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tv   News  RT  February 9, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tearing the country and a half that is what donald trump's defense team is calling his impeachment trial on its 1st day in the u.s. senate the proceeding that looks set to keep open america's wounds after an emotionally charged election. they tell us that we have to have this impeachment trial such as it is to bring about unity but they don't want unity and they know this so-called trial will tear the country in half. dozens of european parliament members call on the e.u. foreign policy chief to resign claiming he was too friendly with moscow on his recent trip the motion sparks a fiery exchange between lawmakers. more scout buz the visit of high representative to you mediate and a friend of the european union that the double standard apply. on their mind.
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as a defender of freedom. and protest to break out across france calling for tougher laws protecting children as the country's top court hears the case of a 13 year old girl who was allegedly raped by 20 firefighters. who are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us and that the 2nd to be german trial of donald trump has adjourned until wednesday in the u.s. senate democrats have charged the former president with inciting action but republicans are saying there is no chance of a conviction on the 1st day the senate voted yes to the question of whether trying a former president was constitutional. for more on this we can cross live to our
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teens caleb moppin who is in new york you've been following this very closely for us we appreciate that caleb what did we see on the 1st day and what more can we expect. well it's a very serious situation on capitol hill where we've got an impeachment trial underway donald trump's lawyers they call it absurd and unconstitutional meanwhile we've got the prosecution's saying this is the comeuppance for treacherous donald trump and the backdrop for all of this is a country that is deeply deeply divided take a listen. they tell us that we have to have this impeachment trial such as it is to bring about unity but they don't want unity and they know this so-called trial will tear the country in half leaving tens of millions of americans feeling left out of the nation's agenda as dictated by one political party that now holds the power in
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the white house and in our national legislature this trial will tear this country apart perhaps like we have only seen once before in our history. now the charge against donald trump in the impeachment proceedings is inciting in surat action and they are arguing that under the 14th amendment of the us constitution trump is ineligible for office because he engaged in inciting insurrection and this follows from the events of january 6th we've heard testimony from what happened at this point people are recapping of the situation where there were 5 deaths there were many injuries on capitol hill as trump supporters stormed in and penetrated the u.s. capitol congressional staffers were very afraid for their lives there was violence that unfolded and all of this has got the prosecution at the impeachment trial appealing to people's emotions and saying there must be harsh consequences for it from. you ask what a high crime a misdemeanor is under our constitution that's
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a high crime or misdemeanor if that's not an impeachable offense then there is no such thing he wants you to decide that the senate he's powerless they created a constitution within who read into it did binds the president from his very 1st day in office until his very last day in office and every day in between. now these are very serious proceedings with a very big implications for the country however if you're looking on it seems like a rather theatrical and strange performance you've got the recitation of poetry you've got witnesses crying and breaking down into tears you've got the waving around of mao tse tung's little red book in order to make political points it's all
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very theatrical very explosive meanwhile all across the country millions of americans who remain quite divided in the aftermath of an election they seem to be watching with lots of anger a gun sales are up throughout the united states here's some of what we've heard from americans. if it keeps heading down the same way. they're going to push people into another civil war i'm very worried about this country where it's going bad thing it's a bad thing he's out of office we'll peaceful peaceful use force to remove him from office he's already been removed it could get worse and it seems like every day it does good work that's not good for us if half the country decides to start going to hell and democrats oh then you know. i don't want to be the victim you know and like honestly i've never thought about that happening until it's over so i just. now at this point the 1st at this point the 1st vote taken was on whether or
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not it was indeed constitutional to hold these proceedings as donald trump is not in office that vote came down to 56 to 44 the democrats overwhelmingly voted that it was definitely constitutional and there were a number of republicans who joined them so that 1st vote on whether or not the proceedings are constitutional went pretty solidly into the favor of the democrats however in order to remove donald trump from office they don't simply need a plurality there needs to be a very solid majority in the u.s. senate vote to remove donald trump and in order to get the number of votes needed in the u.s. senate there would have to be 17 republicans who cross the aisle and join in the democrats' efforts to convict donald trump now will recall that when donald trump was impeached the previous time only one republican crossed the aisle and that was mitt romney and so at this point is very very unlikely that 17
