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the world are the speculators things they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week it could be island somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles within a secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just haven't married yet. headlines this. tack on democracy after she pleads with the german parliament to grant to the powers to impose lockdowns throughout the country also to come this hour. now is the time to deescalate. mixed messages from washington as president biden calls for dialogue with moscow while simultaneously slapping more sanctions on. washington has to understand that there will be
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a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the u.s. that is entirely responsible for what is happening. on twitter ban the founder of investigative journalist group project very task that after its latest expose a in which a c.n.n. director let slip that the channel's coverage is biased in favor of the black lives matter movement and fill the world brigade is now officially part of the british army where one regiments told to using inclusive language to avoid causing offense . hello they're just gone 6 o'clock here in moscow you're watching our international the german chancellor has been accused of attacking the country's democracy that's after angela merkel pleaded with lawmakers to grant the federal government powers to impose regional curfews and lockdowns without the consent of local authorities
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the chancellor was heckled during a heated debate in parliament. we're slamming on the brakes nationwide i'm convinced a nationwide imagine see stop is overdue and urgently needed a lauren measures have a single goal to lead our country ad of this terrible phase of managing infections care he said not a new engine but they are part of the infection protection or that is currently in place. i ask you jay colleagues whatever a personal opinions may be don't you think that we should take them into account in the way we debating this here ultimately what i'm going to merkel wants is changes to the infection protection act that would allow her to not just to say this is what we should be doing but to be able to say this is what is going to happen the way it works here in germany with their federal system is all those things can be decided from the federal government in berlin how they're implemented on the ground
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particularly when it comes to covert 19 restrictions are left up to the interpretations of the governments of the 16 states that make up germany now what angle america wants to do is take some of those powers from the states and have them for herself well as you can imagine not everybody is happy with that outside of the bundestag there was a small but vocal demonstration against what the chancellor is trying to do in the opposition from the alternative to germany partly though as making the argument that these powers already exist that they don't need to be given to the to the federal government and that the chancellor should let the states decide what's best for the states this effect to introduce the infection protection act as an alarm and document of authoritarian thinking never before has a federal government dared to include so many attacks on the basic freedoms of citizens and the rule of law and on democratic principles and so few sentences as in this draft more we've been here before though with anglo merkel's saying she
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wanted to implement national 'd measures national lockdowns and things like curfews when it comes to the fight against covert 19 just before. easter we heard the chancellor announce this was going to happen over the easter break only for her to have to make one of the biggest u. turns of her political career when just over 24 hours later she said actually that's not going to happen because technically i don't have the powers to be able to tell you to do that. says day to fast of april as well as the surge of april should be defined as calm days with extensive contact restrictions and a ban on gatherings from the fast to the 5th of april. it gives women the idea was a mistake this mistake is my mistake alone a mistake must be called a mistake and above all it must be corrected at the same time of course i know that this whole matter trygaeus more uncertainty i regret that deeply and apologized to all citizens this brings us today and the facts of the matter on the ground when it
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comes to covert 19 is that germany is being gripped particularly hard by this wave the robert cock institute which handles germany's public health affairs is warning that unless something is done that april could well be a record breaking month for germany when it comes to covert 19 infections what angle are merkel is seeking the power to be able to do is that when cases reach a number of 100 new infections per 100000 over population that an emergency brake can be pulled nationally the thing is is there's a lot of pushback against this despite that pushback it does seem likely that these changes to the infection protection act will be made by some point next week we expect them to be signed into law by german president frank fall to. ok let's get the views now of thomas fassbender he's a journalist and author based in berlin you're very welcome thank you time tonight
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thomas are you surprised that angle merkel has made this appeal to parliament given all the resistance she has seen to not dance in the past now not surprised because she decided to take that huge turn or a couple of days was a deal we could do or go after she failed with her trying to impose restrictions increased restrictions via the 16 prime ministers of the federal states of germany that did not work she believes in the necessity of increased risk and a stricter lockdown curfew measures etc and she decided it wholeheartedly i should say to take this way of centralizing her powers against existing opposition yes if you think it's an attack on democracy as people are betraying it to resist just simply a logical move to try and counter the covert crisis but 1st of all it is it is a logical move do not assume angle america has any idea of attacking the
