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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 12, 2021 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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of all we weren't currently in detention how how much would that cost the chinese government let alone what human rights abuses that would constitute is afshin when you look at the consensus from the chinese government they say 12000000 or yours but according to org or consensus more than 20000000 oil is the population to her the numbers are 25000000 so there's been a massive increase in the number of wigglers since 2000 when there were only 8400000 it point 4000000 this also there is the consensus that the numbers from the chinese population and chinese government in reality back in 2004 even though it or population was 25000000 more than 25000000 now are we were intellectuals their own consensus is like 5 years ago back in 2016 there was more than 20000000 only there is a population when the chinese government was saying it's only 11000000 ok but i
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mean as far as things stand here and selling is a quarter of all we get are now in chinese detention why do you think it is that when journalists were allowed in decision jang in order to 2019 they came from all over the world. they didn't find any evidence of genocide or the mass detentions in nov 29th in the world bank visit found no aberrations as regards human rights of the load genocide. if you remember at during the holocaust if you have seen the pictures and the films how the nazi germany put up a show for the red cross people coming in and checking the same thing the chinese government is putting up the stages basically bringing like the actors and the people who are being coached to say what they have to say and be at jumping around
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and dancing when you look at it in outdoor interests are facing forced marriages where governments are forced to marry a contract these men if they refuse they are being called extremist for refusing and then there were women there facing mass rape men the dory birth control forced sterilizations porcher brainwashing forced labor organ harvesting criminal tortillas are being built next to the concentration camps for a culture doesn't practice cremation we are muslims we don't practice criminal creamy asian so this is all building up to a genocide clearly there are lot about journalists out there so you're saying all those journalists they don't know what's really going on you of course. worked at guantanamo bay prison camp the u.s. torture camp and your thing is worse actually the conditions engine jang than when you were working defacto for the u.s. government facilitating the torture in guantanamo. that was not my words
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the situation back in the history because can we call it she john is that name given to us by the chinese regime that their situation back home not in the concentration camps but just regular people like me and the year their lives are worse than that how the detainees in guantanamo bay that was the words from the former wigger $100.00 what is the waivers $21.00 of the not 22 orders so i worked in guantanamo as an translator i was translating for those people who wore military uniform in guantanamo while the term i was wearing or not yes i was just a contract at linguist but at the beginning all the civilians were wearing uniforms and the our name cackle contractor i have the pictures calling contractors here i
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was not in the military but i have still happy that i was be able to give linguistic support to those 22 innocent or groups where i as sister them because they were of the accused because of the situation back home they escaped from the persecution they didn't have any sympathy with al qaeda they didn't have any sympathy with al qaeda or the $911.00 attacks there we go there and went out so those $22.00 or you girders they have nothing to do is $911.00 they have nothing to do is to arrest these all good men were in desperate need of language support and i was even requested by those men to translate for their defense to hence i help and they are i educate them on their release the chinese government is the one who are accusing them for being terrorists he will is and will is when you invoke the holocaust obviously when it comes to invoking genocide. these kinds of human rights
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abuses this is exactly ward the united states have done to justify wars in libya afghanistan syria iraq across latin america i know you've been asked before about this why did you take funding from the national endowment for democracy knowing the brutality and the 10s of millions killed wounded tortured or displaced at the hands of national endowment for democracy policies around the world well we established campaign for a course in the fall of 2017 in order to advocate for this nest on president that human rights atrocity in the world after the holocaust we found campaign for it was 2017 my sister was abducted and september 28th when i quit my full time job as an international business development director from the
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consulting firm that i was working and i became full time activist one year and were 3 of my sisters at the actually funded by the national endowment for democracy i really started with funding from october 2090 i don't mean to wiggle funding from the national and on our democracy to upsala not absolutely not i don't look at look at records i was going a full time job and i was funding myself the organization giving us the ability to be the voice for those millions of whistler's people those and millions of people who are suffering so that's all i could hear and i know so many of these people who are accusing me of being and working for cia only getting money from anybody those are the genocide apologists those are the exact same words. chinese our foreign minister is saying actually and c.c.p.
