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tv   News  RT  February 16, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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french filmmakers approve an anti separatism bill which critics say would unfairly target muslims. been running for days. russian scientists develop the world's 1st test for the deadly strain of virus that's led to many countries closing the borders we hear from the russian lab. while developing the new testing system we kept in mind that if we need to detect on the street we could do it in the short period of time. and concerns grow over the economic impacts facing germany as freight traffic backs up on its borders says the e.u. criticizes his methods to contain the spread of covert. life
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from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here on our to international. welcome to the program after weeks of heated debate the french national assembly has now voted in favor of a bill against separatism it was the radical islam after a series of killings including the brutal beheading of a history teacher last october critics though saying it unfairly targets the country's 5700000 muslims lawmakers adopted more than 300 amendments to the bill and many m.p.'s are still unhappy with the finished result. sit is not it is absolute silence an absence of other words existing separately as they call it is not the same for everyone we have to discuss the issue of the territorial separatism through separatism and the vaccination campaign and separatism of the rich one i want to take it to the aim of this bill is precisely to reinforce our
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legislative arsenal to combat separatism and to allow the republic to act within the rule of law in this sense it's a battle plan not to a group or gore clip to defend the principles of the republic leave verjuice religious extremism and its dramatic consequences is a serious challenge of our time it's a law that examines us and we have the means to respond to the different holiday profit good ip our group regrets the repressive currents of the tax as well as the absence of the social and economic aspects that serves the interest of integration of our fellow citizens. well this law is aiding duty in trying to found the use of the french for public it includes a tightening of rules around things such as religious teaching ringback to all i hate and it will also see chains sentences doctors who perform think genesee tests now the idea of this war was to stop islam ists from creating communities that reject the country secular dentity and also values of equality between men and
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women this is how the country's interior minister put it the bill provides concrete responses to the development of radical islam and ideology hostile to the principles and values on which the republic is founded this was debated for hours in the national assembly when up and decent falls going through every section of it and more than 100 hours was spent on that in fact and there were $300.00 amendments made the despite all of that talking this rumor is seen by some as being king to a witch hunt again. muslims are shocking actually put in each presidential election particularly muslims are the focus of debates leave us alone leave islam alone thought of them only think we're going to do it if we really want to fight against terrorism what's going on today has nothing to do with this quite on the contrary it will only make it worse and 57 minute it's scares me it scares me for the youth
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because the problem is yes we wear a veil and yes we are muslim so what because we are muslims it doesn't mean that where is limits it is necessary to make the distinction. but no the bill has also to start thinking about it problems and tensions with other countries you might remember that there was critical coverage in the english language media at the lead to present my point towsley intervenes that he was unhappy about the past and it's also staying tight countries such as yourself and turkey don't forget there were protests held across the us in the book that we believe an effigy of president makkal nicol such as the distance had to end with this crackdown and the suggestions that happen sooner or later the say it doesn't go far enough there is dissatisfaction in this room didn't include a ban on women where it is sought to make a headscarf in areas such as university so it does seem that nobody was really
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happy with that spike in fact this bill passed all that this to us reading this bill had being in the works folks very long time over a year ago president it talks about creating a bill like this but it really came at shop focus following a spate of islamist terror attacks in france last year there was of course the brutal beheading of history teacher samuel patty and then 3 people being slaying as a church in nice really a time falls to reflect decide how it was going to target this issue that keeps rearing its head time and time again to be really interesting to see. this plays out now let's not forget though this is just the 1st hurdle yes it's been rubber stamped by the deputies in the national assembly but it now has to go to the senate where there is a suggestion that it will be strengthened even more. russian scientists have developed the world's 1st test for the new corona virus strain that was 1st
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detected in the u.k. deadly variant as a lead to many countries closing their borders it was done off picks up the story. what this particular mutation more commonly known as the british strain has caused some alarm all over the world essentially one thing to understand about it while not more aggressive as any other strain of the virus for the hosts body it is much more contagious and therefore it poses an increased risk of hospitalization and death and that's why a russian scientists decided to single out this particular strain 1st. well developed in the new test in system we used the same approach as we did for the maintenance itself that is the same express method where you need about an hour to receive test results which is much faster than the classic v.c.r. testing we don't try to replace our main test it is not a method for mass diagnostics it's a tool for e.p.d. milage ical surveillance to control the spread of new strains however well
