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no long 3 no nor. no free shipping. 100 fishy free cell and. only about a not so for the moment on the 4th on the response and i'm going to have to have done what i mean that's a bit fed up out of. the product which i think. this is the only thing that we do is the music. really believed that it was the music because everybody finds
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a. way. and i mean i was going to die is the mcconnell swaying or both successes. make it so small dixie that i. was in this way down to it all so hard not to see the love the dissipate the sick room of the rock like they are. inside animals among the closest thing. that of the folks decide i'm not going to be a total public comment also they count because of it most of the time none of us to have said. this stuff along this nor was it ever. but on that i'm not going to hide
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it without making a lot of like someone sitting there going on the kindest way. says i did it. because i have all the troops of the bubble to the dot so it doesn't but i do and i don't know and i hate the dentist doubtless. it was some time ago that the dad group chose this square in which saddam's dozens of paid particularly challenging simply 10 optimistic guy but syria is different even in the taqiyya where there was no street to street fighting during the war people seem to have conflicting feelings about performance a slight they. don't know because they're on the same these be a good basis for numbers of very jobs mark in your list because they don't get a name like jobs or foreign from our office like to look them up on the libyan
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don't disagree with me try to let me know when caught in the automobile my fantasies she is ready. to mr mr. earlier will ask to be in the center of the verge of a friend of hers or her must be goes about either of them with her about the new theory or the others of her going to her cereal for them to see that. the last time i just did it was just on a list in a moment to call in the benefit lessons i'm ahead. of them all by myself lest some other corner a blunt want to have a laugh and. monarchos a lot of the definitely don't want to let my best suit. this is. just one more
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frightening instrument the power of. course about the whole and none of this may be missing. to see on the matter behind upon the mass of the. biggest be the little star in niceness 2000 when it's to the mind of god it was the 1st altar by you know 11 and was a lot of and this is on a lot who can help us of course i mean this thing i'm about to head to catalyze and it's cool to. be cool enough to see about and we could find. out how long was just to be that a time with what i did see. how those who didn't work on could little one pass out here that we. were born with as many as 10 with my eyes and say that's pretty. candid. says i had this is that i. musta had no one must seem out of debt ceiling. so you have to yell i need
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acid in the. distraction the 1st 3rd video that we made this is. a lot different from the 1st 2 would stir just like dancing in the streets and the fact you know the video is mostly about the journey of growing up and being a more mature and i see that this guy is actually my favorite character of video because he's not fighting against external thoughts he's not fighting this idea as much as the fighting and so the ideas that have been planted in his head if you look closely i think you don't get any saying there's not actually same today say there's a mentally change you can see here and when they go takes off her mask. this. is like you know she got 3.
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that's need for the bio no. matter because. it's about to do with you along the what the side or what the other people think is the every one of us has a dream like. i want to do this but what would my parents say what would this work would be everyone so we always have this idea in mind that no matter what you want since it goes and do it this is. at 1st appear before the side is it did you actually need to take the 1st step. that.
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is a good interview a little thing that. this is. the subject of the 30 i did this or the. the. he said he meant that he that he and. that's the only that is. the.
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i mean. we should can is all. this is. the hand of the soldier and his around 13 became famous for the sculptures and frescoes they created in the tunnels of east that were recaptured from militants he works and live sprites here and that ship our neighbor heads which sells the faces battles to control of the capital city. leisure world learn how to do the old new market. the removal of. the server a. lesson from when the one on the floor will be several. separate all things unless you pull. among the 3 to have a toddler there. up there live for you have been remarkable on the small of the
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sunset. there are 2. norms the heart of the leader would all come up all accounts muscling to the hood i'm a messenger or. you. should be up and if you fall a little bit of a couple of them up above them alma said he. took a nice feeling. to the feelings. that don't assume. the reality of the feat the committee met in the defeat of q 3 a lincoln i. love only in the market of this way in the meserve jeanne. moos will do the little shopping. healthy food is usually a city and what is your. did you see. the cliff in that the anyone.
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in the cafe well he's off to someone in need of it at the movies would do that and that deals with the rule of law. that are not at all clear at least in that. i love the last. 3. doubt that made up and that made him a full hobo you know it would be a month before the annual a shifty shuffle of. africa i don't want to go through my last movement also suttles and then to skew every day and study it as a lot among the moment i mean maybe out of food food nor eaten she died yet before it's all but the day. nor are there to be if you know. the mouth of one not going to where. it all out of the name of. the song for you but does minimal persistent.
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and i know i had that much for a while let me. pick up in that sense and fairness of all false comfort and a mystery or it further to stir them to look at that to them and had cemented element in a way it will demand enough of the month of the world to show the police the main to be someone to. be i think that's not a downside i know there's old men who just missed them it was only then that i left most and. snow on an office might not. bad montanus my ma be addicted and it was all my lay no. doubt that had it in the fenian up a dream she noticed them had stolen it i made it off with. my death and had to have to go feet so that i'm going to insert one also for the suit for. following chatter could lead to. a sort of hard to see.
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about that it will settle let me say that at least for a show of how this. racism or you. don't keep. look. at that makes me yes no i look you a museum. in your street but they get the full sun from no income and on. and on and once you have the money in. instead of going said. with a look at the cattle class returning for the way it would have been one that began last korean. the nationalist not having a gun. is going to look nothing like that of all people who want to it's
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a bit much i'm going to talk with. mr jimmy from school system how much it's not going to mean something because it is going to want to i'm not a big time snow boston.
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lead. live. live. live . live. oh. please. list. the lists lists lists lists. lists. playing.
