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tv   News  RT  February 16, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EST

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headlines this hour russian scientists developed the world's 1st test for the deadly u.k. strain of the coronavirus that supports many countries to close their borders we hear from the head of the russian aboard. while developing the new testing system we kept in mind that if we need to detect other strains we could do it in a short period of time. to come a u. turn in minneapolis after a push to defund the police the city gives room for spent millions of dollars to tackle a spike in violent crime and the blame game continues as china hits back at washington for questioning the findings of the w h o's investigation into the origins of the corona virus pandemic and stuck in a hotel room for 10 days that is the new reality facing people returning to the
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u.k. from. you quarantine rules come into full. well they're good afternoon just gone 3 o'clock in the russian capital you with r.t. international the russian scientists have developed the world's 1st test for the new corona virus strain 1st detected in britain the deadly a very intense lead to many countries shutting their borders to travelers of reports. what this particular mutation more commonly known as the british strain has caused some alarm all over the world essentially one thing to understand about it while not more aggressive as any other strain of the virus for the hosts body it is much more contagious and therefore it poses an increased risk of hospitalization and death and that's why russian scientists decided to single out
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this particular strain 1st. well developed in the new test in system we use the same approach as we did for the main test it is the same express method where you need about an hour to receive test results which is much faster than the classic v.c.r. testing we don't try to replace our main test it is not a method for mass diagnostics it's a tool for e.p.d. milage ical surveillance to control the spread of new strains however well developed in the new testing system we kept in mind that if we need to detect other strains we could do it in a short period of time. well one thing to understand about covert 19 is that it's a virus that well it mutates very easily adapting to different environments and so on that's why it is potentially very concerning because what if it develops and evolves into a version that kills people quicker so that's why europe is still on lockdown at least of some degree some countries of closed outside of the e.u.
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travel's some countries closed borders even with some of its e.u. neighbors and the move the virus exists and by the way there are no signs that it is going anywhere the movie versions of itself will create but the russians are saying that this that with this new technology they will be able to quickly identify and single out whatever new strain comes up. our justice system aims to detect a mutation in a protein that was 1st found in this strain in britain but later it was also found in south african and brazilian strains as well initially we planned to use the test for surveillance now i do not exclude the possibility that the test can be used for differential diagnosis after grown the virus has been diagnosed in order to understand what kind of virus a person is infected with. so the more scientists know about covert 19 the more information doctors have so the will be able to potentially at least tailor their treatment in accordance as to which strain
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a patient has and world make it more personal make it more individual and hopefully prevent more deaths. in the u.k. a new quarantine measures introduced on monday may make travelers think twice before heading there anyone arriving from a red listed country will now have to fork out 1750 pounds to quarantine for 10 days in a specially designated hotel upon arrival passengers a risk or 2 through the airport then taken by bus to their accommodation but london's heathrow airport has expressed concerns about the policy we have been working hard with the government to try to ensure a successful implementation of the policy from monday but some significant gaps remain in rio year to receive the necessary reassurances u.k. government has brought in tough penalties for anybody who flouts the rules it's introduced fines of up to $10000.00 pounds for those failing to quarantine and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for people who lie about where they have come
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from this creates additional challenges there for the u.k. border force. to what extent our border force going to be checking to be sure people have been honest we're hearing a lot of concern from people who are concerned about encountering someone who has been in the red list country and hasn't declared it could do this abuse are they expected to detain them or showers they travel consultancy c. does believe that quarantining in hotels is a risky policy. i noticed the world health organization said the other day that some of these variants are on the wane which means that maybe they are now being managed more effectively but before we get the data we don't know for certain what i do think is that hotel quarantine is still very high risk is a policy it prevents people coming into the country who might have to come in and that police often come in so it doesn't help the economy recover secondly it's high risk because as we've seen in australia and new zealand there are some who tells
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where the doris is being transmitted from one of the guests through to a security worker or catering work at work ina hotel is then take a need back and transmitted it within their own communities it would be much better for effective testing to be done at the borders on arrival and then anyone these positive is taken in school to their own home where they could quarantine in their on their own in their own whom self isolate there and if that was inforced properly i think that would be far more effective than hotel quarantine. spatters bring within germany closed its borders to austria and the czech republic was part of burnings battle to combat veterans but it hasn't gone down well with its neighbors for weeks but various minutes the president marcus order hasn't missed a single opportunity to take a pot shot at her all this constant push orator of remarks are disgraceful and
