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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 12, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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george samueli in budapest he's a pod caster at the gaggle which can be found on you tube and rumble and here in moscow we're joined by dimitri bobbish he is a political analyst and editor and knows me internet media project hi gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ok let's start out with george and budapest george you know ever since the the riots in january 6th have been there's been talk all the way from nancy pelosi all the way down to when this n.b.c. and c.n.n. and all that. wall street journal washington post on and on for a 911 style investigation here on the face of it i don't have a problem with that at all i mean i'm a fairly the d.o.j. is doing something they need more time that's all we find out ok but i really worry is this another is this in the extension to the russia gate hoax or this and and a completely new incarnation because given what we've seen over the last 5 years or
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what what no hope and trust you have that this isn't going to turn into a political witch hunt had george well of course we had no such quote or trust and remember the 911 but i wasn't commissioner was it so what joe because the most important piece of information was actually with. the public mainly the role model of saudi arabia which was. fully about you know a little more than we did when he was less public but we still don't know the full extent of it so that's not exactly a good bit of good just meant we want to buy an 11 commission or what is rather sinister about this letter. 5 bottom the signatories all alone i. wore of the ninety's all the nature and of the united states invasion of iraq that subsequently made me as all of these are all people names that we're very familiar with you know we have people like james clapper ben rhodes. you know everyone that you would think of our
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friend of example been man of ukraine gate. and if you read this letter on it what does it say it's a not really to find out why the policing was so wrong. let's go astray on the 6th why did the police. to react initially why did they overreact. that's all they're interested in they want to get at the white supremacy white supremacy they use that word even though no evidence of any white supremacy involvement we want to get domestic terrorism domestic agreements there and then more sinister he they talk about. coordinate this information about what they have to address and the nontransparent financing now what does it all mean and well what they want congress the boss laws to enable the government to just
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have people deep platforms and say no george i did this to kind of in the preamble to this is here that twitter and facebook have nothing to worry about ok because vehicles of this misinformation im information just information here jima. george brought up the $911.00 report which actually it actually was the foundation of the patriot acts and then we knew will here and that was a power grab a power grab to dave not me link it will it relinquished in this day so i guess the parallel is this $911.00 like investigation of january 6th is going to be a way to duplicate the patriot act just domestically and george mentioned seeking out white supremacists i think what they're saying subtext reading between the lines trying supporters go ahead. well yes and it's typical for a new year to tell a theory and ideology to demonize bit
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a new me and not dog no not just the obvious fact so i think the most of all various absurdity of the 911 investigation was that 15 hour ago 19 terrorists who committed this hideous their respect where a citizen so saudi arabia not all of them was an iraq yet none of them was a levy and none of them was in the rain yet but it was leaving iraq and possibly now iran these contests are targeted by the us in the frame for all that so-called war on terror a right of the same story here i'm in now we have these people now see gin in jail like this you know getting mad and you know basically. saying that they are so story of allah what happened to put these waves the means that they were through both you see the ban on russian agents you know they are not part of
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a jewish conspiracy or something but the state just doesn't want to or not which is the obvious that not everyone is k.p. who live there the actions of the government with the polish open democratic i mean right now the population is going to cough up 3 millions for this so-called infrastructure reform right so there is station in sight society and how do these general cease point and their lead they say oh christopher a from the f.b.i. said it was not an isolated event you know there is a conspiracy behind it we have to go to the root so if you know we have to uncover all these people and unfortunately the same story in europe westfield khomeini basically 6 months away from their election in germany is in september but already d.s.p. gl magazine published a huge investigate. don't call russia hand out that my line and actors are pulling in judo influence these elections so it's the same picture everywhere it's
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a demon brings up a great point here georgie it's seems to me again the way the russia gate hoax actually corralled the being the center of politics and progressives importantly and this isn't a repetition of the dollar ok i i always saw in russia gate as a. an agenda to corral political forces to keep him in line and i think we seeing the same thing too for no $15.00 an hour per for workers ok no health care but white supremacy oh my god and that's how they keep their coalition together through fear and orange oh that's exactly right and let's remember what russia gate hoax was about they seized on some nonsense which is a few russians may have bought some ads facebook to make some money anybody can
