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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  February 18, 2021 1:30am-2:01am EST

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but it's also getting personal as lawmakers are having to deal with members of their own state party and their own family publicly upset with their vote on last week's impeachment we're going to take a 360 view on why is there an obsession with donald trump and more importantly is it justified but we also want to focus on the 1st major appearance of president biden at a town hall which consisted of several did he really just say that moment we're going to bring you all of the details and a legend and media has passed we're going to reflect on just how much of an influence rush limbaugh had on politics and what this means for a movement for the future i'm scotty now hughes and a you're watching a news used to use it right here on our to america. we opened today show with the news of the passing of a talk radio host rush limbaugh now he's been battling lung cancer for over a year and was honored by president trump just last year at the state of the union
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with the presidential medal of freedom you know rush was either loved or hated by those in politics but those in the media business especially talk radio were garlits of their own opinions respected rush for his work ethic and his dedication to the industry so i'm going to bring in our to america's own steve molesworth actually work to press them by and ed markey who is a long time friend and leader within the conservative moment to share their stories today is everybody is kind of reflecting on what rush limbaugh not only meant for the media but also for a movement something that it was kind of is kind of new in the past 20 years thank you for joining me gentlemen. great to be with you. we all have our stories you know i personally i went to go on a show that one of the few guests he had on a few years ago after he found out that i was upset about something he said he had a very gracious heart about people see him as being very hateful but to those who got to know him you actually found out that he actually cared a lot for people he didn't like stepping on toes of those that he respected steve
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you started off actually working with rush limbaugh from the very beginning in the radio days tell me a little bit about your reflections on the life of rush limbaugh. my civic leaves you know go out to his family his wife and of course david limbaugh his brother who . is a guest on meet the press from time to time you know so brave to the very end back in 1988 rush limbaugh a guy named rush limbaugh came to new york to start his show when he came to do it from w. a.b.c. radio where i was at the time since 1981 and remained till 2004 so i knew rush you know every day could see russian he was he was a sweetheart of a man he was he was he was just so likable and i know how he treated his staff and the people close to him i know the egos of radio i've seen it i've been guilty of it and. i have that i met my wife who worked for russia at w a
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b c if there was no rush my son might not be here so my point is he treated his employees and people like like as genuine as could be and as generous as could be he was a he was just set up when he 1st came who had any idea what would happen here we are 32 years later and right up to the very end almost he was he was still doing what he loved and doing it as the best that ever did it and it was quite dedicate specially to am radio nobody really believed in him in the beginning that like oh well this poem on the am station and all the settings will have popularity help grow other talk radio let's talk radio on both sides and you got to know him also as a friend but more also from the political movement side of him tell me kind of your thoughts on on the life and legacy of rush limbaugh yeah well a couple of observations scotty number one he comes from an extraordinary missouri family you know that's where i'm from and his family has he used to joke it has all sorts a lawyer is a couple of doctors it was a family goes back 3 or 4 generations of outstanding judges and lawyers and he
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loved that i mean all the times i was with him i i would see him he's actually was kind of shy around his siblings and around his cousins at all david limbaugh was even more. a few cities more a few said than rush but i don't say that was it was a wonderful family it really is he had that sense about him and he really cared he would talk about cape gerardo his hometown but i want to point to something a little different yes he invented talk radio yes he transformed the conservative movement but he also created a set of a way people learned about what they believed on the center right side he was entertaining and people came back because they related but over the years he taught people to read and sink you know his bestselling books were one thing but the way he talked about in my previously nicotine stained fingers i'm holding it be reading something and then the rust the rust revere he love the rush revere series just. a lot of people really other go that some people love that so i think he has a place as
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a kind of transformative figure that is is amazing i will tell you one thing about fighting steve mentioned my wife's a doctor when she heard the diagnosis a year ago she said that kind of cancer 2 months 3 months she kept saying to me he's really fighting he's fighting hard he he gave a lot to be able to be on the air even till just a week or 2 ago extraordinary life and extraordinary service and i think that the major bout of it you know he never went to college himself he was a self-taught man that really is once again another version of the american dream that he went to when you're a college dropout but it wasn't just politics he started off with 4th broadcast he made himself legendary amongst the kansas city market on that side of it steve i you know i real quick i want to ask you this question where does it how does talk radio go from here is there a rush limbaugh replacement and if that little bit scary for a and maybe a that it's already become under assault and so many ways. no there is there is no rush limbaugh replacement none whatsoever there's not one single talk show host