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is a more for us folks 1st and lydia and joe about a year ago she tweeted publicly using exact same those words she tried to demonize me and create it might work ok with alice and his doesn't come in the congress party of china i mean i have to ask did i mean were you linked or are you linked to the cia no absolutely not because it says on your bio my says on your biography page as a consulting that you have experience working with various u.s. intelligence agencies which u.s. intelligence agencies have you worked with it i don't think it says intelligence agency it does says if those in the streets extend she is also extensive experience working with homeland security department of defense the pentagon yes and various u.s. intelligence agencies which you as a dotard agencies did you work with when i was working at the leo at the
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architectural firm our company designed f.b.i. headquarters so that's my business development work. and i work this argument of defense state department homeland security under who leasing out those 22 oil groups from guantanamo i was working with them and advocating for those 22 years when you were working for the military contract to hell 3. i think under titan consulting which was involved in the abu ghraib torture scandal this was all just as a translator you weren't carrying out the cork available tortured there would be 0 and then they would say their piece and you would translate their work i mean the problem here and for all the agencies you name it in guantanamo because they were interrogating those 22 orders i was translating i was working as
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a contractor for l.c.d. as a translator i was working wherever you know the type and it became more elsley i was working as a translator i was hired as a consultant i mean i was hired as the ad linguist consultant translator and being and basically language support for those 22 years larry wilkerson who is the chief of staff of colin powell has been on this program and he says the route to regime change in china because the u.s. has 400 bases in circling china right now military bases his through jand jan do you see why members of your family you said it was retaliation for your advocacy work do you see why your sister might be detained or might choose not to speak to you given your links to the u.s. military industrial complex my sister has 2 daughters the post others live in united states and. my sister is
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a retired medical doctor. this is. ok let me. let me just go back with you know this is that i am speechless because of those kind of accusations i am absolutely speechless so when i raised my sister's case in the december 2000 when i have been speaking very vocally since my sister's of the auction in september 28th i have been being very vocal i have been raising my sister's case december 2019 the chinese state media the global kinds network accuse me of carrying a stolen photo of others and making up my own sister and attack our organization you can look this up i consent to go link but later my sister's true
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daughters who both are living in united states they learned that their mother has been given the harsh prison sentence in march 2099 months before the chinese state media published libelling against and against our organization. so there is that kind of claiming that you know they are trying to say my sister didn't want to talk to me or redeem change or this and that those are all a kind of you know like a pastor's attacks to add this created in my work and it dehumanizing me so i guess my messaging has been clear about this genocide i am not only talking about the then this is sister in law my sister is in a concentration camp but i am cocking wizzy it's 3 sets of leak documents the chinese government there's 3 sets of all fish oil documents stating the chinese
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government's genocidal action and your sister through negotiation and obviously the chinese government denies genocide in any way in ginger and rachel about thank you after the break with george floyd trial and what's really at stake. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about official intelligence and the point obesity is to create a trance i rather than fear. playing on various shots and with
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artificial intelligence will summon the demon. the robot must protect its own existence as a mixed. bag .
