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water. water. and then. it's just. $100000.00. to go with it but you got the gist of. it. it's. something in a. rush of washington will pay the price for harming relations between. the u.s. . diplomatic. sanctions. the french parliament. human rights groups.
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like deadline of september 11th for withdrawing all u.s. troops. saying it's time they came home the president put the burden. to achieve. global are run the clock. from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome to the program. the russian foreign ministry he's washington full responsibility for harming relations with moscow after the white house said it was expanding diplomatic stuff and imposing a wave of new sanctions. has no choice but to retaliate.
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such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet resistance and responds to the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand if there will be a price for the degradation of relations and it is the us that is internally responsible holding what is happening in us platoons a lot of developments today the russian foreign ministry then some in the u.s. and in moscow for talks he was told washington sanctions will be met like for like was warned any attempts to discourage them would be totally inappropriate earlier my colleagues and to former talk through all that's been going on. as the russian reaction makes clear this latest move from the us represents a sharp hit to relations between the 2 countries and the measures being announced are quite extensive they came in the form of a 5 page executive order so what's in it let's take a look now 10 personnel from the russian diplomatic mission in washington d.c. are to be expelled and the biden and ministrations said that that includes
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representatives of russian intelligence services but giving them details as to what exactly that means 32 and cities and individuals or sanctioned for quote carrying out russian government directed attempts to influence the 2020 us presidential election comes as no surprise that that was also within the document apart from that the us treasury will also be targeting a number of russian financial institutes and 6 russian technology companies have been designated saying that they provided support to russian intelligence services allegedly facilitating malicious cyber attacks now with all that in mind the white house seems to be taking a rather paradoxical approach to russia relations with russia as in the statement outlining all of these measures they started off with a call for stable relations with moscow the biden administration has been clear that the united states desires a relationship with russia that is stable and predictable would. i don't think that
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we need to continue on a negative trajectory however we have also been clear publicly and privately that we will defend our national interests and impose costs for russian government actions that seek to harm us this is not the 1st time we've heard certain sentiments coming from the biden instruction like that but then they hit moscow with the sanctions and other measures and they've also now officially laid the blame for the solar wind cyber attack at the feet of russian intelligence for a little background that last year a piece of software called solar winds was hit with a cyber attack and those behind it gain access to digital files of several u.s. government agencies including the treasury the justice and state department it was a huge deal at the time the u.s. said that they suspected that moscow was behind the attack but investigations were still going on but now the finger of blame is being firmly pointed out russia but again with this caveat that the u.s. has high confidence quote unquote in the assessment that russia is to blame but no
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concrete evidence has been put forward and russia has all this time of course denied any involvement whatsoever isn't it show up change in tone that we've heard from america over the last couple of days because you know if you going back to then the walls talk of a summit between america and russia well exactly just 2 days ago on tuesday biden and putin spoke by phone or biden once again said that his goal was to build a stable and predictable relationship with russia and at the time he also proposed a summit between the 2 leaders to take place and a 3rd country and the biden administration has said that that summit that meeting is vital to stop the ex escalation of tensions between the 2 powers but the russian foreign ministry says that he sees actions speak a whole lot louder than those sort of words joe biden was joe biden said he's interested in normalize ation of russia u.s. relations with vietnam. of his administration show us the opposite that says the
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u.s. is not ready to deal with the reality of a multiple as well and he was shocked at the possibility of american has money or no instead they count on sanctions and interference in our internal affairs so at this point russia says that they are going to react to these measures coming from the u.s. and the white house in turn says they reserve the right to react to russia's reaction while adding and here's the kicker that it would be best if everyone restrain themselves from escalating the search situation any further or political analyst chris bambery believes sanctions are the least efficient way to resolve the current issues between moscow and washington. if you recall when donald trump was 1st elected he was adamant he was going to improve relations with with putin and with moscow but a majority opinion in the white sows the united states military united states security and american elites in general is in favor of this hard line of encouraging a new cold war so unified and was being our friend which was cheated in suggesting
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talks the majority of the american people who matter in the united states the people who rule the united states are insistent on this cold war agenda with russia does seem to buy i didn't agree to have this summit at least seemed to be you know looking towards some sort of solution but secure it was the build up military buildup at least create as no chicken this hard to stunts which try not help the process of trying to resolve matters it is to train and cannot help improve relations to moscow washington and other western. you know the story we've been closely following 'd a controversial security bill has been passed by the french parliament and it grants additional powers to law enforcement bodies but has faced widespread criticism for making it harder to call its police abuse here artie's charlotte to penske. there was rounded criticism of this bill when it was presenting. not just