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republicans will cross the aisle and join the democrats and vote to convict donald trump so many say that the outcome seems to be pretty almost pre-determined that donald trump won't be convicted however you know politics in the united states is certainly full of surprises and as people are looking on what has occurred today is after that vote at this point the proceedings have been adjourned until wednesday they will start up once again on wednesday the proceedings will continue its some point there will be a final vote on whether or not donald trump is indeed convicted regardless of the outcome donald trump has certainly made history he's the only president in u.s. history to have been impeached on 2 different occasions so quite dramatic goings on we've got the military all. over washington d.c. we've got the country watching on television we've got
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a lot of divisions 74000000 americans voted for trump despite a pretty solid number voting against him so there are still fresh divisions across the united states the whole country is watching these impeachment proceedings impeachment proceedings continue even though donald trump has left office already and is not the president the impeachment vote marches onward so we will be watching as these proceedings continue throughout the week. now carol we know that it's been a big day for you and that you're going to be staying across it and even more that as the week continues and possibly as the weeks continue so we appreciate that our teams correspondent in new york. right now there is a heavy security presence around the capitol building where the hearings were taking place the area is sealed off by a 2.5 meter fence and national guard troops are on patrol it is part of a major security operation that has been running since of the storming of the capitol hill by trump supporters on january 6th now the pentagon says the troops will stay there at least until mid march and the entire operation will cost almost
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half a $1000000000.00 earlier we spoke with bruce marks a former republican state senator from pennsylvania he thinks that impeachment is not what the american public wants but what democrats have been trying to achieve since 2016. the democrats are out to retribution and. i don't think that's what the american public wants i think the american public wants to move forward and unfortunately nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have demonstrated over 40 years that their main goal wasn't to benefit the country but was to get back at donald trump democrats are going to realize in the next couple days that the country really doesn't want to go through this again and this impeachment is no surprise i mean some of the democratic members of the congress so they were going on peach tunnel trump the day after he was elected in 2016. i don't i don't think it's good for the country and the democrats may pay the price in the
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2022 elections now the republicans would like to take back the house in the in the senate and donald trump has a building to raise money and his ability to energize voters to come out and so i think you're going to see him play a significant role in the 2022 election the other thing is i don't think it helps joe biden joe biden. needs senate committees and house committees to meet every minute of every day that this senators are stuck in this hearing this trial where i think frankly almost everybody believes that there's not going to be a conviction that's not productive for joe biden either joe biden should want to you know get his people in place and go to work and i don't happen to agree with his agenda but he does and so he should be wanting to move forward his agenda. twitter is stepping up its crackdown on right wing commentators accuse of spreading false information on the u.s.
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aleck toral process 2 of the latest examples are jim hoffa founder of the website gateway pundit and radio host wayne allen root they have both been blocked by twitter for what it called repeated violations of civic integrity policy they fell foul of the platforms rules by promoting donald trump's claim that the november election was marred by fraud since the storming of the u.s. capitol last month twitter has banned more than $70000.00 accounts for similar reasons including that of the former president earlier my colleague collin brace spoke with wayne allen root one of those 2 that we just mentioned who's been blocked he thinks conservative voices are being silenced. this is a joe mccarthy which fights against conservative voices there try to eliminate dissent they're trying to eliminate diversity while they talk all day about diversity if you're black it's great if you're let's you know it's great if you're gay it's great if you're a woman it's great if you're transsexual it's great god forbid in the united states of america you'd be
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a childless conservative they want to destroy your life and silence you censor you ban you burn your books this is the irony you know the hero liberals all the liberal activists is sol in ski he wrote a book called rules for radicals and he always said look at that mera whatever you see blame the other guy democrats have spent 50 years attacking joe mccarthy for which he wants now they're very good at i don't even know why i was suspended if you showed me the tweet i do will of bet you that 74000000 americans that voted for trump agree with every word of light sweet how do you ban someone's opinions when 74000000 people have the waters agree with them. and as we mentioned earlier the founder of gateway pundit has also been banned by twitter that happened after his site posted this video jim hoffa claims it shows the delivery of absentee ballots to a polling station in detroit several hours after the deadline had passed a good way pundit is promising to release more such videos in the coming days u.s.
