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tv   News  RT  April 9, 2021 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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brussels urges the e.u. to come up with a unified response on use all the astra zeneca job fairing public confidence in the shots. what your commute is you know this since it has been shown there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated for the same risk is low in their best interest i think we don't know which trust arguably to the dark. germany reveals plans for talks with moscow to buy sputnik v. as long as the jobs approved by brussels. and in just under 2 hours a soyuz rocket will launch for the international space station as head of the 60th anniversary of human space travel we spoke exclusively to the head of the international astronautical federation. i personally saw observing the traditions
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on the baikonur before their mission like planting a tree or leaving their signature on the door to their room many traditions live on for decades to celebrate your current memory. very good morning to you and says turns 9 am here in moscow and you're watching r t international with me. now our top story brussels house member states to come up with a unified response to the use of the astra zeneca job while governments are split on whether and what was true action should be imposed the e.u. health commissioner say is confidence in the vaccine among the public could be faltering. ski house a story. concerns over a potential link between astra zeneca and red blood clots is exposing the latest
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divisions within the e.u. after the books agency that evaluates and supervises medicinal products that may once again said the benefits of the vaccine weigh the risks but saying that blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect not although we're convinced and measures have been taken it's really in spain of joined ranks with germany deciding to limit the job to those who are over the age over 60 belgium has followed suit with france now only recommending astra zeneca for those over $55.00 but those differences a causing a headache for brussels it's worried that without a common policy towards astra zeneca trust in vaccinations could be eroded commissioner as a member states to ask experts to work with him to be coherent approach across the
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region through their guidance and analysis of the trustees to extremely important we want to avoid of course a vaccination as however it may be that this ship has already sailed here in france there have been reports of people not turning up for they could be vaccination if it's astra zeneca and confusion over who should and who shouldn't have it is rife. it's confusing yes because to say that the laws change from one country to another while the product is the same we wonder on which study they are based those who had complications were rather young so they said let's stop it for the young but not for the old well i mean it's weird their management of the thing is not clear. for me there is a risk since it has been shown that there are people who have unfortunately died after getting vaccinated it is important to get out of this health crisis. therefore we have to weigh the benefits and the risks of saying the risk is low in
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their best interest i think so they are never going to say that the risk is high and that's right that doesn't surprise me confusing there is a bit of confusion we don't know what to trust so i feel a bit of the dark there is also a question to be a lost about why certain countries are making unilateral decisions against deep voice of the e m a the aren't certain that may be simple the head of germany's vaccine commission said the a.m.a. evaluates vaccines based on what's of benefit to all in the e.u. individual countries though can be more picky in germany we have a slightly different situation because we're not so dependent on the astra zeneca vaccine and we can postpone vaccines and thereby achieve the same effect but in the end we still have the risk of these serious side effects in a certain age group over in the u.k. a new restrictions on astra zeneca or even tighter than those that have been taken by the european neighbors that previously the u.k.
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dismissed questions raised about the job now the government committee is recommending that healthy people under 30 are provided with a different facts seen adults who are age 18 to 29 years old should be offered an alternative that night in fact seen in preference to the astra zeneca vaccine regulators are now would voicing that astra zeneca provides another update on possible side effects and while for some the idea that they have a toy any chance of developing a fatal blood clot may be too much others say that they will gladly take the risk in a bid to put an end to the current nightmare jollity will be out see paris timmy's health minister has announced the country is in negotiations to buy the sputnik the shots from russia once the vaccine has approval young spawn expects deliveries as soon as possible with more on the story his artie's piece on the. well what we are
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seeing is the early stages of talks between germany and the russian direct investment fund for the for berlin buying doses of the sputnik the vaccine these talks were called firmed by health minister yen spahn on thursday. the e.u. has said that the sputnik vaccine will not be part of the joint procurement program for vaccines that system this all for $11.00 for all system of the e.u. commission buys in vaccines and then distributes them so well this is seen is germany take an independent roots in which they're looking to you to buy the sputnik vaccine we've heard time and time again from angola merkel that she was keen to use the sputnik the vaccine once it gets a.m.a. approval and certainly that is what we heard from again spawn again on thursday saying that once the european medicines agency give sputnik be the green light germany is more than happy to use it the announcement from the end spun that
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germany as they couldn't treat would be in negotiations to buy sputnik became shortly after market zoraida who's the leader of the state of bavaria said that the variac had agreed what he called a preliminary deal with russia to buy 2 and a half 1000000 doses of the sputnik vaccine you know we're doing to give sputnik it's approved in europe then bavaria will receive additional vaccine doses i think it's 2500000 doses probably in july through this company that is operating in bavaria to then once again increase the additional capacity for vaccinations. well looking at the reception to the sputnik vaccine here in germany it's pretty positive hugo of polling shows 55 percent of germans say they'd be more than happy to take a sputnik job politicians and local leaders as well also on the side with getting the sputnik the vaccine into the arsenal that germany can use against the