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from the left from human rights organizations and also chillingly squeaks is well concerned about elements contained in this global security bill now one of the most controversial elements was oh it's a cool 24 we've discussed it many times and the feelings about this is that it would continue issues in the ability of the press to do their job when it came to distributing images of police offices as a result of that controversy and the widespread protests we saw here in france the government said it was going to completely rewrite this particular article does take a mind though over the protests against article 24. well
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the government said it was rewriting that article completely but as it's been posted a there are elements still being criticized by many article $24.00 in the bill that was posted a bipolar menteri and still contains limits on who can and cull and publish images all of the police. if they see images of publish with the intent to harm physically or mentally one of those offices on duty if somebody is found guilty of doing that they would then face a fine of $75000.00 euros or up to 5 days in jail so a pretty severe penalty for that but it wasn't just article 24 that caused concern this know as it's been passed now gives police offices the right to film
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interventions that they make it is allows them to regulate the use of drones for the police to be able to monitor a protest potentially and it allows officers to carry their weapons even when they are off duty some have described this move as essentially making throws a dysfunctional democracy. in simple terms this law will significantly restrict freedoms the use of drones during protests and things like that this is a disaster for democracy and freedom but i think security at least as a 43. but there are people who abuse it the harm is not for freedom itself and not very far but the continent you need to think if there are other tools that would be more consistent with the principles of human freedom the right to protest is our right spying on people and it's not just about concern on the streets here
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in france i knew when panel of experts also raised concerns about this no saying that it was incompatible with international human rights. the bill could lead to significant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in particular the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression so despite those continuous schools to scrap this bill it has been imposed on thursday by parliamentarians 75 visiting for its 33. state but human rights organizations say this isn't the end they say that they will continue to challenge this law when it now goes to francis clone situational coots and it's that last decision will be made as to whether this bill will become the. protesters are swarming the streets of the german capital after the constitutional court overturned burlington's rent rule as being one of the most debated laws in
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the country it had frozen rent payments are $29000.00 levels for 5 years let's go live now to our europe correspondent in berlin peter all over peter people clearly not happy at this ruling tickets through the story and what's happening there. yes so this ruling on thursday by the constitutional court in college has rendered the the move by the burlington senate the city state of this unilaterally but in place a rent cow this was voted through the senate here in berlin last february and it really came into play from november of last year what it did is it pegged rents at 29000 prices some of 29000 prices for the next 5 years now. the reason that was done is between 203029000 we've seen rents here in rise by around
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130 this move on thursday too to make this known void that affects 1500000 households here in the german capital 90 percent of the residences in the city what we have seen is a lot of people extremely unhappy about this it wasn't the rule that was being put before the constitutional court in college it was actually the jurisdiction the rights of the city of berlin whether or not they could put this in place last year was ruled that this type. issue is a federal issue not a state issue and that the city of berlin and overstepped their jurisdiction now do people in support of this rain cap say it was done to stop people being priced out of neighborhoods the landlords and property developers say that it's wrong for the government artificially manipulate the market and what we've seen is a lot of people go out onto the streets of the german capitalist as the evening to
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say that they are not happy about this whatsoever there's a lot of on good being directed towards the christian democratic union polity that's angle america's policy because they along with the free democrats in the city of berlin not nationally they were the ones that pushed they sed to the constitutional court to try and get ready made no and void people here are saying that they're going to be priced out of the city that money is being deemed more important than they are the scenes during a march that took place earlier in the evening were very peaceful but as the crowd arrived. next to a train station in the area of town the police said you know going any further some protesters said they were going to try and do just not i saw a woman trying to talk the police with a big stick he found himself taken away into the back of a police van and be spending the night in the cells i would apart from a few things thrown backwards and forwards it wasn't being too much more than a lot of banging and shouting but people very own happy with this rule and how it's
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going here in berlin and what it will mean how much rent people are going to be charged in the future because there's a very good chance a lot of people who found their rents lowered since november of last year are about to get a nasty surprise in a bill for really is the difference in their rents now we've heard from one of the biggest by the biggest rental company in berlin. who said that they. aren't going to be asking for that money back however that's not the biggest complaint. and they're not going to be asking for that money back all the companies are saying we are going to be asking for it back because the constitutional court says we can when people start getting these bills coupled with the pandemic of course that we're still going through this isn't going to be a good time for a lot of people people worried about where they're going to be living how they're going to be able to afford the places that they're living in right now keeping us abreast of the relevance this evening in. our europe correspondent peter thinking.