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don't befits a minister president that's not the way to treat neighbors the truth is that the virus cannot be stopped by close borders i think it's wrong to return to europe with close boris' like we had in march 2020 we're battling the mutated virus on the borders with the czech republican or strip the e.u. commission should support us and not throw a spanner in the works with their cheap suggestions. well the introduction of the border controls though has caused massive traffic jams at the german check from tears you can say under the restrictions that took effect on sunday german citizens along with truck drivers are allowed to enter germany provided that they test negative for cove it however they will still need to quarantine for at least 10 days on arrival political commentator john brake nonbelief though it's not realistic to expect countries to act as one despite the common ideals of the. globe is a fiction you're obviously a religion is it believed that you can be a deceiver be an union and make it into
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a single gallantry eventually but it doesn't seem to work that we do haven't really achieve unity in the sense that the different people in you are but still is this one of those that used to be the german town the french know the french. and then those are going to these areas of the people to control their own through their policy and so on if only they are all those. this meet to build a european union that really loading that's when you know mother there are. people who. know the basic things that we are different people and we have no change was the unity if you want to go in. the meantime united states and china have again accused each other of wrongdoing over the pandemic the latest back concerns the findings of a recent investigation by the world health organization into the origins of the virus of washington calling for beijing to be more transparent we have deep
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concerns about the way in which the early findings of the cold night investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them beijing that was hit back saying that the u.s. has undermined international efforts to tackle the pandemic. what the u.s. has done in recent years has severely undermined multilateral institutions including the w.h.o. and gravely damaged international corporation uncovered 19 but the us acting as if none of this has ever happened is pointing fingers at other countries who have been faithfully supporting the w.h.o. and the w.h.o. itself with such a track record how can it win the confidence of the whole world well the investigation has been the focus of intense and often critical media scrutiny today and in one case a number number of w.h.o. experts did hit back at an article in the new york times that a king's china refusing to hand over data this was not my experience on w.h.o.
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mission as leader of animal environment working group by phone trust and openness with my china counterparts we did get access to critical new data throughout we did in greece our understanding of why it was spillover pathways we did build up a good relationship in the chinese international epidemic team allowing for heated arguments reflect a deep level of engagement in the room our quotes are intended lee to restate casting shadows over important scientific work china expert joseph gregory mahoney does believe that the source of the pandemic will be a political issue for some time yet. well it's absolutely the case the united states hyper politicized the pandemic coming out now that encouraged unfounded and anti-scientific conspiracy theories demonize china and withdrew from the world health organization and that these actions in tandem with transamerica 1st perch proved profoundly destructive to international cooperation we know that biden will
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not go soft on china but he aims to compete we know that he has to play to american voters who are deeply suspicious of china we know that he's trying to rally allies in a new coalition to push back against china the problem we face is that it's often practically impossible to pinpoint scientifically when and where an outbreak like this started and the best we can do is rule out unlikely scenarios and consensus builder around well grounded theories what this means unfortunately is that the outbreaks fortune's will probably remain a couple took away the politicization and demonization a long time to come. but after the controversial death of george floyd at the hands of police in minneapolis last year the city decided to defund or in force meant however since then crime is cancelled chiefs have been forced into a major gave to a private to spend a whopping $6000000.00 in the bid to regain your noda recent data that suggests that the number of gunshot victims is up 250 percent compared to the same period
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last year at the same time right cases of increased 22 percent i'm rubbering by almost 60 percent the city county has around 200000 year offices than usual after many left before so went on the following the death of george floyd in my last year . let us not keep up that that. i want i want change bro we all want change. this is what you get when you don't hold other cops accountable when you let them
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kill other people when you let them kill us we don't hold your partner accountable this is this this is. following the protests the president of minneapolis city council announced plans to replace the police what she called a transformative new model of public safety and she wasn't the only one either calling for such radical changes. i will never call sign off on funding a police department that continues to brutalize us and i will never even stop saying not only do we need to invest burned police well we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. remember they voted a few months ago to take $8000000.00 away from the police department which they did and what happened there there are some businesses in the city of minneapolis who are getting hit by the same person $2.00 and $3.00 times in
