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after all how to solve. their almost 4 years of prison and torture without trial. was freed but he cannot leave egypt and has been placed under close surveillance. photos inquiry led to the trial of the cia agents who abducted him and a number of italian secret service agents who assisted them. pulsar gave evidence at the trial the american agents were convicted in absentia for the abduction of. the italian agents when not convicted in fact the constitutional court a knowledge of the sentence because the prosecution's evidence was covered by state secrecy did a key. no no. no no.
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no we're going to do it if. they. know my create. the if we're not to have made. it that if. t. saw they know they've. taken them. to pick it nice and when i didn't. know what to do i had a g. and that is that attitude to. then on september the 6th 2006 a few months after the publication of the 1st motley report president bush made an unexpected confession a small number of suspected terrorist leaders and operatives captured during the war had been held and questioned outside the united states. in
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a separate program operated by the central intelligence agency. so i'm announcing today that collate shaikh mohammed. ramzi bin al s'shibh and 11 other terrorists in cia custody have been transferred to the united states naval base at guantanamo bay thank you. do you have a sofa score disinterred and the 0. come in so short of no. this is. the. deal. with the minister through which. your mother
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did the rest of the. dame and george bush announced there were black sites and they were being closed i could never believe that this day would come because these things were so secret the problem in the united states was that since these detainees were considered to be alleged terrorists there was very little sympathy for them and rightfully i understand that it was more difficult to explain to people however that there were other detainees who were not implicated in attacks who had been mistakenly arrested because of false identity or whatever and they also had been tortured. thanks to some very high up contacts marty discovered why certain european
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countries had collaborated with the united states. is that you needed the t.v. they're not going to see or need to. be pointed to. a little bit is more live. is cruz even mean to the let's hear. let's. go down down down there totally bit of your knee is open to to the little tally moony that silly key is lost or. with the threat that they call easter to meet the but instead of. the change deal that i meet they said if we see
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a signal to militarily. if there crowds are like a poor nyquist open at sea or nay so. sad but i mean donuts and ego rated nor in thought or nonsense. it's one of the. there were 2 kinds of rendition those that handed the abducted individuals to the all thirty's in their home country as in the case of abu omar and the renditions to the cia's secret prisons black sites which housed prisoners considered the most dangerous. poland was the 1st european country to host black sites. atom bomb now the polish ombudsman worked for an injury you know that was one of
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the 1st to try to discover the truth. a friend of the 1st time we heard about it was this famous report by the washington post when they informed about the potential existence of that site but to be harnessed not many people believed in this at that time and i think what was important is that after both 1st publications there were some investigative activities undertaken is personally by dick marty who was at that time to set out or collaborate kink within the council of europe are all meant to reassemble. basically 2 important places of all if one is for money or that was. interesting for her for it was not working. so you know her for at that time right now it is just used for commercial purposes. the 2nd person is static equal to 0 and historic
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in cook and we have that school of pollution go to. the school there. it is in the forest low inhibitor the region of coal. and allegedly are according to that are we know not we're going to know what was created was so-called 0 we've seen this. school of intelligence and we've been the zeros all there were to view houses were our leaders prison was located only cia people had access to this to this story. this heavily guarded french surrounds to start secret services school. it was here that the 0 zone was created exclusively for cia agents. marty had the opportunity to talk to some prisoners who told him what it was like to be held in the cia prisons
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. detainees were given a 30 centimeter deep bucket to urinate in. they were given old black blankets that were not big enough to lie on and cover themselves at the same time. a steel ring was secured to the cell walls and detainees were changed to it. the usual lunch was boiled white rice and slices of tinned meat. a ritual always accompanied the distribution of food. the electric light which was always on in the cell was switched off food was distributed and. then the light came back on.
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ventilation was often regulated to produce extreme temperatures suffocating heat or intense cold. as well as surveillance cameras masked guards constantly monitored the cells banging on the doors and telling the detainees to raise their arms to show they were still alive. many detainees were held in isolation for 120 days during which time they were not permitted any contact at all with others. the prisoners were forced to listen to a constant buzzing sometimes broken by cries.
