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find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. breaking news an r.t. russia's foreign minister warns moscow is ready to end ties with the european union but only if the. new sanctions on key sectors of the country's economy. we don't want to distance ourselves from the international community but we need to be ready for this if you want peace prepare to war also become a member of the world health organization just back from the virus at the center in china tells us that if bad cause the disease when it came to humans 3 other animals 1st hand ranging from. american values being forced on the country that is the renowned. to diversify performances after complaints from black we hear from a french. i think this is
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a kind of laziness of the intellectual process where they say well we're going to copy and paste. and they tell us how wrong we all. are watching our international just going to work in moscow now let's start with that breaking news that the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned that moscow is ready to break up with you if it imposes new sanctions that key sectors of the country's economy. lou don't go to the loo. are we heading for severed ties with the e.u. we're just saying they were ready to do this if we see once again like we've seen numerous times before that brussels imposes sanctions that post risks to our economy specifically to the most sensitive sectors once again we don't want to distance ourselves from the international community but we need to be ready for
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this if you want peace prepare to war. ok let's get more done if he joins me in. a very strongly worded statement there that is effectively saying enough is enough well it is a very blatant statement for a veteran diplomat excuse me which certainly is but basically here the russian top diplomat he is responding to a prospect of new sanctions being imposed on russia over the case over the jailing of alexina valmy the opposition figure and a prominent kremlin critic essentially the kremlin's position here it's not that it's not that the russian top diplomat is looking to initiate the severing of of ties with the e.u. but rather if the e.u. initiate that russia will and should be ready for that it clearly is frustrated and this frustration it stems from from his meeting with the use foreign policy chief
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joseph barrelled and even moscow some about a week ago and in general as the as this visit happened it was quiet unremarkable i should say it was blood almost business as usual sergei lavrov clarified moscow's in reiterated moscow's position that the if these swap at this swapping of the suspended sentence for a real one for legs in a valley it's an internal matter russia views it as an internal matter but at the same time jewels of burrell called on russia to release the kremlin critic and world saying that this case is politically motivated is politically charged. and according to. the e.u. diplomats in including jobs are borel. being strong armed into a tough into an unreasonably tough position on russia essentially they are stripped the ability and the opportunity to do their job of diplomacy here's how he put it.
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orcon useless for your whole cannot. travel to snow in the complicated situation many were against his visit and publicly declared that he should not come to russia until we quote fix our behavior it's not the 1st time i noted not only e.u. foreign policy chief barel but also his previous us to not have the capacity to negotiate with the whole e.u. point of view was focused on the idea that we had turned mr no valley into a political prisoner and it had nothing to do with the charges against him and all of these is a human rights violation which means russia being a member of the european convention on human rights must release him and respect his rights but there are russian state laws and they need to be respected as for human rights i remind mr burrell that we've long shown readiness to hold a constructive dialogue based firstly on facts and secondly not on a unilateral basis of most observers it civil so and from the very get go joseph burrell was put in a very tough conditions by his e.u. counterparts because there were critics who were saying that he shouldn't you
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shouldn't visit prussia at all but when he came back from that visit all hell broke loose they did the diplomats in the e.u. parliament they didn't mince any words just have a listen as to how they treated and how they referred to jos a barrel after his visit to moscow so security moscow abuse the visit of high representative bordello to you merely aid and offend the european union if you are ill executed a visit you know only a shame to european citizens you also helps fucci and harms dressin people who are real and the on the other hand made a fool of himself last week you must go by his actions he made a mockery of the ambition of the e.u. to play a major role in the world stage wake up call that finally prompted to your member states and yourself to to adopt a more realistic and principled russian foreign policy and to move to. sanctions
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finally i mean. usually human rights under sanctions least and to suspension of stream 2 which is contrary to european and she security police so very you have a day but there are headlines saying that lab rove bested borel that the human brain was humiliated in moscow and so on and so forth only because he did not take an overly aggressive stance on this whole issue of the jailing of alexina valmy and basically tried to do his job and will be diplomatic about this whole situation but this quote unquote loud choir of condemnation it was interrupted by and i wish member of the european parliament who pointed out that as she sees it the the only reason that election of only gets so much attention is because he was jailed in russia and that the e.u. is using him simply as a political pretext to slap more sanctions on moscow. imus happy as