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and they cooked up a complete hoax that cheney himself did what it got involved in the 2016 election in order to secure the election of donald trump no 2 evidence whatsoever for any of this was ever present it but it kept the hoax going and you know the moment that the mala reports came up as a ukraine gate hoax came into operation so you can see what's really going on and now we've got the john you're the 6 folks down in you know they talk about violent extremism they know i'm not one cus i'm in that capitol hill or riot as they was arrested who had any instruments of violence everything that many guns no one has been arrested with a gun so that was a gate you have now created a hoax that there was a violent insurrection on january the 6th and then you can just keep it. this is going but it's a violent insurrection being fed by sinister people like donald trump then the
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government must go into action to crack down on it so that was the same thing with russia gate well russia is everywhere they say it's trying to destroy a body politic start to destroy our democracy so yeah that's why it is it is so important to maintain this folks and i mean that these are all people all the people signed this letter o. actively involved the russian gatos ukraine gatepost and i was to china to say. you know. this it seems to me that the this is just purely a political agenda be president best the is the end in itself going going through the process of bending people and and making it. legitimizing in normalising everyone has to be bedded in the military in the police academia and they basically it is a kind of a. transference of control that they had during this pandemic
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of control over people's lives they want to institutionalize it and they want to pick winners and losers of course the winners will be people that support this agenda anyone that resists obviously is a internal domestic enemy and that's how they're going to do it and it's a great way to control people. oh well i want to have people hold on in the united states but they're all the walled that somehow the united states off to this terrible actionable come back to normalcy and all the people know it and that. joe biden is a centrist he's not the progress you have is long a radical but we see that basically it doesn't matter who biden east because they're all much more powerful force and hoff and the 2nd reason is basically a already way you have the so-called centrist audience because. and more and more aggressive i mean look the wars in iraq and in yugoslavia were started by people in
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august who officially were not the extreme right the extreme left they were the so-called moderates sat on the german social democrats for the boat sake went to war for the 1st time since 1405 in yugoslavia it's the same story here basically of their so-called american sat that has become so corrupt and so paranoid i mean any question of bog they lections which wearing didn't you know very very strange and they won't of people have questions any such question is now well a boat s. a conspiracy theory you know we see how the washington post ghost off the george horny you know for just question you know questioning once we're in the long you know why why a big tech company as you know why don't you know they have actually why there are so many questions and all the identity on the people who vote on these o.t. judgment questions but what they're trying to do is to nip in the bottom any kind of just sad you know the next election is going to be out with these 11000000
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immigrants but a gentle and sees those of them who want to hold for democrats will push our way gently through and don't you dad to resist if you're good to resist and that means your one of those people who acted on january the 6th that's the message i think you know if george that this is really another elaborate form of intimidation and it goes and to very basic a basic right of freedom of speech freedom of assembly and even freedom of worship i mean if you look at a lot of these blue states again they they they attacked religion ok last 40 seconds go to you for this part go ahead george it is examination because it will be it's a mechanism to be sure that people whose views we don't like will not be able to get a platform they will not be on the social media and when they knock they won't even be able. get a u.r.l. they won't even be on the internet they would just cease to exist and that's one
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way and that's why they won't be able to raise any money that's when they bring up this issue of financing and you know we saw this in the case of some of these defendants the media are actively ensuring that some of these are joining the 6 defendants not to get any money for their defense ok we're going to keep it all going on down here gentlemen we're going to in short break now on your let's go break we'll continue our discussion real estate or. the pandemic no certainly no blood is just blood into nationalities. has emerged we told the truth be we don't look like seeing the whole world needs to be. judged. come in every crisis at
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least sometimes. we can do better we should know better. everyone is contributing each of their own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together . today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know being. a reconditioned as i will be sniffy is all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of printing diseases in every community today is new due to new viruses
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all new microbes not just not true so it is due to environment. and say you know the momentum is simply the. muscles of really just accumulate could only come into use even though to be so. depleted some of the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more throat so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street not accept that we are british and we want regulation i was in the industry and if we don't behave zinnias penalty just fine. tax rises financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not sure i get any or at least. the fight well street spot thank you thank.