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democratic call in germany but it is a test of the democratic all in german no question under a crisis situation which we have for the 1st time in this country and some people are very much a fundamental lies in what is going on and driving it up to philosophical heights i'd say the majority in germany sees this as a an end to effect measure and not the nothing more so i mean just in terms of the people that don't like what she's doing we've seen plenty of lockdown protests presumably will say more will. well we'll see more but nevertheless i would say also from from all the polls we have a strong majority of at least 2 thirds supports a stricter more restrictive approach there is a strong minority the big question is to what extent all the restrictions can help
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if if a minority behaves counterproductive but that's then on the medical or 'd 'd the infectious level in political terms i would say she enjoys the support of the majority. i mean germany is looking forward to a new leader isn't it towards the end of the sheer when that happens we do expect the country to steer away from this court of course of action against or are we likely just to see the same policies continue well that the 2 parties will expect that we come out the strong as which is the christian democrat christian socialist you know social unit union and the green party are both in favor of a more conservative restrictive approach or a restrictive approach at the same time i would say i expect and also hope of course that by september we will be over the majority over the over
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the crisis as such we have now today as of today 17 percent of the population will receive their 1st vaccination we have more than 66 percent who receive 2nd vaccination the vaccination campaign at last at last in germany has taken up and taken off and i'd say i belong to those who believe that in the month of june i think we will have the worst behind us ok let's hope that happens thomas not nice to talk to that was thomas fassbender journalist and author based in berlin thanks for coming on. the russian foreign ministry says that the us bears full responsibility for harming relations between the countries that's after washington impose new sanctions against moscow russia has vowed to retaliate by dog there against you there but such aggressive behavior will undoubtedly meet
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family assistance every sponsor the sanctions will be inevitable washington has to understand that there will be a price for the degradation of bilateral relations and it is the us that is entirely responsible for what is happening president joe biden signed the order slapping new sanctions on russia right after calling for a deescalation in tensions between the 2 countries now is the time to deescalate worry for all of. us. 10 personnel from the russian diplomatic mission will be expelled while $32.00 entities and individuals have been sanctioned for quote government directed attempts to influence the 2020 us presidential election the document also targets a range of financial institutions as well as 6 tech companies for alleged cyber attacks. looks now the impact the restrictions could have. big politics is all about big p.r.
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political marketing of trump america transitioned from source the mic names for his opponents into the biden age which spearheads now shameless self promotion a murder is back. american is back diplomacy is back biden diplomacy sounds like a classic personal brand to so what is it well for russia it apparently means a sanctions sledgehammer through several steps including the expulsion of several russian officials as a consequence of their actions i've also signed an executive order authorizing new measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions that russia has taken against u.s. interests well the man seems to be abundantly clear at least for ones right well he would have been had he not led into these sanctions announcement with this. united
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states is not looking to kick off a cycle of skule should be in conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship these signals are not just mixed in terms of consistency they're on par with noises from space joe biden was counsel joe biden said he's interested in the normalization of russia u.s. relations but the actions of his administration show us the opposite the us is not ready to deal with the reality of the multiple a world which shuts at the possibility of american has humani instead they can sanctions and interference in our internal affairs just this week biden and putin talked over the phone to during the conversation the us president and now a new batch of sanctions in putin's face only to express hope later for a stable and predictable way forward and the white house sees no problem here no discrepancy forget proof for good reason forget who's president even biden strategy
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is to bully a country out of geopolitical relevance and it seems that's the only predictable thing about america left after all trumps anti russia sanctions galore that appears to his whole term didn't save the ex-president from being shamed for being soft on russia so maybe biden is resorting to nuclear options right away desperately trying to keep one foot in the door though the door leading to that positive trajectory where we discuss the issue with the chairman of the russian public council for international cooperation and public policy your serve 2 is director general of the un office in geneva from 2002 until 2011 he questions the legality of the new us sanctions. if they're very healthy. or what the important is the same they go completely completely signals in
