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it would be that these vaccines would get directly to these countries and not through israel in their original price to get to all the countries that need it and we shouldn't make any profit out of it i do agree we should help other countries and the 3rd welt as well to get vaccinated but. not to use it cynically just to gain politicos gain our loyalty and our government's loyalist see should be to its citizens 1st and foremost like most of our population i think you should israel doesn't manufacture the vaccines itself and the idea is to stand thousands of left of the shots to other countries but opposition leaders are criticizing the secret nature of these deals and calling for mole jabs to be saint to the west bank and gaza over half the population has been back sandburg wish a complete this operation 1st before bowing overstatements very far away country.
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no matter what is there and you know the diplomatic aerobatics. in can be a very and humanitarian gesture at me and very crying from red indians not probably far. more eloquent to go out and that human i help you know in hell why aspect i think that sending them folksiness far away might be going to india. and not nice for. our own again shows to our neighbors nearby that they are on their our our responsibility. peace both your money cerium and practical for it to keep these vaccines. 2 5 or 6000000 palestinians living next week because the pandemic knows no borders if you is not for israel to do it just to buy it for almost there are no more fires or and don't give you some of that in american rulers all the communities all living together there are
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israelis living in settlements in the west bank next to arab villages and towns are always doing it of religious intolerance so yes after israel palestinian should get the 1st and not dos regimes who have been helpful to me tell you how and perhaps how it worked against be israeli interests inside the country miss and yahoo's main rival in governing partner defense minister binney guns has harshly criticized the arrangements saying they had been reached without any governmental deliberation the fact that netanyahu trades in vaccines of israeli citizens that were paid for from their tax money without any accountability shows that he thinks he is running a kingdom and not a state next month hundreds of thousands of medina vaccines are expected to arrive in israel once the country has finished inoculating its own population the surplus supplies might be used to help normalize relations with new countries who knows how
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many more of these embassies might be springing up in jerusalem. tel aviv i'm sure news for now thanks for choosing r.t. . we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information i mean the. freedom of speech and social media bent censorship of double standards who should judge what can be said online. the internet audience know totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active
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social network users but one wrong move and the pages deleted digital annihilation don't exist anymore. not who runs the show on the web how can anyone stand up to the tech giants if even heads of state face the threat of being burned is there any lives to hold that virtual. reasonable for a nudist but i will have reasonable way. bill altman is a co-founder of the social network mine's dot com it describes itself as an independent platform for the frank exchange of opinions the company has twice fallen foul of censorship by facebook and google for almost a year. was unavailable in google play. their apparent reason for
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taking us off was for a not even particularly explicit image of woman in a bikini or something like that maybe maybe somebody part was showing but it was it was actually had a bore on it so it was my. and then i appealed. showed them their work twitter allows total pornography and yet you're now banning twitter twitter so why are you banning us facebook you tube instagram to talk and twitter the most popular online platforms today a brave new world with no boundaries the pioneers achieved a real breakthrough in 2006 when facebook opened up to all internet users aged 13 and over. in the same year google both the online video sharing platform you tube which had rapidly gained popularity the audience for these services has grown with each passing year if you are still here media and you say isn't bread great aren't
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kittens wonderful isn't music grade isn't oh i love i. love people on close social media aren't political they're not 'd they're doing stupid in and out he was things lionel is a well known media analyst and radio host he's certain that even though the internet has long been a reliable tool for promoting anything you like there are only certain things that you can say take a currently relevant topic for example covert vaccines sputnik v russia's inoculation had come under a lot of criticism in the west even in its early development stages twitter even temporarily blocked the vaccines account but the table soon turned after the lancet the reputable medical journal published a positive review in no time for in mass media declared sputnik deemed to be safe and effective knowing over their name was so lost so our feeling was are calling you a little later why don't they if you got across what i won't want to do you might
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say it in there to show you. until very recently i can corporation basically manage the whole global network the company was founded in the late 1990 s. as a nonprofit organization and. operated under a contract with the u.s. department of commerce which had the power to veto any decisions that the company made the foreign you know that is for starters so to search. for the course small or just it until after you know. when it can you just because it is separate and strong and people are going to push as i could and i started to go but we should see how this could go to considerable space where. this was crazy to skew voters decided. by the end of 2016 the u.s. government under international pressure did eventually relinquish control over i can. the basic principles of web interaction not contained in section
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230 of the communications decency act. the major part of that section consists of just 26 words. no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. section 230 exempts social networks from responsibility for almost anything their users might publish so no one can sue facebook for anything posted on their platform only the original poster at the same time the social networks have free rein to block any content they deem undesirable . if administrator is choose to remove your content you'd have no chance in court you must play by their rules. this says shelly nearby now playing for your cost low that they love that are playing
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a swing at us kind of wild card someone just throwing our social today and would take me across quite so i found out the one that out sooner in a comedy finance law platform-a park i mean sailors showing you what the parlay namely means or stop buying tickets i have found out the sextile in canada some most but only i am. only. this is the safety internet leaks office a major russian organization specifically created to counter dangerous information and fake news across the world wide web. every day. is for inappropriate content. the specialist at the center says you can find almost anything on you tube public beatings abuse. which appears life from time to time. and.
