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if you. made bar gets a look for that special on netflix folks the greatest bridge american this been done as well of course what. now is the time to deescalate washington sends a confused message to russia was joe biden calls for a stable relationship one of the same time cracking the sanctions which. washington has to understand that there will be a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is entirely responsible for what is happening.
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protesters rally in the german capital of the billions redcap is cancelled spanking is a sharp price increases amid the pandemic. kill in the latest push for inclusive a t. in the british army soldiers of one full regiment are now being encouraged to use correct complements when addressed to each other. are they watching r t thanks for joining us. the russian foreign ministry says the u.s. best full responsibility for the deterioration in relations this is after washington impose fresh sanctions against moscow russia says it has no choice but to retaliate. but there again as you there such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet fam resistance and response to the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand that there will be
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a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is entirely responsible for what is happening president joe biden signed an executive order on punitive measures targeting moscow right after calling for deescalation in tensions between the states now is the time to deescalate worry for. us. term personnel from the russian diplomatic mission of being expelled $32.00 entities and individuals have been sanctioned for quote government directed to terms to influence the 2020 us presidential election the document also targets a range of financial institutions as well as 6 technology companies the cyber attacks it is done of takes a look at what the impact might be. big politics is all about big p.r. political marketing of trump era america transitioned from sourcing nicknames for his opponents into the biden age which spearheads now shameless self promotion
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america is back. american is back diplomacy is back biden diplomacy sounds like a classic personal brand to so what is it well for russia it apparently means a sanctions sledgehammer you know i've been through several steps including the expulsion of several russian officials as a consequence of their actions i've also signed an executive order authorizing new measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions that russia has taken against u.s. interest well the man seems to be abundantly clear at least for ones right well he would have been had he not led into these sanctions announcement with this. united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of escalation and conflict with russia we want
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a stable predictable relationship these signals are not just mixed in terms of consistency they're on par with noises from space joe biden was counsel joe biden said he's interested in normalization of russia u.s. relations but the actions of his administration show us the opposite the u.s. is not ready to deal with the reality of the multiple a world which shuts at the possibility of american has humani instead they can sanctions and interference in our internal affairs just this week biden and putin talked over the phone to join the conversation the us president and now a new batch of sanctions in pollutants face only to express hope later for a stable and predictable way forward and the white house sees no problem here no discrepancy forget proof for good reason forget who's president even biden strategy is to bully a country out of geopolitical relevance and it seems that's the only predictable
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thing about america left after all trumps anti russia sanctions galore that appears to his whole term didn't save the ex-president from being shamed for being soft on russia so maybe biden is resorting to nuclear options right away desperately trying to keep one foot in the door though the door leading to that positive trajectory if you recall when donald trump was 1st elected he was adamant he was going to improve a relationship with with putin and with law school but a majority opinion in the white sows the united states military united states security and american elites in general is unfit religious hard line encourage a new cold war so unified and was being our friend which was cheated in suggesting talks the majority of the american people matter in. united states the people who rule the united states are insistent on this cold war agenda with russia does seem to buy didn't agree to have this summit at least seemed to be you know looking
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towards some sort of solution particularly towards the build up military buildup at least create as no chicken this hard to start and switch to not help the process of trying to resolve matters it is to grin and cannot help improve relations to most school washington and other western. while unveiling the latest raft of sanctions the us or society says ational claims made last year of russia offering bounties to the taliban on u.s. troops in afghanistan the white house admits it has very little to back up those claims and yet still demands answers from the kremlin we felt the reports were enough of a cause of concern they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers start to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan so while there's a lot of moderate assessment of these reports we felt it was important for our intelligence community to look into it this information really puts the burden on
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russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here and june of last year it was reported russian intelligence offered taliban linked militants bounties to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan and 2019 delegations were never proven the pentagon itself said that it could not corroborate the reports but didn't stop the mainstream media from going to town with the story vladimir putin. is offering for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan now the european intelligence official called this callous shocking and reprehensible overnight president trump dismissed the intelligence denied being briefed on it as new reports emerged saying those payments did in fact lead to the death of americans. u.s. president has decided. to double america's military presence. in afghanistan by mid september that story still ahead.
