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i think one of the worst things as a kid is what you want to do it's not what you want to do it's why do you do the things you do you could design a life that is focused on your watch being aware of work as a way of expression people ask me what motivates me every day and i look i'm just being me i started my company because it was an expression of myself i am just painting on a canvas but i think if we can teach them that think of their work and their life as a place to express themselves and then dream what they see themselves becoming having that strategic mistake makes you think more long term rather than the short term want athletes are told to picture making the shots before they take the shot and i think that the same thing is true for the rest of us we have to picture
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what our goal is is looking like and not just pick an arbitrary goal but what do we want our life to look like and then create a plan to get there and we can help kids do better but it's in their own hands it's in their hands that's a lesson every kid should learn and those sort of stuff the responsibility i can make sure that i never will be poverty and my kids in the room with barbie if i do the right thing. oh my name's wendy i'm 18 years old i go to caprica high school and i am a senior this year during that there was 8 ever so have to get. there is
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a 3 bedroom house there was a lot of trouble the economy had and everything my parents they both had lost their jobs it was kind of hard for us to even like cat food all my life even now i'm still on free and reduced lunch so now. my little brother has free and reduced lunch and there was 5 of. my sophomore year i was 15. i was on a drill meat with 50 and coming back slowly nauseous from there and started noticing that i was feeling different. like you're either believe it or you're pregnant and i was like i don't think i'm believe the like i eat all the time like while i watch a pregnancy test and i was like what is a kind of like that or and so there's a pregnancy test and they came out positive and just kind of fried and so my mom told me what any other parent would say to their kid. you're going to be fine we're
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going to get through this no matter what happens. what am i going to do. when my going to finish school how am i going to do any of the set all. just. terrified out of my mind. it turns out in the u.s. right now as an awful lot of children are being born to parents and parents who are not married to each other that is about 50 percent of the birth the youngest generation in other words about half of the birth and the youngest generation are babies born outside of marriage to typically quite young parents we have normal over the years. with kids who are single parent. generally education. and then solves them was.
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they also in the past. then kids who come from married couple families. more of our kids were with their married parents and lived for their whole childhood with their married parents that also could make a huge difference they'll do better in school they'll be more likely to college and even though they might compositions magically over the last 3 or 4 decades more kids are in school families who are kids or were both there so i think americans are going to figure this out single parents alone have high stress levels stigma because it gets them because they're single parents. as teenagers we have these adult problems so we feel like we're adults but we're very malleable in the sense that we're still children in a way our emotions go up and down and happens is so many kids are making these very
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tough decisions around friends and peer groups and they're making a lot of decisions around relationships and who their phones love with their intimacy with those people and it's just this kind of like these tough things like what really a lot of kids in poverty. i never thought i would. ever play because i was i am i thought am i standing there i do so much charity work so much community service or everyone at school is like wendy's pain is a shift. and that she would get away from her family isn't she the church girl i never thought that would happen. you don't think from one night something. is going to pop out 9 months later you just think oh i have it once here keep going with 5. and a half. and know what you see the picture and blow your whole world just. turned upside down.
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when we talk about participating in risky behavior whether we're talking about having sex doing drugs drinking watching pornography whatever it is getting involved in social media. becoming really addicted to whatever device it is that you're using if we're talking about any of those risks to be i think it's important to consider. the outcomes of those that it's important to consider that we're not living for just this moment we have a child you don't. really think about the cost that it takes to be a parent the cost in time the cost and finances and i would encourage you to wait until you're married before you have kids wait until you know you've got that 2nd parent that 2nd income that can help you raise that child what kills me is when i see
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a kid with all the academics to rock it you know they get these all lazy finally they finally break this glass ceiling where you put all this hard work in their academics and then they get pregnant with their with their high school sweetheart and i literally just take 3 steps back and i think it's because there's this. motional intelligence where we just don't talk about like relationship and the strategy around what you do as an emotional being. always been a daddy's girl i would go to him for everything when i got pregnant he distanced himself along he had different views than i did when i told him i was going to keep matthew. you're going to keep. going to keep you like he saw me completely. i had matthew on april 26th. i called him a month later to see how he. he was doing this to catch up to see if he wanted to