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your work in the world of course mostly what russia these there is no good europe for all of us on the part of the super pro sentence they're completely illegal if they are what i look at but the security council otherwise it's the us or. well the dico or with the force it is really difficult to. search. i do think that you have to build bridges really you know this because we have a lot of interest in. the digits the. now while i'm failing the latest raft of sanctions the u.s. also cited claims made last year of russia offering bank teas to the taliban to kill american troops in afghanistan the white house admits it has very little to
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back up these claims but is still demanding answers from the kremlin we felt the reports were enough of a cause of concern they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers start to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan so while there's a lot of moderate assessment of these reports we felt it was important for our intelligence community to look into it this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here and last year it was reported that russian intelligence off the taliban linked militants bank to kill american troops in afghanistan in 2019 these allegations they were never proven and the pentagon itself said it could not cooperate the reports but that didn't stop the media embracing the story vladimir putin. is offering boaties for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan now the european intelligence official called this callous shocking and reprehensible
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overnight president trump dismissed the intelligence denied being briefed on it as new reports emerged saying those payments did in fact lead to the death of americans. now twitter has banned the founder of the investigative journalist group project veritas for alleged violations of its policies it does come after the group published another undercover sting video involving a c.n.n. director. a strain of using these eternally. 8 really good. people are getting exactly as you say this is a picture that you made sure to protect patients. and someone. who was trying to like help locate below like you know like i mean it's individuals it's not a you know. that's not going to the optics of it well that video does appear to show the c.n.n. staff are admitting b.l.m. coverage bias and is the 3rd undercover scheme to be published by project very task
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this week in fact if you want to find out about the other 2 on high c.n.n. allegedly misled his view is to get ratings that reportedly did his utmost to bring down and on from to go to our website at r.t. don't come well that we did discuss the revelations with project veritas is news during executive nikki vast he says is time that people started to ask questions. we can speak to the fact that this technical director charlie chester he was certainly part of the culture he was speaking as if they were an advocacy group and this is a network that uses the tagline the most trusted name in news does the most trusted name in news you know colluded directly or indirectly with black lives matter that's a question for the american public to ask it seems that the rules that as a society that we all thought were in place are no longer employed there is no more roebuck this is you know this is concerning this is something that the american people should be looking into this is something they should be studying and this is
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something that they should know about because anything this big that means people make value decisions that affect their lives every day based on the news and if you're telling them you're real and in you know we're off hours you're saying that you're completely fake your propaganda that needs to be investigated that needs to be looked at further. now police in the u.k. have smashed their way into the home of a man who had broken the country strict quarantine rules when returning from abroad not so after he refused to isolate in a hotel at his own cost after traveling through a so-called red list country. thank you i didn't know what martin you were in your ad for a very good movie lately if you fail i think you haven't seen it in designated how well instructed to do so. well football coach matthew owns there left bahrain and transferred through abu dhabi and frankfurt before finally flying into manchester
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b. darby is in the united arab emirates which is on the u.k.'s red list and that does mean people returning from there have to quarantine in a designated hotel on arrival and pay almost 2000 pounds for the pleasure however mr owens does claim that he was told by contract staff in bahrain that he could quarantine at home instead if he didn't leave darby airport but nonetheless u.k. offish officials did take him to a quarantine hotel in birmingham when he returned to britain threatening him with a 10000 pound fine if he refused but he did refuse and headed back up home to liverpool which was then stormed by police and he was taken back to the hotel in birmingham and from there he joins us tonight matthew good evening. thanks for joining us this evening look firstly i understand you have a few what days left in that hotel how you coping in the quarantine. i mean i'll be honest with you it's an outsider looking in if you've never seen what the
