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headlining now the u.s. senate starts the 2nd impeachment trial of donald trump on a charge of inciting an insurrection the republicans say there's 0 chance of a conviction but a live update on the way. also ahead of european parliament. policy chief to quit claiming that he's friendly with moscow on last week's trip. to. undermine. as a defender of freedom. and protests break out across from. protecting children
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as the country's top court hears the case of a 13 year old girl who was allegedly raped by 25 fighters. in the russian capital. in washington d.c. where the 2nd impeachment. is now in full swing in the u.s. senate democrats charge the former president with inciting an insurrection the republicans though say there's no chance of securing a conviction there's a heavy security presence around the capitol building where the hearings are taking place the area sealed off by a $2.00 mi defense national guard troops are on patrol it's part of a major security operation that's been running since the storming of capitol hill supporters on january the 6th the pentagon says the troops are going to stay there until at least mid march and the entire operation will cost almost half a $1000000000.00 let's go live stateside now our. forces.
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so far i'm walking we expect in the coming days. well at this point so far the impeachment trial in the us senate has heard from jamie roskam and he is presiding over the impeachment proceedings and he is the impeachment manager a member of the u.s. house of representatives at this point we're waiting to hear from trump's team who will argue about the constitutionality of the entire proceeding now this is the 2nd impeachment for former u.s. president donald trump donald trump is the only president in u.s. history to have been impeached twice furthermore donald trump is the only president in u.s. history to be impeached after he's already left office now it will take 17 republicans to convict donald trump in the senate in addition to democrats it will take republicans last time donald trump was impeached there was only one republican that
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voted to convict him so it's unlikely that donald trump will be convicted now the charge is inciting insurrection we've seen a clip at this point of the protesters on january 6th in their events and the allegation for which donald trump is facing these impeachment proceedings is that with his words he incited his supporters to engage in illegal activities on capitol hill we saw the incident that took place where 5 people died as a result of scuffles that took place after an illegal penetration of the u.s. capitol and so at this point the words in question by donald trump are those that he said to his supporters on that day take a listen. i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully patriotically make your voices heard. at this point polls show that americans are increasingly unsatisfied with the political situation in the country one poll showed that americans consider that
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their system of government is unsound while on a very low number of americans think that their democracy is thriving and there are increasing divisions 74000000 americans did vote for donald trump in the past election and many of them feel like this extra you know impeachment extravaganza following the the leaving of office by donald trump is completely unnecessary and a waste of resources and time this is some of what we heard in response to the impeachment can being carried out by the democrats in the u.s. senate and down the same way. they're going to push people into another civil war i'm very worried about this country where it's going. it's a bad thing he's an office we'll be sure pieces for to remove him from office he's already been removed they could get worse and it seems like every day we do good work that's not good for. half the country the size of started on the hill and
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democrats on the you know. i don't want to be the victim you know and then like honestly i've never thought about that have meaning to a lot of those choices. now the impeachment proceedings are going ahead in the capitol hill and they are following the constitutional procedures that are laid out for impeaching the president and this point we are hearing calls from democrats to reunify the country to heal the wounds of the presidency but many look on what's taking place in this impeachment of a president who's already left office and say this doesn't look like it's going to reunify the country this is only going to further intensify the polarization so all eyes are on capitol hill as the proceedings continue we will be hearing from trump's legal team soon about whether or not this is constitutional they will be arguing that it is not constitutional we've heard from from those that are bringing the charges against trump and ultimately it will be the u.s.
