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politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you there. the headlines this taken off a chinese flagship english news channel is banned in the u.k. other concerns about its ownership also become misleading drugs regulated to fast track the evaluation of russia's. that issue it continues to create vaccine shortages we speak to the head of an italian and. my whole family received sputnik jobs back in november and now we have a high level of antibodies we know that russia has great scientific tradition so we have no doubts about taking the russian job. on u.k. food banks are inundated with pleas for help there's a growing poverty crisis sees the most vulnerable having to choose between eating or we hear the story of one man who says he could have died. sometimes we
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really but you know and somebody who lives along has been found dead in our home for supper would like. to mention the fact that she may be nobody. watching out international just gone 7 o'clock in the russian capital. is flagship news channel has been taken off air in the u.k. and has had his license revoked by the media regulator ofcom over concerns that the company was ultimately controlled by the chinese communist party more details his shadowy at was stashed. well city t.n. has found itself in deep trouble and its future is incredibly unclear as china's state owned broadcaster has had its license revoked by the british regulator the
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media watchdog of commodore follows an investigation by the founder of the license used by trying to global television network had been wrongfully held and therefore doesn't meet the legal requirements here in britain now essentially the company that owns the u.k. license for c t n which is start china media ltd doesn't have day to day control over the channel essentially it doesn't oversee any of the output of the channel again that is totally against the rules now released a statement shortly after the move and said that the company that owns the license didn't have this editorial responsibility we are only able to approve the application to transfer the license to the china global television network corporation because it's alternately controlled by the chinese communist party which is not permitted under u.k. broadcasting law we provide a c.d.n. with numerous opportunities to come into compliance but this is not done so we now consider it appropriate to withdraw the license for c.d.t and to broadcast in the
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u.k. so while this all may read as a technicality the regulator does explain that any company needs to have that editorial control and it cannot be controlled by a political body the revocation though isn't necessarily political in essence but it does read it as such in the technicalities but looking deeper into all of what this means city and is a division from china central television which is controlled by the chinese communist party obviously that is a political body and obviously that is why the company and the channel is now there for disqualified by off and it's not a simple aseptic transferring the license on to a suitable body because again of confound the crucial information was missing from the initial application so therefore that wasn't an option on the table for either of them though did accept that the start. china media ltd was found to be the distributor but not the producer and that none of studio key stakeholders all senior editorial personnel were found to be employed by the company either the
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hasn't yet been a comment from c.g.i. nor has there been a comment from c.c.t.v. either so as a result the broadcaster will essentially likely face separate sanctions on this matter there is interesting timing in all of this many people would look to the international relations between the united kingdom and china you only have to look at last year to see the numerous mip mishaps from wall way to the hong kong protests and uprisings there so the move is likely to meet with some sort of retaliation and will certainly stoke the tensions between the 2 countries and superpowers once again but just finally there's also a key question here about the freedom of press in the united kingdom as well and what could happen to other media outlets or guess we heard from to say that politics has played a part in this decision and it's a move in the wrong direction. of color made this decision based on the parent company would not be any control of the editorial policy and. and of
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course there are all those people who would argue that this is politically motivated that's always the problem here we should. criticize asian media regulation the. media parrots are more than what is many channels as we can possibly have so that we can have a proper view of you know different cultures from different perspectives that short of war against me. looks like that's why i worry about and and how it operates and the pressures that are put on. a very very big mistake for 4 of contra to license of the. u.k. this is a pretty called evolution and in many of the leading of news each of these will be a huge impact on reaching. people there also are many people who end up on to china's why they also clinton signed up to
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grow for empire and about to be. many people later china and have strong. against china now in china we can often hear the news from b.b.c. from c.n.n. but you know you have your state and region is very very difficult to hear the voice of so it's a it's a it's a that's a why many people us and do not understand and china it's a very it's very unfair. now devastating 3rd coronavirus wave led to almost 5000 deaths in portugal last month and with his health care system now feeling the strain germany has sent a plane with military medics and hospital equipment on board to help the aircraft transported around 20 doctors and nurses along with ventilators and hospital beds that is portugese of things to remain overwhelmed in a moment. german medical staff will spend 3 weeks treating critically ill patients in the country's capital lisbon before being joined by another team. what with