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destroy that's true. that slavery. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation whole community. are you going the right way or are you being so. direct. what is true. is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shadows.
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welcome back to crosstalk we are all things are considered i'm peter lavelle this is the home edition to remind you we're discussing some real news. this go back to here in moscow d.m.l. you know on this program we're keeping a very close sign what's going on in the internal politics of what's going on in ukraine and how outside forces namely nato appears to be stoking. an aggressive stance and of course russia is reacting so as i said in my introduction of a very simple question for both of you is nato trying to get russia and ukraine to go to war. well i think that nato will once
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a small conflict which your crane will more strike you move more strike you will then go on bus rebels themselves without crushing debt you can bolt bought a nato needs. need some pretext will stop crying fault or start saying oh russia got involved in this crisis you know it can't be that these rebels just defeated all their own there must be russian instructors there must be russian involvement well the problem is that if. there is huge racial gets really serious we know from the georgian experience. 8 that nato will not come to help you create so basically ukraine is not interested in in a real battle down the stand that nato will not help them you know ultimately so. it was not of course russia will start this based confrontation because look for russia it's the least appropriate moment you know the fate of their north jim to
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has been decided right now this is a new would be a stray ssion in the united states we don't want a terrible start for it you know with a bomb or you know the table and all the ministration so the only party that was interested was your creation because you know. basically mr selenski lost the local election here was his ratings were down he didn't get any calls from western leaders for months now you've got a call from biden he's got a call from boris johnson he talked to a young stoltenberg from maple stover back said the vote of stupidity is like nato will not give you a lol 'd your a privileged partner georgia was also privileged bachmann calls an 8 so these are all dangerous true occasions whose aim is to put the blame on russia and this was discussed in russia and a lot of people said by the ukraine is prove all the canucks you know the russian hawks and then you know my friend roxanne you should from understand who is already
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experienced john as you said yes the problem is that the west will quickly forget the provocation from the ukrainian state when they forgot that it was saakashvili who started that christina just on the 7th of august 1st 2008 it was state esseily who bombarded seen violet only lead to russian question vote but you know that the western public is just fed part of the story that's the usual tactic you know they got the beginning or they cut the hand you know they they feed the public the boss that is most sure that that is in the interest of. all that all training but i know you and they and they just forget the boat the rest in type and spend a radio that may have dodged it all so i go on in that in the american spectator recently which basically reminded people that you know that new cold when they make a mess in the ukraine by william smith he just reminded people though although the
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american spectator they did was the us who helped the cool impulse falls in 14 which actually just thought of the whole the whole tragedy of that and that article mentioned for the 1st time i think in the in 7 years that it was victoria nuland who basically a point of the new ukrainian prime minister in proposing for anyone that has watched this program over the years knows that we have ronald does and you're in and you know you might not want to be honored on the ground in georgia with me interesting dreamy as it is this is a gambit where the ukraine in the ukrainian so in ski is provoking a comment like that he knows he will lose militarily but hoping that he will get political room war and later as a pretty cavalier calculus would you agree it is very cavalier but it is a this is a remarkable phenomenon taking place which is you have. last week.