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conditions of life in these town the places you'd think it would be the highest cleanse place you'd think of the maximum precautions would be placed in to keep everyone safe or it's it is absolutely dire the conditions in here. since i came here the fish day i had tossed all over me room t.v. off even got reveals a misspelling my name out on the t.v. which is obviously over people's skin particles around but even in you treated like a kilo like anonyma almost you get your meals the limit of the day when the knock on the door and then they just leave your food on the floor for you to open the door and just be you know pick you food off the floor. you've got to eat food and then you drop a buffalo side and sometimes on and again i've documented documented everything it's left on the floor sometimes of father 6 hours along with over guests food and it's just human on the whole way. you know only look at the yukon to get
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a nice car in the places is is it is gone for a walk or which is obviously only on the get ons and you've got to be accompanied by a g 4 s. member stuff and to do this the procedure it is you've got of call reception and you don't know where the english to actually leave your room and sometimes it's up to 20 to 30 minutes before you can go inside and and get some fresh it it's it's honestly it's pitches and got radios of everything. the big thing for me is the because the on taken you know extreme measures were put in place to detain me in the video and bring me here so i think expect that to be matched by extreme precautions taken on the not then g 4 s. stuff that i've got the contract for this for these kinds of hotels the only p.p. the wit is a must have got pictures of some of them not even when the properly so beneath the nose and i've even got pictures of ones i haven't even got over the mouth which means they shouldn't be when they're all together. and the most the thing for me is
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like that's all to be for if i want to go on one of these walks a g. force members of the commune get me you know whenever they need yeah sorry go you know you just want to ask you matthew because i know we've only got a few minutes but we heard your story before we came to you about what happened and i just wondered in the run up to all of this war so no it just about what's happened because it does seem from the outside you thought you were doing the right thing yeah i mean like the show the thing that people get confused with is obvious rb obviously dubai is the only reason but i'll be darned he's on the red list and dubai and abu dhabi actually dubai janabi student cities or it's actually got a border that's policed to get into this airport you need a negative test anyway i've literally got off the plane went straight to me gate and waited maybe an hour to 30 minutes to get on the plane again and up it's obvious that because it's out of the scene in an airport you know you've got these machines you walk through to the stand allows everything and keep everybody safe so
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every every case is different i've never stepped foot in dubai me like i never did i would not a leg to stand on but the biggest thing for me is all ish i'm not into conspiracies or anything like that or you know i'm led to believe there's about 10 quarantine hotels in the u.k. and each member of the dots in these hotels pays 1750 pounds well at least that's what they're trying to to bill me for over 300 members in this hotel so if you just say this on average to 250 people in each of these 10 hotels over 10 days you can yes. i'm a going to say they will say matthew that in this sorry to interrupt but they would say that this is done to deter people from breaking rules and i know you rang the consulate in bahrain but i mean i went to the u.k. good website it does say clearly that if you go into all past 3 countries and this is what you have to do. yeah i'd like a shot of it for me to get home it was kind of like obviously the reason i let this
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question the fish place because of the the u.k. government failed the people and i'll terribly the on the the situation and with me being a football coach it was even not way over with so i haven't gone on holiday or anything like that the rules are changing within a week or so and bought in with all the clubs and restaurants and all indoor cinemas anything like the to go to these places you need the vaccine he needs of a good record and colin and i haven't got offices even at those so that's why the sod to come home so obviously a call the consulate i'm going through the correct procedure to try and get the voice recordings of the device but ultimately i was told anyway i'm on just the advice or not the onus is on the trouble and so if that's the case then obviously so be it but the events that happens off that are just you know it's ludicrous like how how police can contribute or without a warrant how they can arrest me on the wrong name. it's just you know it's absolutely above and beyond all to the tame me when i was 2 days into isolation
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a home with a stipulative the would be only process you're located to form how does it make any sense that take meals and bottoms and then keep me as basically a glorified prisoner in one of these hell holes it just makes absolutely no sense and all the pictures and videos will come out because nobody is really seen inside these on the conditions that we are actually go through so by sort of protecting the public as you will. i'm not being protected by the union i'm actually afraid i might can shock over the from how dire the conditions are so i need you to feel as any channel that you can go through after all of this to make your complaints heard . absolutely soon as i can get out of here and i'm trying to the high court to get me released that as we speak for the shooters or get out of here i will be you know i will be investigated and i will get legal team beyond me and i will become enough to afford these for the way i've been treated now a lot of people say always it is in india easily but when i when i'm speaking to a father sees the wishing his