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developed in the new testing system we kept in mind that if we need to detect other strains we could do it in a short period of time. well one thing to understand about covert 19 is that it's a virus that well it mutates very easily adapting to different environments and so on that's why this is potentially very concerning because what if it develops and evolves into a version that kills people quicker so that's why europe was still on lockdown at least of some degree some countries have closed outside of the travel some countries closed borders even with some of its you neighbors and the move the virus exists and by the way there are no signs that it is going anywhere the movie versions of itself will create but the russians are saying that with this new technology they will be able to quickly identify and single out whatever new strain comes up. our justice system aims to detect a mutation in
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a protein that was 1st found in this strain in britain but later it was also found in south africa and brazil and strains as well. initially we planned to use to test for repeat their marginal surveillance which now i do not exclude the possibility of the detest can be used for differential diagnosis after grown a virus has been diagnosed in order to understand what kind of virus that person is infected with so the more scientists know about covert 19 the more information doctors have so they will be able to potentially at least tailor their treatment in accordance as to which strain a patient has and well make it more personal make it more individual and hopefully prevent more deaths traffic crossing between germany and the czech republic as well as parts of austria has ground to a halt so after but in short its waters fearing this threat of the highly contagious u.k. variant of covert is all over takes a closer look at the repercussions of the move. huge traffic jams tailing back from
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germany's borders with both the czech republic and austria this is after burley and introduced border checks on sunday evening following outbreaks of mutant coronavirus trains in both the czech republic and in parts of austria in the tirol region in particular they've put in place these blocks at seeing the huge traffic jams isn't the only areas that could be happening as well stephens i bear to angola merkel spokes person the german government spokesperson has said that they government it currently reviewing doing the same thing at the borders with france due to outbreaks in that country as well no movement on that decision just yet to close the borders between germany and france it has happened between austria at the czech republic and germany and so far the interior ministry here in berlin have acknowledged that situation is far from ideal skipped truly of course that our
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traffic jams and waits in times have increased at the borders at least that's what it was like when the federal police checked about 10000 people and turned away about 5000 on a rival well these traffic jams aren't just in convience they pose real problems for the german economy take the car industry for example that operates on just in time deliveries of supplies in order to work on the construction of automobiles just the shortest amount of delay well that can have a potentially huge knock on effect many parts for automobile production german locations to deliver just in time or just in sequence directly to the assembly line from austria and the czech republic if the testing and controls of the border that result in long traffic jams many car plants in germany will have a breakdown of the supply chains and the subsequent production standstill on their hands the 1st assembly line. science will come to a stop within a few hours in the absence of material supplies there's also diplomatic fallout
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from these border controls both vienna and brussels aren't happy with that they've been put in place there's been some particularly spicy language coming out of parts of austria germany though says it stands by the solution to put these checks in place for weeks but there is minister president marcus sorta hasn't missed a single opportunity to take a pot shot at the role these constant push your roots of remarks are disgraceful and don't be fit a minister president that's not the way to treat neighbors the truth is that the virus cannot be stopped by close borders i think it's wrong to return to europe with close boris' like we had in march 2020 we're battling the mutated virus on the borders with the czech republican or strip the e.u. commission should support us and not throw a spanner in the works with their cheap suggestions it seems relentless for germany at the moment not only dealing with the diplomatic fallout that comes from putting
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in place these checks they're also dealing with an outbreak of the virus in the west of the country as well as an ice cream factory and also pretty quick 210 out of 600 workers there have tested positive for covert 19 at least 2 of those it's been confirmed have tested positive for that mutated british variant of the corona virus so a lot going on a lot of stress is placed on the east those borders and in the west with a new outbreak as well and i mean the alternative for germany party says the e.u. to approach the pandemic has laid bare its limitations. the european union showed that it is incapable to react to. an forseeable situation it begin last began last year or when member states started to act requests to union was unable or proper reaction. and then member states tried to give
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money and more competences to do european union because they wanted to stabilize the union to show to citizens hey the union is able to do it but the more money and more power we transferred from the national capitals to brussels. the bigger where the the mistakes made in brussels the biggest mistake you have seen is that the member states gave debt power to organized over keane's to brussels and to the european commission and the result is now that we have. a disaster in almost all developed countries more people. work seen and then in europe and germany is on the level of a developing country in terms of percentage of people who already got a white got lexan ated and. you see it from the early and 2020 until now the european union is unable to handle death pandemic it is just able to spend money