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senate will vote to convict or not convict very unlikely there will be a conviction as 17 republicans would have to cross the aisle so interesting proceedings all eyes are on capitol hill as donald trump's 2nd impeachment after he's already left office continues a lot of people seem to think they know the outcome us for the wider implications that's still to play full for now kind of moping thanks very much for that in new york writes let's get some reaction now more this hour from dr michael rex and walter class of the new york university's professor of liberal studies for a good decade or so dr rector both thanks for joining us on see we've been hearing a lot about how the result is largely a done deal that the democrats own going to secure a conviction so what is the end game of this that now the donald trumps out of the oval office do they think that there is some level of the republican mindset they can appeal to. well this is a show trial in which and a sham in which they're attempting to utterly discredit trump in every way possible
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of course the objective is to impeach him so that he can run for office again but it's going to fail i think the the upshot is they're rubbing salt into the wounds of the trump supporters so as to completely demoralized them in the future to suggest that trump's whole presidency one of the most popular if not the most popular presidency in modern history was a complete mistake and a complete aberration from typical politics and built a new and washington and indeed it was because he actually had tremendous public support and popularity the trumps lawyers have rejected the claim that incited the insurrection in a speech to his supporters that pointed to f.b.i. evidence that says that it was planned days in advance but if the people who took part in those riots say nope the president told me to do it is a strong enough defense. oh well there's really no need for that defense of the
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actual speech it's very clear that he didn't incite anything and in fact trump had attempted to secure 10000 national guard troops to defend the capital in advance of the in advance of the speech but they were consistently and repeatedly turned down by the congress so there is really no ground there are no grounds for impeachment and again this is just a show trial and attempt to undermine discredit and destroy trump and his and to disband his followers that's the that's the real objective of all of us on this this unique idea of impeaching or going to trial of an ex-president someone who's no longer in office that the democrats are defending this as saying that a failure to do so would give an invitation to the president to take his best shot at anything he may want to do on his way out of the thought that they have
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a point. well i mean this is just fear mongering there's you know there's nothing that trump has planned to do and what they're trying to suggest is that trump and its followers are effectively insurrectionists they're they are threat to the republic that they're the enemy with and they've used all these words to describe trump and his followers that this is a these are white now supremacy this and fascist and white nationalist and christian nationalists and all kinds of terminology too deep to below 5 this opposition to their gemini so i don't think that there's really any anything that he has to worry about in terms of legality here but really what the point is is quite symbolic emotive lee i lots at stake here videos have already been showed in the chamber and there was a silence off the woods trumps lead to peace with attorney says they go to use
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video evidence of the democrats democrat activist supporting violent protests to expect anything to come of that the 2 wrongs not making a right i don't think anything will come of it because we're looking at a democratically controlled house and senate so they're not going to take any heed of the fact that. maxine waters and many other democratic officials incited violence and currents that even bail out rioters for you know katherine harris even camilla harris even barrel bailed out rioters after they had been convicted or not convicted but arrested so there's no there's no real ground here but the other thing is that they're not really going to get anywhere with that kind of rapid and to shame the democrats into any kind of admission at all i've got a lot of eyes on this 22 i was in take a long few days ahead so now is up to michael rectum all thanks for joining us.
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next twitter is stepping up its crackdown on right wing commentators accused of spreading false information on the us and i call process to the latest examples jim hoff the founder of the website a gateway pundit and also radio host wayne allard wrote they've both been blocked by twitter for what it called repeated violations of civic integrity policy they fell foul of the platform's rules by promoting donald trump's claims that the november election was mobbed by fraud a sense the storming of the u.s. capitol last month twitter has been to over $70000.00 accounts for similar reasons including that of the former president of course last month i spoke to wayne out of brut he thinks a conservative voices being silenced this is a joe mccarthy which prides against conservative voices they're tried to eliminate dissent they're trying to eliminate diversity while they talk all day about diversity if you're black it's great if you're let's you know it's great if you're gay it's great if you're
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a woman it's great if you're transsexual it's great god forbid in the united states of america you'd be a childless conservative they want to destroy your light and silence you censor you ban you burn your books this is joe mccarthy which at its out fights this is the irony you know the hero of liberals all the liberal activists is sol inskeep you wrote a book called rules for radicals and he always said look in the mirror whatever you see blame the other guy democrats have spent 50 years attack joe mccarthy for which he wants now they're very good at i don't even know why i was suspended if you showed me the tweet i do will of bet you that 74000000 americans that voted for trump agree with every word of light sweet how do you ban someone's at the unions when 74000000 people who have the waters agree with them. as i mentioned earlier the founder of gateway pundits also be bound by twitter that happened to his site posted this video jim hoffa is behind the site claims it shows the delivery of