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that could withstand what rush went through and withstood the attacks on him the efforts to get him cancelled even before we knew of the canceled culture he persevered and he just remained on top through it all i don't see that person out there at all they'll never be another one but i think there will always be a need for talk radio and they'll always be a need for conservative talk radio liberal talk radio has failed where ever it's been tried air america gov marial cuomo in new york on w a b c but no they'll never be another rush just like there was never another reagan but there will be a movement and someone then and someone will pick up the mantle and run with it well and i don't like that and they're kind of andrew breitbart as well that we haven't seen a take of the man of andrew breitbart yet as well you know we could do this talk about this whole show discussing the legacy but you know we're going to a rush actually would do today considering all the headlines we're actually going to go back and focus on the event today ed we're going to talk to you later on our political panel steve i want to get your thoughts on last night and we're talking
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about president biden did his 1st major public appearance you know choosing to have an hour long town hall in partnership with a major news network you know president by biden was you know asked questions he was peppered with questions not only from the hosts but from the audience so i kind of want to get your take on what happened you know you have star show eat the press every weekend starting friday nights here on our team america you know the media you know politics and i want to thank you for kind of helping us out in deciding what exactly happened last night in this town hall let's look at 1st did you find it curious that this was actually the 1st real interaction that we've had and seeing with president biden it's been almost a month. yes i mean they have him on a very short leash and for good reason i mean he handled himself ok yesterday to it to the great for a man who knows that no matter what he says he's not going to be challenged he's i could be asked the tough questions they did ask about t.j.
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duck low who was under jen psaki the number 2 white house communications person on the edge and saki who wasn't fired on the spot for a very disrespecting e-mail exchange and threat against a politico female journalist he was 1st suspended for a week and then resigned no follow up on that no question because by that promise if you disrespect anybody you'll be fired on the spot no exceptions didn't happen wasn't asked about it cuomo the whole cuomo scandal there was talk that he might be is the o.j. pick you'd think there'd be a question on that from anderson cooper something nothing but it's no surprise c.n.n. was the friendliest of every one of the networks jake tapper about down to dr jill biden when she said you can't bring up his gaffes anymore and he said i can't that he said no and he basically said ok i won't so no surprise that it was c.n.n. and no surprise that it was in a very very limited well organized setting well and you mention you know what does it say i have to say about it exclusively with wine media network and that he did
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not have it open to the rest the press cover me could he not have found an organization or a forum to do it where all of the press could had the option to actually be involved and cover it however they chose to. of course of course they could have but then they couldn't once they opened it up as you know scotty they'd have to let in you know peter doocy from fox news's they'd have to lead in a way and anybody else i think on the concert and i think one of them is that us and that call absolutely absolutely but they didn't want to do that they're not going to do that with him you know did you see that one when joe biden posted the signs on the lawn before valentine's day and the dogs are running around and the media is like oh what's in the cup of coffee or you have a donut i think that's actually extent of what the media is going to do to this guy they know it and they're going to take full advantage of it well i'm going to say it if it's that steve i think that was actually a very smart move on the biden's part considering that that 7 trump needed to do i think dogs always make any situation better but what it was it made it look
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relatable but you're right the media questions out there what's in your cup of coffee reminds me of this past week in fact a journalist pointed out to me this morning one of our fellow coworkers here said wait a minute did you see this past weekend we're in the middle of a pandemic he goes to camp david in the story that newsweek is having is joe biden playing as the we went in mario kart race against granddaughter camp david that the newsweek headline in the middle of a pandemic that you know you can only imagine what happened let's get to last night i want to cover some of the moments that are not getting mainstream coverage and they should be talked about that you could actually reveals a lot let's sort of i would talk about talking about the discussing the online registration for the kovac vaccine. a lot of people don't know how to register not everybody in the community in the hispanic and the african-american community particularly in. rural areas that are distant and or inner city districts know how to use know how to get on line. i think
