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it has no choice over the length of sentences so the rules well certainly have to be overturned those kind of policies people around the world are now joining us to count down the minutes until the departure other soyuz rocket into space which will mark the 60th anniversary of soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin's flights the 1st by human into space stay tuned for the live coverage of the takeoff. talks are underway in vienna to save the j c p a way the agreement the trump administration unilaterally walked away from making the deal whole again is relatively easy for iran but that cannot be said for the united states does the buy didn't ministration have the political will to say yes to. israel media
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a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led to. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made of the shallowness. problem
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to maximize your financial survival guide. putting flow into your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. i. think it's a bit like you know it's this is you know you're just the 1st one to the west we're just going forward for the individual. but you'll see just what i do want to. see if it was national guard. such really at the base. but if you look at the area. it's a look at the center for the problems. there but will support school board if he's
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going to explain up the list with you to the middle east because. she knew my previous merely live you. suppose someone to be meaningless as we've done a study in the late eighty's. i . welcome back big tech is on the file once again and this time a probe by the u.s. state of indiana could lead to legal action the state's attorney general has accused 5 of the biggest tech giants facebook twitter google amazon and apple of censoring conservative voices big tech censorship coursing should concern every liberty loving american as endianness attorney general i work to protect hoosier
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from harm caused by deceptive unfair or abusive business practices including censorship of digital content. todd working a republican attorney general went on to say that the companies may have violated indiana's consumer laws he has accused them of limiting people's access to contents by deleting or obscuring material reflecting a politically conservative view point of view of florida governor ronda santa is among the latest victims of the big tech purge without any warning or explanation you cheapass deleted the republican's recent video of a roundtable discussion with scientists looking at public health issues during the pandemic legal analyst jennifer demolished things tech giants can't hide behind the private company excuse anymore. these big tech companies were had to had to adhere to their responsibilities the protocols equal application of the laws publicly provided provisions for how their platforms would operate things that people would
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know and so he's very carefully wording his investigation and right now again there's no lawsuit yet but i think the announcement of this investigation is a very big deal they act like private companies private companies and they always claimed as this excuse is private companies but here they verify accounts they verify government state accounts you know the president accounts and so they do serve in terms of that is a state platform is a government platform and when they are censoring political speech and it's only one political side they are making themselves less of a private company and more of a necessity of ever public good is investigation works and heals a way to allow states to do that you're going to see a lot more states suing these big tech companies for causing harm because of greater fundamental right in america is also economic protections for their businesses and their consumers to have access to information. thus they came for the gas guzzlers then plastic strollers and cutlery are now they're
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literally coming for children story the marriage of the french city of party of literally war and quote kids shouldn't even tree a flying scrap funding for the aviation club. on obama jacket hit the runway and got reaction to the grounding from a flight instructor and examined. how large a show you willing to sacrifice to save the world's air travel is a major contributor to climate change somebody told us to give it up i mean our green mare in france has told kids to flood about flying.
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their young environmentalist mare of the french city of what ca one. has said that kids should give up their dream of flying in france of all places the oh you are mad boss the birthplace of the creator of the little prince i'm trying to scientists you better leave leo in all alone call noise who is 31 years old has said and i quote we must protect the children from some dreams sadly aviation must no longer be parts of the dreams of the children of today and then she went and slashed government funding through the local flight clubs in her area because in her opinion government money shouldn't be spent on a sport that has a carbon footprint so i'm off to meet a flight instructor and examiner edge to find out what he thinks about the idea of stuffing flying in this french madness french politician has said
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children shouldn't even dream of. what do you think about that as a as an idea but some point in the future it might be relevant but for the pacific future it's just people can live. without it because everybody knows you still can come to it so you think the dream of. flying is still alive and kicking dreaming of flying should be allowed. to get more poets say once more in his experience flaw it would be with the earth with his eyes car sky would cause once he was there in their reporting to the form of pollution point of your own in $25.00 in one hour in russia as more pollution than the whole of the g.i. for a small aircraft say the m $25.00 being the big ring where it was a mistake if we have international viewers to be green right out of there are still in london so that's more than a one hour what we have in g.r. again for you and harry could be a big general idea generally easier off the printer mess isn't as large as it would
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be a good estimate would be less than a lines of wow that's a big claim a day yes a big claim this is the 21st century engineers could write checks pal's a lot of things. electronic ignition it doesn't need the additive cool to eat through lead which is the normal fuel for aircraft because it is very toxic and that is a pollutant this doesn't use if. it we're moving closer to these ingenious for the future of the ocean we are looking at batteries there is a certified very heavy batteries there right but it's a song it's the can be flown if you look at the onset of electric cars we've got mail is completely different to what we had one of the people that say you shouldn't fly any more aggressive down back said you shouldn't fly anymore people have said it was a little grace you know travel you know trains like the orient express and agatha christie novels what would you do if you couldn't find anyone who isn't going to
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half of what you say is now young people who just say you're just an old man that loves flying and is obsessed with you know his own past time and isn't thinking about requirement imagine say more that the right. but thoughts if you're thinking about cloning if you plan to. if there were figures of more people in the lives of law look more debug include some at least be done for my grandchildren or truly a great journey or you ocean. is just a pimple on the expect thought. that the wavelength we turn on the engine press back at the murder rate exerts required our code for i think what really struck a nerve with the liberty loving french was this idea that kids can even dream of
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flying anymore luckily from now on kids dreams are being policed just yet and for those of us still wishing to take to the skies well plane manufacturers both big and small are working on creating new us nonpolluting models. it's an emotional moments for people around the world particularly for the families of those about to take off a soyuz rocket is set to blast off from kazakstan as baikonur cosmodrome taking 2 russians and an american to the international space station this launch is a specially poignant coming just days before the 60th anniversary of the 1st person in space.