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a lot of them don't even the well to explain it when i was in months just that it course i was saying what a lot of i broke and like what a lot of i've broken he said there was a covert regulation i was like well that's not a lot of his colleagues saying it's apotheker one of ottis up on a set but what section is it because i need to know so on the want to be in the team for on the show the don't know exactly the section a broken un he doesn't need to know and i've got all this on video on all the 0 evidence and video evidence and i said i need to know what you detain me for i was told numerous times have broken a law and then it's a legislation and then it's and not so nobody knew what the way what you're doing or how to handle the situation and i was even told that we don't comply and sign i'll be isolated in a police. lot of the i was just always for them to get info not me and it was literally just to try and scaremonger me in to sign to share come here amongst the school system thing to me is i didn't consent or got the form to said don't consent succumb to a holds out a lie chalets a home and whilst they put me on a coach with no internet or able to speak to anybody from the outside they actually
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used my details on the dot of go website to book me into this hotel without my consent they usually possible number me email address and everything to book me in just the interest the recruit were in i suppose the counter-argument is and i matthew everybody has different circumstances but the government would say look we do have to act if somebody comes back in from a red this country and they're refusing to go to this hotel we have to take action you know in the middle of a pandemic we just can't let them walk around or even just stay at home quarantine we have to make sure that they are in these hotels. you counted. such infamy you know if they threaten him with a fine and a fine what like i said before when the police came to the door they said they do not need a warrant to construe my home after the sable move it would never put at risk by the way i was i sleep in the room they were causing a distress and alarm which me and i had to come out of my room to speak to them and said i'm isolating here makes no sense for you to take me out of this environment
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to mix with other people so if you've got a funny what a fine through and they said they don't need a warrant they got out of n.z. they came through the address and the rest of me on the wrong name for a start which is absolutely ridiculous if left one of the officers caught himself well but he couldn't see and he's left the lords on the walls on the floor joined the pandemic and on top of everything none of them are wearing gloves under torture me and i'm aware that i must so it with this it that you're just to show many holes in it just makes absolutely i think every case is different in my case in particular literally. still an international grounds i haven't gained immigration of literally just been transferred through i'm the only people i did not it was that everyone is going to produce a negative test and i'm pretty confident that everyone in the g.c.c. now even people who wear them restaurants and bars i've got to be vaccinated for with it so i'm more than confident to say the least the employees out in the airport have been vaccinated we're on top of it everyone's got to produce
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a negative test to be a not at all no one can just walk into an airport you've got to go for the bits to get an answer said the never hidden even on the journey even in front of it i have to produce my boarding pass on my passion to locate the form which i'll be isolating the whole book my home code test i actually set me fish test off when i go home on a rest that combine negative since i'm being a football coach you've got to take regular test anyway and frankly it of look at my information and stop me boarding pass to say you know ok the trouble everything checks out a lot of passengers we get in the way because the wimp of on the right information so don't everything as far as i'm aware it just seems to be the u.k. like you said given your experience not here sorry to interrupt again but this is the last question given your experience what advice would you give to people coming back into the u.k. particularly from reckless countries. yes i mean the advice is at the end of the day i left you know for a new folder me off you go on holiday then you're going to face these these kind of situations where the advice i can do is given everyone this advice you are
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a hell of a lot safer eiseley in a home than you are in one of these core of our jails and these are poured in place to land the pockets of the tory government lost so much money joins pandemic on the transit sheet this money box people are honest with them people like me never are troubled the police before going to clean records on the just cotton keep in the public shave i just believe in people like me that i find and again the wait until you see the pictures and everything that's going to come out after this these conditions diabolical on their heart and beyond and to just take as much money as the consequent or from the losses ok matthew we're going to be there but really good to get your story tonight it was matthew evans currently in a quarantine hotel in the county thanks for coming on to r.t. . just coming up tough posix or just going half 6 or moscow will have more nice view and that our.


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