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in a day of political upheaval in armenia the prime minister's calls for elections is rejected by the opposition he also says the military must have begun heading off to the sax the armed forces chief saying he was part of an attempted coup. this is general see to your job gone in the 13 rooms this will do for me this is my will to. disobey the. clashes erupted as thousands of protesters as well as supporters of prime minister nicole punched me on faced off in the capital here. and in other news a shop to be on foot travel through europe the job and chance of us says cope it
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ranks impossible it could be and he's within months but the european commission says it's not a done deal yet. good to have you with us this is all international live from moscow. today. well one of today's big stories the opposition in our media has rejected an offer from the prime minister to snap elections standoff between opponents and supporters of nicole rocks the capital yerevan police were deployed in large numbers now the escalations in response to partially on sucking the chief of the armed forces general staff saying he was part of an attempted military coup and there also is tensions could spiral father. thank you thank you thank you thank you
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thank. you a massive opposing rallies were seen close to one another in central europe run official crowd numbers are yet to be confirmed but they are estimated to be in the thousands . where you can see the drivers have been honking call forms as crowd chanted slogans some have been drive even with photos of the prime minister smeared in fake blood stuck on their vehicles opponents of nicole pushing on have also been filmed standing on the balconies given the phones downsizing the opposition blogs streets and paralyze traffic chanting that they want to be prime minister out protesters have also set up a makeshift camp next to part of the parliament building in fun and are reportedly being encouraged by opposition leaders to stay there until m.p.'s vote for the
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resignation of the pm. rallies in support of prime minister. and the day he took to facebook to tell supporters that he needs them the prime minister and his son then met the crowds to assure that the situation was manageable and that he's ready to discuss any problems in the country. but he also insisted that the army chief he dismissed remains quote. but he's demanding that the country's military a bay him after he sank the head of the armed forces saying he was part of an attempted coup. de also officers generals your job guard borders and the territorial integrity of our me this is my order and no one can disobey to do with holding this row it is finished all actions. of the negotiating table with the opposition consultations or no actions the prime minister and the government of army are no longer able to make adequate decisions
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in this fateful and critical situation for the armenian people given the current situation the own forces of armenia the resignation of the prime minister and the government at the same time we call to refrain from using force against people whose children died defending their homeland and care about what i mean as general staff insists on the resignation of the prime minister and his government the military accuses nicole pushing out of being unable to make sound decision in times of crisis on top of that the military is unhappy about what they describe as numerous attempts to discredit the armed forces that statement goes on to claim the passion and inefficient management has brought our media to the fog of demise a local journalist and you have found was that process as the opposition prepared for a night of demonstrations. right now we are between the 2 towns in the parliament square right behind me because she is building. national leslie of
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parliament here right in the streets of the opposition that is featuring the chance to make a can. because to do we should is to stands to 247 and also the they are preparing for the night. drinking firewood school campfire everything good for the ration for the night not for just a one night but to every day 247 yes the opposition leaders they are large and also waiting for the president of for me to make some of the season. to be had the feast of the president the full year is also in the parliament street shows the main rule says that the main actions will take place right here while political tensions in armenia escalated following the
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military conflict in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region last autumn which saw azerbaijan make significant gains forcing the armenians to cede largest swathes of territory the opposition has been calling on the armenian prime minister of a sense to step down accusing him of treason and mismanagement equal ston of what she covered the bloody military conflict between the 2 countries for us joined on the head with some in-depth analysis on the ongoing political crisis. this whole process it has been brewing for months because it all stems from mean years and well nagorno-karabakh a defeat in last year's war with the armenian government the promise their people that they would come out victorious out of this clash with there by john over the issue of this disputed region over nagorno-karabakh i spent a month there well as the war was breaking out all around me and basically from the very start and all throughout the war everything that we've heard everything that
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journalists have heard everything that the population the people that heard from the i mean inside it it was we're going to come out victorious yes we are falling back a little bit but that's a tactical retreat and we will regain our positions and don't worry we have it under control so when i was there by john and i mean i signed a peace deal which russia effectively brokered it came poor mean eons for ordinary people as an absolute shock because according to that deal they had to concede 2 thirds of the go in a car back to azerbaijan and that when it sparked that was the ignition that's when the protests started that's when people started to come out to the streets and when they started to call on world local trashing and to step down because they blame this on the him and essentially passion and he tried to just push the blame on something else and at a certain point it was almost like he was trying to blame the military to blame the soldiers for not doing enough he obviously he retracted that he later he said that