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election officials have all said that there is no evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 president vote which they called the most secure in the country's history but jim hoffa thinks there is no justification for shutting out those who disagree . twitter does not want is to release any more of this information they're citing us as spreading and violating their ethics clause that they just put in where you cannot challenge anything about the 20 twentieth's action and yet there are still individuals who are challenging the 2016 election that still allowed on twitter they're so secure with their position why are they cracking down and eliminating eliminating. sites like myself from the social media platforms it doesn't make sense and this is what we've fought against for several months now. french protesters call for a new law to protect children over the case of
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a 13 year old girl who was allegedly raped by firefighters that is among our story still ahead when we come back this is r t international. join
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me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back this is our t. international euro and p's have clashed over emotion backed by 50 lawmakers to force out the top diplomat. burrell of being too soft on russia during his recent visit here here is our europe correspondent peter all of. bill sins of me peace had signed a letter calling for high representative for foreign 'd affairs basically the e.u.'s
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foreign minister yossi burrell to stand down from his post following this trip to moscow they accuse him of being too weak when it comes to dealing with russia. had gone in there with the intention of pressuring moscow for the release of alexei no vallone what it would have ended up way through is the current situation that we find ourselves in josefa perella said he's got no intention of quitting his post we've also heard from his boss as well as live on the line the e.u. commission president she said she's going to stand by her man and has no intention of sacking him saying the high representative has her full support now this plenary session that was held in the european parliament tuesday was quite a heated affair there was a lot of voices calling for the head of mr burrell certainly some scathing criticism of his trip to moscow and
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a lot of criticism for russia in general as well moscow the busa the visit of high representative bordello to you millie 8 and a friend the european union they just obviously can't help but shoot. towards western representatives if you are ill executed a visit you know not only a shame to european citizens you also helps food chain and harms dressin people who are ill and the on the other hand made a fool of himself last week he must go by his actions he made a mockery of the ambition of the e.u. to play a major role in the world stage we could call that finally prompted you member states and yourself to to adopt a more realistic and principled russian foreign policy and to move toward sanctions finally among others. of human rights under sanctions least and to suspension stream to. which is contrary to european and if you security police it certainly
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got spicy at times but there were some voices in the european parliament saying that it would be written that needed to change their attitude when it comes to dealing with russia imus happy as anybody else to stand up for anybody's rights including newfound niece but let's be honest if banks and he's officious and see immigrants racist and maybe 4 percent of the supports and we wouldn't be discussing him us all if he'd been arrested anywhere else other than in russia and the continent leaders have been sentenced from 9 to 13 years in prison for a correction or a friend. we have a warning that the double standard applied why do you undermine its global kriti billy d. as a defender of freedom. do you cannot go around the world mending. that does not apply. while joseph burrell was in moscow for those talks he held with sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister he described the atmosphere is
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a trusting one certainly a lot of asians are on the c.v.s. tree. and a number on an e.k.g. set a low point in our creation. but. we are connected not only by geography. but put out wide range of the story called cold that will have an economic ties but as soon as he arrived back in brussels there was a different statement coming out says yes it burrell said that as far as he was called and said moscow had no intention of trying to improve relations with the european union well that prompted the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman various account of to suggest that it had been an attempt for a public whipping of russia where do we stand after all of this certainly a lot of the enemy pays deeply own happy with the high representative for foreign affairs he says he's not going to quit his boss the commission president on the
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line says she's not going to sack him so for now at least he's going nowhere. former austrian foreign minister karen klein i saw says efforts by summit to ratchet up tensions with russia serve no one's interests. pushed such an action that will to put a dangerous precedent out and you never know whether there will be some changes inside the commission from what i cannot saw from the way the always will it is not true well in the commission but that has little to do with mr burrell's was it to moscow depth has much more to do with the failure in their distribution of mexicans 2014 for the past 7 years now we have seen a decrease of our relations. and there are many issues that have to be tackled and sometimes you can disconnect the one issue from the other should you
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shouldn't. such a kind of group it will crawl on on all the just friends topics and your eyes. but certain urgency to. rebuild some sort of trust and and not go into confrontation. the case of a french girl who was allegedly raped by 20 firefighters has sparked protests across france with protesters demanding tougher laws on age of consent or to stroll dubinsky has more. on wednesday this court is going to be center stage for a case that's provoked outrage here in france it involves a woman known as julie who says she was raped by 20 firefighters between the ages of 13 and 15. it all began when julie not real name had been assisted by a firefighter following