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tronson germany dating thought in a video conference call with them a putin were very reasonable. they seem to be in agreement that there needs to be a deescalation then 1 france and germany issue a joint statement talk about a gate deescalation or all sides they talk about violations of the cease fire on all sides rather a remarkable statement for france and germany to make then the americans go into action so we have blinken making phone calls to 1 the french foreign minister. you have. king phone calls to heikal nasir germany and suddenly it's a very different it's all russia all russian provocation all russian aggression russia is aggressive on the line of contact in ukraine russia's aggressive in crimea russia's aggressive in ukraine's borders so now suddenly france and germany are scooped up within the sort of the american position so you have to think that
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the american goal all along is that they don't really care about don't ask them accounts but they do care about trying to get ukraine into nato is once they get ukraine into nato then basically russia's completely cut off from europe and i think that's the goal they didn't get mean ukraine it's very bad for you great if they lose the but the american goal is you know whichever way it goes ukraine you know ukraine's defeat it fine but now now there's no they can be no further resistance to getting ukraine into nato and i think the americans are playing of a dangerous game have a set a state game but i think that that's what it's like it because there's no calls addle on the thought of the americans 1st for any sort of even handed approach of a deescalation they need looking for this conflict if they didn't go you know again you know western audiences are not very well informed i mean there was a b. escalation process we had the normandy format we had been in the men's one and 2
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agreements were russian guarantor and it's very very simple and straightforward actually can you can you can put it on one page so straightforward and when there is a call to burn deescalation been because this is an intra ukraine comp like me have to remind everybody ok when in ukraine. is that the name don bannister as we call it here on this program the proposal is this is to do essential mice in ukraine where they can stay they can stay with within the borders of ukraine. but the united states critically is adamantly against that because of the winner take all no compromise in this approach it would it actually begs the war to happen when you have a 0 sum approach go ahead while you are right you know for the country like ukraine part of which was basically in the territory of poland hungary romania just you
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know 70 years ago another part of it has been a part of russia for same trees you know of course for such a country affair if ever it is is the solution everyone understands it but it was the united states and the nationalist ukrainian government supported by the united states that were adamant against federalism you know that their president who's. the president who was in basically almost that with help from the united states and the e.u. what was the name of his party because the name of your no college party argile reagents you know as was the idea that our ukraine consists of very different parts of the same people so it was only nature will have these decentralization but i'm afraid just on going to happen and drawing upon a very important subject we had a very irresponsible statement from jillian's in the ukraine and present this with you further i called all the way to solve the don't pass problem is to make your
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brain a member of nato what does it mean if your brain becomes a member of nato as you once that russia occupies occupy us auto nato crane near you know. if georgia becomes a member of nato as it was promised in 2008 then russia over your part is a positive that you have a cause bailey radii you know you have a legally clear situation where you nato mosque waging war on russia this is a responsible. oh bob this is the way these people conduct what he picks and is a guest on the stance you lost the trust of the people the people who voted for him 75 percent of ukrainians voted 'd for him in 200-1000 because they expected peace in gone by us better relations with russia normal relations with the west but you know what happened was that basically he's against you continuing poroshenko spoil
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is just and morris what j.f.k. is doing right now is very much like trump you know it was not coincidental that he called trump he's teacher in that infamous conversation last year which almost cost trump his position you know look. at ski eason basically pursuing the same tactic he bids for the maximum white crane is a member of nato in this way he holds the crusher who would seed because you know in order to prove that such a terrible prospect of pressure would of course abandon the people and all boss and they can have you know ukrainian travel down and destroy all the elements that it doesn't want that they you know cancel they amnesty in which they never never and now for the people going bust so basically this is the same tactic i asked mr trump and in general i mean if you look at the general trend what was it that biden and
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the west deed in the last few months that also different from trump their trade war with china continues you know their country and asian with russia continuously even even on the great to ski well and you know you know everybody and letting in a time but you're right it's always thought that there's bipartisan support for the worst things again george last minute to use one of my favorite things to say about ukraine and give you one minute to finish up she is that ukraine isn't going east it isn't going west it's staying exactly where it is in this is what people in nato capitals don't understand one minute you are that i think that would be the ideal i mean is that. so how do you crane would be able to actually make and gather and co-exist with all these different thoughts of it fortunately the west of the united states alexander it's been the same agenda since $1009.00 plus russia out of europe once a role and so we cooperate as much of the former soviet union within nato or as i
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can and rice well that may well be the last oh the eastern turkey let me look around and maybe even more but the american goal is it's obviously not a ukraine's investment. and that's why i think that the bush or reckless late by the by the americans but yeah i mean that of that would be the end yeah. if there is a war it's like getting you know a 30. rigid ok ukraine one but the country will be broken down and i think that's it berry much good all right gentlemen that's all the time we're here i want to make my guest budapest and here in moscow and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here are you see you next time remember. the world is driven by.
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the dares thinks. we here to ask. you this what i think holds this edition. of the 1st one to us because. well what are the odds. that you'll see this sort of. thing i was. i thought. it
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was from. these critics one of the from. because you. are showing him to live for the smear. both of you. oppose someone. because of the old style if you will to. the people of the czech republic. the u.s. . treatment.


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