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week's top stories on the wrong side of the deal with russia. foreign minister told us why. russian the russian reconstruction we have a very bad experience with another christian country do not want to name. become the latest latin american nations to get hundreds of thousands of russian shots as the head of the united nations. to fight the virus. france and spain as. question the e.u. procurement system. is not being delivered disappeared it's
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a real problem for the national plan and it means autonomy will have to review their strategy. in the russian capital we are watching. this week became the latest country to approve the sport. but also plans to manufacture the job. why they have chosen the russian drug over the alternatives here is some of our exclusive interview which you can watch on r.t. dot com. i think it was a public health problem with some political can considerations about the intentions of the united states and the lack of trust which is which is very clear we have a very bad experience with another western country that i do not want to name they sent to iran. blood that had.
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wired us. and so a lot of people needing blood transfusion we still need to investigate it. but that was certainly a major public health problem in iraq we will get. russian the russian ric's vaccine we will get the chinese vaccine we are in close touch with all of them we will get the indian of a vaccine but our own iranian produced vaccines bent through the 1st cycle of human. clinical testing and we hope by june we will be able to use our own way. meanwhile in india phase 3 trials of sport and if we are well underway with plans to get emergency approval in march the country's ambassador to moscow says he's already had the job i took it last week. the 1st dose of sputnik vaccine i feel perfectly well many of my colleagues in the
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embassy have done so as well and i am. absolutely certain that this is part of the normal. precautions that we take during the pandemic situation just as we've made a mosque we have sort of distance which is also good to take scientifically proven back scenes and of course this particular scene is one such mexican. a lot of america's also increasingly betting on the russian vaccine but. the latest to receive hundreds of thousands of doses last week and the u.n. secretary general has welcomed the rollout saying sport and the template a key role in tackling the pandemic this at a time of severe shortages of western made vaccines in europe as a trend and explains. news on vaccine distribution challenges delays in deliveries you may be sick and tired of it but this is the reality around the world even the
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trust between the countries is being put to the test as the scramble for vaccine doses intensifies concerns over how castro governments and regions like latin america will be able to secure enough jobs for their nations in time are even more serious the ultimate remedy for it is more vaccines cheaper vaccines this explains why the head of the u.n. is counting on the russian vaccine and wants to get the green light for it asap we hope the w.h.o. will approve russia's covered 1000 vaccine as soon as possible it can play a very important role in the fight against a pandemic it seems though for some latin american countries waiting for the final w.h.o. approval may prove to be way too costly while corona virus infections in russia are pivoting bag down skepticism for sputnik v. has all but vanished demand is on the up and moscow's keen to help. the
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1st shipment of the russian jabbers only intended 420000 bolivian medics but it's still crucial for those on the covert front line the 1st 20000 doses of the vaccines have arrived in bolivia to stop the 2nd wave of the covert 19 pandemic the bolivian president luis r. say has personally welcome to shipment at the international airport eventually bolivia will get enough sputnik the doses to immunize to poor. 6000000 people the president wants to cement confidence in the vaccine by getting the job to. the russian creation is set to become v most used vaccine in mexico and the 1st 3 months of this year and the country that is just about to certify the use of sputnik the january house proved to be disastrous with the worst spike ever in new covert cases the president tested positive last week but the leaders happy has been
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able to seal the deal with moscow to 12000000 people we spoke with the president of the russian federation vladimir putin and he was genuine and cool deal i invited him to visit mexico and thank him for the decision to send us 24000000 doses of the sputnik the vax and over the next 2 months. argentina was the pioneer in trying out sputnik among latin american countries the 1st jabs arrived and when osiris at the end of december and after getting the data on side effects only one percent of those who receive the shot have some sort of issues border slightest went on to order 22000000 doses with the latest batch having just arrived the president and the vice president have both taken the russian vaccine argentina has been dubbed the global testing ground for moscow's vaccine dr well so
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far so good and the infamous curve in the country has gone past its peak in the united country with more people bucks in then in latin america. how we could see in the only percent of the workers because we have only found the scenes in the theaters and the use of much now we are receiving $5000000.00 more of those and wish to lead the bucks initial program with 25. median dossiers or join in the trend is more and more evident you probably shouldn't shy away from what they call walk or not also in spanish if you want a quicker escape from the red zone for your country. even else on friday that it will limit the export of covert vaccines you to shortages this comes following a wave of criticism from member states we must stand up to brussels and demand more doses we need more vaccines and more tests and everything that distracts from this