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he did mean that but that's when the bad blood between him and the military started because i've been there and soldiers they did all they could they just they were overpowered militarily they were overpowered they had no response they had no answer to the drone problem because the drones they were just obliterating their positions which were absolutely not ready for you know their defense systems were not ready for that so that's when it started basically people heartbroken absolutely devastated because. nagorno-karabakh it's not just some piece of mountainous which it is for you or for me we don't have that feeling it's for that for them it's a matter of a matter of national pride so that defeat having to concede to. the territories which are overwhelmingly populated by the ethnically armenian people without was absolutely devastating and through the cause of all these months it
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seems and while it is obvious in our passion and hasn't the prime minister hasn't done enough to well to do so back together the divisions in the armenian society just so back together to heal this woman this massive wall and looking at the pictures today it's clear that it does have a fair amount of support doesn't it i mean the call for supporters to come on to the streets and they did how much support does he have exactly and why is that support there given what you've just said judging from what i see right now it very much reminds me as to what was happening there back in october in november when it was still hard when the room was still bleeding from the loss in the war basically i did see thousands of people turn out against nickel passion on a given back then but again every single taxi driver that i would talk to back then he would tell me something along the lines well i don't know i don't know why people are so angry like a lot of people do support the prime minister after all remember he came into power as the man of the streets so to speak he was like he came with the crowd he came as
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part of a revolution himself so really the streets and the public support is all that he has to legitimize him as as as the country's leader that's why the his knee jerk reaction to this statement by the military was to call in his supporters to gather in the in the city center because this is what legitimizes him and that's why the opposition is following the same route because they know if a lot of people come out and if if. it is obvious that there are many people who want him to go that the that the moves in i mean that the mood in armenia has changed because of this war and people. fewer people now support him after the after the defeat and that they blame that the pin the blame of the defeat on him and his saying that it's an attempted military coup but again we haven't seen any military in the streets the general chief of staff he signed a letter along with some 40 other top officers generals they have called on him to
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resign but again they called in everybody to refrain from violence so to me it looks like the last world really the last warning literally the last warning to passion and it came as a complete surprise to passion and so he's trying to find this balance as to he doesn't want to be more who are than he needs to be and he's trying to and it is clear that he did not have a plan for this he's just he just reacting on the girl like something happens he reacts it's not it's not like he had a he had a contingency plan for that at least it doesn't look like he had one to me or back in november there was another violent rally in the armenian capital what hundreds of demonstrators broke into the government building they were strongly against the prime minister's decision to end the fighting in a corner care about say they won't give up their lands wanted a deal reached with azerbaijan who holds areas of the disputed region taken during the conflict many armenians say they'll never forgive us for that loss however the
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current address comes from a more recent disagreement inside the armenian government over weapons at the army's disposal quarter explains. there must always be someone to blame for losing a war what leader would blame himself right he wouldn't be a leader for much longer that was the dilemma hanging over prime minister posh and young and then he made his move he blamed russian weapons for his country's military defeat in a go in a car a block in autumn he said russia's electronic warfare systems could not handle turkish drones used by azerbaijan's armed forces the prime minister's attack on russia's military industrial complex added that the russian made is skandia missiles either did not explode or quote exploded 10 percent it's not exactly clear what the pm meant by that only 10 percent of the missiles launched did missiles hit only 10 percent of their targets neither statement has any confirmed substance behind it since no evidence was provided to back claims what is known is that such
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unreliable weaponry would clearly never be accepted into russian military service or by those who buy moscow's weapons like the armenian military which pasha neon is now at odds with in fact russia's ministry of defense says none of their is candor missile systems were in any way involved in the nuke or in a car conflict giving russia's defense officials the impression that posh and yon's been given inaccurate information by i mean ships are also be doing that. according to the objective unreliable information available to us no miso systems of this time will use during them to go into conflict. it's appears that armenian prime minister. was misled and used information. from the deputy chief of the general staff rejected the prime minister's claims about the unreliability of russian equipment calling his statement frivolous he then lost his post a chain reaction ensued with the military demanding paasschen younes resignation
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and then the chief of the general staff himself was dismissed and all that brought us to today's standoff in front of the government buildings with the fate of the armenian state itself hanging in the balance what has been it's not the reaction of the pos few i was with russia last. voicing their opinions on the political crisis . russia has made it clear that it views the situation in armenia as its own internal affair and hopes for its peaceful resolution we condemn the old military coups or coup attempts no matter where they take place across the world it is unacceptable for a military to call for the resignation of an elected government we are closely following ongoing developments in our mania and encourage all parties to exercise calm and restraint and to de-escalate tensions peacefully without violence the european union is following developments in a minute very closely we ask all activists for calm and avoid any rhetoric or actions that could lead to further escalation while experts we have from agree the