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i don't think there's any perception united states that russia has nuclear superiority over the united states and i think you know you see there's a fairly balanced relationship. in the nuclear story or and i think you know why didn't you know by the ministration wants to have negotiations for what we've talked about strategic stability they want predictability they want they want to secure situation in europe in asia and with russia and they want to be able to focus on other issues to a certain extent open the bilateral relationship a more general. i tried to share the situation because it was very important for me because over my
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experience i was in presumed right i was under pressure. as the. political police and. i was sensitive. situation for my polish senator josefina york was one of the 1st and only politicians to report the presence of secret prisons in poland a leading member of solidarity he is famous for having saved the assets of left balances trade union from confiscation by the security services a few days before the introduction of martial law in poland in december 1981 government and democratic government after the experience in. write and post a barrier. in the former regime that the board is democratic government agreed for such activity. agreed for the
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location of extra. breezing on the british territory it was absolutely broken all the polish constitutions and of polish law and as a mr fox. a result of the boys democratic revolution. black sites didn't only exist in europe from 2002 on which the cia created others all over the world does it no longer knew where to hide its growing number of prisoners. each prisoner was given a color as a code name. no real or. no. let them place your name. key a. chair to the chair if he. be
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the one or the man or cure. me or my back door. better echo you know no one taught me most was there were. so. bad. but if you saw that the religious. you're tired of it up a 3rd of course you're the. one educated thorney believe. because you're making your kids. the presumed terrorists were not simply made to disappear. the cia wanted to obtain information from them that could help prevent other terrorist attacks the agents therefore used so-called enhanced
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interrogation techniques. i had no idea there was a torture program i went back to headquarters about 5 weeks later. and i went to the cafeteria for lunch one day and a senior officer came up to me and said very casually he said hey i'm glad i saw you do you want to be certified in enhanced interrogation techniques i had never heard that term before so i said what you mean so he explained to me with these techniques were and i said that sounds like a torture program and he said no it's not torture we got permission from the president. and i said now no i don't think so let me think about it for an hour so i went up to the executive floor of the 7th floor of the cia there was a very senior cia officer there that i knew that i worked for in the middle east many years earlier and i asked him his opinion he said forget it it's a torture program so i went downstairs i said i'm not interested in this i said i
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have a moral and ethical problem with it i think it's a torture program and i don't want to be involved. thanks to some legal documents exchanged between the cia and the u.s. department of justice that came to light such as the memorandum for john rizzo we now know what the enhanced interrogation techniques involved. attention grasp the detainees attention is attracted with violence. warning the detainee is pushed hard against a wall. while standing the detainee is forced to remain immobile for ella's facial hold the detainees head does immobilized. facial slap. the detainee is slapped on the cheek. stress position. as detainees are forced into
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a position that causes shooting pains. wants more detainees were placed in dark boxes for up to 18 hours at a time. sleep deprivation could last up to 11 days in a row. waterboarding is the harshest interrogation technique. water is poured on to them else covered by a cloth the detainee feels as though he is drowning. then yes bed discounted counted economies that were that don't cord ichi nickel may be. the base or new growth they need. then he couldn't see or any careless. if i took it for sick with if you can't top it mr yummy kind of the child on a tool that i will my know why i don't know the take. there we got taught about a 4th side to her cause of the genie order and oh i'm similarly learned they got me
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into a kitty in the bed of a d. they said that she knew the sick call in the lot this the sort back quietly paid to look at it so you know at the time all of their own daughter no. question if you want to take nickel and it'll get all of your it took 2 or. 3 years i believe from the very beginning that this torture program was wrong. now inside the cia they were telling us it was working so i thought at the time there were 2 separate questions here number one does it work in that are you collecting good information they were telling us yes they were that was a lie the other question was is it moral or legal or ethical and to me the answer was clearly no it was not moral and legal and ethical but i kept my mouth shut for a long time. and then finally in december of 2007. i just couldn't be silent any more and so finally i i went on
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a television news show and i said it i said 3 things i said the cia was torturing its prisoners they said that torture was official us government policy and i said the policy had been personally approved by the president. following his statements john kiriakou was sentenced to 30 months in prison accused of revealing state secrets he lost his job and his family and now works for radio sputnik a russian government broadcaster. marty's 2nd and definitive report was presented to the council of europe in 2007 the quantity and quality of the information contained in the report is surprising and makes it very difficult to deny the existence of extraordinary rendition or the secret prisons in europe. is the 4th on a bomb was economy it is thought to be to people but why is it to. be given to mean
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they're sick of the ship kept them over. and then you for months your new giving or not to the order to wear them on may soon you would see. the enormity quad each in the foot army mess for me so now go and be a monarch to delhi but it is a 3 or need gifts you know that are many tsunami have a fever that eternal meant did it or not i don't mean take the quentin why would anybody get under comment on too many can knowing him for. the truth as stated by the marty report itself is gaining ground and nothing can stop it now. the investigation conducted by the former swiss senator is so clearly true that in 2014 a report by the us select senate committee on intelligence headed by senator feinstein confirmed all the findings of the dick martin inquire. very. feinstein's report makes strong accusations against the cia and highlights how the methods used
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were both cruel and ineffective. history will judge us by our commitment to. govern by law and the willingness to face ugly truth and say never again. we still don't know how many people were abducted and imprisoned by the cia according to a reliable site called the rendition project this undercover activity had 131 victims that figure is confirmed by numerous other sources. the most there are a. few 4th day. a pure 4th to the or. in. cook fact alarming is that tsunami can. be the most of the day but as. you can.
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say. enjoy it in a cheaper. because enough i'm not that enough. seen here with the table believe me and. to further confirm the accuracy of the marty reports since 2010 the european court of human rights has ruled against a number of the european countries involved in the renditions italy poland romania macedonia and lithuania i declare all the public hearing on the admissibility and marry in the case of enough of them god this is it. today most european countries involved admit what happened. only remaining continues to deny involvement.
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12 years after the publication of the 1st dignity report its accuracy and foresight is no longer in doubt. chickies was to make it just an overcorrection single day with the water no purer payment racist and so on. aren't you discouraged by the fact that there are still secret prisons. doesn't this suggest that ultimately it's all a bit pointless. man sat. there cheering a lot of. us in the e.c. . he said to accomplish it. it could be if it is good deed in chad it is good that it enormous it it won't be cheap to subpoena. the. same to be. if that's also sequel looking for an energy set up in question is it
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is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true lost his faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura maybe in the shallows.
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the week's top stories on artsy western countries soften their style in some rushes corona virus vaccine for a study an unsolved medical journal points to its efficacy we hear from the c.e.o. of the fund overseeing the global rollout of sputnik but. when you combine the safety advocacy price of logistics you really know what i believe is the best of the world and me scientists because of all the great. french restaurant owners who open their doors in defiance of covert restrictions saying it's the only way to avoid financial ruin also ahead.

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