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for nothing in a bid to jumpstart its economy denmark is mulling plan for roll out controversial covert vaccine passports while the practicalities are still under consideration there are fears it could mean vaccinations become a compulsory in the country one of our instagram bloggers has been pondering the questions many are asking about the move. but it was pretty hard to get well i read that they mark a going to introduce a vaccine possible for the cause of aids and that other countries might be saying. well it's not effectively making the vaccine compulsory tool to those who want to leave your country who want to turn off most things over the thought. of never being odd like to go goodbye can i hear but i like to travel so you think . not sung songs no no i don't. want to
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skew. different cultures it was easy to do because my. yes. 3. trucks nations to visit certain countries but not to leave their own country to to use every trick because. police would fix one target which vaccine would you even name one which ones that. depends on where you live where these not just travel you know some companies talking about making vaccines compulsory for their employees to people just get closer to. oh i will most people will and that's a good thing but some people don't want. that introduction to those who think that the mother. doesn't facebook has their truth is i do not and nod to the rest of the 3 learned. the truth about their lives by the ship are fair enough but not all of them are like that. well yes some papers skeptical
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for understandable reasons but but that's not the poing. well it doesn't matter what their reason me is they should have a choice if we go down the path of making medical procedures effectively compulsory where does that lead us or for you want to know. authorities in minneapolis make a drastic police funding. after the break. join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of sports i'm sure. i'll see you then.
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welcome back and the aftermath of george floyd's death last year when he was trained by minneapolis police the u.s. city decided to defund law enforcement ever since then crime has surged and council chiefs of not been forced into a major u.-turn they've now voted to spend a whopping $6000000.00 in a bid to regain law and order recent data suggests the number of gunshot victims is up 250 percent compared to the same period last year additionally rape cases of risen by more than a 5th and robbery almost 60 percent. the city currently has around $200.00 few offices than usual many left the force or went on leave and went to the scenes of protests riots and looting that followed the death of the floyd last year.
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i want i want jane we are watching. this is what you get when you hold other cops accountable when you let them kill other people when you let them kill us when you don't hold your partner accountable this is this this. fellow in the months long scenes of unrest the violence the president of minneapolis city council announced to replace the police with what she called a transformative new model of public safety and she wasn't alone calling for such radical changes. i will never cool sign off on funding a police department that continues to brutalize also and i will never ever stop saying not only do we need to invest burned police well we need to completely
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dismantle the minneapolis police department. remember they voted a few months ago to take $8000000.00 away from the police department which they did and what happened there there are some businesses in the city of minneapolis who are getting hit by the same person who and 3 times in a week and now for the city council to say well we're going to spend money to hire new police officers so you know young most young must have to laugh at it it's ridiculous what's going to happen is you are going to see a shortage of police officers in larger urban centers like minneapolis new york chicago los angeles most if not all of these cities are run by the democrats and the democrats tend to not support their police officers you can't
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support your criminals and consider them victims and not support your police and not expect crime to rise and in all of those cities i mentioned most of them have skyrocketing homicide rates skyrocketing violent crime rates you vilify your police officers you better make friends with criminals because that's all you're going to have left. clashes erupted in catalonia between protesters and riot police as thousands of people took to the streets protesting via rest of republicans so we should was detained for calling the 4 month spanish king 8 feet barcelona police used rubber bullets as the crowds. the rapper was arrested earlier on tuesday after barricading himself in a university with his supporters he's being charged with insulting the state institutions and you're flying terrorism in his song lyrics and tweets protesters
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believe his imprisonment of the persecution of russian. president to slow storm has claimed at least 4 lives in the u.s. state of texas freezing temperatures also led to a massive power outage and more than 3000000 people are still without electricity or some texans left without power overnight reportedly. their homes in a bid to keep warm. the blizzard forced flights to be canceled while thousands of motorists are stuck in traffic jams on state highways in recent days temperatures have dropped to minus 18 degrees celsius the coldest seen there in more than 30 years on sunday president biden the state of emergency in the state the snowstorm is also intensified the debate over renewable energy as many wind turbines froze to hold while solar panels were covered with ice. europe's most active volcano spewing joint mountains of lava and sending ash more than
