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but you get to shape out these days to come to educate and in the game because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the headlines in r.t. angela merkel is accused of attacking german democracy with a parliament to grant her more powers to fight the country's worsening pandemic also to come. now is the time to deescalate. washington sends a mixed message to russia as joe biden calls for a stable relationship while imposing more sanctions. and washington has to understand that there will be
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a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the u.s. that is entirely responsible for what is happening on twitter bans the founder of investigative journalist group project very task that after its latest expose i am with c.n.n. executive let slip through the channels coverage is biased in favor of the black lives matter movement and words can kill a pound leader one brigade is now officially part of the british army where one regiment has been told to use inclusive language to avoid causing offense. by good afternoon just gone 3 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now the russian foreign ministry says the u.s. bears full responsibility for the deterioration in relations after washington
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impose new sanctions against moscow russia says it has no choice but to retaliate. but they're against you there but such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet fam resistance and response to the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand that there will be a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is entirely responsible for what is happening or president joe biden signed an executive order on punitive measures targeting moscow right after calling for a deescalation in tensions between the 2 states now is the time to deescalate worry for all of. us. term personnel from the russian diplomatic mission are being expelled while $32.00 entities and individuals have been sanctioned for quote government directed attempts to influence the 2020 us presidential election the document also targets
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a range of financial institutions as well as 6 technology companies for alleged cyber attacks. looks now what the impact could be. big politics is all about big p.r. political marketing of trump era america transitioned from saucy nicknames for his opponents into the biden age which spearheads now shameless self promotion america is back america is back diplomacy is back biden diplomacy sounds like a classic personal brand of so what is it well for russia it apparently means a sanctions sledgehammer through several steps including the expulsion of several russian officials as a consequence of their actions i've also signed an executive order authorizing new measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions that russia has
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taken against u.s. interests well the man seems to be abundantly clear at least for ones right well he would have been had he not led into these sanctions announcement with this. united states is not looking to kick off a cycle of skule should be in conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship these signals are not just mixed in terms of consistency they're on par with noises from space joe biden was able joe biden said he's interested in the normalization of russian u.s. relations but the actions of his administration show us the opposite the u.s. is not ready to deal with the reality of the multiple a world which shuts at the possibility of american has humani instead they can sanctions and interference in our internal affairs just this week biden and putin talked over the phone to join the conversation the us president and
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a new batch of sanctions in putin's face only to express hope later for a stable and predictable way forward and the white house sees no problem here no discrepancy forget proof for good reason forget who's president even biden strategy is to bully a country out of geopolitical relevance and it seems that's the only predictable thing about america left after all trumps anti russia sanctions galore that appears to his whole term didn't save the ex-president from being shamed for being soft on russia so maybe biden is resorting to nuclear options right away desperately trying to keep one foot in the door though the door leading to that positive trajectory because he's done of there we have discussed the issue with the chairman of the russian public council for international cooperation and public policy he also served as a director general of the united nations office at geneva from 2002 to 2011 he
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calls the american sanctions illegal. it's a very unhealthy understanding or what the foreign policy is the same thing a conflict completely completely signals to anyone in the world and of course most of the warm russia this is no coherent foreign policy on the part of the super pro sentients they are completely legal if they are not adopted by the security council otherwise it's a use of economic well the difficult or would there were the force it is really difficult to. tolerate such a search. i do think that you have to build bridges with the your latest lease because we have a lot of common interest in the digits the bill. now while the
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unveiling of the latest draft sanctions the us also cited sensational claims team made last year of russia offering banty's to the taliban on american troops in afghanistan the white house admits they would has very little to back up their use claims and yet it still demands answers from the kremlin. we felt the reports were enough of a cause of concern they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers start to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan so while there's a lot of moderate assessment of these reports we felt it was important for our intelligence community to look into it this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here well in june last year it was reported that russian intelligence offered taliban linked militants bang teams to kill american troops in afghanistan and $29.00 t. the allegations were never proven though the pentagon itself said that it could not