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europe's mass vaccination program meanwhile still plagued by job shortages italy is urging the drug regulator to fast track the evaluation of russia's the vaccine we must not be afraid of the origins of vaccines what's important for us is the transition to the european medicines agency we have urged the e.u. to scientifically evaluate the russian vaccine and those from other countries the situation in the country has been exacerbated by maternal saying it would deliver fewer doses than expected in february and the italian government has already said it would it take legal action against both pfizer and astra zeneca over cope with 19 vaccine delays well earlier one of the world's most prominent medical journals the lancet published a study which said that sputnik v. was around 90 percent effective m is also safe for the elderly with no serious side
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effects we heard from the president of an italian n.g.o.s which is urging the you to approve the russian jap. ever know they know in november my whole family received sputnik the jobs back in november and now we have a high level of antibodies my family and i trust science science has no borders we know that russia has great scientific traditions so we had no doubts about taking the russian job as of today many european countries including germany france italy would like to receive the russian vaccine numerous requests have already been sent these days it is particularly clear as we see pfizer has to seneca and other companies delaying vaccine supplies and fortunately the virus has no limits as well so these countries have been forced to opt for the russian vaccine whether they want it or not in italy for example despite an unfolding governmental crisis news about sputnik the covers the front pages of virtually all the italian newspapers
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giorgio paul who the chairman of the italian medicines agency which grants permission for the use of vaccines in italy praised sputnik v in one of his latest interviews. or drop or. the e.u. has been determined to participate in the handling of the pandemic the block has demonstrated it however unfortunately this political will has not been successfully put into practice furthermore there is an issue of vaccines they turned out to be a very expensive trading commodity to give rise to huge competition germany signed a bilateral contract with pfizer for 300000000 doses it certainly did not go down well with other e.u. countries the deals which the e.u. made with various suppliers are still being kept secret we still don't know their terms and why there are delays in the last few days supplies hit the gas though apparently they are trying to overcome these delays related to the deadline which have partly been caused by virus so confusion. over in the
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u.k. the government has been accused of neglecting vulnerable groups by not giving them the state benefits they need during the pandemic welfare benefits for many disabled people in the u.k. have not been increased in line with those on other types of welfare david allen is just one of over 2000000 disabled people left out of pocket he says he felt abandoned after multiple sclerosis left him bedridden. sometimes we hear really bad news stories where somebody who lives alone has been found dead in the home for several days potentially that could have happened to me and nobody would have checked up on even if i did have a carer who would cut we could coming and how we would be allowed to unless it was formally recognize a social care as a result of the pandemic of the lock down but really we've had to rely on giving out food shopping delivered to us my shopping little normally comes to between
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$25.35 pounds per week but if you're shopping mordor is less than 40 you get whacked with the somehow deliberate that's not going to certain pounds i've not budgeted and barely a mind of another increase in my income i have to find it from someone so i have to give something else up in order to get my food to the the reality. desk. people living with long term conditions the only link reeses and benefits social to have not kept pace with a rise in the cost of living. and that was even before the pandemic his famous and has been compounded even more then we have a 2 tier system so 100 people who get the universal credit big give the additional support but those of us with legacy benefits have been
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given nothing. while the majority of disabled people in the u.k. to say that they've spent more than usual on shopping and utility bills joining the pandemic nearly 70 percent gone without essentials and almost half of falling behind on their financial commitments david told us today that he's even sat in the dark to try to save electricity and believes that some of the most vulnerable greeks have been badly affected by the pandemic. i'm left feeling abandoned and forgotten and down and it seems quite convenient for the government to forget people like us and what i find really hard to understand is the mixed messages that we get from government that have been statements about it's cheaper to look after people with long term conditions in their own home rather than putting them into care but we don't get support to the small we actually need to
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remain around homes there are those people that really struggle has been documented people have taken their own lives as a result of this too many people have been left behind there's too many people really really struggling make it hard decision nor do you have the how are the lights on do i have a mayor who don't have the heating on country believe we're somewhere around the 5th 6th richest country in the world it's outrageous i'm sorry i think our government should be ashamed of themselves. my crowds have gathered in paris this is part of a nationwide strike against government economic policies protesters demanding changes to a stimulus plan which they say will impact wages and working conditions basically sent this report from one of the protests in powers. from the protestors in paris. the protest as you can hear there very noisy behind minutes when you get