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even now any luck. big i guess because joe biden that's a racist thing to say hello i don't care that he said it i don't think joe biden is a racist but it died out trump it said it or of the mayor the governor of florida had said it or ted cruz it said it or you'd be hearing about is how racist and white supremacist they all are and of course then everybody but you would maybe for the most part is yawning about this that's they have progress and that's the double standard that's what we live with it's out horrid that he would say something like that totally a boring thing but hey he's joe biden he's uncle joe he's crazy joe he's funny joe he could do no wrong well but there is some wrong that is being done and i want to look at the international policy last night when he addressed the idea and the excuses for excusing chinese human rights abuses anderson i'm kind of let him skate here's what the what the exchange was chinese leaders you know anybody chinese history there's always been the time when china has been victimized by the outer
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world is when they haven't been unified at home culturally there are different norms of each country and they their leaders are expected to follow. culturally the clank you're you blaming on and making excuses. yeah making excuses for chinese were present human rights. record and what they did to the week or so even mention that we can kind of in passing kind of all hand these people who were in concentration camps and you know he'll be the 1st to say that they agree with they don't see that we were right in concentration camps separating parents from children putting kids in. cage's this concentration camps a genocide going on with the weekers in china and this is no big deal because it's a different culture it's because china can't afford to have dissent otherwise they're attacked from without you know from from the outside whatever that meant it's really said i mean if we didn't really believe he was in the pocket of the
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china and depended on china for a lot i think this would just reinforce it and like i said it's not about what he says yes what he says i think is wrong but i think it's comparing using the same standards for the past 4 years that have been used for this is where you go ok something's not right here in this is unfair and i think eventually if we continue this pattern over the next 4 years one it could be very boring i think people can actually see through that this is not right what's happening how the media is covering one political party over the other all we ask is fairness hold all their feet to the fire when they say stupid racist hateful things like what we heard last night steve anderson was sleep walking sleep walking and that's it and that is what i guess you get paid to do i don't know steve malzberg thank you so much for joining us and i to the press will be on this weekend right here on our to america and when we return our politics has caused tension that most family gatherings but it seems as though the g.o.p. is now having those same conversations with member of its own party about it for their future president trump after the break.
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we are now at a point where we cannot manufacture the basic foundation. of the 21st century economy we literally taken ourselves out of the game by throwing the keys to the economy to private equity groups. and money and now it's. we're more politicized than ever or more polarized than ever the 21st century when
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speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information. freedom of speech and social media censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience now almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social network users put one wrong move on their pages deleted digital. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if he from the heads of state face the threat of being burned is there any limits to hold .
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in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many still live in russia. lisa bloom things. like american suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. to deal not be a losing show one by elsa still on her by doing. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country in which they knew almost nothing at all some of the. crews were too thrilled if your new. found great secret. to go with you you're going to go along clues and now almost
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a 100 years later history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time i went to russia. probably the worst time to go anywhere why not me. when i come here. you know one month after president obama left office the only thing i could remember seeing was the former president was his surfing schedule and pictures you know he did a good hankton i got to get him out when you know but while president i also be at the beach he is still a very much present both in the media and in politics almost rarely however is that coverage positive the talk this week brings us the story. from supporters out in full force on president's day rallying and west palm beach florida supporters got plenty of time to monologue go home one day kerry has looked
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through the work of some supporters share their thoughts on what they call voter fraud this past election others said they would like to see what it did during his 2nd impeachment trial you may recall house democrats blaming the former president of the violence that was incited at the u.s. capitol back on january 6th on his supporters maintain trump called for. peaceful protest democrats are telling a completely different narrative we've offered you overwhelming and you refuted one certainly unrefuted evidence that former president trump incited this insurrection against us the question is why are people so obsessed with trump even before he was inaugurated 4 years ago the media and hollywood simply couldn't get enough of him he continued to dominate news cycles every day of his presidency he always took questions and wasn't afraid to give an honest answer and made his supporters love him even more and his critics even more furious and somehow even violent rhetoric about him was acceptable among some of the lived i have thought an awful lot about