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anybody else to stand up for anybody's rights including the 1000 east but let's be honest if that was so he's officious i see immigrants racist and maybe 4 percent of the support and we wouldn't be discussing him oh if you've been arrested anywhere else other than in russia so made the following point as well he said that russia is already independent of him militarily so russia does not rely on anybody or russia is in arms expects its exporting arms and basically saying that russia should do the same thing but with its economy is that if anybody decides to impose more sanctions and cripple some crucial economic sphere of russia then you should just go old wave goodbye and say well if you're closing this door we won't we won't be standing there knocking you're ok or i think you go that was our r.t. he goes down if we get more analysis now with
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a covert operation independent political analyst and we appreciate you coming back on to this deal but what are your thoughts here how do you think brussels will react to this statement by lab. i think obviously paul's it was taught aussie crosses react immediately or have to reflect on the meetings because there's a lot of nuance was what was. the tension on both sides or rearranging their own relationship with our player. or less or just expect an immediate boost. just wondered from the statement whether why do you would be very concerned i'm not i'm not saying that they shouldn't be be but looking at this sort of threat is saying that we're going to $7080.00 times but is it clear exactly what he means by that no i think it isn't clear what. was left open to interpretation at a minimum severing ties with the e.u.
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would be no different from all of. britain the last 2 weeks were gets downgraded the diplomatic representation of the e.u. didn't you know to keep them from an ordinary. sovereign state to an association of states that is the very minimum that moscow could do it could not lie to the e.u. its status as a sovereign entity by changing downgrading as diplomatic representation or by throwing out home diplomacy. but of course leads you to the question of what with russia's relations with the major still trading partner states. among we member states such as germany was in. what is a tough question. because it's hard to see how one state or 2 states could
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maintain woman relations with moscow if the u.s. sucks no longer have to follow the actions. no i understand your point there are sort of looking at further afield and looking at china and how the deals with china and effectively it all boils down to money talks and plenty of trade deals get signed with china so i just wondered whether this politically it's a big statement but economically in practically in terms of how the countries operate and do business with it actually have a big impact. i think that. the warning that was given was will have. more on certain actions that have long been discussed among the national russia haters the midwest and western your specific of these including cutting off access to. these also could hamper other
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important economic activities aggression and it was long distance bets and years discussion of presidents where it was viewed as a nuclear option but is this something very violent or to arouse the violent response from russia or the destruction of or energy security within the has been used to frustrate and she joins with north stream to budget which is always good may be reminded him yet states bought. it pendants on russia is risky because the russians can turn off the taps and castro plans wellness that hasn't changed if the question here which come to judge of the 2 to gesticulate in james you russia's economic existence as they did as the west city are turning off access to the script to iran where i could see the
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drastic extremely or hard for action in the economic sphere taken by russia sceptics or chat here can cause the most paid to both sides one can leave this very closely on how to do it. and just finally just briefly go but then g. think that me you like russia will take the stance that we really do want to talk and sort out these differences but you know there's a line in the sun. do you has a funny little problem defining any foreign policy position on the west or the 1st our last few years but it has not been addressed only meaningful way into resolution what problem is unity we believe in human history to score here to or frustrate foreign policy or work area rebel positions but
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the criterion of each individual has made it impossible for the all member states of the new major states for parents or. you can join normal relations with russia in the face of the ever existed threats coming from the baltic states and all with encouraging words through gates kates this is not change it means it was cheery and it frustrates formulation a well meaning or. constructive foreign policy of the e.u. towards russia ok gilbert look we're going to have to leave it there but fascinating to talk to you this afternoon i was there but dr wright independent political analyst thanks for coming on. but another news a member of the world health organization tameness just back from when hanna's told r.t. that it that if bats are behind the corona virus it was probably transferred to humans by other animals 1st scientists found him
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a dead cough has been probing the origins of the pandemic in the chinese city. we know from past epidemics for example sars cove and mares cove that bats are the source of the epidemic moreover they contain genetic cells close to the ones that caused the pandemic but we also know that the transmission of the virus did not occur directly from the bat the previous time sars was transferred from a civet cat mers from a camel so there must be some other intermediate animal it is the most likely have potus it's based on our knowledge. of the virus was 1st detected in will hand in december of 2019 contains initial findings in bunk claims that the disease and originated in a lab oratory us think that beijing is hiding facts from experts. science