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a sense of what's going on but these are the workers in the. duke of omnium angry they are about the situation here from just a little bit away from. around 3 to 4000 to have come out in france in paris indeed this is one of around 70 or 80 protests of the taking place across the country many people are not happy continuously about issues over wage over working conditions in france but politically there is this new context also of issues surrounding the health situation here in france with many of the unions who've called for today's protests saying that they're unhappy about the fact that they don't think enough is being done to prevent the situation like it was a love steve jobs didn't have enough medical equipment or didn't have enough mosques when the start of the pandemic hits now they demanding that the government does something in feature to ensure that things like that see products medical
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products all made him fronts in the future and the fronts doesn't have to rely on other nations now this is a nationwide strike and this is one of many protests that we've seen in the last few weeks people fed up with the conditions the sun she conditions in france there's still the fear that we may go down into a good long time that's no inevitable according to the government but many people just say they are suffering and they call and take any more we've spoken to a restaurant in recent weeks restricted to students we've spoken to teachers. say that they are feeling impacted by what's going on we also spoke to health workers who say that just not enough is being done to help them cope with the situation they're saying that you know they badly underpaid so this is sort of what seems to be like a multitude of issues coming together not swine the c.d.c. one of france's biggest unions and all the unions have come today to cool for this nation why did they have strikes there is a huge police presence here in paris but for the moment things have been very as
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you can see there it does seem like people want to make a noise and the point is to make the government heard once again that there is not enough help now the government would say there's a solidarity fund the people who impost cafes restaurants and other. businesses have been able to access that funds but they were supposed also this tract restauranteurs would start to open up in defiance of the current health regulations that was due to happen this week but many of them decided not to do that they have opened up they doing it in secret and that's because the government us threatened that any restaurant that was cool to opening up would not be able to access the solidarity fund for one month and if the 2nd time they would be denied access that so much relief funds are tool as you can see a large gathering here in paris this is one of many protests around the country is it takes part in a nation with a strikes. the world's richest man and founder of amazon jeff bezos says
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he's stepping down to see to dedicate more time to charity work among other things but his departure also comes to him it. says he ignored the plight of his own workers during the pandemic with his take is the military power. everyone likes convenience but in this weird time where the pandemic the stores are all closed and nothing is as convenient as amazon we all use it but let's face it it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the teensy fact that they're really a giant soulless monopoly and who better to represent that monopoly and everything that is wrong with having too much money and power then amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos well apparently he has seen the error of his ways and decided to change bezos is officially stepping down as amazon c.e.o.
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so focuses attention on nobler causes like philanthropy spaceflight journalism and given his track record these ventures are bound to be a huge success i mean the guy is full of life and optimism a firm a work meaningful and fun i get to work with the smartest most talented most ingenious teammates when times have been good you've been humble when times have been tough you've been strong and supportive and we've made each of the left. it is a joy to work on this team and look how happy amazon workers are. amazon me the principal's promises with his words that they have a release for him did he tell you that's it's doing much you trust the virus is not enough to give you. a relief for this about protections as well pete wasn't
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providing thanks for yeah ok maybe not all amazon workers but c'mon it's understandable why a basis is stepping down i mean just imagine how tired he must be from all these workers strikes protests congressional grillings and throughout the years there's been a lot of very ungrateful amazon workers give us p p e stop treating us like robots give us bathroom breaks shut up and work right either way basis should be stepping away from all this negativity it's bad for business and morale and i'm sure his dedication to full length should be another virtuous ventures will produce a much better monopoly next time. so as we heard then jeff bezos also says that he wants to focus on his aerospace company blue origin well the u.s. space program used to be strictly in the hands of the government but effectively it
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has now been outsourced to bezos and also musk runs space x. now space x. does have hopes that this prototype will one day take people to mars although recently it crashed into a ball of flames cheering a test flight in texas. flipped the vehicle vertical then transition to one engine trouble and. well it is the 2nd time in as many attempts at the rocket there fail to touchdown r.t. america's rick sanchez and john hardy discuss the space race between the 2 tech giants . i think this is where 'd we have to start because i read a lot about this yesterday after we watched this crash and what is in a lot of mosques beef with the u.s. government 1st of all i love that graphic i mean i could watch it all day and it
