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yo the borstal will file a reasonable flame as for numerous frozen will wane. oh in the traditional motion picture story the villains are usually defeated the ending is a happy one. i can make no such promise for the picture you're about to watch the story isn't over. i remember the nurse bringing my father down and he gone from a man to this almost non human creature. piers he starts to try to get rid of the equipment that they used to put him in sensory isolation he's
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mumbling incoherently he's trying to remove his goggles he's trying to remove his cuffs. over and over again that he has to be incoherent. he trusts doctors we put on lights in them. but some betray that trust. for the last 16 years deltas working for the british and american governments and least psychologically to destroy. the struggle for its entirety just simply to have you and me and. a monthly friend to spell real am. i don't know what the mistake is but i know. the way i'm spare lives roll. to tell the story we need to get back to the 1950 s. when scottish psychiatry a stop to ewen cameron experimenting on his own patients. is that i'm
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paranoid of among those pains and caught a very very normal mom world on rest we are seeing an enormous demand for knowledge concerning the effects of stress. on your stocks once a week that's what the end of 5 agent he simply identified himself as the richest man when they lifted. hood over my head i see andrew standing in front of me in the middle of the desert in afghanistan. since he said. there's nothing i we the british government can do about your situation you have to cooperate with the americans they said what do you think about waterboarding i said i like it a lot of stuff but no. special parts of. those.
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in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous. only to meet them again on the battlefield. i just signed an order to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay.
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a few months ago dr you and cameron of montreal chairman of the organizing committee opened this 3rd world congress of psychiatry with the. bees of a day. some enough to terminate. the imagination and drive us forward in this greatest of endeavor. to go see the memorial institute. where my father spent on and off for tragic years. was one year after my bar mitzvah i was 14 and i remember the christmas holidays that year with my father pacing singing serious crazy song from the i thinks the thirty's called mary seed oats and dozy dotes and the lambs eat ivy over and over again and my being very
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puzzled and not understanding what was happening. which is how he ended up in $956.00 going to see cameron at the morial institute the. life for the most chilling experiments we have uncovered took place at this gothic estate called raven strike after way up in montreal. then a drug began to take hold very rapidly. things became very very and very frightening. i thought this was the coldest and most impersonal treatment that anybody could give to anybody in the world. i haven't ever had to talk about this publicly i don't like.
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to reflect dog but how. to her because it breaks my heart. my mom and dad both worked so i would go over to her house after school. even as a young kid i remember being like that's my grandma. you watch out you don't mess with her. she did suffer from postpartum depression which probably was missed i else. and my mother was very familiar with montreal from having lived there so they chose the our own. by the 1950 s. the allen memorial institute was one of the world's leading psychiatric hospitals. its director cameron was the president of the american canadian and world
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psychiatric association my mother thought that dr cameron was gone my mother thought dr cameron was god. i'm trying to decide if that's a photograph of cameron. you know it's very interesting that his is the only photograph in which there is no name. and that he was the founder of this place and that odd goes the 2nd 3rd 4th and cetera directors somehow do no harm guy forgotten. even cameron was born in breach of allan stirling share in 1001. the son of a presbyterian minister cameron soon outgrew scotland. in 1902 he became an american citizen. and driven cameron dreaming
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of winning the nobel prize. on the front teens of psychiatry. i think it's very easy for people to say that this is the story of one patient or one family and some people downplay it because of that. to see this only and simply as a horrendous experience that happened in montreal in the 1950 s. is to really miss the big picture. in 1951 britain america and canada to secret meeting in the ritz carlton hotel in montreal . 2 projects were discussed the 1st was the program. in spite of everything a man can do a falls into the hands of the enemy. if you were aware of what was going down in enemy territory. told you. that on the
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enemy lines. your 1st feeling might be one of helplessness as if suddenly the whole world dropped off from under you leaving you with the enemy's mercy. such a feeling is quite understandable for a minute or 2 to see. if asian resistance and escape. but there was a hidden agenda. the primary objective was enveloping techniques that we could lose against captured. soldiers or folk oblio mobilization psychology important states that research was making the claim universities for the better part of the. research has begun similar experiments in a psychiatric hospital in the u.k.