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needs to lead us out of this pandemic and in preventing the next one geo political battling has already made that path harder it's time to trust in the global systems we set up after world war 2 and give them a chance china gave them very controlled and limited access and got a report that was inconclusive and supports narrative forms that cough again told us whether he thought the beijing had been transparent. how successful was our mission i believe that we have fulfilled our program this was only the 1st part of our investigation and we didn't expect to determine the origin of the pandemic already w.h.o. team and chinese specialists work together as scientists it was something like a huge conference where we shared opinions and information analyzed scientific literature that already exists discussed hypotheses and assessed possibilities i
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see no reason for the chinese side to hide anything they probably didn't do that because in the scientific world it is very difficult to conceal something information could be hidden from the public but it is more difficult if it's people who really understand the issue. yes. there are 2 hypotheses about how the virus appeared the 1st is that the virus may have been induced the suspicions have already been refuted so we're not even considering this the 2nd is that a natural virus came from the lab we were at the institute of allergy observing the work with viruses and concluded that everything meets safety standards and leakage could not have occurred this lab is far enough from the market if there was a leak we'd see signs of it therefore such a leak is practically impossible we looked at hypotheses in the probability
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category it's likely that the virus came from space so it's impossible. to say it does nice job of failing to follow a pro biden narrative in private social media accounts we'll have more on the story of this just after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics all this i'm show business i'll see you. we've got the 3 headed vigilante coming our way we've got the bond vigilantes are coming back they're stranded drug dealers shorting bonds now it means day he is going to try to force. like we saw 993 so the bond
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vigilantes back he's talking about gold and so are others just a golden jewel in d.c. and a big point vigilantes i've been here since 2009. they're growing exponentially now and the price of course as it goes under a trillion in this year 2021 it will be worth more than 4 trillion so those are the 3 vigilantes that are now coming for the dollar the dollar is just sitting ducks. hello again disney star to the so-called council culture after being sacked for social media posts that failed to turn a pro-democrat and trump line but it's tough to tell and i reports many who demanded were also caught sending similar provocative messages to
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disney's finally realizing that night's no fairy tale couldn't stick to townsend's of nights and calls a pumpkins no no it hot take out political and its fans a switching off i'm canceling my disney plus subscription right now they want to cancel us i will cancel them. i don't know many posts but if you find this qur'an the for her freedom of speech i promise i will cancel my disney plus subscriptions council culture is going to far cancel disney plus if you were ever tricked into giving them money in the 1st place why instantly now facing backlash not a bunch of happy smiling kids singing i'm going to let it go oh well a film company it owns of crumbled under the pressure of laureus fire to the corrado to the star of the disney plus so the mountain noria.
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no place for a child apparently because of her a par and unacceptable social media posts which include being skeptical of mustering thinking that trump's impeachment is well out a bit of a hoax refusing to put her pronouns in her twitter handle the most recently comparing the prosecution of republicans in today's america with out over the jews in nazi germany which was one of the dockets pages and human history obviously whoa it was not a hit because i mean you want to go that route one calling people fascists and nazis but if you voted for trump you voted for the person who claimed supported you voted for the person who nazis supported by the jews. and we
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are ready is to say nothing. is happening here is the republican party as a personalized power like we haven't seen it's a cut deal it's a series or it's a fear her and it's also entirely inappropriate to combat genocides to current political tensions right amazon we've seen it in bosnia we've seen it in rwanda where radio was telling people the you know hutus were telling the radio listen. that you were cockroaches and you see them in these videos also did you know miss this memo about art healing and unity and sending troops supporters to camps i just think we need a tree here is about a terrorist the way we do actual terrorists i think we need to consider all all right possibilities i'm not against sending these people to get me out that i'm a democratically elected former presidents from speaking out their own impeachment trial hearings about our free speech 1st among learned about for those jobs to see
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approves of the constitution so pass it anyway so you are disney on the rocks the people who are against council culture want to cancel disney for daring to cancel jena who believe that she had other michael peeps are being cancelled by society it's all very. matter of the probably should have stuck to fairy tales. meanwhile fringe intellectuals are stepping up their attacks on what they call american values claiming fashionable leftist ideas imported from the us have no place in france and claim to that they pose a threat to french society well these warnings aren't new for the country either with the president and other government officials are already raising fees as the certain social science theories entirely imported from the united states with the problems which i respect and which exist but which is just added to. the reason