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see my son he calls me. like i still can't believe you decided to keep him you could have had a future now you're not going to have anything. and it's been built 3 years. and i haven't heard from what i've heard from people one of my teachers actually. when i wasn't there and everyone from the class told me she said if wendy was my daughter i would take the baby away from her and raise it myself sure but now she's not going to amount to anything. and hearing it from my dad now. and saying you're not going to announce anything you're not going to have a future anymore because i decided to keep my son. broke me. we as a society have lied to you miss we've been dishonest with because what we have said . is that you can behave any way that you choose you can make any decision or
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choice that you want to make whatever you feel this this day you can make those kinds of decisions and we will do the best that we can to alleviate the cons. but the fact is we cannot alleviate the consequences it is true that you make your own decisions you can choose any of these paths that you want to choose but we are being dishonest to you when we say we can help you avoid consequences there are consequences for the choices that you made having sex outside of marriage is not going to fill the void that you're trying to fill it only creates more and more of a vast open. within you because you are opening yourself in the most mourner of all way to another human being who is in no way committed to and his. whose actions are really out of selfishness
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likely and a desire to meet a need that day. the day i had started getting ready i started a campaign and then by the time i got there they told me it was too late for me to have it. i'm just bawling my eyes out i was like i don't know what to do i've never done this and whenever he got there. i was scared the 1st time i change just. like i care to change the diaper he will finish but what do you mean you can't just type of like i can't do this i am fix tina i can do this i cannot support him i cannot just call work and raise a child. bearing at this precious little boy mile at me and i'm thinking i can't do this at all the only thing going through my head was i cannot do that. if you find yourself pregnant at 15 there is no easy option for you you
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can choose to have an abortion and that is not an easy option it leaves damage for the rest of your life for you and for your family. having a child at 15 leads to all kinds of issues because now you're not just a typical high school kid your response will for another human be you're going to have to find a way to bring in candy you're going to have to tend to a sick baby in the middle of the night when you have homework and you have to get up early and go to class yourself and then your other option would be to place your baby for adoption which is the most difficult decision i've ever seen a young person it is a wonderful choice and it is often the best choice for that child but it is heart wrenching and extremely difficult so once you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy we can't take away those consequences and you. now i have very difficult
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decisions to me. so i have my little brother i have my son and. about to be given a. wake up at 6 in the morning around 7 i will wake up my little brother and that around 720 i will get matthew ready for my sisters at 730 take my little brother. i get to school and i'm racing i'm running rushing to get there i get out of school i want 30 and i going to work at i get up before i found my sister shall i play with matthew 30 minutes but i have and then i go to work and whenever i get my 30 minute lunch break do the same thing go to my sis health and spend time with them and then i get off work around 9 i go to put them both of after i put them both to sleep i are working on my homework at around 1030 and i usually fall asleep but i wanted.
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to do. was a pandemic no certainly no borders i'm just delighted to nationalities. so much time it's really we don't look like she. meets the sitting. judge and. commentary crisis with this system to a lot of times we can do better and we should be. everyone is contributing it's your own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges crave to respond. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led to. direct. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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so. is. all of. that. that you are lazy. that you are still because i don't believe any of those things. that you purchase i believe that greatness is only. i believe that you bring value into other people's lives into the law and if you choose to hear that it's not going to be. fatal and it is now. to enable you to better choices go. my mama watch. my love.
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and. love differently. she told me for the 1st time i know i never tell you this often but i. will.
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there's a group of villagers working in the fields by river when someone in the group noticed a baby float downstream. one of the men rushed into the water rescued the baby and brought it to shore before it could recover a number of babies were found floating downstream before long there was a steady flow of babies floating down the river and the whole village was involved in the rescue efforts pulling babies out of the water and making sure they were made safe but not all of them could be. some are pulled under by the raging river whether slipped through the villagers hands while others fell back into the water as the villagers tried to save them. the villagers were saving as many babies as they could but before long they became
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exhausted from all their effort. frustrated controversy erupted milledge one group argued that every possible hand was needed downstream to help rescue the babies they didn't have everyone's help they would lose too many downstream. the other group argued that every possible hand was needed upstream they can find out how the babies were getting into the water to save all of them and eliminate the need for the costly and time consuming efforts downstream. if we find out how these babies are falling into the river in the 1st place we can stop this and no more babies will drown if we go upstream we can eliminate the cause of the problem. but it's too risky some said might fail or take too long lose too many lives.