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coronavirus we vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate but when we need is the quantity and that's why the german government should finally sign contracts for sputnik be they should do their homework. every available vaccine has to be used russia is a great land of science and i don't have the slightest doubt that scientists there are capable of producing an effect of facts ian not everybody is as positive as stefan viol who's the leader of the state of lower saxony said that his state wouldn't be entering into any side deals like that very or done saying they would stick to the agreement that had been agreed with the european union also there was an air of caution from yen spahn the health minister as he announced that these talks were going on to buy sputnik he said never mind any debate about whether germany should buy the code but not could all well prove to be a mirage because what was important was whether germany could receive doses of the
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job in the next 2 to 5 months because if they can't they already have deals in place that would provide germany with what they see as a knockback seems to vaccinate their population what they need is these jobs in the immediate time for in an immediate timeframe in order to get them into people's arms straight away 59 countries have already given approval to the sputnik the vaccine once the may gives the green light for use of it in the european union we're expecting a lot more you nations to follow the line that's being led by hungary who've already started vaccinating using it without that a.m.a. approval expecting many more nations to jump on as well the sputnik the vaccine from its phase trials of space 3 trials receive just over 91 percent effective rate seeing against the covert 19 vaccine that was according to statistics that were published in the lancet medical journal. it's an emotional moment for people
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around the well it's particularly for the families of those about to take off as soyuz rocket is set to blast off from kazakstan as baikonur cosmodrome taking 2 russians and an american to the international space station its launch is especially poignant coming just days before this 60th anniversary of the 1st person in space. the rockets will launch from this same cosmodrome from which yuri gagarin made history the spaceships being named in honor of the cosmonauts on decorated with his portrays in the morning of the 12th of april 961 the haze of vostok one croft took off circling the earth for 108 minutes and 6 decades later his name still
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of the merkel when i. got from my dog who are boarders will near your house be here during the. i think that. russian guy the 1st guy and. something right. jagger is really like it out there he was in that movie with my chevy chase down at royce like back in the eighty's. miracle in my city. who's the most mystery. and let. me take you to tell you i never and see. you we go you. sporting the. well the president of the
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international astronautical federation spoke exclusively to r.t. on the character needed to make such a flight. known astronauts are very balanced and even tempered people you know most of them are very tranquil they have inner peace i am not like that an astronaut these to be self-possessed and cool headed to be able to deal with failures and delays that are quite frequent in this line of work once i was in charge of an experiment that resulted in a massive explosion and the rocket was damaged too it was a huge shock for me and i had to start from scratch again. that it's a real breakthrough it would be for example finding life on mars at least some primitive life or if we could send marseille samples back to earth in order to run the lab tests that would be great if we could do so much with all the new technologies which are out there we could finally field test them and eventually
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map out the moon's surface better build moon stations and get ready to fly to mars as to the future lunar missions the e.s.a. is also working with russia so their joint mars mission is scheduled for 2022 a robotic rover will be delivered to the martian surface that will make deep drills for the 1st time in history and collect samples of deep seeded rock and soil. we need to facilitate long term missions to the moon or mars through international cooperation this will increase the country's potential while reducing costs and helping to avoid duplicating effort we have a shortage of stem graduates experts in natural science and technology not that many young people choose to study technology engineering and natural in space sciences so we need to start with the youngest ones. i think you already got in played
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a major role in the lives of everyone in space research and space exploration spaceflight was the starting point for further development i personally saw observing the traditions on the fly. can or before their mission like planting a tree or leaving their signature on the door to their room many traditions live on for decades to celebrate your garden's memory you can see it all that if you're there for the launch of the most interesting part is the launch day itself when the crew check their space suits board the bus and say goodbye to everyone you see them leave to go up the stairs to the hatch turn around once more and wave and then board the spacecraft it's a fantastic unforgettable experience. to leave no doubt today is a special moment in the history of space 60 years ago a symbolic rockets lifted kicked off the era of human spaceflight hounds among the special occasion ossie will be interviewing some of today's pioneers of space exploration so they watch this space.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depth. already made in the shallowness. talks are underway in vienna to save the j c p o way the agreement the trumpet ministration unilaterally walked away from making the deal whole again is relatively easy for iran but that cannot be said for the united states does the buy didn't ministration have the political will to say yes to iran. welcome back and to some tragic news from the u.s. state of texas where
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a shooting has claimed the life of one person and left 5 others injured the suspect has been after apprehended at the scene and one is just the latest in a stream of gun violence cases in the u.s. an attempt to address the problem joe biden has unveiled 6 executive orders aimed at tightening firearm controls has labeled the issue an international embarrassment . gun violence in this country is an epidemic whether congress acts 'd or not and i'm going to use all the resources in my disposal treasure to keep the american people safe from gun violence but there's much more in the congress can do to help that effort. and they can do it right now. the 1st proposal we heard from the white house was an effort to crack down on how guns are sold he referenced ghost guns which are guns that people manufacture by they they purchase kits to make them in their homes he talked about gun show loopholes and background checks furthermore
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joe biden discussed what he calls the red flag legislation that exists in a number of states where if a person is deemed to be a threat to themselves or to others they are temporarily deprived of their guns at this point biden has been facing a huge amount of pressure from gun control supporters due to the fact that there has been a surge in gun violence you saw last year there were 20000 gun related deaths that took place and that is a 25 percent increase since 2019 that we've seen this surge of gun deaths other was recently an event where 5 people were killed in south carolina including 2 children and that was certainly not the 1st mass shooting that happened in 2021.