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welcome back today while u.s. military forces continue to flex u.s. taxpayer dollars all around the world u.s. politicians return to the senate and the u.s. conversation turns ugly inward is the u.s. a de facto apartheid state some are asking is t.v. channels brokers live proceedings in the prosecution of the alleged police killer of george floyd joining me from new jersey's one of america's most influential conservative thinkers because the professor jurisprudence at princeton university professor robert p. george thank you so much for coming on so the world is watching this trial how have you seen the reaction to perceived decline in the united states over many
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years of law and of ethics well i think one thing that hasn't declined is this most americans of most races want. mr sheldon to receive a fair trial if he's guilty of murder they want to be convicted of murder if he's guilty of a lesser offense of manslaughter offense they want to see him convicted of that if he's not guilty they want to see him quit so i just hope that will of most americans again of all races all ethnic backgrounds and so forth will prevail in this matter when we get a verdict now i thought i had from the trial corporations and government institutions and police forces have been keen certainly here in britain and i know in the united states to to have courses on bias training compulsory these courses on race on gender you don't think that's the solution to that kind of atrocities we've seen in recent years in the united states i don't there is not good evidence that they would work toward achieving the goals that stance of lee
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they are there to achieve moreover i am a very big worry on civil libertarian grounds about such courses turning into reeducation camps becoming forms of indoctrination when only one point of view is presented on. matters on which reasonable people of good will disagree and there are many matters pertaining to race to policing and to violence on which reasonable people of good will disagree want a single point of view is the only one allowed and when it's mandatory that this point of view be taht that looks to me like indoctrination i don't like it in classrooms i want to engage in it myself in my classrooms i object when other professors doing gaijin it or when universities allow it to happen on their campuses there should be a debate in which people are able to err on engage different points of view and try to persuade each other using the currency of proper intellectual discourse reasons evidence and arguments but away from the more sinister elements of these bias
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training courses you think there's something deeper here about people's conception of what it is to be human that you can be taught her live in a course you know killing an innocent person not good. that kind of back out of training i see what you're getting at here and you're right that. these issues the issues that are at stake in the matters we're debating today go very deep down they touch on what it means to be a human being what what scholars give the fancy label to philosophical anthropology it's critically important that the conversation be a free and open conversation that we not impose points of view that we not mandate a particular poor view or give a particular point of view monopoly would you go to far as to say legislating against prejudice that you're saving against things like this which are part of the debate in the united states that that's not the route. it has anything else
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i think there's a place for traditional or anti discrimination a legislation such as the civil rights act of 1964 here in the united states. but there is not a place for indoctrination everyone should be opposed to racism because racism is simply contrary to the basic principle of the profound inherent and equal dignity of each and every member of the human family that's at the core of our legal and political system our moral order here in the united states it's at the core of yours in the u.k. the trouble is on the concrete meaning and application of that principle we're reasonable people of good will to disagree and we mustn't let one side tyrannized one side get control and impose on the other side we need a proper debate in which we can all bring our arguments to the public forum and try
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to persuade our fellow citizens sometimes we'll win sometimes we'll lose but there are no permanent wins and losses because in the democratic form in democratic societies you can always come back and say look it's not working we made a mistake we need to revise the law we need to reconsider let's go back and have this conversation again but when you go to say corporate greed you believe in regulation why don't you think regulation works in the same way when it comes to believe. is that oppress the minority his or majority thing in different countries well of course we run into the problem of reasonable people disagreeing about what constitutes oppression or what constitutes a microaggression or in fact what's right or wrong we have fundamental disagreements even about what makes people male and female today that's not a disagreement we used to have it's a disagreement that we have today and trying to shut down one side is just the
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kind of tyranny it's contrary to the basic principles of civil liberty that our societies at their best stand for i'm not blaming you but you know solely for the. good morning i am well i did not call us caught at cornell as was on the show. recently he's been denied appointment that i understand it in the united states there is there are numerous examples of people being denied places in the academy because of their views and their writings and their scholarly work. why why haven't you saved them why why there's so few little speaking out to save people on the grounds of freedom of scholarly ideas and for. well i haven't singlehandedly saved anybody i've been involved in some defenses of people that have saved a few and i'm proud of proud of that not enough though too many people are cancelled too many people are discriminated against they're denied on entirely on
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reasonable grounds grounds of belief grounds of religion grounds of politics positions that they are otherwise entirely qualified for i'm not a victim myself despite the fact that i am a conservative i'm a christian religious believer a catholic i have had a blessed life in the academy i'm not a victim but other people are the late roger scruton was a victim on both sides of the atlantic because of his conservative views he was denied academic positions that he should have had and if it can happen to a person at the top of his intellectual game like roger scruton someone that any philosophy department anywhere in the world should have been proud to have then it can happen to just about anybody up and down the line in academia and internet so what am i doing i've participated in forming a new organization to fight back it's called the academic freedom of lions and i would encourage people just go to our website w.w.w. academic freedom to work go to the academic freedom website and you'll see how