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cooperate those reports but that didn't stop the mainstream media from going to town with the story zlata mir putin is offering for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan the european intelligence official called this callous shocking and reprehensible overnight president trump dismissed the intelligence denied being briefed at it as new reports emerged saying those payments did in fact lead to the death of americans. meanwhile the u.s. president decides and america's double decade minutes and presence in afghanistan by mid september i will have a closer look at the details on that in a few minutes time. in other news today the german chancellor has been accused of attacking the country's democracy after angela merkel pleaded with lawmakers to pass a bill that would allow the federal government to impose regional curfews and lockdowns without the consent of local authorities does come as the country grapples with the
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spiraling coded situation. we're slamming on the brakes nationwide i'm convinced a nationwide emergency stop is over do you and urgently need it our measures have a single girl to lead our country out of this terrible face of mounting infections . ok let's get more on this now and head to berlin and speak with our europe correspondent there are peter all of the who's following events good afternoon pay to just run through them exactly what merkel wants here and why she's facing such criticism well ultimately what i'm going to merkel wants is changes to the infection protection act that would allow her to not just to say this is what you should be doing book to be able to say this is what is going to happen the way it works here in germany with their federal system is all those things can be decided from the federal government in berlin how they're implemented on the ground particularly when it comes to covert 19 restrictions are left up to the interpretations of the governments of the 16 states that make up germany now
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what angle of merkel wants to do is take some of those powers from the states and have them for herself well as you can imagine not everybody is happy with that outside of the bundestag there was a small but vocal demonstration against what the chancellor is trying to do and inside the chamber there was well hackles from the opposition when the chancellor was speaking it got to the point where by president of the bundestag 4 of going to stop things and say everybody calm down and let anger merkel proceed the opposition from the alternative for germany party though making the argument that these powers already exist that they don't need to be given to the to the federal government and that the chancellor should let the states decide what's best for the states. this effect on the infection protection act is an alarming document or sort here in thinking never before has
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a federal government dared to include so many attacks on the basic freedoms of citizens on the rule of law and a democratic principles in so few sentences as in this traffic law or as we've been here before though with anglo merkel's saying she wanted to implement national measures national lockdowns and things like curfews when it comes to the fight against covert 19 just before easter we heard the chancellor announce this was going to happen over the easter break only for her to have to make one of the biggest u. turns of her political career when just over 24 hours later she said actually that's not going to happen because technically i don't have the powers to be able to tell you to do that. the fast of april as well as the said of april should be defined as calm days with extensive contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the fast to the 5th of april. the idea was a mistake this mistake is minus a colonial a mistake must be called
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a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter treatise more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologized to all citizens and this brings us today and the facts of the matter on the ground when it comes to covert 19 is that germany is being gripped particularly hard by this 3rd wave there was just under 26000 new cases of covert 19 across the country in the last 24 hours 'd we've also heard from intensive care units here in berlin that a quarter of their beds are currently filled with covert 19 patients the robert cock institute which handles germany's public health affairs is warning that unless something is done that april could well be a record breaking month for germany when it comes to covert 19 infections what angle are merkel is seeking the power to be able to do is that when cases reach
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a number of 100 new infections per 100000 of a population that an emergency brake can be pulled nationally that this would allow her to put in place nighttime curfew from 9 pm until 5 am which is being discussed and widely debated also the closure of non essential retail as well the thing is there's a lot of pushback against this the spite that pushback it does seem likely that these changes to the infection protection act will be made by some point next week we expect them to be signed into law by german president frank fall to shine my ear . ok thanks for the update there pete that was aussies peter all of our reporting live from. if you want your face to come the sad joe biden's handling of the my can crisis that could cost democrats they will have a look at why that is the case just shuffled around.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. those who can the speculators and those are now the elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. actually it could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are
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bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just have a very to get. oh again now the social media giant twitter has banned the founder of the investigative journalist group project veritas for alleged violations of its policies it does come though after the group published another undercover sting video involving cnn's technical director. a strain of using these eternally teaching hate really good. people are getting exactly 2 suiters in a picture that you made sure to protect patients. and certainly.