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. in the us the cia had over 160 secret projects and institutions. $25000000.00 was allocated to sheneman experimentation it was code named and. ultra. cameron's work at the allen in the morrill institute was one of the largest projects in m.k. ultra. you are in the angry person you're angry at the doctors your own group of the nurses why are you sure it isn't because you need to. come and begun trialing post breaking. up. my father would be forced to listen to his voices.
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there were high voices low voices spaced voices faster slower. but i don't doubt that if. dr cameron had people listening to recordings he saw an ad in the paper for how to learn a language while you sleep and it was a recording. of a voice speaking in spanish that you would put in your pillow. one of the things that the tapes said was you are an angry person you are angry at the doctors the nurses. said because. she had to listen to this over and over and over again i mean
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as many hours in a day that that she could. came there was. no one. man who barely could. who. couldn't really carry on a conversation who laid down on a couch all day and sleeping. who was a different person. mabel transported bearing 400 of them korean prisoners of war dogs of san francisco amid scenes only motion in 953 american troops become returning from the karim. was suspected of having been brainwashed. communist fear gripped
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america we all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous may be used against us we must get ready for it. with terror came a huge opportunity for an ambitious psychiatry's the american government we're now spending a $1000000000.00 and here on psychological. hundreds of thousands of people. tests. brain washing is so. cold. there's a mess behind all mine. said this is really the beginning of the changing of the guard you know we're now
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handing the baton off to china as the number one economy in the 21st century the numbers are there the statistics are there their relationships and you're here and you are there the relationship with the russia and iran is their you know their and their relationship all over africa is also a. there. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. me from a. good one mr bo or me on the bus at us as mean older than us and i think ultimately. thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption that only was the 4th. to this day mothers still search for grown children while adults look in hope for
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their birth parents. life for many is only confusing. a very considerable up legation to undertake social engineering it will take bold climbing and brave hearts to develop this field. use all kinds of exotic techniques they were convinced that hypnosis could actually work if you have the time somebody in with them up and some might do something that they ordinarily wouldn't do and then you could snap your fingers and forget all that's crazy stuff. dr cameron didn't set out to develop interrogation methods by his techniques proved useful to the cia.
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in 1963 many things psychological experiments tell you to fight for the 1st time in the cube counter intelligence manual a cia guy on how to torture. who bark is a curious name it's kryptonite it's the cia's name for itself and that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture of the cia disseminated within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years. within the decade to britain would be using these techniques on her own citizens. terrorist campaign continues on except. in the 1st 6 months of 971 over 300 homes ripped through northern ireland.
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to. come out comprehensively quick enough with such risk let's just. the british government's response was to introduce internment without trial. on the 9th of august 971342 people what arrested. the suspected terrorists. was twenty's 3 years of age. and that's 3 30 in the morning waking up those are the most of the panelists don't look and set up right in the bad only to discover that there was i had been a little bit of one of the british army rifle took me in the storm. at 6 it's out that morning my mother come into the bedroom she says better get up
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there's soldiers all right now hey she was the next single is that still going on my head i'm told mailer's on her asked. is everybody commend the tell you let's help and i'd say there's shit and ball mine and so many dead. was 1. on the porch were coming in from areas like armor urban. areas and the c.m. picture was a marriage and a man being arrested. because it looked like war had erupted in belfast. british intelligence eased up to cameron's experiments in sensory overload and deprivation on that irish christmas. day or you see come on in i'm putting
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a bag over your head. overalls put on us spread eagled again lord for our own land. there's a good pistol in my head such sure plenty said and what the hell's going on. for you see in this piece techniques state devising methods to an essential destroy personality but individual. by scientific. process it is one of the 1st to make the connection between the montreal experiment and the interrogation technique ceased. in 1970 he presented the b.b.c. documentary with the irish prisoner who by then. the hooded man.