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$200.00 of us including cornell west across the ideological spectrum from conservatives like me to progressives like cornell are banding together to fight back against cancel culture against the prejudice that people are experiencing in academia when they apply for jobs and are denied those opportunities because of their beliefs well i should say came on this show reggae before his death and quite quite a debate tell you a bit. of a deeper level why this kind of culture is a reason in the 1st place can you understand that as the crimes of soviet communism came to light the so-called left. retreat into identity politics and see this kind of weaponization of the academy and positions in the academy as their only route to whatever society they want rather than class war which was previously the main engine of progress. well it's
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a long and complicated story and i'm not at all sure that i understand it well certainly classical marxism proved to be a failure a lot of people bought a lot of academics bought into it they had a theory for a while about the false consciousness of the workers and so forth and so a kind of revisionism revisionist marxism settled in on the left early on you see it in the in the in the work of important figures like antonio gramsci or theodora during next war crime or have a coup or oh it quarrel disagreement with some of my conservative friends about this one lots of conservatives think that the fundamental problem that leads to identity tarion ism and to cancel culture and to this tyrannical attitude that so many people have embraced on the left today they think that it has to do specifically with progressive or left wing idiology that it's that it's a progressive problem or a left problem i'm inclined to think it a bit of heretic on my own side here i mean kind of thing it's
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a human nature problem when people see that their point people like their point of view prevail that we naturally rabb our emotions more or less tightly around our convictions and that can lead when it gets too tight to a kind of dogmatism that's human nature it's true for conservatives it's true for liberals it's true for religious folk it's true for secularists that's just the way human nature is and then when we see the prospect of getting a monopoly for our view of cancelling out competing views we're so deeply emotionally invested in our own opinions loving them even above truth that we often succumb to the temptation to just read other people freeze other people get hold of that monopoly and keep it it's happening on the left now because they've got cultural power if the well and now are the same thing probably would be happening as a i mean they come at us they have if the left some of the left why not will want to say faith is another then i'd say. to a benign then what we are giving what the. to have this discussion violent i want
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to move the american revolution argument out that it's not another. whether it be the american revolution the federally promised bay you're the madison here you are you're in the bateson program i think there's a fair deal of violence in the american revolution i just we will have to have you on again to discuss that in more detail but i go to the you tweeted about chomsky and you share his belief in freedom of speech he's being mean on this show as well but why is it you can share is a belief that there is also a manufacturer of consent that is much more to tell a tarion and widespread in the united states and has been going on follow a long before this so-called council culture there's tremendous social mobility in the united states or has been historically we've had our injustices but our ideals are good and we can read the whole of american history is a history of injustice and oppression if we like but that's not an accurate reading
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it's much more accurate to understand our history as a struggle against oppression against the practices we've too often embraced but that are contrary to our own 1st principles and above all the principle of profound inherit an equal dignity of egypt remember the human family principle that in our declaration is articulated as the self-evident truth that all men are created equal endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights i'm not my mum beneficiary of that i'm the 1st in my family to go to college that kind of social mobility reflects the best in america and it's very widespread if i look at my academic colleagues here at princeton people at the top of their game these are not in on the whole people who came from wealthy families many members of our faculty are jewish some are christian increasingly muslim all making it at the top and in academia and we find the same thing if we look at corporations law firms professional other professional organizations and. and so forth so let me tell you
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something i love this country i love its principles i love what we've achieved i love the struggle that we've been gauged in to overcome injustices beginning with slavery in the injustices toward the native american indian tribes fighting back against jim crow i love the vision of martin luther king the universal brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of god that's my america and i want that america to survive and thrive and get better and better professor george thank you and that's over the show well back on wednesday 22 years of a nato struck a convoy of refugees in yugoslavia killing 73 civilians equally think theme children until wednesday keep in touch by thoughtful media and subscribe to the john on you tube could have a snotty. this
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is. the 1st one to. go. with hundreds. to catch. you.
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with your phone calls from. these critics one of the from you because. she's showing him to live through the smear. both of you you. know post someone. else up close told you so it's pretty easy. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only mostly. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. to sit down
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and talk. poll finds that people in the czech republic want russia. still holds back from approving the job despite mounting interest from e.u. states. while the us state of arkansas gender reassignment treatment for under believes it's been slammed by critics as. we hear from a former trans woman about the possible dangers of changing sex too early. many things for real problems for bone structure the natural development of the brain is interrupted. in other news around alleged blackouts in its uranium enrichment facility was an act of cyber terrorism as israeli media boast it was last sunday.

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