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battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from american universities. while some national think is blowing the u.s. for france's mass protests against police brutality similar to america's black lives matter movement america's made to campaign on awareness about sexual abuse has also gained traction with french feminists charlotte has more on the transatlantic head. french intellectuals and politicians are said to be up in arms over the council culture ideology seeping over from the united states and spoiling well the french way of life i think there's a kind of laziness of the intellectual process where they say well we're going to copy and paste and they come and they tell us how wrong we are black lives matter to our examples of movements that flew over the atlantic and spread their wings here now that's led to debates over race gender preferences crackdown on islam is
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still going on is asians and demands for the country to fess up to its colonial past they come and they tell us that we all racist. phobic about our universal values on nothing. and quite frankly i mean there's a combination of incredulity and. annoyance i wouldn't say anger because we don't think it's run of that europe has existed for a long time. i think we can live without american christian will theory for a few few years more and it seems the french should really had enough of council culture so when the director of the paris opera issues it diktats saying that he wanted to diversify staff and black face the editor in chief of one of france's biggest daily papers and took issue making works of art disappear echoes the cancel culture which has been a national sport for america and aims to wipe off the map culture and creators
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symbolizing the domination of the white male and the oppression of minorities some say this problem it's much deeper it's a threat to its political identity is a threat to the republic and to french democracy and to the functioning of the state it's not a matter of cultural identity i do. i think that there is a big threat to civilized life and obviously freedom of speech and so on by these kinds of movements while imposing ideas on race inequality feels for many a little bit rich coming from the u.s. considering the state to race relations in america right now it doesn't look like there are solutions work so well so i'm not sure we need them really but the other thing is that there's this whole speech. discussion about how colonialist it is to impose a different culture on the unsuspecting populations and the french are saying well
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you are imposing something that may or may not work for your country but it's not working for france i mean oh after all isn't the whole point of freedom of speech also having some respect for the point of view of others what is objectionable in this room is the idea that instead of having a discussion or a debate or even an argument about it that there should be this should somehow become sold and so we are dealing i'm sorry to say this it sounds rather rude but we are dealing with the difference between intelligence and stupidity it's just stupid to talk like that of course we can all disagree about napoleon or any other historical figure but that's what makes this civilization that is what civilization is there's a claim that this fight back comes from a small frightened republic that's in decline but isn't it just possible that perhaps france a country with a long proud tradition of intellectual debate the country where the enlightenment
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movement was birthed is perhaps still ahead of the curve well at least compared to america and for now it appears that the left culture just isn't cutting the must it in france so let's even ski r.t. paris. and that brings you up to date for now here not international good to have a company will that be back with more stories in the headlines and about. how do you define the word reality something like this the state of things as they actually do exist as opposed to an idealist state or notional idea of them to say the least this is a philosophical definition listed only in politics is there one political reality can and should one be enforced when this in the end produced
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a ministry of truth. knowing it's true it would seem that man there who didn't blog a little but i'll blog good though. i know you don't buy that in a can matter cannot. present a bad national climate that you cannot deny. the stuff book deals on miles on the lawn of the model that has you more than an eye on my public affairs. and. must know how to set the commute into and out of it all small a lot of the so it is. not a given but the infos of this not all of you in the nose you know how to make you
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know the feel of a good. shot and know it the one on my back. to my name a few other. still it just. took one month. to settle. fridays off for business because friday's big. it's. difficult with my father. because.
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all sorts of things. get to him is she idle and everybody take is all i'm saying it's all mine and. there will always. be is that says this will. build a lot of the old guys. who gobbling up until you feel. somewhat. like what me and winter i'm. going 5 10 o'clock 5 when you want to eat dinner for 5. i don't play 55 no i want to really look. at you all kind of well i just let you know that i would it not because. i'm a little loud and i don't know how would i not know that.


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