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the taliban is warning the problems will be compounded if the u.s. and allied forces fail to a draw from afghanistan before the may 1st deadline struck last year it comes as joe biden announced this week that all u.s. and nato troops will be finally polled by mid september saying they have been there too long he's also called on regional powers to offer more support to afghanistan as america parts our senior correspondent morocco's deaves been looking at the story. joe biden says this is it the end of the afghan war no more extentions apart from well these last one until september we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the drawn and expecting
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a different result according to the deal struck between trump and the taliban america was supposed to be gone in a couple of weeks time by may 1st but the president the new president claimed that didn't give him enough time the new date is symbolically september 11th and the thousands of u.s. and nato troops on that date will have left in light of this and recognizing that there is no military solution to the challenges of guests and faces analysts have determined that we will start their withdrawal of the residents are told mission full says by may fast new d.n.a. 2 wants to be in afghanistan knew it would be but they went to do a job to make sure that al qaida and its ilk never make it home again and the only thing worse than staying in afghanistan is leaving before that job is done which has the potential to cost 20 years of war and bloodshed and effort to the when
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our common goal is clear afghanistan should never again service a haven for terrorists to attack our whole nouns. so our presence is conditioned spaced well know our ally wants to stay in afghanistan longer than necessary we will not leave before the time is right it's the us government itself is divided and of my nato germany for example which previously opposed the withdrawal czech republic came out and said that this is the wrong decision but that they'll pull out in solidarity leaving behind a vast dangerous and uncertain ballot vacuum the war isn't over almost 2000 people have been killed in afghanistan in the 1st 3 months of this year but now that's a problem for others it will ask other countries of the countries in the region to do more to support of kynaston especially pakistan as well as russia china india in
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turkey. they all have a significant stake in the stable future for afghanistan under stab at the taliban and now is believed to be more powerful than at any point in 20 years they control a contest more than half the country and that's with thousands of nato troops keeping them at bay with those foreign troops gone what's to stop them taking law but siege in kabul and doing decades of humanitarian and human rights progress would they still feel obligated to root out hardline terrorists i mean. the us never came here for the benefit of afghanistan no one was happy with the us coming here and i don't think many people will be sad to see them leave the us came to afghanistan for its own interests and that includes nato and all other foreign troops which are under the orders of washington when the us came in 2001 they vowed to deliver peace in afghanistan but they failed we could never trust american
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promises i guess if the us soldiers leave afghanistan i think the situation will become worse because our country's security forces are not equipped well enough to fight against the taliban who have had the weaponry the us promised many times in recent years about withdrawing its troops but nothing happened and help for peace let's see what will happen but as early as you know the u.s. came to ensure security in afghanistan and as you know the situation has become worse day by day conflicts increased and now the americans are leaving i don't think the americans want afghanistan to prosper they're just seeking a way to flee from the mess they made and they are thinking about the afghan people and i know certainly i think it could be good if we get peace the afghan people want peace it's a good idea that america leaves of ghana stand with the afghan people are tired of war the taliban also angry they feel cheated again by this withdrawal deal they
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already field commanders are promising nightmare for foreign troops until they pull out. and on that note the american and european taxpayers who lost trillions of dollars in this war are left to hope for the best and seek no guarantees no progress the result of the afghan war is that everyone's been left to hope for the best when really with u.s. troops it probably will be we might instead introduce private military contractors to try to preserve the kabul government which we created because taliban has made it very clear they don't want to talk to them they want to set up their own emirates in afghanistan but that isn't the half of it even though they only control a portion of afghanistan used to have other tribes the northern alliance for example the once a piece of the piece of the action and corruption run supreme's of the country could easily dissolve into a civil war for countries that will beast that will stand to lose the most will be
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those countries in the region with us pull out it really helped countries such as russia and china not to devote resources to try to keep the government working the problem is that they're going to have to deal with this now if the u.s. leaves altogether and that means in terms of the security aspects because of the terrorism threat. is growing in afghanistan as is isis and that would be a threat to the federation's own whim. c.n.n. has long prided itself on being the most trusted name in news but that promise is once again under question after a c.n.n. technical director was recorded in a sting operation explaining how the network had aided the black lives matter of movement. oh strategic these are trying to be like a. people are getting sacked or just
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a bunch of. men that attacked. someone. who was trying to like to be a lot of like you know like i mean it's individually it's not a you know. that's not going to the optics of it. well earlier this week investigative journalist group project published their parts of their under cover operation in which c.n.n. executive charlie chester admitted it had a pre-determined agenda to get donald trump ot of office. played up the covert 19 death toll to secure higher ratings let's go live now to nick nick is managing editor of the news group project. the video raises some serious questions on how the c.n.n. covers issues crucial to america do you think what we heard there in conversation