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task will prolong the fight against the virus this is a collision concerns the transparency and export of. us. as a protection and safety of our citizens. challenges we now face lift us was no other choice but to act in spain the 2 most populous regions have halted their inoculation campaigns because of the shortages at the lonia and the madrid region have used up almost all their doses with the remaining vials needed to give 2nd shots to those who've already had the 1st head of the spanish vaccination authority says the shortage is nationwide. so. the number of doses we're receiving has been significantly reduced the vaccine is not being delivered at the rate that we anticipated it's a real problem for the national vaccination plan and it means a ton of us regions will have to review their strategies the supplies we do have will be needed to give 2nd doses to those who have already started the vaccination
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process so we will not be able to knock your other vulnerable and increase groups there were identified in the original plan it's a difficult and uncomfortable situation. while a similar pictures playing out across the e.u. where just 2 percent of people have been vaccinated etc public has stopped administering jobs due to a lack of doses while paris and some other parts of france have done the same spain is an operations chief again brussels should have moved quicker to secure a robot supplies from pharmaceutical giants. i do not like the lack of transparency with regards to the contracts that the european union has concluded with pharmaceutical companies we don't know about them we don't know the purchase price we don't know anything at all and i think that's wrong of course we're concerned that apparently in those countries that purchase vaccines had a higher price then the european union have not experienced such delay in delivery we are not at all satisfied with the current situation. people
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in britain are being told not to leave their homes without a valid reason a bit of cope with death all public gatherings are bad and police are getting tough on those who break the rules but escape rodgers explains sometimes the rule breakers all the offices themselves. the coronavirus pandemic has changed just about everyone's professional lives and the police are no exception the u.k.'s on armed forces have repeatedly come under the spotlight for trying to do their job which these days include cracking down on illegal gatherings under the lockdown laws these range from raves to birthday parties whiting's and even baby showers into a baby shower are. provided for restraint because you're all here so obviously you're breaking covert rules we can't find every adult here every single one of you 2 under par the is london metropolitan police chief superintendent stephen trainmen condemns the party goers and warned there would be consequences
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london's police are almost daily posting videos of officers shutting down illegal gatherings 000000000000. oh i thought the british really do ok here it is. it was a very beginning of the sisters very surprised orders are going to send chills are ok yes because of the national logs are aware. that you're not exempt are going to the full 2nd with all the people the aim is to publicly shame people and prevent others from doing the same except that message doesn't seem to have reached 31 of their own officers caught flouting the law while on duty just to get a haircut if you're eating their superiors and seeing each of fending offices slapped with a $200.00 pound fine it is deeply disappointed and frustrated that my if this is helpful in short all the expectation job cold call that nancy drew you lesions i hope this action proves that police are not immune to force much of the rules more
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embarrassingly for the met it happened barely a week after 9 officers were fined after being spotted having breakfast together in a london cafe since march the police have issued $32000.00 fines across england and wales penalties row shoppy jury indians' november. down almost 6500 penalties were handed out as police moved more quickly to enforcement and the police are being left with a very public time ask of not only ensuring everyone else's safety but setting the personal example of how it should be done what i think the police across the world are in very difficult situation with with the covert restrictions because it's it goes against the grain completely for police to interrupt parties and things but of course those are all the laws and the legislation and police officers realize that no pay to do that and and i think that's what's happening if this goes against all the all the training all the things that we we over many over
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a century or so have tried to do which is give people their freedoms but people act within the law but of course these loaches to this legislation has put them in a very difficult position i thought only believe that police officers should be vaccinated because they are being asked to not only be around lots of individuals themselves so that they're at their own colleagues they have to be in vans with their colleagues they have to be in the police station but they're also rescuing people in the street and it is so they are at the forefront. and needs to have a decent society that they they have the vaccination as early as possible. cities across russia earlier soul rallies throughout sunday in support of opposition figure alex and of ali the kremlin critic was arrested 2 weeks ago after returning from will be tried in court on tuesday for a parole violation and similar to last week thousands of his supporters again took a central moscow several metro stations were closed then there was
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a heavy police presence artie's igor starforce following the protests throughout the day. it is a little bit different because last weekend we saw one particular point one particular meeting sport where everybody gathered to protest this time the organizers or they made a last minute. just to where they will cooling on to their supporters to gather we are at one of these sports and the crowd has been has dwindled here in fact the police response has been so massive not in terms of harshness but in terms of numbers that they simply didn't allow anybody to actually gather here so right now i'm being told the protest moved down the street about a couple of 100 meters that way we are at one of the sites where we've seen some scuffles between the protesters on the police in fact you can see probably not right now but on the other side of the street there's a rather heavy special forces presence now this situation has been rather hectic