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absentee ballots as a polling station in detroit several hours after the deadline and post pundit is promising to release more such videos in the coming days u.s. election officials of all said the no evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 presidential vote which they called the most secure in the country's history but jim hall thinks there's no justification for shutting out those who disagree. twitter does not want is to release any more of this information they're citing us as spreading and violating their ethics clause that they just put in where you cannot challenge anything about the 2020 alexion and yet there are still individuals who are challenging the 2016 election that still allowed on twitter there are so secure with their position why are they cracking down and eliminating eliminating. sites like myself from the social media platforms it doesn't make sense and this is what we've fought against for several months now. he said i'll
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tell you on the way front to protest his call for a new role to protect children over the case of a 13 year old girl who was allegedly raped by firefighters it's all next news when we come back. when ellen sorts seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me i'll get to see her out just didn't come out to. and in detroit because the trail. went something and find themselves worlds apart we just of the common ground. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what's his face. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or in maybe in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. logan clashed over a motion backed by dozens of lawmakers to force out the top diplomat. being. his recent visit here's our europe correspondent peter all of. bilson za of m
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e p's had signed a letter calling for high representative for foreign affairs basically the e.u.'s foreign minister burrell to stand down from his post following this trip to moscow they accuse him of being too weak when it comes to dealing with russia. had gone there with the intention of pressuring moscow for the release of alexei no vallone what we've ended up with was the current situation that we find ourselves in yes it perella said he's got no intention of quitting his post we've also heard from his boss as well as live on the line the e.u. commission president she said she's going to stand by her man and has no intention of sacking him saying the high representative has her full support now this plenary session that was held in the european parliament on tuesday was quite a heated affair there was a lot of voices calling for the head of mr burrell certainly some scathing
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criticism of his trip to moscow and a lot of criticism for russia in general as well moscow to be used the visit of high representative bordello to you merely aid and offend the european union they just obviously can't help but shoot. monitors towards western representatives if you are ill executed a visit you know only a shame to european citizens you also helps food chain and harms dressin people who are real and the on the other hand made a fool of himself last week you must go by his actions he made a mockery of the ambition of the e.u. to play a major role in the world stage wake up call that finally prompted you member states and yourself to to adopt a more realistic and principled russian foreign policy and to move toward sanctions finally among others inclusion of human rights under sanctions least and to suspension stream to. which is contrary to european and she security police it
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certainly got spicy at times but there were some voices in the european parliament saying that it would be written you needed to change their attitude when it comes to dealing with russia imus happy as anybody else to sound or for anybody's rights including new found nice but let's be honest if banks and he's not fish is anti immigrant racist and maybe 4 percent of the supports and we wouldn't be discussing him us all if he'd been arrested anywhere else other than in russia and the catalan leaders have been sentence from 9 to 13 years in prison for our nation our friend um we have a warning that the double standard applied by do you undermine its global credibility as a defender of freedoms do you cannot go around the world recruit mending receipts that does not apply to chelles while joseph bruno was in moscow for those talks he held
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with sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister he described the atmosphere is a trusting war certainly our asians are on c.v.s. tree. and now by the cages at a low point canal operation. but. we are connected not only by geography. but put out wide range of the story cuckold little who cannot make time but as soon as he arrived back in brussels there was a different statement coming out. said that as far as he was concerned moscow had no intention of trying to improve relations with the european union well that prompted the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman bertie as account of a to suggest that it had been an attempt for a public whipping of russia where do we stand after all of this certainly a lot of any peace deeply own happy with the high representative for foreign
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affairs he says he's not going to quit his boss the commission president on the line says she's not going to sack him so for now at least he's going nowhere form austrian foreign minister conconi source says that efforts by some to ratchet up tensions with russia serves no one's interests. pushed by such an action that will put a dangerous precedent out and you never know whether there will be some changes inside the commission from what i cannot saw from the way the all will it is not true well in the commission but that has little to do with mr borroughs was it to moscow dep has much more to do with our failure in their distribution of next time some 24 teams will have passed the 7 years now we have seen a decrease of our relations. and there are many issues that have to be tackled and sometimes you can disconnect the one issue from the other you shouldn't