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is really company policy. well it's hard to say we can speak to the fact that this technical director charlie chester he was certainly part of the culture he had cited having overheard jeff zucker having a special red phone he called the bat phone i believe that he would use to call producers to say to continue to push the covert counter that def counter even if he was lower on the totem pole he had access to the culture he overheard things and he said the quiet part out loud and it was damning it's very disturbing what's been said and words like propaganda manipulation and now racial issues being conflated being. pressed all these things came out he just kept talking and it got worse and worse and worse and you could see from the clips you played just that's just not even the half of it so i would encourage your viewers to go to project dot com and watch the full clips because there are shocking yet certainly
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interesting nic does this reflect across all mainstream journalists in the u.s. in your opinion is this really what we've seen going on in other and networks to. i think like anything you're going to have some good you're going to have some bad but sadly in my personal experience i was a former journalist i've worked at different types of outlets yes that for the most part a lot of american outlets c.n.n. wouldn't even respond to us even a couple years ago they'd be at least confident enough to reply and try to defend themselves now it's a question of we talk to you or in your friend and we give you content can you know comments and all that or we hang up on you james o'keefe our c.e.o. try to reach out to oliver d'arcy to talk about this to allow the network to explain what charlie chester was saying to defer to fended to say if he was fired none of that was even considered they were hanging up the phone the minute they heard james's name so this is
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a phenomenon that i think is spreading unfortunately and that's why we're trying to expose it c.n.n. and get other people to come forward and share their story at other outlets are there are other more revelations that come on this. always always we have people everywhere we're always looking for newsworthy stories right we have insiders at all over these networks and we need more we need more brave insiders to come forward to send us information and you can go to ferret tips at proton mail dot com you can send information that way you can go to the website and as long as we have brave people coming forward we will have stories to tell that are being repressed that are being hidden in darkness and that's where we get most of our content but your question again directly yes there's always more to come we always have more to tell the american people that's being hidden can you give us an idea of any of. well i can just say that they're going to continue to be i believe shocked and i
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think they're going to start seeing things from a different light it seems that the rules that as a society that we all thought were in place are no longer in place there is no more rule book but i don't want to go to into detail what we have coming up but i think if you if you look at our past clips that's any measure of it stay tuned and buckle up how do you translate the clip that we showed there neck up by. the technical director at c.n.n. essentially saying we are a must to help black lives matter how how deep does that go from just the clip you know speaking just to that with in charlie chester's words he was speaking as if they were an advocacy group and this is a network that uses the tagline the most trusted name in news does the most trusted name in news you know colluded directly or indirectly with black lives matter that's a question for the american public to ask we've put that out there and i think it's up to the people to step forward and start asking these questions we've gotten the
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ball rolling but it takes more than just these clips to make change or to answer the questions in full so we need more information to find out after being caught i'd like this do you think it will affect their coverage at 1st we had thought we could at least get a statement and then see if that in human terms would affect their coverage but i think their silence speaks volumes in that they have no interest in engaging with a project for a toss that they have no interest that one of their employees was out there admitting that the network is propaganda that's his words not mine and all of those other things he has already admitted it was he had that was a pretty startling sentence that. i mean he's talking about manipulating people mentally he talks about that it was the reason he wanted to get involved with c.n.n. in the news because they were pushing trump out and because they were propaganda this is you know this is concerning this is something that the american people should be looking into this is something they should be studying and this is
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something that they should know about because anything this big that means people make value decisions that affect their lives every day based on the news and if you're telling them you're real and in you know we're off hours you're saying that you're completely fake you're propaganda that needs to be investigated that needs to be looked at further so i encourage people continue to tweet about this to put it on your social media platforms to come forward and check the network hold them accountable they promised you news and they're not giving you knew this from what charlie chester says in terms of media regulators or something tackling this can you see that happening or has it gone beyond. i think in my personal opinion it may have gotten beyond that but i don't know it's very hard to tell these days what's going to happen it's very unpredictable environment that we're in politically and socially it's very volatile it changes seemingly by the day so it's hard for me to look into the future on something like that but i will say that i
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wouldn't be surprised if we were past that when we put it that way and i don't think that it's going to change unless the people come forward it's not a regulatory body it's not the senate and in some cases not even project veritas because the content is coming from whistleblowers from brave people so as long as more brave people come forward will get more answers to these questions that you're asking but only if people have a conscience and step up and we will hear your story out a project where a house just finally do you fear. from mainstream media because of what you put on . no no we don't fear any backlash that's why we're working here we're here because we're beyond that point we believe that the american people deserve to know the truth we're truth seekers we're not political we're not looking for gain we don't do this for money we don't do this for fun we don't do this for sport this is for truth so it doesn't matter the backlash we're going to continue we're going to keep going until the full truth is exposed and and then some it's a never ending fight nic thanks for your time and your thoughts very interesting
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develop in the last few days as regards that and we do hope to see what else you have on.


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