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blowing up the wire you have. this week even late night host jimmy kimmel taking a jab at the trump parade president state parade for donald trump outside mara largo you could see the trump's lads were flying the guns were out hundreds of them asked with supporters showed up to stand by their man there continues to be a split within the republican party those who support trump and others who are vocal about not house representative adam kinzinger is one of many republicans who don't support the former president but still can't seem to stop talking about him but it looks like even his family disagrees with the congressman after kinsey i'm sure hope congress would utilize the 25th amendment to remove trump from office 11 members of his family decided to write him a letter according to a copy it said in part what a disappointment you are to us and to god it's now most embarrassing to us that we
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are related to you mitch mcconnell is another republican many trying to supporters are infuriated with all mcconnell didn't welcome trump with open arms in the beginning of his presidency he later came to support him just like senator said cruz and even personalities like one back but mcconnell took a turn toward the end of trump training just before officially acquitting trunk the senate minority leader slams him there's no question on. the present trouble is practically and morally responsible for vulcan. no question about it the people who storm this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their browser long time trump loyalist congressman matt gates of florida criticized mcconnell for catering to the biden administration there are new incarnations in the republican party of those who are trying to purge trump ism from our movement and frankly the most
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dangerous was sent to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who took to the floor and essentially gave the biden justice department cover and then with a former president band on twitter many of his supporters continue to take heat makes you wonder why some remain adamantly against even what the election being over and done with or they get sassed or threaten by his support reporting for news views hughes natasha's sweet r t. but we definitely needed the 360 view of this and as to whether all of this is justified we bring in lawyer and talk show radio host robert patillo and ed martin publisher of eagle action report dot com gentlemen thank you for joining me and i want to start with let's start with president trying them self do you feel like this is just a general fixation on donald trump more than what we've seen in past presidents especially a month out of the big office. well i yes and no i mean 1st of all this is a guy who has is really really good at getting attention right for 40 years where
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there was a new york tabloids or n.b.c. t.v. with the apprentice or politics he is able he's a master at getting attention and and yes it's true that there's an obsession about him politically but the reality is he is the republican party this is a false debate people that say oh there might be room for liz cheney or mitch mcconnell it's donald trump's party if they want to stay they can if they don't want to stay the party's left and for the next 10 years as long as donald trump's alive he's the dominant person whether he runs or not he's the dominant player and by the way that's a shift the shift is for the republican party towards a more working class a more energetic sort of republican party that's doesn't want wars doesn't want to fight every foreign adversary or foreign allies even and so but look the media loves to cover and they don't actually would rather cover what they think he might have said or thought than what he's actually doing so it's going to be fun to see when he emerges but he's he is the dominant figure in the republican party
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everybody else is playing around the edges on i think he did emerge they actually had to give a 1st interview following rush limbaugh thing you want to make comment but robert i have to but i got to tell you if it justified shouted the media actually talking about it because what he is doing is newsworthy. course is justified there were just a terrorist attack on the capitol and jane where the system and the house voted to impeach him and the senate minority leader came out and said that the president was culpable of such and basically demand of the justice department investigative of course that is newsworthy is not as a don't trump went out as a regular president does it conducted himself as a regular president he continues to demand this little tension i don't think also there is a little maybe if it's a should because just when you show the jimmy kimmel clip joe biden it's very very boring and it is a lot easier for the play host is a lot is it a late night host to write jokes about donald trump and his administration has begun of married men and so on and so forth than trying to talk about the other so