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well we can now it take you live to the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakstan to watch the launch of a soyuz rocket to the international space station now it's a particularly special moment for one of these russian girls how you're more about that in just a moment 6 we have 2 russian cosmonauts ehrlich novitsky and a pause here do pause and of of course less than an american market vanda hey of nasa on board this flight a particularly special moment for the broth as this will be his 1st ever space flight so one can only imagine how he must be feeling right now. just take a few seconds to watch this live.
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from he's expected to enter. because to launch the flight would take hours meaning it will dock with the i s s a little after 2 pm moscow time. mission is expected to last a little more than 190. 6 she will return to earth in october and the 2 other crew members will stay on. that particular launch has been a little different due to the pandemic so want families can be present to say thank god that was very emotional for these crew members the crew have been inoculated against cove it and the russians getting. russian job and found to hate most americans. of course this launch is an especially poignant everybody and involved because it comes just days before the 60th anniversary of
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the. space be the rocket launched from the same sky god made. them myself i watched a lot of the launch and it was very very emotional i have to say be due to the timing of this launch this has been named in on all the cosmonaut yuri gagarin and also decorated with his portrayed all took off and the inscriptions 60 years since that made to space the flights. and that is of course on the morning of the 12th of april 961 good gardens vostok one craft took off circling the whole 108 minutes. instead of global fame and 6 decades left his name and not many people don't know the name you are a guard the current will be very busy during this flights carrying out around. on
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this mission i should say coming out surround 50 scientific experiments at this they should. the crew will also have to see the arrival of a new lab module called science. international space station is a collaboration between 5 space agencies including nasa and russia as. it carries out a wide ranging research on everything from biology to astronomy and physics so we're going to be very busy during this mission. the rocket is taking off from the same site as i said where you work a garden made history 60 years ago the soviet cosmonaut became the 1st person in space on the morning of the 12th of april 961 his vostok one craft blasted off circling the earth for 108 minutes 6 decades later and here we are and gardens named still lives are.
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reduced did you get that in your the form of the number no doubt in yours. and i think here you could go right recognizing me and i wish i knew armstrong i'm sorry i don't know what. face recognition this feels in the wild actually your car is now if you. had a better solution. and he's promised to produce the pieces. so you do good god it is true but only to speed that jesus is coming again and that judgment to be a judgment is fairly good i mean you're getting.
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a few. stumbling stone out of it all i see for the last go with i'm going to think you know i don't know if you already got ready for this trip i did last time i will tell you better i'm going to start to feel what if what i've already. bought a. kid's name is he. asked for knowledge i say how do you know. it will be a good writer still not that we'll see a picture of your book you'll be going to be with the goldberg or the bishop of rome. became god really all. i know about fullest. he doesn't and she put it on me and got him a lot of the shuttle from the above them. you got gaby's now the.