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only democratic way out of this crisis is to go for snap elections. should be upset the people that decide their form of government spent certainly the military will want to have their say they're upset you know that they lost the war. and they want to make sure that they have a stake in the outcome of the next election you know they really want to force men to a position where he asked to leave office and we'll just see how the prime minister is airports maneuver and handle such a delicate situation. i think that what he's doing he's doing very deliberately it's a mission given to him by someone from the west we all believe that he came to power with one goal to draw russia away from the southern caucasus from armenia to make russia leave the region so that the turkish military can enter the southern caucasus so that nato can gain
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a foothold in the region this did not have the support of the military or the people essentially the whole of civil society demands that the prime minister step down i do not believe that he can survive this people are looking to blame people because you can accept a new reality which is to have lost a lot of territory but it didn't start the war wasn't to blame for that it's the military in the build up for many years of not knowing the military probably. going to try to physically remove him. to take care of. in a normal sort of military coup they would. continue to push think. is the best for everybody including for. opposition has a very good chance of winning if they have certain. because we don't want. demonstrations perhaps. finding some resistance from.
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sort of elections is the best solution for everybody. coming away off this tight. when else should seem wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any. get to shape out just to become educated and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the energy of the avalanche is stored on the side of the mountain. when all it
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needs is one smells like to have released that catastrophic energy so here you have the energy of hyperinflation is already stored in the system it's already there on the form of the fed's balance sheet they've got trillions and trillions of trillions of paper that is going to come out in a flood and suddenly this all happened locally and suddenly purchasing power and confidence of the currency collapses and you have a hyperinflation. welcome back now since the violent event solved january 6th that the u.s. capitol american government officials have been increasingly warning of the specter of domestic terrorism and with thousands of national guard troops still stationed in washington at a pez they see the threat as still quite real while for more let's cross live now
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to our correspondent stateside caleb maupin again of what's the story what more can you tell us. well domestic terrorism is thriving in the united states according to sources cited which are the department of homeland security and the u.s. intelligence agencies now this comes as there was a hearing this is 2 months at this point since the capitol riot on january 6th and we have the acting chief of u.s. capitol police who is giving testimony saying that there have been a number of very serious threats this is testimony before the u.s. house of representatives committee saying that there have been a number of threats and that insurrectionists are ready to strike again ready to take action against lawmakers and against joe biden himself this is some what was heard today on capitol hill we know that members of the militia groups that were present on january 6th have stayed at their desires that they want to blow up the
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capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the state of the union which we know that date has not been identified so based on that information we think that it's prudent that capitol police maintain its enhanced and grow blast security posture until we address those vulnerabilities going forward. now that was officer pittman of the u.s. capitol police giving testimony about the ongoing security situation on capitol hill now when she spoke she cited intelligence agencies as well as the u.s. f.b.i. she said the insurrectionists are planning you know potential attacks and that they quote want to send a symbolic message to the nation as to who is in charge of the legislative process now the department of homeland security quickly reacted to the testimony announcing
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that they would provide $77000000.00 to state and local governments to fight against domestic terrorism. in the almost 20 years since september 11th 2001 the terrorism threat landscape has changed considerably today the most significant terrorist threat facing the nation comes from lone offenders and small groups of individuals who commit acts of violence motivated by domestic extremist it illogical beliefs now the comparisons to $911.00 didn't come out of the blue there were previous calls from nancy pelosi to set up a commission much like the $911.00 commission in which hillary clinton would look into the matter of the january 6th capital riot and other other in matters regarding the security of the night united states however we have many republicans objecting to that proposal saying that it is essentially politically driven that it's a politically driven proposal now the hearing on capitol hill in which we heard officer
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pitons testimony actually got rather intense we heard some you know some squabbling and finger pointing between elected officials as they pointed at each other blamed each other for the events and here's some of what was heard. the assessment indicated that members of the proud boy's white supremacist groups and tea and other extremist groups were expected to participate on january 6th and that they may be inclined to become violent police officers were not trained on how to respond to an infiltration of the capitol building is that correct this was and when you talk about infiltration you talk about a large insurrection like we saw in the january 6 know anyone from the department of homeland security contact you about a potential national special security event designation no i'm not aware of anybody from a d h s reaching out no. thank you and stay with me senator no contact with
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me or my office are all capitol police officers outfitted with riot gear no they're not sir. now the after taste of the january 6th events doesn't seem to be going away any time soon at that event we remember that 6 people lost their lives including one capitol police officer now at this point the speech expected by joe biden to a joint session of congress the date for it remains unknown it's not clear when joe biden will take on the responsibility of the of the president and give a speech to a joint session of congress as a president normally does at this point the security on capitol hill and in washington d.c. remains rather high people have seen the fence and such and while joe biden has promised to reunify the nation it seems that security concerns and very strong divisions among the u.s.