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it was trying to like help like a b.l. every like you know it like i mean it's individuals it's not a few you know. that's like going to the topics that i don't know. well the video that doesn't pay to show the c.n.n. executive admitting b.l.m. coverage bias and it's the 3rd undercover scoop published by project bear attacks this week but if you do you want to find out about the of the 2 on high c.n.n. use that interview is to get ratings and that is not nice to bring down don't trump think you've got a 12 website you don't call me meanwhile we discuss the revelations with project veritas is news ring executives need to fast he says it is time that people started to question. we can speak to the fact that this technical director charlie chester he was certainly part of the culture he was speaking as if they were an advocacy group and this is a network that uses the tagline the most trusted name in news does the most trusted
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name in news you know colluded directly or indirectly with black lives matter that's a question for the american public to ask it seems that the rules that as a society that we all thought were in place are no longer in place there is no more roebuck this is you know this is concerning this is something that the american people should be looking into this is something they should be studying and this is something that they should know about because anything this big that i mean people make the you decisions that affect their lives every day based on the news and if you're telling them you're real and in you know we're off hours you're saying that you're completely fake your propaganda that needs to be investigated that needs to be looked at further. president joe biden has announced the big rule of war with us tonight a treat. from afghanistan by mid september saying that it is time to end the forever war however the taliban has reacted angrily saying it had agreed an earlier exit with donald trump well after 2 decades of war and with the terror group still active our senior correspondent wouldn't go as you have looks now what the pullout
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will mean for the country joe biden says this is it the end of the afghan war new more extensions apart from well these last one until september we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the draw and expecting a different result according to the deal struck between trump and the taliban america was supposed to be gone in a couple of weeks time by may 1st but the president the new president claimed that didn't give him enough time the new date is symbolically september 11th and the thousands of u.s. and nato troops on that date will have left in light of this and recognizing that there is no military solution to the challenges of guests and faces elyse have determined that we will start their withdrawal of the residents of told mission
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forces by may 1st new d.n.a. to wants to be in afghanistan nobody but they went to do a job to make sure that al qaida and its ilk never make it home again and the only thing worse than staying in afghanistan is leaving before that job is done which has the potential to cost 20 years of war and bloodshed and effort to the win over common goal it's clear afghanistan should never again service a haven for terrorists to attack our hometowns so our presence is conditions based. well you know our ally wants to stay in afghanistan longer than necessary we will not leave before the ton is right it's the us government itself is divided and i'm on a to germany for example which previously opposed the withdrawal czech republic
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came out and said that this is the wrong decision but that they'll pull out in solidarity leaving behind a vast dangerous and uncertain ballot vacuum the war isn't over almost 2000 people have been killed that have got a start in the 1st 3 months of this year but now that's a problem for others it will ask other countries of the countries in the region to do more to support of kynaston especially pakistan as well as russia china india in turkey. they all have a significant stake in the stable future for afghanistan understand that the taliban now is believed to be more powerful than at any point in 20 years they control or contest more than half the country and that's with thousands of nato troops keeping them at bay with those foreign troops gone what's to stop them taking law but siege in kabul undoing decades of humanitarian and human rights
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progress would they still feel obligated to root out hardline terrorists i mean. the u.s. never came here for the benefit of afghanistan no one was happy with the u.s. coming here and i don't think many people will be sad to see them leave the u.s. came to afghanistan for its own interests and that includes nato and all other foreign troops which are under the orders of washington when the u.s. came in 2001 they vowed to deliver peace in afghanistan but they failed we could never trust american promises i guess if the u.s. soldiers leave afghanistan i think the situation will become worse because our country's security forces are not equipped well enough to fight against the taliban who have had the weaponry the us promised many times in recent years about withdrawing its troops but nothing happened and help for peace let's see what will happen. as you know the u.s. came to ensure security in afghanistan and as you know the situation has become
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worse day by day conflicts increased and now the americans are leaving i don't think the americans want afghanistan to prosper they're just seeking a way to flee from the mess they made and they are thinking about the afghan people around us i mean i think it could be good if we get peace the afghan people want peace it's a good idea that america leaves of ghana stand we the afghan people are tired of war the taliban are also angry they feel cheated again by this withdrawal deal a already field commanders are promising nightmare for foreign troops until they pull out. and on that note the american and european pax pairs who lost trillions of dollars on this war are left to hope for the best that's it no guarantees no clear progress the result of the afghan war is that everyone's been left to hope for the best. that was more migrants made their way to american southern border fewer americans appear to support joe biden's handling of the crisis in fact
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a new survey of swing voters found that his migration policy is pushing them towards the republicans 55 percent of those polled actually blame the president for the surge in new arrivals while almost half said they were now less likely to vote for the democrats in 2022 also of note 67 percent want trump's border wall to stay in place the u.s. recently seen a sharp increase in migrants coming from latin america and many of the newcomers are unaccompanied children as r.t. america correspondent natasha sweetie now reports. according to authorities the u.s. government picked up nearly 90000 children traveling alone across the u.s. mexican border in march and as some adults are turned away from coming into the u.s. it turns out mexico is housing migrants who are attempting to cross again. it is hard because i longed for the american dream because i have a little girl who is there in maryland she was there 2 years ago but they took her
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from my mother in law and sent her to a shelter in the city of war as authorities turn to jim into a shelter with a capacity for 400 people as other shelters near the border are maxed out. the situation is already overwhelmed us in terms of shelters we must have a dignified place to receive them to protect families who are on the streets especially mothers with children all president biden appointed vice president kemal here is to oversee the white house's effort in tackling the border crisis last month criticism continues to mount harris. still has not paid a visit to the southern border instead she will be traveling to guatemala but not the states in the u.s. impacted by the plaguing border issues a new poll from the associated press shows 4 in 10 americans disapprove of how the biden ministration is handling the crisis and while biden supporters may differ on immigration policies some are also questioning the administration's current tactics . now you have probably heard of the boat brigade and in the u.k.