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and a very warm welcome to you watching us and see us. and not only. later she still must execute. the lunar mission irishman i can't. imagine anyone know a. good i will not horse. and there's a number she knew enough. to know you had a boat all of them ok if the. lost not going to match the man a little when i think about today i wait for the last 3 of a kind of watch that i don't know that i'm going to have to night not the one that having. people people. who give their name not even call
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what i do when i saw our d. s. when i last saw him no no no you need. to go before. why did not but i will not asia was so and i think she was just an honest one.
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so couple was before they. was like he was there was like covered all the wood. they put sand. and there were times over his it's close they're real after that so it's like. it's like living on the edge. you had several incidents happened with acquaintances and even the friends they were convicted they were. they were asked to pay a lot of money to get them back most of the cases they were killed. after a. you have a mutiny and you don't want to or. you don't want to listen to these stories
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anymore because it's it touches you deep inside and it breaks things in your soul you reach a town you don't want because everyone has been into even the people who were there were cops or me that somebody they were injured on a different level. move i was married for like 10 years and my life was going very good or very beautiful and in one day everything. was destroyed. ok it's not very i raised as you can see living in the now why myself you have instruments all over the place. to stop and we have fallen missing. you know no incidents that's happening and killing and the feeling was right or over the place so my wife wanted
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us to travel outside. i didn't want the last thing i thought of or about to see is working in lebanon after 5. you know that. nothing nothing will return to it i have tried to pursue or i've traveled to lebanon couple of folks but. actually i don't blame her. she was herself to be safe and she wants to live another life i want to stay here what i think is this is the time that is our country needs us. around. the little not the village. voice at the very end. of this market because. in.
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all this of course now we are trying to fix everything it was very difficult last month that has happened what were the. interests when you lose lose the curtains and the way down there is actually the we have we got lost a lot of friends would like to get involved is that you guys are all right. well actually the more problem that we have and if we have to haul. to replace some pieces because and if we have some broken. parts of it i have to rebuild it here in syria actually there are some companies they don't sell they
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apologize as a story we have sanctions and we can't sell. the manas hard the efforts to teach it means to shoot and repairing instruments for the up. he has to go on to 2 different a hassle sessions keep pace with one to bounce so this hardly f m e's convention to mask s. without him involved most of the instruments i have made i use it in my my concerts this is my what are called my personal sound just so this is i have done it like it before 2535 years. this is a little golden used for building you know one of those things such as she. has a little bit. it has a bit. harsh and aggressive sounds. but it is a matter of indoor parts in drama and in the indoor his main his main job is dog.
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that's what i call a living and that might be in those it plays on the that he does music or. also. his own project is it working music. we are just. the tools. the only thing that we really do is music and it's we could just felt uneasy because everybody fights his way. out of what
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we did or the area his size or whatever so. this is my polluted lamarck and you know he is conducting jazz syrian state and jazz of destructiveness. here traveled outside because of the situation in syria and then he came back for. the heart of why dave and i had most to get on to magic thomas and that companion the comment that muslim got in a stand notice out of south as also the good health and i thought. it was a final thought on. the
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. 234 to you on the plans to set syrian cultural license plates but the countries faced just concepts just before the war began. and on the frequent on orbit 2 with my own eye but the head of. a condom took a cup of coffee in the water bucket woman. you know we. can the whole thing we can live in a modern with a. good way to lose it cutting. themselves
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in a month is going to kill. us yeah right get tough. being here just look to beaver for the missing and that becomes the calculus that is just to cancel school. east coast schools. look like. the physics of oral. sex go to most cathartic and kind. of tell me how it. can it's with us if it had been the best. in the moment but it would be i mean if. she had to we formed it imo that is the last minute of. how that got about and the demo was so that we wouldn't have to live with it i mean is it. about those the support of my own way of putting to much what i was the cause of the sun the sun the sun is that a lot i'm trying to get their minds behind him odd to be him to see it be him in
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the in. the if not less than i wouldn't wish to look like but the one of us can do is tell us about if we only want to know we must know it's you and i doubt. that i had that i would be had to handle it and the pips after this after the battle. of the lead one and me at the end in the. that what they had to go in the hall and no one to leave it but what is it that mom . had that. logic to argue in the 909 the making of the dog. is ahead much on the admission of the sheer visual i'm yours to hate who will become to the lama yeshe you don't need how the fed will have to have had enough soil and why but then if so.
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then there's just the it i'm sure why are you. in this mob music and the new look up. we could use that money let's not make up the back through what you know most and all this equal most in this has engineered there's just one little bit when we don't know the range of the law most of the super bowl time but only if both are lying that i think you don't think. they could only show the fact that he had them against them around on the field how do you. know larry i wasn't enough if i may have that long ago if i should both i wish you back and i'm not there because i must always survive you know very well you know we're going to scrape that i love this out back or if i should baraka. if he is yeah i mean i think feel and he'd be put there to have had to start the fia by then
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to share. the store and you can see the economists both just want it and. leave it at that since it's about. what's on the response and i'm going to have them as an accountant that's a bit fed to part of the feed to the product the sort of stuff. you
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know world is big. in conspiracy it's time. to do. deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. let's talk about 20th century socialism this is when governments made mal investments and then they bailed out those mal investments until the economy went bankrupt versus 21st century capitalism this is when banks make malinvestment they when they go bad they bail out the malinvestment and the cycle continues until the
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economy goes bust and that's where our. enemy of the us has. gone to the polls ahead of monday's democratic caucus in iowa to fight facing attacks from the media for his socialist on. in the u.k. outside of just the man behind sunday night talking about the time in prison for terror related offensive but was released before to compete to sentence he was shocked at all to pointing to people. also an italian mafia get to have a 1000000 euros so either you agriculture funding was an investigation claims to reveal the criminal tactics used to pressure. the store or they destroyed the whole
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property sitting everything on fire you might be kind of joining the dots to.


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