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protesters rallied in the german capital after the constitutional court overturned berlin's read can't rule the law has been one of the most debated in the country in recent years. 2019 levels for 5 years people are furious about the u. turn. it all started very peacefully here it ended with some people being taken away by the police in some small clashes following a ruling in germany's constitutional court that made a boy eat a red cap that was put in place last february by the senate the the government of the state of this frozen rental costs 29000 prices and people were saying that it
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was just becoming on affordable to live in the city and people being priced out of certain areas the opposite side of the landlords the rental companies would say that the state has no place to meddle in the market they also say that putting in place rental caps would stop new apartments from being built what actually was decided in the constitutional court had nothing to do with the actual ins and outs of rental power they actually ruled on whether the city of and how the jurisdiction to put it in place at all in the 1st place they ruled that things to do with rent like this were actually in the federal law and what this could mean is some quite nasty bills arriving through the doors of around one point $5000000.00 households it's 90 percent of the residences in berlin that will be affected by this what the ruling says is that landlords could claim back in
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a really is for the rents that they say they would have been owed by having rents comped like they say now some rental companies have said they're not going to ask for that money back but all those have said that they will do that which surely is not going to go down well with a lot of people because this coupled with. the pilot any coupled with people having lost jobs is seeing quite a lot of economic impact here in 'd an arts war through thousands of people it's quite hard to put an exact figure on it what they say is needed is a ruling on a federal level whether they'll get that are not not for sure. social media twitter alters they balance the founder of investigative journalist group project veritas for alleged violations of his policies comes after the collective published another undercover sting video involving c.n.n. and technical director. a strategic these are trying to be like a. people are getting their. approach. to protect.
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someone. like well like to be able to make like i mean it's a different it's not you know. that's not the optics of. this video with a c.n.n. executive admitting coverage bias is the 3rd undercover scheme published by project veritas just this week in a previous release johnny chester also revealed that the channel had a predetermined agenda to get donald trump out of office plus that it had played a covert $900.00 death toll to boost ratings give us news room executive director for project veritas says it's time people started asking questions. we can speak to the fact that this technical director charlie chester he was certainly part of the culture he was speaking as if they were an advocacy group and this is a network that uses the tagline the most trusted name in news does the most trusted
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name in news you know colluded directly or indirectly with black lives matter that's a question for the american public to ask it seems that the rules that we as a society that we all thought were in place are no longer in place there is no more roebuck this is you know this is concerning this is something that the american people should be looking into this is something they should be studying and this is something that they should know about because anything this big that means people make value decisions that affect their lives every day based on the news and if you're telling them you're real and in you know we're off hours you're saying that you're completely fake your propaganda that needs to be investigated that needs to be looked at further. maybe sees diversity chief slums the main character the vote cast as he showed lucifer not being black enough that despite being acted by idris elba that that story after the break.