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a kilometer into the air the air force on the italian island of sicily house halted flights because of the eruption which began on monday scientists claim there is no threat to nearby villages. in the caucasus mountain range in russia's south the most visible force to trigger a human. race that was taken after a heavy snow storm forced the local authorities to close all the ski resorts. a new report by the american think tank has cast doubts on the effectiveness of the u.s. forces role in the fight against isis the study found as you promise he failed to significantly stem the spread of the islamist groups caliphate. as more details. you might remember not too long ago a humble man claiming a historic victory that red is isis when i took it over it was a mess now on the bottom that's exactly and there is no red the ice is
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caliphate. has been decimated we have one good study says while washington so successfully defeated islamic state the reportedly it's now in the process of setting up a new military base to counter islamic state which is on the rise again so if indeed a us how busy returning to a little triangle between iraq syria and turkey it seems a good moment to ask how effective really was the west against the terror threat us trump or the pentagon full marks but read a recent report by the think time grant corp which did a deep dive into us out against islamic state between 20142019 while does lente have room for improvement a little more aggressive in operations more just slightly accelerated the defeat of isis they're unlikely to have significantly altered the timeline the deep fighting
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operation inherent resolve affected arses finances but it could not affect us is his main center of gravity territory meaning the strategic attack did not play a decisive role in this operation was the probably made american taxpayers who saw 20 of the billions go towards operation inherent resolve in 20019 alone think is it really worth doing it all over again to be for the report does point to successful moments in washington's fight in iraq and syria but what stands out is that despite being much better funded than other operations in the middle east including the war in afghanistan that was a slew of errors including outdated techniques slow action uncoordinated intelligence gathering and who most unbelievably being out of practice. after decades of flying primarily overwatch mission since september the 11th the
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joint community's ability and capacity to plan and develop a deliberate strike operation in the deep areas actually feed this meant that many practitioners lacks experience in applying these processes to real world operations and the muscle memory to rapidly execute them and the conclusion the report comes to night the much as that last scene victorious tone of the pentagon nor does it exactly fill you with hope for any future campaigns deep strike operations help stress isis's finances and haste in its demise but what ultimately peripheral to the overall strategy ignoring this issue would be deeply problematic in a fight against a more capable adverse saree or in a more concise to their environment washington war hawks have historically preferred to repeat the mistakes over and over again so whether they break with tradition this time and take up the report's recommendations is unclear what is
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horrifyingly clear though is that villages were bombed into oblivion thousands of civilian lives were lost along with all those taxpayers billions and it still wasn't enough something that becomes all the more horrifying when it looks like round 2 is on the cards were to us force officer karen kotowski questions the motives behind washington's presence in syria. i think that the u.s. would spend if they want anything they're going to. spend at least as much as they have spent in the past bigger issues seem to be ignored when the united states makes decisions about where they want to put their military or to part with the united states military is proving is that we should spend more money on our defense of an offensive capabilities in many ways we use these. who are not as wars but as exercises we can demonstrate technologies improve our nation's skills our
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our combat intelligence or using in kind of his own testing ground almost a playground which of course is extremely. immoral. and those are the headlines for this hour to get a half an hour for the latest global news updates we'll see about that. thank you for beings to change friendships or beat. us because one of those last verse is that there's going to meet people on easy road really why should we or should we be forced to buy time just because nature. or somebody new brain why don't we just choose the.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter limbo as the code vaccine is being rolled out is absolutely necessary to take stock of the economic devastation left in the pandemics wake what is the fate of the working middle class will income inequality continue to decrease how will government intervention change the economy and finally does the phrase the new normal mean anything. to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest on this hogan and bring
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better late than he is a senior research fellow at the american institute for economic research in los angeles we have he and he has a corporate strategic planning and independent economic analysts and in bangkok we process he is a crowdfunding professor of economics unpatriotic as well as a distinguished research. one of the institute for years strategy resilience and security of university college london originally crosswalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i was appreciate it ok let's go to los angeles 1st you know there's a lot of people that topped over the months about in and l. recovery the recovery dubey 0 and none of it's really panned out maybe we don't have enough data and as i said in my introduction they're still rolling out the vaccine and we'll see what the the outcome will be but in your mind in looking at this this saga that we've all gone through what i see we're all arms rooms still. and what is the most important significant change.


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