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teenagers make up the main demographic for shocking content like that you have mastered the art of composing the search queries to find exactly what they're looking for even if a video is a district it will easily work around it. however neither violence nor the live broadcast of crimes being committed the internet
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giants seem content to turn a blind eye to that but what about politics former us president donald trump has clashed openly with twitter and facebook on numerous occasions and accused both of being strict if when it comes to the grand ole. parties content they cite several examples to support that claim for several years facebook's trending news section basically functioned as a mass media editorial team which systematically removed articles generated by conservative media outlets from trending topics. copies of internal guidelines were leaks to journalists of the guardian newspaper. this document shows that choices were made by a computer algorithm alone as facebook had claimed up to the last moment. you should mark a topic is national story importance if it is among the one to 3 top stories of the day we measure this by checking if it is leading at least 5 of the following 10
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news websites. this is notable to. me. so this no this is. going to be the program. where they stand up the minion. to show me that she will get it because also seized in late may 2020 before the end of his presidential term donald trump signed an executive order preventing online censorship of the content of the document was published on the white house's website but on joe biden's 1st day in office it mysteriously disappeared the executive order was to impact section 230 specifically. trump suggested revoking the social networks immunity from legal claims and he wanted to check on more than 16 felzenberg internet political censorship. to 30
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was granted on the communications. to 3rd. but they said this is what's critical no time during the course of your existence social media or. you to be ever considered a publisher you're not a publisher make editorial decisions as to what goes on nor sight. donald trump issued those instructions after yet another conflict with twitter the service marks 2 of his messages as misleading specifically the one relating to a possible mail in voting fraud trump responded by accusing the social network of interfering with the coming election with us or. matters came to a head you know the january. a rally from supporters and their march to
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save america erupted into a storming of the capitol practically controlled the congress building for several hours some posed for photos in the congress hole and in congressman's offices others chased police officers along corridors of stairs gunfire was heard repeatedly on different floors 4 people died in the assault and more than 50 were injured democrats in american media outlets immediately held trump responsible for inciting the violence with his tweets. as i have been saying for a long time twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech and tonight twitter employees have coordinated with the democrats and radical left in removing my account from their platform to silence me and you the 75000000 great patriots who voted for me. twitter the platform the trumpeter used for years as his main political mel's piece imposed a permanent ban on the president and he had 88000000 followers then it snowballed
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even further. the e-commerce platform shopify blocks full of donald trump's online stores pay pal also shut down all fundraising activities for trump and his associates after twitter he's also been banned from snap chat reddit and twitch. color was viewed as a no censorship social network with a lot of conservative users google has removed it from its place. imagine you're on the phone one day and you're talking to somebody. almost on your phone goes dead. when you say that was odd and you call the person back you say i'm sorry i was just i was just talking to you about kovac door traum or whoever and he goes dead again what if your phone carrier were to say well we don't want you to talk about certain things that are disinformation lies was incorrect hate would say
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your phone company your phone carrier you can't limit what i'm saying that's the way i feel when social media kicked you off of their platform. according to a new gallup poll over 60 percent of those are dissatisfied with the 2 major parties the country is divided politically but the parties themselves are divided we did do this the fact most voters do not belong to either party is it finally time to move on from this to one thing. from the tomb of the unknown soldier in the kremlin's walls the lamplit from the attorney was delivered to belgrade particular importance was attached to this
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ceremony and anything to do with world war 2 in both serbia and russia. because it was with the russian delegation for several years now she has headed the national civic movement victory volunteers their website suffers regular d.o.'s attacks and their you tube videos are often blocked to access can't only be restricted by you tube administrators by ordinary users as well all you have to do is complain if enough complaints are filed the video is banned that's what happened in november when the victory volunteers held an international historical online event commemorating the nuremberg trials star signs here stamped i sat separate out of it i snatched there he's a cock now up on top of me to talk back and after much time to play the hollis but the mushtaq ahmed denies it secretary much just what i want to get out just the way a salad but as a degenerate cunt then fat mr martians don't really want star use they would have done abruptly now probably in that regard so when you started is that seclusion
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a prayer for the primate islam or any one person i see. facebook too had issues with similar content. and dozens of users who posted this iconic photo raising a flag over the right by military photographer you gain a whole day temporarily banned. your post violates our community standards concerning dangerous individuals and organizations your publication has been hidden from others these rules have been enacted to prevent harm to anyone in the real world facebook recently became embroiled in a scandal over a neo nazi content a london based advocacy organization discovered several groups with around $80000.00 followers all belonging to white racists. groups as well as radical propaganda they have actively been selling extremist merchandise swastikas black uniforms and. it was a very long time before facebook took action when observer journalist brought the
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issue to the attention of the network's officials. to delete the new materials however traces of them can still be found quite easily. so. even. if. russia's communications watchdog there were more than 20 instances of censorship against russian media foreign internet companies in 2020 twitter went further and introduced. for accounts belonging to officials russian state affiliated media and suddenly searches for russia today. returning any results.