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was about me. and by the way the space launch commentator said we need to work on that landing afterwards and anyway on the side so to answer your question basically just kind of you know boil it all down space x. has asked the f.c.c. the federal communications commission to allow the company space x. to basically lower the orbit of its star link satellite so space x. has been sending we've reported about all these satellites into orbit as part of its newly broadband you know world internet broadband service it's called the starling constellation so space x. wants to lower the orbit of those satellites but then amazon objected no that's kind of interfere with our satellites as praga as part of project kiper and the $3000.00 plus satellites that amazon is going to send in orbit you also yesterday
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the f.c.c. . u.s. government is keeping us from getting to mars he said yeah he also tweeted so when amazon raised this objection he said he fired off a tweet he said this does not serve the public to hamstring starling today for an amazon satellite system that is that best several years away from operation so it's a battle of the billionaires over their claim to space basically a right to orbit and meanwhile we're looking at pictures like this i understand. he's got to get a rocket up in space with 2 astronauts by the end of this year so it's not only you know that must battling and you know over you know control of orbit for their satellites but also it's a space race to send not only astronauts as part of the public private partnership . yep that space x. is involved in with nasa but sending civilians can you imagine that i would like to go up well you know i'm going to say yes but they've already said keep in mind they have already sent the dragon rocket remember with the 2 astronauts the nasa
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astronaut last year that we reported about so they're already working in that partnership the origin you know bay's osis blue origin really wants to develop a partnership in work with nasa as well as part of this again public private cooperation you know in the space race so this is i mean you could say in a little i guess it's kind of foreshadowing of the space race to come between billionaires battling a jostling for position in orbit. russia's union of journalists is calling on the authorities to check the legitimacy of the arrest and imprisonment of the russians in this case middle of he's been jailed for 25 days of course to join rallies in support of the opposition figure at let's see now with more he's in a protracted. surrogate is the editor in chief of an outlet that is considered to be a prominent opposition website on the russian media spectrum and this ban is going
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to remain under arrest for almost a month for calls to joint unsanctioned rallies and moscow i can remind you that protests in support of kremlin critic alike saying a volley occurred during 2 weekends at the end of january the biggest protests happened in moscow and st petersburg. but they were illegal because the opposition never got the permission to organize them and the russian authorities had warned against calls for such rallies and mainly attempts to ann or gys the communities of miners mostly on social network and i can tell you that last month the level of such use involvement 'd in these kind of calls skyrocketed if you opened apps like take to keep swiping and pretty much
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all you see were posts about protests about politics this is something we had never seen before so this was the reason why the russian government took a very serious stance and decided that there will be no excuse for those who break the law and incite illegal rallies the court is calling surrogate a smear and of a repeat offender although mr smear nobs lawyers are saying that the reason for his prosecution was merely are we tweet of a post with a joke about this man but actually in that photo there was a different guy and someone compared him to the front man of a russian rock band. indeed as you can see the 2 men are bold but the court didn't accept that point they were saying that in that tweet you could
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actually see the date and time of the illegal prose protest that's why they carried on but like you mentioned the union of russian journalists is calling on the authorities to look into this case again after some dozens of russian media outlets expressed support for mr smear and all these court's decision sparked a strong reaction from journalists the union of journalists of russia sent an appeal to the competent authorities of the russian federation requesting to check the legality and validity of bring in sergei snowden off to justice well i can tell you that this isn't the only case when legal action against individuals for things like tweets in this country the kremlin decided not to comment on mr smear noffs particular case because they're saying it's not up to them to decide it's up for the court and the law enforcement agencies to deal with that although
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mr putin's press secretary said that in no way the russian government is trying to somehow hunt the or silence those who are trying to criticize the russian government again the spokesperson of the kremlin is pointing out that the reason for such action was the number of provocations during these protests and just the scale of calls for on sanction demonstrations executives there is no repression there are measures used by the police against violators of the law against participants in illegal actions during the actions direct and multiple attacks on police took place which. naturally became the reason for the adoption of tough but in line with the law council measures the ministry of internal affairs announced that each case will be subject to an official
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investigation the administration of the president cannot investigate individual cases of actions by the police but we all know about the very prompt reaction of the ministry of internal affairs and the russian national government which announced that each case will be subject to an official internal investigation so further investigations are still to come in as. and a number of other activists remain in custody this is something we're going to keep hearing about in the near future and that brings you up tonight the news that for now you're watching out internationally to get you got a website for stories and you can find that out.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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