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it's become a reality because soldiers in the british army's royal engineers regiment have been told to mind their language in case to defend somebody simon right throws a few grenades at his own home the front line of the culture war. so the main dangers of being in the military is you can be shot at blown up. or fall victim to non gender neutral language well $22.00 engineer regiment of the british army is doing something about it the language not the horrible bad stuff don't call each other lads soldiers are told to be more inclusive and avoid using words such as mankind and sportsmanship over fears that they could cause offense to regiment sergeant major reportedly told his men. people that they need to try harder to op hold the regiments v. and s. b. and s. 1000 values and standards do not mix it up with b. and s. he also said that everyone has to remember d.
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and on that diversity and inclusion and gents men lads other phrases like there are not to be use and this is my favorite he said it should be made sure that people are getting paid the correct compliments we don't always says know. what this story has caused some our rage among friends or gobs like these more with of course actually there's nothing new about these directions they came out in 2017 released by the british army's joint equality diversity and inclusion unit or jeddah as it. were inclusive most important so some poles from the guidance from the u.k. military's jet i wore is a clue suggesting sportsmanship be replaced with fairness or good humor and the word mankind be replaced with humanity humankind human race people as had researchers some of those of man in his world were british war heroes to tim
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collins back in 2017 describe to listeners the ludicrous and dangerous morass into which obsequious and p.c. senior officers have led the british army which means he doesn't like it. but so we can conclude from this is. 4 years on after about the voice was originally given soldiers are still not quite ready to have their language policed probably because if you knew your me you've got a few other things to worry about let's not forget but the army has been at the forefront of the quality they've been teaching mentor on their own trousers for centuries. return over. to the book about dropping bombs on middle eastern villages is the definition of inclusive ety they'll kill everyone without 'd prejudice. probably a long time for we see scenes like this on the frontline. sort. oh my god did i say that it's.
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finally a cancer specialist from moscow has become the 1st ever russian to be officially made a member of the prestigious american surgical association here catherine of is currently moscow's leading on college just he's a pioneer of keyhole surgery for cancer treatment in the country and during his 30 year career you've renowned doctor has published 7 major studies and almost 300 papers we got the chance to talk to him and asked what this latest recognition meant. we do. undoubtedly it is a happy and significant moment in a professional life of any person when colleagues highly appreciate your professional skills and it is very pleasant and honorable for me on the other hand it is a great responsibility as you have to keep proving your worth but of course it is also an opportunity to establish closer and more interesting contacts with professionals from all over the world an opportunity to hear and be heard as well
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as to help young colleagues surgeons to develop the number of people diagnosed with cancer for the 1st time is increasing every year it happens all over the world and is a reflection of many factors but the main one is the increase in life expectancy at the same time treatment strategies have been developing very quickly to this applies to both surgical treatment and drug therapy it became possible to stabilize processes even in the most severe stages and surgeons today to perform complex operations that were previously considered impossible even non-specialists today have already heard about targeting therapy immunotherapy there have been real breakthroughs in the field of drug treatment opportunities have opened up for stabilizing tumors and reducing their size this makes it possible to ensure a good quality of life for patients and sometimes to cure even the most advanced stages of course we cannot say that we can heal everyone and it is unlikely that this will ever happen but the phrase cancer is not
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a death sentence is the real truth russian a story and author mark mccall he does believe that the news is particularly significant given the current political climate. they talk russian specialists are among the best in the world and if i could as a same in the soviet union talk soviet doctors and specialists were among the best in the world russian specialists have always had this high reputation and now this is no mostly important is christie juice because he's the 1st russian even admitted to this not important surgical association but also at a time of enormous tension between russia and the united states should prove that if you put politics aside when you go to medicine or science or literature or anything else there's really caught a lot of common ground between russia and the united states they can come together and you don't have the conflict you have in poll.


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