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in appropriate. featuring material that. a film titled in the name of the prophet is about the so-called islamic states oil trade in northeastern syria possible connection between turkey and the terrorists it was openly accessible for years. on the same. judge can be seen justifying the murder of a school teacher because he showed caricature of the prophet muhammad. to be viewed with no restriction anyone can still see it. can't. be any. american radical groups and street protests.
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thank you. alexander a god is a famous journalist in russia what happened to him and his documentary is now much talked about this film tells the head of 2004 when terrorists held an entire school in beslan hostage more than 300 people died in that atrocity including 186 children .
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and. the film was aired by the national t.v. channel. but a few days later google suddenly blocked the film from a wider audience by giving it an age restriction. court order to google to lift the restrictions as they contravenes the constitutional rights of russian citizens to freedom of speech and information. however google representatives officially stated that they disagreed with the ruling would appeal and would not lift the restrictions of the be jealous but it's they. who are. so it's almost a move that about the low. dollar and with nothing.
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but at the center of the war. by lee. this is the letter we sent to google asking for comment and we have still received no response. was going. way to. your ideas dear. and i see. that the. mutual. now would feel giants who may face being blocked a new law introduces the concept of a web resource owner who will be held responsible for violating russian users' rights this could be applied to almost any platform the 1st trick to content intended for a russian audience decisions will immediately be sent to the federal service for
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the supervision of information technology and mass media. or the. infamous. if. i was. one of the bill's sponsors alexandra de and of the state duma refers to these measures as disincentives he claims that until recently they had no way to counter the tech giants they don't really have permanent bases in russia and are not subject to russian law and they usually ignore any demands sent their way not to mention that all user information is stored on servers abroad.
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also suggests an increased fine for righty giants however experts consider the track. to be the most effective measure of visitors. advertising and promotions.
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creating a national for 20 years now the country's great. in the country.
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and witness tell the internet and the rules controlling it have changed in china where an entire generation has grown up with us strictly sulfur and internet only a handful of people mostly foreigners use v.p.n. tools to circumvent the restrictions. kid that's in deaf boneyard come forth just to. embarrass facebook. in this town the side of the family and now i'm going to it that i'm watching the interview and they're bored missed the boat sample cathartics that's double the kid on this is serious teach us . just clear shit as in a chair get away don't don't get a little war. come on my lael slow gear is
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a cousin and you don't doubt that person a stiff born there if shotover chats. on your body or letting them visit each other in the. digital walls on l. being built on every continent india is blocking chinese absent creating its own tick tock like a turkey is passing a law to control social media content it requires i.t. companies to help local officers to interact with government officials facebook twitter and you tube have long gone from iran instead iranian users have their own social network dot com with a persian language interface the list goes on and governments are no longer just blocking web resources in rare cases it's becoming a global trend. the 1st machine understood the. sum total it's a bigger story when you go stop. your. shows i mean i'm. only.
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i knew. there was nothing at the signal light show us bother. to be in the police so if i want. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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in a day of political upheaval in armenia the prime minister's call for early elections is rejected by the opposition he also says the military must obey him after he sacks the armed forces chief saying he was part of an attempted coup. didn't want to also just to says generals do your job god borders on the territorial integrity of armenia this is my order and no one can disobey. clashes erupted thousands of protesters as well as supporters of prime minister nicole passion now and faced off in the capital you are about. in other news later a shot in the arm to travel through europe the german chancellor says vaccine
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possible it could be good news for that month but the euro.


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