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a severe anxiety seizures 13 in 2008 now it's claimed she obtained her number for medical records and then. before asking her to undress via webcam then claimed he passed it details on to other firefighters who did the same now in 2009 it's alleged a firefighter then raped julie says she was later taken to an apartment where she was gang raped in 2010 julie disclosed what it happened to her mother and a complaint was filed 3 firefighters were placed under investigation but no action was taken against another 17 men also accused 2 of the men have admitted that they had sex with julie whilst on duty and whilst wearing their uniforms a 3rd admitted a sexual act in a toilet cubicle in a prison hospital where julie had been admitted in march 20th definite judge was appointed to investigate but after 8 years the rape charges were dropped instead
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replaced by consensual penetrative sex with a minor under 15 this means the maximum sentence that they could receive is 7 years compared with 20 for rape. who were $25.00 partners so the corrosion this obvious when we're talking about a 30 year old child justice to still unable to realize that we're not in the fair balance of power and that when julie was raised by 25 fighters she was right under duress and she couldn't consent she couldn't accept the rape since she was a child that outcome is said to have hit julie hard. and she attempted to take her own life her family though is determined to keep fighting julie's mother is still gulps marked by that decision. the facts are simple julie was 1314 and 15 at the time she was in a very vulnerable state taking medication and trying to kill herself and 20 firefighters came to her all of them admit that they performed
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a sexual act on her with penetration and yet in france in the 21st century the court decides that the innocent julie's case has caused consternation in france. for almost a decade we have trusted the justice system to make its ruling the court of appeals ruled that the fire rapists were justified given the success they enjoy with women moreover they stated verbal and writing that the firefighters should be exonerated quote given the rampant sexual interest shown and. campaigners hope that the decision reached this court with lou to an age of sexual consent being in trying in french law schools for a minimum age of consent have been cruising in recent years and in january the senate but a bill to make the age of consent 13 but child protection associations say that that is insufficient charlotte even ski r.t.
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paris. a best selling author has accused social media giants of censoring ads for her book criticizing feminism professor carrie grass so as her work challenges modern assumptions of what it means to be a woman the book describes the notion of radical toxic of femininity which the author says is imposed by society and actually makes women i'm happy grassed told r t that current ideology destroys the links that hold families together. the biggest con the anti merry exposed and it really. came about when i started looking at elite women in the culture and i noticed that the values that they had were diametrically opposed friend the values that we see in embodiment and the glass of virgin mary and many different ways that she has helped to build that culture and transform cultures throughout the centuries and the idealist in just expose and and show how much how far we have gone away from these values and they are they really
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are some major problems here that we need to address because women are happy this is you know fundamentally if you look at the numbers you look at at suicide rates depression levels and substance abuse and s.t.d. and divorce all of these things point to some incredibly unhappy women and this is just something i think we've gotten used to but the numbers certainly tell a story that feminism is not doing what it is that we're told it's supposed to be doing which is make us happy. for the book have been banned on instagram and facebook which said they do not comply with commerce policies violate rules on selling adult products but press says big tech has even blocked users post promoting the title although amazon blamed glitches for the removal of links to by her work. and light of the content you know compared to a lot of the content in facebook and instagram sal it was really surprising characterization of the book because it's certainly not i mean it's adulterated but
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it's not i think within the category of what they would call the dark content such as pornography and other illicit materials and there was some glitches on amazon and with my book but i think a pattern as rick is emerging as well there's other books from my publisher that have banned and banned both for sale one of them a stations across for children of amazon he said it was to my lint and then other books that have been banner ads have been banned on facebook i think that my silencing means silencing those books they're trying to help they're trying to prevent people from actually seeing what's going on in the culture in the way that they're trying to promote these these ideologies across the board in the culture in the country you know i've been really encouraged by and then the support that i've had for my book and people went out and bought and drove and that was just amazing to see but i think people are really ready for it to be free of this and i think that you know the people that have resources whether it's ideas or arms money or
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infrastructure we really need to start finding new ways to to build things that can compete with big tech because that we just keep pouring ourselves into it and not offering enough competition to really balance and out and keep them keep them honest. 32 minutes that's when i'll be back with another full and fresh look at news the start international. internet censorship is happy at an accelerated pace conservatives and progressives are being to monetize any plot more times than not the censorship is never really explained we are left to assume when the phrase community standards is invoked we
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somehow were threatening but that's what you said to give is all about. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person with those. things . we dare to ask. let's discuss what happened in some way. on the stoppable force tries to move a table movable object this sounds interesting.
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clip of the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm. in washington coming up the world health organization with treating the pandemic origin that it takes 3000000 likely to over 1000 leave in labs we have the latest straight ahead in the u.s. stocks took a break from their rally earlier today before picking back up for each new record highs big point and other krypto continue the 3rd dr pepper book purchase 1500000000 worth of bitcoin on monday have a lot to get to fill up but. we begin today with the latest out of 100 china where members of the world health organization they're continuing to investigate the origins of the crown of our earth.


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