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because since the very early morning most schools a very large chunk of central moscow was completely cordoned off for pedestrians only vehicles were allowed in and 7 metro station were completely closed to the trains would even stop there to allow people to change lines right now we are literally a few 100 meters from holding from the holding center in a prison where the prominent a prominent russian opposition figure in a volley is being held right now so the protesters they intended to come here from central moscow to give some support to alexina volley but as you can see in this this time the police and the special forces well they beat protesters to it the crowd has been on the move all day and like last weekend when they were allowed to gather in one sport. this is the place that the organizers of today's demonstration cooled the final point the final destination of full with the rally but if they
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were looking for some crescendo for the end they've clearly flawed up to because well you can see a heavy police presence to the left of me a police cordon to the right as well and well some journalists to give you an idea as to how many people showed up again is definitely into town. thousands and some hundreds of people were detained in moscow alone now protests that have taken place all across russia from the far east to the russian capital to st petersburg and in some small a city very difficult for. me what. was going on here but you're right. so this indeed
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looks like the end of today's protest but on tuesday old ready alexina volley prominent russian opposition figure he is said to that's when his next hearing is and a lot of people here they want they want him freed and this is why they were driven to the streets so of course we'll have to see how this showing which is definitely smaller than last week and will affect the court ruling and whether or not we will see more people in the streets on tuesday. still to come this hour italy takes action against the chinese video sharing upticks talk after a tragedy involving a 10 year old girl but some hostelries still ahead on the weekly.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. so join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you there.
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welcome back it's a nice taking action against to talk after a 10 year old girl died while trying to complete a barrel of chinese video sharing up has been told to block users whose age cannot be verified the so-called blackout challenge involves people choking themselves to temporarily pass out over the youngster was found unresponsive in a bathroom getting in. the medics did everything they could to bring the child back to life but unfortunately although the heart immediately started beating again the brain had been starved of oxygen for too long due to the strangulation after a few hours of irreversible coma we concluded she was brain dead. well tick tock insists that users safety is a priority in brian's videos showing any dangerous behavior but an italian lawyer specializing in online cases says that social networks must do more to get i mean
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last clearly the story of this little girl is truly tragic it makes us reflect on the role of social networks in the lives of minors yes parents must pay attention and control their children but there must be social control of the content the mind is can see on these networks a social network cannot just say a minor has stated that they are old enough to use the up they should check it if the very for cation a child accesses the platform and sees violent content the social network would be responsible in this case is necessary to determine whether the tick-tock social network really has some responsibilities with this video of the child was actually viewed by tick-tock or not but the italian data protection authority has opened an investigation against to talk into this because it's trying to understand where the access to minors is actually legitimate and legal. back to the u.k. where the government's cracking down on non-essential overseas travel the home
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secretary out of the move off of the country recorded its 2nd highest daily death toll from covert the rules are clear people should be staying at home unless they happen followed the rules internally going on holiday is not a valid reason for britain is also restricting travel from what it calls high risk countries people flying from the 30 listed nations must quarantine in a government approved hotel at their own expense there were calls to go even further as well with a former health secretary denouncing a mass failure to follow the rules. not just borders and monitoring new strains but time to fix the biggest flaw in our current strategy namely that 3 quarters of those with symptoms do not self eiseley. jeremy hunt to use g.p.s. tracking through people's mobile phones to make sure they self isolate you cited poland and taiwan as successfully using the method they gathered some guess the discuss the idea this week that let's know your thoughts on the their proposal for
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g.p.s. tracking what do you think of that. or just the i guess i'm not sure i mean i think that's a bit over the top really i think what we haven't done through all this process is get out test race and isolate work if you want to get your domestic market economy back on the up and running you do australia new zealand have done 0 cove in the got 0 go bit by chance in their borders good tech to test trace and isolate by quarantine and by providing support for people into isolation but we've got what we've got to do is we've got to accept that this disease will exist that this disease is probably not going to be seasonal forever we have got to protect the elderly and the vulnerable and britain has done incredibly well with the vaccination program but in terms of people who are not clinically vulnerable those people need to be sent back to work and we certainly need to open up the schools the idea of g.p.s. tracking people is for the personnel never implemented in time anyway we know that most of the introductions of the virus into the u.k.