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those who can the speculators and those are now the ruling elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week it could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy die in 2008 we just haven't buried it get. one else seemed wrong when the old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. looking back hooting and in the fog may be a priority for soldiers but now so is avoiding upsetting your colleagues soldiers the british army's rule engineers regiment to being encouraged to mind their language so as to make the u.k. military a boring kloofs of space on the somme and right walks us through the mine field of today's woke boot camp. so the main dangers of being in the military is you can be shot at blown up. or fall victim to non gender neutral language well $22.00 engineer regiment of the british army is doing something about it the language not the horrible bad stuff don't call each other lads soldiers are told to
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be more inclusive and avoid using words such as mankind and sportsmanship over fears that they could cause offense to regiment sergeant major reportedly told his men. people that they need to try harder to up whole the regiments v. and s. b. and s. 1000 values and standards do not mix it up with b. and s. he also said that everyone has to remember d. and on that diversity and inclusion and that gentz men lads other phrases like that are not to be used and this is my favorite he said it should be made sure that people are getting paid the correct compliments we don't always says no. deal what this story has caused some our rage among friends to god's lying please move with of course daschle there's nothing new about these directions they came out in 2017 released by the british army's joint equality diversity and inclusion unit or
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jeddah as it's known. who are inclusive most important so some poles from the guidance from the u.k. military's jet i wore is a clue suggesting sportsmanship be replaced with fairness or good humor and the word mankind be replaced with humanity whew mankind human race people as had residual some of those of man in as well were british war heroes to tim collins back in 2017 describe to listeners the ludicrous and dangerous morass into which obsequious and p.c. senior officers have led the british army which means he doesn't like it. so we can conclude from this is a. 4 years on after that advice was originally given soldiers are still not quite ready to have their language policed probably because if you're in the army you've got a few other things to worry about let's not forget that the army has been at the forefront of the quality they've been teaching mentor on their own trousers for centuries washed on one saw it turn over. to the back that wasn't dropping bombs on middle
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eastern villages is the absolute definition of inclusive ety kill everyone without prejudice. probably a long time for we see scenes like this on the frontline. story . oh my god did i say that yes. it's a role the scene the actor playing it to the next james bond but the lead character in the b.b.c.'s hugely popular crime drama luthor left the network's head of creative diversity both shaken and she claims that he isn't quote authentic enough to be real when it 1st came out everybody loves the fact the interest out there is in there really strong black characters and leaves them well actually he doesn't have any black friends he doesn't eat anywhere carabiner. this doesn't feel
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authentic when you see groups through the prism of stereotypes this is the insulting outcome which he preferred to see luthor junk basketball hoops at the end of every scene luther isn't black enough and i see so this is a new wave of racism where black people are not black enough it was implied i'm not black enough because i didn't have any black friends in my photo these lazy syria types are racist the b.b.c.'s place to spend 100000000 pounds on making more quote diverse and inclusive television programs will have to pass 3 tests to qualify i guess debated the issues raised. when well culture goes too far it presents something that i call to will to do when you know that the bottom line is if we are going to have diversity chiefs you know let's make sure we're talking about making sure that there is a good representation of actors and women and men. you know what our society looks like right now you know where
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a phrase i came up with recently is when you live by that quote unquote woakes or you're going to the bookstore because when you go out there and try to have diversity and try to have inclusion in sometimes you just go way over to tab i think that the diversity. counselor does need to answer some more questions to the public because i'm a lot of people were unfortunately insulted by this very langar is comments this idea that blackness is monolithic is very very dangerous and it could lead to more stereotypes as you were saying it's it was very very very backless and i really hope that that the b.b.c. looks into this more actually a lot of times in a way over the top and you try to 5 things like this ok i'm going to a city chief buy things aren't really quite right ok he's not in caribbean food that's not right oh he doesn't have any black friends he's not quote unquote black and no you go so far and your search for diversity you try to create problems when a problem is even exist so that's kind of so the thing b.b.c.
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was to be woken when to be more inclusive in all this in a they going to have these kind of problems come up because at a certain point you have to create problems in order to solve them to justify your job even existing if there is a character that is written that's supposed to be a certain character just changing that the skin color isn't necessarily a solution this is a fictional character who it never said in this and his character description that he was supposed to be so so called black so i think that we should continue thinking about luther as the celebration of an x. exceptional you know acting career. it has been heralded and as mr i think we've become a little bit to solve there's always a caricature this race or that race or that voice or this ways we're going to start being a little bit a little bit to solve because there's softness is what brings up the luther thing ok we're talked about these mascots things don't really matter then we go we open