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a week and now for the city council to say well we're going to spend money to hire new police officers so you know you almost you know must have to laugh at it it's ridiculous what's going to happen is you are going to see a shortage of police officers in larger urban centers like minneapolis new york chicago los angeles most if not all of these cities are run by the democrats and the democrats tend to not support their police officers you can't support your criminals and consider them victims and not support your police and not expect crime to rise and in all of those cities that i mentioned most of them have skyrocketing homicide rates skyrocketing violent crime rates you vilify your police officers you better make friends with criminals because that's all you're going to have left watch out so you still to come over the next few minutes and you
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recall cost diatom the effectiveness of the u.s. air force in the fight against isis in the middle east that's among the stories we'll have a look at just after the break. join
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me every 1st week on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or. i'm sure i'll see you. again a new report by the american think tank has cost on the effectiveness of the u.s. air force its role in the fight against isis the survey found that military aviation failed to significantly speed up the defeat of the so-called caliphate reporting his son. you might remember not too long ago
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a man claiming a historic victory. when i took it over was a mess now on the bottom. there is no red the ice is caliphate. has been decimated we have one good study says while washington so successfully defeated islamic state the reportedly it's now in the process of setting up a new military base to counter islamic state which is on the rise again so if indeed a us how busy returning to a little triangle between iraq syria and turkey it seems a good moment to ask how effective really was the west against the terror threat us trump or the pentagon full marks but read a recent report by the think time grant corp which did a deep dive into us out against islamic state between 20142019
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while does lente have room for improvement a little more aggressive in operations more just slightly accelerated the defeat of isis they're unlikely to have significantly altered the timeline the deep fighting operation inherent resolve affected arses finances but it could not affect us is main said tour of gravity territory meaning the strategic attack did not play a decisive role in this operation was the probably made american taxpayers who saw 20 of the billions go towards operation inherent resolve in 2018 and 19 alone think is it really worth doing it all over again to be for the report does point to successful moments in washington's fight in iraq and syria but what stands out is that despite being much better funded than other operations in the middle east including the war in afghanistan that was a slew of errors including outdated techniques slow action uncoordinated
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intelligence gathering and who most unbelievably being out of practice after decades of flying primarily overboard mission since september the 11th the joint community's ability. capacity to plan and develop a deliberate strike operation in the deep areas actually feed this meant that many practitioners lacks experience in applying these processes to real world operations and the muscle memory to rapidly execute them and the conclusion the report comes to neither much as that last scene victorious tone of the pentagon nor does it exactly fill you with hope for any future campaigns deep strike operations help stress isis's finances in haste and its demise but what ultimately peripheral to the overall strategy ignoring this issue would be deeply problematic in a fight against a more capable adverse saree or in a more concise to their environment washington war hawks have historically
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preferred to repeat the mistakes over and over again so whether they break with tradition this time and take up the report's recommendations is unclear what is horrifyingly clear though is that villages were bombed into oblivion thousands of civilian lives were lost along with all those taxpayers billions and it still wasn't enough something that becomes all the more horrifying when it looks like round 2 is on the cards. will be heard from the author and retired u.s. air force officer karen kiviat confiscate she questions the motives behind the u.s. presence in syria. i think that the u.s. would spend if they want anything they're going to. spend at least as much as they have spent in the past bigger issues seem to be ignored when the united states makes decisions about where they want to put their military or with the united
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states military is true is that we should spend more money on our defensive and offensive capabilities in many ways we use these. wars not its wars but as exercises or we can demonstrate technologies improve our coronations skills our combat intelligence or using in kind of his own testing ground almost a playground which of course is extremely. immoral. now the world health organization has approved the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccines produced in south korea and india for emergency use we now have all the pieces in place for the rapid distribution but back soon. but we still need to scale up production and we continue to call for vaccine liberal operators to submit the. full review of the same time. to looters
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who high income countries it comes after 2 regions in sweden temporarily stopped inoculating health care workers with the astra zeneca jab after a one in 41 in 4 recipients developed a fever and of the negative side effects we spoke to a swedish. professor about the issue. 100 people out of 400. 1 police need to do a single day reported those side effects so here we have then. if 4 times more than what it is and i'm sit as possible side effects in there the if it disputed by a percentage that was that residents so the difference is significant it's not just a little bit more it is 4 times more so the question is why these are these are a cities within and not ice not the countries when the 1st thing i would say is that this is also being a rice you know the countries i mean we have the reports from south africa we have