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. such a kind of law on the alter to send topics and. certain urgency to. rebuild some sources of trust and not go into confrontation. case of a french girl who was allegedly raped by 25 fighters have sparked protests across front with protesters there demanding tougher laws on the age of consent. of the details. on wednesday this court is going to be center stage for a case that's provoked outrage here in france it involves a woman known as julie he says she was raped by 20 firefighters between the ages of 13 and 15. it all began when julie not her real name had been assisted by a firefighter following
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a severe anxiety seizure at 13 in 2008 now it's claimed he obtained her number for medical records and the group before asking her to undress via webcam it's then claimed he passed it details on to other firefighters who did the same. now in 2009 it's alleged a firefighter then raped julie says she was later taken to an apartment where she was gang raped in 2010 julie disclosed what had happened to her mother and a complaint was filed 3 firefighters were placed under investigation but no action was taken against another 17 men also accused 2 of the men have admitted that they had group sex with julie whilst on duty and whilst wearing their uniforms a 3rd admitted a sexual act in a toilet cubicle in a prison hospital where julie had been admitted in march 20th levon a judge was appointed to investigate but after 8 years the rape charges were
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dropped instead rape was replaced by consensual penetrative sex with a minor under 15 this means the maximum sentence that they could receive is 7 years compared with 20 for rape so it's not who was peace and 20 firefighters so the curtain the service when we're talking about a 30 year old child just a sister unable to realize that we're not in the fair balance of power and that when julie was raised by 20 firefighters she was rate under duress and she couldn't consent she couldn't accept the rape since she was a child that is said to have hit hard and she attempted to take her own life her family though is determined to keep fighting julie's mother is still globes marked by that decision. the facts are simple julie was 1314 and 15 at the time she was in a very vulnerable state taking medication and trying to kill herself and 20 firefighters came to her all of them admit that they performed
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a sexual act on her with penetration and yet in france in the 21st century the court decides that the innocent julie's case has caused consternation in france with. almost a decade. we trusted the justice system to make its ruling the court of appeals ruled that the fire rapists were justified given the success they enjoyed with women moreover they stated verbal and in writing that the firefighters should be exonerated quote given the rampant sexual interest shown in them by women campaigners hope that the decision reached this court will lead to an age of sexual consent being in troy and in french law calls for a minimum age of consent have been increasing in recent years and in january the senate but a bill to make the age of consent 13 but child protection associations say that that is insufficient charlotte even ski r.t.
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paris. some other headlines around the world 1st in chile there's ongoing street unrest in santiago over the fatal police shooting of a street on friday and they say the man resisted during a routine identity check leading to a dispute the officer who opened fire is being detained in a homicide investigations ongoing. right to sweeping with crowds demanding the president's resignation the top court says the head of state was required to step down on sunday after 5 years in office the president argues that he gets one more year because he was not officially sworn in until 27 taking. him in ma demonstrators are denouncing last week's military takeover in defiance of a ban on large gatherings police broke major highways the army seized power after accusing the government of election fraud arresting the country's defacto. chief.
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rescuers still searching for survivors 2 days after an avalanche in northern india part of a himalayan classic crashed into a dam causing severe flooding with dust and rocks crashing through villages at least $26.00 people have died and a further $171.00 of still missing. and that's how it looks from moscow so far this out thanks for watching i'll be back with your next to r.t. international update after the latest kaiser report. of a. new gold rush is underway in ghana thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich is a good. as they are by those that work children are torn between gold and education
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my family was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. the world is driven by a dream shaped by phone person or those great. dares thinks. we dare to ask. imagine taking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job it
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was my bill it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing and it's not like i don't try i look for resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. and all i end up doing is. the road to the american dream paved with did refuse. it's this very idealized image of older. americans look hostile the deaths that happen every single day this is a history of the usa in america.
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i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report let's discuss what happens when. on stoppable force tries to move it then movable object this sounds interesting. you're talking about the central banks trying to fight the tie the currents of an economic cycle of a business cycle so for this analogy this metaphor here we're going to look at what rip currents do max and i grew up on the east coast of america. many a summer out on the beach on long island and one thing you know is that rip currents occur and what to do with the rip currents well according to usa today on an article about deadly rip currents they say rip currents occur in bodies of water with breaking waves they are channels of water that flow at a faster pace than the surrounding area swimmers who are caught in rip currents can
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get sucked away at speeds of up to 8 feet per 2nd far too fat.


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