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it up and say ok if you have a black character and you got it be authentically black whatever some random person says he's being authentically black because of his softer nature of modern social justice warrior culture. president joe biden has announced the withdrawal of all u.s. and nato troops from afghanistan by mid september saying it's time to end the threat of a war the taliban's reacted angrily that is it agreed to an earlier exit with donald trump after 2 decades of war with a terrorist group still active senior correspondent has the of looks at what the pullout will mean for the country. joe biden says this is it the end of the afghan war no more extentions apart from well these last one until september we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the drawn and expecting
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a different result according to the deal struck between trump and the taliban america was supposed to be gone in a couple of weeks time by may 1st but the president the new president claimed that didn't give him enough time the new date is symbolically september 11th and the thousands of u.s. and nato troops on that date will have left in light of this and recognizing that there is no military solution to the challenges have vanished and faces and lies have determined that we will start their withdrawal of the residents are told mission full says by me fast new d.n.a. to wants to be in afghanistan nobody but they went to do a job to make sure that al qaida and its ilk never make it home again and the only thing worse than staying in afghanistan is leaving before that job is done which has the potential to cost 20 years of war and bloodshed and effort to the win
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over common goal it's clear afghanistan should never again surface a haven for terrorists to attack our homes. so our presence is conditioned spaced well know our ally wants to stay in afghanistan longer than necessary we will not leave before the time is right it's the us government itself is divided and of my native germany for example which previously opposed the withdrawal the czech republic came out and said that this is the wrong decision but that they'll pull out in solidarity leaving behind a vast dangerous had the un certain bad vacuum the war isn't over almost 2000 people have been killed that have got a start in the 1st 3 months of this year but now that's a problem for others it will ask other countries of the countries in the region to
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do more to support of kynaston especially pakistan as well as russia china india in turkey. they all have a significant stake in the stable future for afghanistan understand that the taliban now is believed to be more powerful than at any point in 20 years they control a contest more than half the country and that's with thousands of nato troops keeping them at bay with those foreign troops gone what's to stop them taking law but siege in kabul and doing decades of humanitarian and human rights progress would they still feel obligated to root out hard line terrorists i mean. the us never came here for the benefit of afghanistan no one was happy with the us coming here and i don't think many people will be sad to see them leave the us came to afghanistan for its own interests and that includes nato and all other foreign troops which are under the orders of washington when the us came in 2001 they vowed
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to deliver peace in afghanistan but they failed we could never trust american promises i guess if the us soldiers leave afghanistan i think the situation would become worse because our country's security forces are not equipped well enough to fight against the taliban who have had the weaponry the us promised many times in recent years about withdrawing its troops but nothing happened and help for peace let's see what will happen but as early as you know the us came to ensure security in afghanistan and as you know the situation has become worse day by day conflicts increased and now the americans are leaving i don't think the americans want afghanistan to prosper they're just seeking a way to flee from the mess they made and they are thinking about the afghan people right now as i mean i think it could be good if we get peace the afghan people want peace it's a good idea that america leaves of ghana stand we the afghan people are tired of war the taliban are also angry they feel cheated again by this withdrawal deal they
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already field commanders are promising nightmare for foreign troops until they pull out. and on that note american and european pax bits who lost trillions of dollars in this war a left to hope for the best and seek no guarantees no progress the result of the afghan war is that everyone's been left to hoop for the best i think there are a lot of forces out there who intend on and lobbying. to keep the war effort going with us and my mind is a mistake i think that we knew quite a long time ago that this war is not an effort that needed to be moved for by its force and military now i think for all the afghan population it's time to move to the next stab me mean that the us does have to bring troops out
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but the taliban themselves has to realize that afghanistan is now part of an international community and it needs to work when it's at sternal partners to bring in more economic prosperity and abilities for the afghan people to live. of the things of today at all britain with the morning top stories in half an hour of to see them. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by a. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallow. western governments and western media betrayed the tensions within ukraine as a conflict involving russia and ukraine this is false there is a road map to resolve ukraine's internal strife and it's called the minsk accords russia is not the problem but nato expansion is. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime but old wounds still haven't healed. me from you know.
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me go feed a market economy suppose you me in the us at us as mean older than us and they seem to you know. have newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption i don't know. to this day mothers still search for grown children. for the parents. column to. social media once created to bring. people together to control what we think and how we leave without even knowing it
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i'm joined today by candle former facebook director of monetization ex-president of contrasts. tim kandel former face of a director of former president of contrasts and the moment at crate to have you with us and i have so many questions for you where do we start. right so obviously during this pandemic radar screen time on social media is way up i mean do you feel that this increase in usage will be permanent or are we going to sort of when else once we're allowed to freely roam again. it's hard to argue predict the future. i mean i think we've seen a surge. because it turned it straight. they don't leave their houses off and they're clearly not nearly as.

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