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different force today from france so will be might be that. people reporting these high figures and side effects are professional or that working in health care there are doctors and nurses etc so where data might have a better possibility to assist identified is side effect. that prime independence parties have increased their majority in catalonia regional parliament taking more than half of the votes of the very 1st time the leader of the republican left party says it's a new chapter for the region. don't you mean that catalonia made history today with the independence movement as more than 50 percent of the vote this means that this country starts a new chapter we have enormous force to choose amnesty and solve determination to achieve the freedom of the political prisoners and the return of the self exult we have a huge force stood schieber a friend to achieve the catalan republic despite the results of
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a recent survey suggests though that only 44 percent of catalans are actually in favor of independence while 47 percent are against spain so it's worst political crisis in decades following a failed independence bid in 2017 by then president carlos boozer among earlier we heard from anna she's a spokesperson for the international commission of european citizens. this time we not only get again an absolute majority of seats in the cabin of parliament but also it was her parents the press corps for 50 percent plus while vaults so we are running really of. our for ways of democratic ways to show ourselves and the world we are completely that meant to be a catalan in the state so we've seen always in history and in the risks of this history and the spanish the spanish to the violence attitude
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against in devon and i will write a solution and asked people to be an independent and other than the state we are could bring legitimate to defend our that are with us stance. in whatever manner the spanish state decides to confront us. finally the influence of major social media platforms is rarely out of the headlines these days culminating in the banning of donald trump's accounts and of also those of his supporters we spoke with the co-founder about this of the cyber security firm casper ski lab about people getting kicked off platforms and also the safety of our personal data online you can see the interview in full at r.t. dot com but here's a taste of what she said. if you're buying it it just you know the concept of private censorship by social media is kind of a myth in fact it doesn't exist because all those companies are totally state controlled is just that the u.s.
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has split and the media has found itself under the thumb of one party well the other didn't want to engage with the media in the same way for one reason or another it's still unclear why they didn't just set up their own outlets but the fact that their arms were twisted is obvious it's clear that severe measures taken by themselves one part of the country is censoring the other and the fact that this amazing step was taken a real breakthrough well actually trump has been blocked before but during the electoral process all the mosques had been taken off already and when the election campaign started the question was only who would win democrats or republicans the democrats wanted to win so badly that they didn't care about decency anymore. in other words shut so make no mistake all platforms collect as much data as they can and even buy it from other platforms too so from this point of view they're all
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alike i would take a variable approach to the issue of information people need to understand what kind of information they can safely share of the web in general you can say that on some platforms your data is better protected than on others but the information isn't safe from the platform itself if you have access to some very serious information that needs to be kept in secret it's probably a good idea not to use electronic devices at all if you are an ordinary citizen not involved in any into social or criminal activity it's ok for you to use apps while taking reasonable precaution measures but be aware that all your movements and all your pictures and videos etc are stored in the cloud so you need to. to them as good as leaked that's all for a regular citizen however if you are a james bond then old school phone is all you can afford and a mask on your face. watching out international that brings you upset so fast that
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i think your company will be back with the headlines and more stories in about half an hour but i forget this plenty to read on our website you can find that on that interview also. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of their descendants still live in russia. looking at the post because you know no rush for us though up our stuff yes it. will stick on things on your way to set your child on the dock this little scott back home black american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. is acting up a smug the real show won by elsa store but by doing. so they decided
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to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the african americans who were too through during the night if you found great crowds. to move a few of your going to call. you and now almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time went to russia. the worst time to go anywhere why not me. why don't i come here. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report well. as christine legarde my call it funny money let's get into it stacy right worst mom money because more money is being handed out and in the 2nd half we talk to dominic frisby about his new edition of the american version of daylight robbery that the history of taxation is very fascinating but it's relevant to today because as we see the money printer go back to.


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