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were subjected to a technique which is later comes be euphemistically known as interrogation that. let us try go to the ring know she's known at the time and i could feel everything of the different textures of the floor. they finish up with their insistence that a systems end says this and that and let's say your tips against the wall one look told and that's jest position. and. it seems itself to be completely innocuous all you're doing is leaning forward against the wall why should this be a problem. but it is a polyp you have to retain the position so it becomes extremely painful when he doesn't appear to be painful from the point of view of the lay observer. after considerable experimentation it was found if individuals were placed without eyes bondage they would not only pos into
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a confused under extremely anxious state but they would sure some interesting phenomena. and then i start to notice this noise. this high pitch beam and noise. it appears that the men through my her are darted through my body and. just shuttles right run in each time with their student body it touches every nerve send you in the body. where it starts to occupy my main to take children maybe in atlanta is. the veracity of this noise. the spear piercing them of a good time and again wonder if you can imagine that and say you know who this noise was exaggerated the 100 fold. they thought they were going
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to kill us they started saying the rosary on my fingers on the fingers got. a couldn't follow and all of ended up was that me of him age only. was named as a soloed was named as a l. o l. i. combination of procedures which each in itself is extremely simple an extremely cheap to produce comes from the obstruction from side to. consequence of this. and the time. was a long time traumatic stress post-traumatic stress disorder. on
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a member to claim the acceptance that the end result of this is my death. i had this welcoming. of gas comin to bring it sooner rather than later. mother. just went everywhere everywhere to try and try and i. was. fortunate enough to get the phone number of brown trucker and then prime minister to call it northern ireland. she running or and she sends her husband home my husband taken away. i would like primitive or it is because everybody's tonight on one maria is just basically says these are terrible times talk to him when he comes out.
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in 1971 island to the u.k. to the european courts. that the man had been hit by the british. the european court of human rights eventually decided that the hooded man had not been tortured but instead enjoyed inhuman and degrading treatment was. the global precedent set by this 978 judgement allowed governments around the world to. these techniques.
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on the 30th of july 2011 the forestry union. i just made up this is a little. we discussed the possibility of 3 in the k.s. to me it was. a little man in front of a question and i a 70 year old grandfather. taking 71 i was one of the hooded man. we were through and named is. torture and hell. to him a kiss is probably one of the most notorious cases in human rights jurisprudence dogs in the street know about that a man they know what happened to him in and protect her they know that it was torture. we have documents that made it very clear expressed the clear but those
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that. were not only authorized and the techniques but knew exactly what they were authorized and which was that of torture. they spoke to all of the men of their experience all of them seem to come to the white noise most of even the batan and the machine that was used to create white noise and actually cost less than one pint to manufacture. you see a document and much the murdered race had communicated with the british prime minister regarding to torture you see the word in paper at that level. you know without plays it and.
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through the act of making art is how i process my thoughts and ideas. i think about the family tree and i was thinking about. in our family something came in at a left field and broken branch on a family tree. in 1977 the new york times broke the story. to human cameron cia mind control program. one of the people reading this tony was followed ken's husband. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. there are already strong signs the bind the ministration is returning to the foreign policy of the obama years obama's foreign policies were hardly a success indeed this was the time of interest wars will divide the ministrations with the speed screamy and growth on. for
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more politicized than ever or more polarized than ever the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd a little so listed on the record is in your local shelters and of course he'd seen him. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information. wise to freedom of speech and social media bends censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience know totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social network users but one wrong move on their pages deleted digital. guy who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if he from heads of state face the threat of being banned is there any limits to all that
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virtual power. but i will have reasonable way. news the e.u. announces new sanctions against russia over the case of opposition figure. months for breaching the terms of a suspended sentence for fraud. infiltrating russian language media leaks documents suggest the u.k. government sought to boost the negative coverage and weaken russia. renowned italian opera singer gets the sputnik v.j. in moscow that is the 3rd russian covert vaccine to register for. coca-cola work and leaks its online training course that tells employees to quote be less white.


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