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though it. the ones he's one hand are teachers children to fix the problem upstream he sees one and can only. dream from a separate water fountains and say well. ok that was different about the water. coming out of it found. in comparison. to the mountain that was of the posts of me. that grew up in a real life most. people feel completely. all that life. plaistow around them. when each of
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you know there are 2 ways to address poverty one is to try to prevent it from ever occurring in the 1st place and the 2nd is if it does occur to a mill you're right you know provide people with assistance with child 8 care with als say it has to be but. you have to help those who are in need now and you have to help those. in the future and in order to do both you have to not only work downstream you have to have circumstances that got us where we are. and so our approach to every person every stanley and poverty needs to be as unique as that person in that family and that's difficult to do and it's a little overwhelming to think about but people are different it's interesting looking back historically on what we've done to address poverty in the united states it's mostly been to provide people with assistance of various kinds and
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those things are needed i think we should not leave people destitute and without such assistance bob there's not a lot of evidence. that those things are going to move people out of poverty except temporarily i don't think americans are in favor of simply redistributing and what they want is to provide everyone an opportunity to get ahead on their we believe in equality of opportunity not equality of results. i went to a conference once the conference was an opportunity conference where we invited 74 families from our community and hopes to just allow a pathway to cycle out of poverty majority of the people in this conference were a generational poverty so they came in and they heard from dr beagle her story and
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were encouraged it was a 6 hour program and she would say how many of you know what it is to have a disconnect notice how many of you know what it is to receive an eviction notice and before long arms were coming up and she allowed them to see that if i can do it you can too we all have hope with this sometimes just gets very so i had the opportunity to visibly see hope rise to the surface of 74 people and that's not something that you can contain we knew you can't contain hope i left this place with hope and i'm going to tell everybody about it i want them to know what i know and i'm going to succeed because people came in the room they didn't know me and i matter i wasn't born. i am hard. right i'm no longer in this isolation where i'm irrelevant or i have to walk around and lead with this label of shame little by little the hope starts to take that
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label off and when people come into place you're able to replace that label with words of worth instead of allowing that. yes and. we all are the same when it comes to what our basic needs are and what our basic desires are and i think if we really think about what we have in common with one another that's where we can start to create a basis of understanding a person saying i'm not going to judge you i'm not going to criticize you i'm not going to do you value your lived experience because it's different than my you say to the other human being what ever. dream you've ever had is still possible. when i was growing up. felt like there were
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a few kids that were completely off the wing. and there were a few kids that were trying really hard to make good choices and really had their focus at where it needed to be but most of us are somewhere in this gray area where we're trying to get our toes as close to the line as we can without completely stepping over but we weren't really convicted either way we're just all kind of trying to get by getting. what i see now is that there are more kids off the rails. there are very few kids in this very area. but there are a lot of young people who are committed who are strong who are focused who want to make good decisions and who are making and having an impact on the people around. that is my hope for the next generation.
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and that hope comes from the stories that. that hope comes from us saying to our scholars you can do this we're going to stand by you we're going to help you get through this they have the power to turn this ship away and it happens by making one good decision after that. one of the bigger you actually realize the things you do from 14 to 24 hour compound interest of things that like we're going to take you to places that you can't even understand what you do to day is going to play more compound interest that anything else you're playing a game that's bigger than yourself you're playing a game for yourself or your family's name or your kids that don't even exist yet for your grandkids who are going to benefit off of the hard work you put into that .
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not all poverty is preventable but we know certainly that based on research and the research that we're using for our programs some of that can be preventable we want to help them we want to help the community around us nat's what we're trying to rally our community around and support a lot of times when i work with people who currently live in the crisis of poverty those who might not smart enough to get a skill not smart enough to go to college to ask for help got to ask for help in poverty issues don't ask for help and that's the wrong message. nobody makes it alone absolutely no one we have to work together we have to overlap with other organizations we have to be community is the key is allowing hope that we can allow hope we can communicate we can allow worthen tell their generation if we can spark a movement that not only helps those who are in the river but also gives them the
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tools to help their kids and their kids' kids not be in the river that's the movement we want only reach out to people across. these barriers of poverty barriers. of political opinion. we can really find some unique treasures in people who are different from us and find out that they're not so different after all.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who . thinks. we dare to ask.
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the news but i can't. be the 1st one to open the windows conformal from all the hundreds. i chose to use would want to do that. if it was national level off the. top of the little. local shop and of course most of. these products one of google's musical nobody knew the least because. the shit into life would be smeared. all over the sea you knew those who.
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oppose someone. because of the old style if you apply it to. the people in the czech republic. medicine agency still holds back from a pretty. in the job despite mounting interest for me you state. the u.s. consultants' gender reassignment treatment for young people in a move that the split republicans view from a trans woman about the dangers of changing sex too early the harm that's done many things for real problems for bone structure natural development of the brain is interrupted.


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