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love lucy goody goody and i want you to stop without a coffee on the phone. you already. know. getting. caught up on a little bit in the kitchen i don't i don't know judy i'd be. not . there for you and that's something. that i want to live with. every day the whole program of the. president tell on me. it. would be merkel when i. got from my
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dog who are born into a leader you have to be hearing the. thing that. bit of russian guy the 1st guy and. something right. jagger is really like an actor he was in that movie with like chevy chase down at royce like that in the eighty's. miracle in mystique. mystery. and let. me take you to remember and. sporting the. well when you go on a risky mission you need someone to talk to someone you can really trust we spoke
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to the person cosmonauts can do without both on and in space. bill thomas one of the which india it's not easy to be a doctor for cosmonauts to be honest you're not just a doctor for the crew you're one of their most trusted people because cause i'm not spend all their waking hours with doctors we are always by their side except when they sleep i try to ensure they are safe and healthy because there are situations that could cause a lot of serious complications because not so working in very extreme conditions for the whole 6 month period we teach them how to diagnose themselves in space when communications with earth are lost for example they have to provide medical care on their own or help or the crew members once calms are restored they report the situation there might also be an emergency on board such as a laceration and even if the connection is fine cosmonauts won't have time to consult with a doctor they need to act swiftly apart from such cases they usually consult
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doctors and medical specialists on what medicines to take what dosage except for. one of the doubles or cosmonauts have been going through their preflight preparations at the baikonur cosmodrome for many years now there are certain rules and traditions in place the cosmonauts should not interact with locals or journalists or with anyone whose health has not been checked by medical stuff we don't recommend shaken hands with people because a lot of infections are passed on that way the schedule for each cause most days planned out to the minutes it specifies how much time should be spent exercising when physical training should be done and what it involves whether it's a special workout or a simple outdoor walk everything is taken into account in the schedule. of that he said what do you feel when you see the cast now itself that.
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the which for me is a very emotional and strong feeling it's like seeing off my own children i worry a lot i want everything to be just fine and. stunned how difficult it is to work in space i know how much pressure they face both psychologically and physically what do you tell them. oh you're going to make me a little emotional here with all your questions i try to reassure them that i'll be there for them no matter what we're still in touch over the phone for both formal conversations and informal charts they can count on me to try and solve any issues they may have as they come back from the us they feel that i'm right next to them and they trust me they're not worried about a thing. well just moments ago we saw the incredible 1st of a rocket launching from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakstan and it's a particularly special launch not just for the 3 crew members on board but for everybody watching and that is of course because it becomes just days before the
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60th anniversary of the 1st person in space and that was of course you are a garden and this particular rocket has been it has is also a graph it has these pictures are it's a very special rocket especially for him and for the 3 crew members on board to russians. do but all of. us and american american market than they have nasa i'm sure it's an incredible honor to be on this particular flight and are particularly special moment of course but abroad because this will be his 1st ever space flights as quite incredible for him now the craft is expected to enter orbit some 9 minutes after launch is already in phase 2 of the launch me showing you some live pictures from what appears to be. ground control or from inside the rocket right now we'll keep you updated with that this flight will take more than 3
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hours meaning it will dock with the international space station a little after 2 pm moscow to. and during that time at the international space station it's not going to be all relaxing they have lost of science experiments to be carrying out they're going to be very busy will return to earth in october and the 2 other crew members will be staying on at the international space station for a little longer now i'll take a jury in the next few days will be interviewing some of today's pioneers of space exploration to mark this incredible 60th anniversary so do watch the space.
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to. plan to most space stuff coming your way will be back in just a few minutes. the slogans are of them so mind. and good use who was before. much of those who heard the preview or. seen him we will. we will. move. move. move showed us look beautiful i mean it's a good look or a good. move just love most of these girls will give you films for good girls. go to school so look i do the same you want me to show the story to you should go.
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to startups to do it to me to do it with the little one wished they'd say look it is it's. just ashton understands this new it's the mashed old trick to stop the president and please introduce more of them to. those we have producers to those listening to snoop come up to me with because that is the cause with you swear your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for one whose job is a. clear segregated anywhere i suspect the last of us people that are also in poverty by 1st
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place if you're born into a poor family was you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single pair. and that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years younger if you're born into generational poverty. it's a tough fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. tax rise or financial survival the stacy let's learn about fill out let's say i'm the troika in your piece. of the fight wall street fraud thank you for. the story that's true. that slavery.
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seemed wrong when old roles just don't hold. any new world beliefs yet to shape our disdain becomes to educate and in the game equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. but i can. be the 1st one to look. at a 100 words. i chose to use because. people think i was national. i thought. it
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was supposed to focus. on off people's music from. the roof because between. a shingle might have to be smeared. all over the city and you those who. oppose someone. because. of style if you will if 80.
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brussels urges the e.u. to come up with a unified response on astra zeneca job fair and public confidence in the shorts. for me the reason i ask since it has been shown there are people who have unfortunately died of to get invites me to apply the same to risk is low in their best interest i think we don't know where to trust our true will be to the dark. an emotional day in space history a soyuz rockets carrying 2 russian cosmonauts london american astronauts last off to the international space station days before the 60th anniversary of human space travel. germany reveals plans for talks with moscow to buy spy.


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