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it's important to note that there is certainly not unity around these moves that joe biden has proposed we've seen that. governor of the state of arizona put together a piece of legislation prohibiting sheriffs and police officers from carrying out any order that was deemed to be in violation of the 2nd amendment of the us constitution which guarantees the right to own a firearm. the state of arizona and its political subdivisions are prevented from utilizing any financial resources were state personnel to administer cooperate with or enforce a new law act order rule treaty or regulation of the federal government that is inconsistent with any law of the state regarding the regulation of firearms gun
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control is yet another example of how polarized the united states is becoming in 2021 this is typical double speak by joe biden this is a joe barton who's putting it if he's really interested in gun control who should be interested in government gun control i don't like the the idea of red and blue states there are plenty of democrats who are barry very strongly in favor of the ownership of firearms very very strongly in favor of the 2nd amendment and in fact that's why he can't get gun control passed through the senate because it's evenly divided and many democratic senators are in favor of this just like many republicans. centrist republicans may be in favor of gun control at the end of the day this is starting a slippery slope i think it's waking people up to the real agenda of the by the administration he's going to get a lot of pushback not only from red america but from red and blue america where there is strong support even in the senate among many democrats to preserve our 2nd
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amendment freedoms. profess they came for the gas guzzlers then plastic straws and cutlery now they're literally coming for children's dreams the math a french city of plenty has literally warned quote kids shouldn't even dream of flying and she scrapped funding for the aviation clip. on her bouma jacket hit the runway and got reaction to the grounding from a flight instructor and examine that. how large a show you willing to sacrifice to save the world's air travel is a major contributor to climate change question somebody told us to give it up i'm now a green mer in france let's talk kids to flog about flying. their
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young environmentalist mare of the french city of what ca one. has said that kids should give up their dream of flying in france of all places the oh you were mad bus the birthplace of the creator of the little prince i'm trying to sign things you can't leave. who is 31 years old has said and i quote we must protect the children from some dreams sadly aviation must no longer be part of the dreams of the children of today and then she went and slashed government funding through the local flight clubs in her area because in her opinion government money shouldn't be spent on a sport that has a carbon footprint so i'm off to meet a flight instructor and examiner edgy to find out what he thinks about the idea of
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stopping flying this french madness french politician has said children shouldn't even dream of fly. what do you think about that as as an idea but some point in the future it might be one of them before the pacific it's just people. without as everybody knows you still can come to a form to. pollution point of view in the in 25 in one hour in russia has more pollution than the whole of the g.i. fleet smaller so the m 25 being the big ring road because it was the key for you have international viewers so it's the big green right over there as to the london so that's more pollution in one hour that what we have in geo i carry it for you ok ga be your new idea is generally easier with a lot of footprint and this isn't as large as it would be going to be listed not runs over wow that's a big claim a day yes
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a big claim for would you say isn't have young people who just say you're just an old boomer that loves flying and is obsessed with his own pastime and isn't thinking about requirement emergence a more that the roi. but but if you're thinking about climbing if you climb the emergency there are things of more important news of your look but not debug something nice to be done for my grandchildren or flew great but generally the ocean. is just the people on the pitch but saw it. by saying what really struck a nerve with the liberty loving friends was this idea that kids can even dream of flying anymore luckily from now on kids dreams are being policed just yet and for those of us still wishing to take to the skies well play manufacturers both big
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and small are working on creating new nonpolluting models and they're about saying we love to hear your thoughts on our stories so do get in touch and share your thoughts following us on social media leave your comments back we'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest see that. problem drugs has come from unscrupulous dealers from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to
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prescription opioids it invaded america under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers. pay folks next up on dennis miller plus one you got a great comedian jo koy tell you this guy sells out all over the world for get the best you can take him anywhere and people know that they are going to get the funny he's got a new auto biography up called combo platter and i think there are some surprisingly sensitive revelations in there in addition to some of the most uproarious comedy
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stories joke-y. right up to this one a smile or. a folks welcome to done as a bill or plus one we're joined by comedian jo koy you know that skull barely holding the brain power in it is. so it is so voluminous over there joe is known for his appearances on chelsea lately the tonight show stand up specials on comedy central netflix and he has a new autobiography out titled mixed plate chronicles of an all-american combo i think that came out on march 23rd this is joe call i just a power. how are you dennis. beautiful brother if you swore more near act i would have recommended you call the book patter.


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