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during the 1st wave of the pandemic and indeed you in the 2nd were travelers returning from mainland europe and i think it might be too late now but nevertheless we are faced with a new virus variants and i guess this strategy is to try and stop the introduction of these more worrying variants of the virus that has been in all of piety with the british government when the matter how crazy the idea is somebody comes along and says they want an even more crazy and draconian rule broadhead we have let these people run absolutely right and what has happened we are the public sector debt is now 2.13 trillion in december we borrowed 38000000000 pounds he's absolutely bananas we've got to get back to work we've got to get back to work now because they'll be nothing to come back to if we let this continue much longer while that's most of that's ridiculous isn't it so we're going to let all these early people die out we are going to let this virus spread and there it is that is
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donated by the 50 vaccinated by the 15th in february as you well know as making. assumption the vaccines are going to work and they're going to sort of transmit your make your make you know something that the economy can exist if you lock it down for a year just to find out you know we're going to have to learn some very seriousness and this will not be the last pandemic and i think we and many other countries we're not alone in this we're not prepared for this we learnt some hard lessons over march and april but we have did far too much we didn't delay got that balance wrong we need to stop debating only about the medical issue and we need to start seeing it in the wider context and accept that britain does need to continue as a country and that the has to be a balance between keeping people safe and also maintaining the wealth and livelihoods and educated of this culture of. moscow's notorious traffic jams could soon be a thing of the past for some high flying taxi passengers a russian whatever ability companies testing a so-called passenger drone which could lift off in just
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a couple of years artie's constant iraq off was 1st in line. and just like that city traffic is no longer an issue instead of driving along congested highways this taxi should lift you up and take you from 8 to beat by a. by the way there are no paddles or a steering wheel i mean the whole thing is supposed to be controlled by a person remotely war by computer program the only thing i can do while inside is to pull the rad knock in case of emergency can babble it jacked it parachute.
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of course using it as an air transport transport for passengers like air so to speak in the big congested see is the 1st thing that comes to mind but it also might be useful for various city services like ambulance for example and russia's health care ministry and emergency ministry are reported to be extremely interested in this invention the safety is the idea of the flying car of the holder the idea. is while it's inside and it doesn't just just sit there choose the points on the map and the flight and that's all well the flying drones market has been booming for the last few years with many developers in europe china and america creating prototypes a chinese company hank for example made an aerial vehicle that can not only fly
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people but also how to put out fires and there still might be quite a few bombs. in the way of this particular area taxi before the project can take off well 1st of all it needs an investor he could start mass production and 2nd city authorities must figure out where to allow such vehicles to operate as for now moscow considering devoting certain areas within the city limits for outdoor task bringing hopes moscow could be one of the 1st capitals to use the catch phrase of doc brown back to the future deal or an inventor of. the. next documentary explores the global epidemic known as obesity and its future for consequences on public health. with the latest to join us again that.
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the world is driven by shaped by our own personal. thinks. we dare to ask. secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy roads on the work to view the houses were allegedly preserved was located on the only people had
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access to the story investigators held. he uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore in. sore need for. trying for justice on oxy. the obesity epidemic is the most important international health problem. let me.
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hold it peaceful in the meeting. this happened. and made tragedy. earlier my life. i thought that my way it was all my fault. i felt like a failure. and frankly unworthy. and i took me a while to really start questioning believes and challenging those thoughts like well are you really a failure and the answer is no i'm not i'm not but it took awhile to get to that point. obesity a blob of our era's fantasies caught in a web of prejudice it prompts scolding for poor choices and accusations of laziness
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