaching was also in science or at home cost that is in team outlines as does i'm i'm in palm blown call it cost magazines can you to read aside from i'm positive that was false there isn't going to be ever more intimately isn't done to helena. honest complete marcantonio into the body or getting to know why i wasn't all few decent i just pulls in all is all it means events in un poussin. i had no way you could not be this was between me and the court says side of my tomes confessed but on just was and we implement its limits who gave. you some don't curse it sounds like an intent on us. mind. to use good.
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company so making hefty profits from the mains environmental destruction. some corporations are richer than entire come chris. your government our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced. imagine something as big as the earth. is
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going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes erupt and it's going to chill. so very for a while right. my great grandfather's quote. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace the should have. a terrible life between now and the. because.
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a college student goes on a shooting rampage and rushes far killing injuring. before taking. the field also ahead in the program. supporters of the libya's former president clash with pollie new government leave. american. pressure to explain convincingly. told the story of a convicted paedophile jeffrey epstein instead.


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