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public are very well intact at least that's what was reflected in the testimony heard on capitol hill. and sounds like a whole lot of money a whole lot of tips what's placed in the law and the free thought was capable pen reporting from new york and you thanks. finally a shot in the arm for the ease flagging travel industry could be just months away my little likely come in the form of a covert vaccination digital pass at least the german chancellor thinks so. with respect to digital vaccination bass all member states agree that when he's such a thing the technical preparations were done by the european commission as well as member states in january now when he temperament that's so that there's comfortability among different national passes we in germany have decided that it will develop such a vaccination past the key data that has digital past mass contained have been defined by the european commission and member states but mrs markham may have jumped the gun with the european commission president that confirm anything solid
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r.t. shot a cuban ski picks up a story that seen significance or controversial but it does seem to a lot of local said that this could be the way forward for the e.u. you know germany and france were originally said to be resistive to this idea but the fact that she's giving it that we know it well that is a game changer but while it seems that merkel was saying that this being approved there was a bit of a different story coming out from the leaders in the official statement it wasn't so sure essentially saying that they won't be a common approach in this would be an issue with this it is this is what ursula vulgarly in that state on the vaccine certificates. indeed we discussed this topic as you know there are still a number of open question political question the 1st one is of course what these certificates will be used for but they're also scientific question the call for
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a vaccine certificate originally came from countries like greece and cyprus who have already greenlit their own plans to allow travelers from the u.k. and from israel to go there on holiday this year if they can show that they've been and not kill a to but there's huge criticism of this idea especially given the massive problems there have been rolling up the qubit 900 vaccine here in the u. many feel that this would essentially create a 2 tier system it would be unfair of form of discrimination so really many people unhappy about apple dear that to give you a sense of what the situation is here in the e.u. you around 80 percent of adults in countries have received the chair that's very far behind countries such as the u.k. a former e.u. member where around 27 percent don't and don't support the jap now there have also been as i mentioned many major issues surrounding the supply of kuwait 900 vaccines
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have been distribution issues in lower ringback than expected deliveries and worse still some european leaders have been pretty sniffy about some of the vaccines particularly the astra zeneca vaccine and so because of that and the questions being raised about the efficacy of this spec seen many in europe are now refusing point blank to have it it's been reported that 4 out in every 5 doses that we've delivered to the immune haven't been used yet and even only at merkel said that she won't have the vaccine now admittedly she's 66 and the official advice in germany is that the astra zeneca vaccine should be given to those who would be a. of 65 but still this is signaling to many people that there is an issue with a sex scene now the e.u. leaders following their video conference on thursday also clenched quick provision of the code that 1000 facts in recognizing many they said to step up and accelerate
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this program to ensure that everybody had the chair because of course it has so far be slow this is what the joint statement from clearly has had to say we need to urgently accelerate the prize ocean production and distribution of vaccines as well as vaccination when russia says it's ready to step up and send doses of sputnik v. to the e.u. the vaccine was recently given a glowing report in the medical journal the lancet which ranked it as being one of the most effective vaccines against the virus the e.u. has said it would purchase significantly but of course that will be subject to regulatory approval that's all from our sara moscow up next our documentary looks up big tex buckle battle rather to dominate the world enjoy.
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according to a new gallup poll over 60 percent of those asked are dissatisfied with the 2 major parties the country is divided politically but the parties themselves are divided within and to this the fact most voters do not belong to either party is it finally time to move on from this to waffle.
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we're more politicized than ever we're more polarized than ever the 21st century when speed is measured in megabytes per 2nd. electronic mail electronic money electronic media infinite possibilities for exchanging information i mean me and my wife the freedom of speech and social media bends censorship and double standards who should judge what can be said online. already. the internet audience now totals almost 4500000000 almost all of them are active social network users but one.


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