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whether this is partly lazy writing liza reporting but also the president continues to make news and it's going to get reported on you know that there are very good point on this but robert at the same time are democrats worried that this is take away from their own agenda and attention that they should be putting on the things that they actually got elected to do and what makes them different from the public and party. absolutely the best because i think that the longer they fixate on donald trump and not on issues such as a student loan reform which the president by been given very weak answer on last night things such as infrastructure if a structure will schools be reopening according to c.d.c. guidelines how will the virus were let go i think those are think the media needs to continue to report on we've got the marching orders from mitch mcconnell. will connell says we need to have criminal investigations into the trial a lot of the justice department had a little well thought he will listen fulton telling it like he said james in the city of new york had all these investigations into a trial in the media in the political sphere needs to move on to
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a 2nd to biden's 1st 100 days surely he fulfills of all it's a progress of the people got a bill that well i think it speaks volumes that even if having marching orders from metric on i don't know that yet for either party at this point but add to to that what it what was just being said all 1000 of the republicans who voted to impeach trump last week had been rebuked in their state and even face and yet are more votes but then their local legislatures but does this not make it the republicans a look even more if when 3rd and not united you're not famous on the democrat even when they lose an election you don't see this type of public tearing apart of each other no look that's the those people are the end there fading those people are fading out if you're not with trump and the america 1st republican party it's over there these people got in a few years and here's the reality what is missed by this palosi obsession the media obsession is that the country 74000000 people voted for trump and they love the guy whatever number voted for biden they don't really know quite what he's up
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to or what's happening as as was pointed out he hasn't done what he promised to do he doesn't seem to be up to the job he's cozy with china here's what's coming down the pike the democrats are stalled they have no ideas that lift the country and they're going to eat it in 2022 and beyond the only problem is for us is that big tech is united with big media and now big government. penalize free speech you're talking about prosecuting free speech this is not a serious thing for america to talk about the idea that we're here saying that we're going to have prosecutors waging lawfare on donald trump just like they did a general flynn just like they've done to others in this country this is what's wrong we got the capitol i live in d.c. the capitol surrounded by national guard if you ask the guardsman what they're being told there's nothing to do it's the biggest prop it's the biggest set up and nancy pelosi is about to pull the string on a commission an independent commission and when it's done you're going to say january 6th was polo sees benghazi and just like benghazi echoed through the obama
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administration $1621.00 is a fraud and there was some vandalism but after that it's not an insurrection it's nothing like it and the democrats obsession is going to take them down not lift them up nobody cares in america and to robert real quick as the blanket answer going to be and does that work for the democrats to say everything that's going wrong because obviously the troops are here because of the january think that it does everything always relate back to trump and is that successful because it had did work for them in 2018 it didn't work for them again in 2020 is that going to be the strategy moving forward. think there will going to be a little bit of a hangover from the crop of ministries and the a lot went on during a very short 4 years which is also very long at the same the same time but i do think that we have to move on to making sure told people the problem the democrats had after 2008 was that they stated not duration for 8 years they continue to celebrate and be happy about obama getting elected in the history of the majesty
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but they forgot about the governing party which led to the person progress 'd it was she's not getting full feel what we have to do will bite him i was out there campaigning like everybody else and jane where he said to make sure we got the senate that we need to hold very important that we have the public policy we need it but now that is over we have to push progress with right well i guess it's hard to break from anything that's dominated your life for multiple years down and whether to have an addiction are both it's almost like some of my restaurant and over and we need to make sure reflections are necessary i think muster right to move forward thank you guys for joining us. thanks scott and scotty and that's all for today show follow me on twitter at guardian hughes and download the portable the t.v. app from your android or apple found i promise you you can get all the cash and you won't want to miss we're going to be right back here tomorrow.
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though the euros in europe still. plenty. good but. the sort of beach well storm of the lower street view our school. when you go to the movie way of feeling good in the video is a beautiful done on the left. that still has the soul of the disease and we took to keep the. nation's human beings to change nature so i think you know the music yes i think is what was lost there is the 1st going to make people uneasy really why should we be forced to buy time just because major sites are not. supposed to be in your brain why don't we just choose that.
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in the headlines today on r.t. international spain is blank spy on the west over the jailing of consular. has sell off he was handed a 9 month sentence for laundering the crown undergo a fine terrorism. and millions of texas residents are left without electricity and heat as authorities struggle to cope with the deadly winter storm sweeping the southern states of america. so this is a big job. to.
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