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repatriations to get the rest to 70. percent. record. there is no freedom of speech out in the european parliament anymore an m.e.p. claims he was silenced during a heated exchange in the european parliament for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog for its investigation of an attack in syria we speak. and it is sure. would be afraid to have the investigation.
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police in the u.k. smash their way into the house of a man who had passed through a so-called red country on his way home and refused to quarantine in a hotel of his own expense. translators fear the taleban will make them pay with their blood for u.s. and nato troops are pulled out of afghanistan we hear from one former interpreter who thinks it's shameful his colleagues are being abundant they don't actually need to off the safety and security of europe and america leaving them behind. the north . 247 years live from moscow this is r.t. international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome to the program. a recent e.u.
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parliamentary session ascended into chaos when one m.e.p. claimed he was being silenced the politicians say he was neutered for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog and its investigation into. syria the m.e.p. himself told us what happened. why you would do not heed because from an. international figure is to meet with all the investigators are you going to investigate on aspects in a transparent manner there is no peace with fake news and i would like to apologize to the jury to general of the of what he has just heard i cannot accept that you can call into question the work of an international organization there is no freedom of speech be no doubt in the european parliament anymore or whenever you i literally don't have the floor i missed it what is the subcommittee should keep it on use is a very popular term. in europe and the us. uses
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almost like it i go but i decided as i said earlier the president said back to that we should. start wars to well she's dead right to start wars and what did they do but. it was used at that time by the us france to illegally bomb syria so that was. causing war and what the 1st likely stated was a quarter to either side which said that if war is to be started by and i didn't peace could be started by troops we want to troops and we want peace. while the matter under discussion was the alleged use of chemical weapons into this video was reported to show the aftermath of it it was widely circulated at the time although some sources alleged it was staged despite syria denying any involvement
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a number of western countries immediately blamed it for the attack and carried out missile strikes in response while the o.p.c. w. continued the attack did take place leaks from whistleblowers inside the organization say crucial evidence was omitted that's included an internal document saying the chloride cylinders were. placed at the scene not dropped from the earth which had been a key factor in apportioning blame on syria the other leak the losers that most of the investigators working on the ground were excluded from discussions on the final report mick wallace again thinks that the o.p.c. w. had nothing to hide it wouldn't have turned a blind eye to the whistleblowers revelations your p.c. don't them can be a vital international law to lose issues that could hurt. the demise of the use of chemical weapons or p.c. w. has to read it better and write it down it looks like to do the right the director
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general of the l.c. job with little or no notice it looks like at least to a lot of west there is a if earn under our ears i was going to die and leave to be here where and they have this whole episode where they had to defeat normalisation who has nothing to hide and is sure that they are telling to suit would be afraid to have to investigate and if they refused to have a transparent investigation into this whole matter it actually emphasise guilt. police in the u.k. have smashed their way into the home of a man who broke the country strict quarantine rules after returning from abroad must few olin's refuse to isolate in a hotel at his own cost and after travelling through a sony in red list country this video shows the moment police enter his house.
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i didn't tell you what you were in there at 3 can't tell you that michael leahy fame i think having seen it a designated how when instructed to do so no when the police came to the door they said they do not need the water to construe my hole he came through the address on the rest of me on the wrong name for a start which is absolutely ridiculous how police can come for us all without a warrant probably going to arrest me on the wrong name. you know it's absolutely above and beyond all to the tame me when i was 2 days into i sleep in a home with a stipulated that will be on because you're located to form how does it make any sense that's not involved and then keep me is basically a glorified there's no i left this question in the 1st place because of the the u.k. government failed the people and i'll terribly the on board the situation. let's explain the situation mr owens flew in bach from bahrain friends are going through abu dhabi in frankfurt before ending his journey in manchester abu dhabi is in the
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united arab emirates which is on the u.k.'s red list to prevent new colbert's trains being brought into the country the government has ruled anyone returning from a regular skun treehouse to quarantine for 10 days in a designated hotel on arrival and paid almost 2000 pounds for the privilege mr owens believes however the quarantine conditions are not as safe as you might think . you treated like. like an animal almost you get your meals delivered every day when the not on the dog and then they just leave your food on the floor for you to open the door and just be you know pick your food up off the floor the big thing for me is the big cautions the on taken you know extreme measures were put in place to detain me in the video and bring me here so what they expect that to be matched by each scene precautions taken on the not. for the stuff that i've got the contract for this for these kind of hotels the only p.p.
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the wit is a must have got pictures of some of them not even when the droplets open if the nose and i've even got pictures of ones i haven't even got over the mouth in my case in particular literally 4 to abu dhabi i'm still an international grounds i haven't gained immigration of literally just been transferred through on top of everyone's got to produce a negative test to be a not airport no one could just walk into an airport you've got to go for the bits to get a procedure even in front of it i have to produce my boarding pass on my part and you're located to form which i'll be isolating the whole call the consulate i'm going through the procedure to try and get the voice recorder of the device but ultimately i was told anyway in manchester or advice or not the onus is on the truck less so if that's the case then obviously so be it but the events that happened off that are just you know it's ludicrous. the mineral water brand has made a splash over a tweet encouraging people to drink more water the reason for the controversy they
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posted the verge all need 1st day of ramadan the period when muslims are forbidden to drink or eat anything during the day the french company has apologized which then led to criticism from conservatives accusing it of bowing to walk pressure charlotte toobin scheme picks up the story do you mean to me this is perhaps nothing more than a postal order something to quench your thirst point around and see in this town. still things i'm very hopeful to hear influence being accused of everything is a lot of phobia to being a victim of intellectual terrorism and it started with a tweet it seems and this isn't enough rowing to retreat if you handily to a group i don't necessarily even say water i mean you're supposed to drink 2 meters a day but new mr mind of a staple for human life was put on the 1st day of ramadan a festival with muslims for eating drinking during daylight hours the reaction
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king's week unfold sed. i have to explain to my mother how it is normal for everyone to tweet about water even during ramadan because she thinks they are islamophobia you know it's ramadan you're abusing if you issued an apology coming into coors in the offense instead of the purest most common disease but not any so if even sinking even deeper into culture lucy. i would never buy every ad again inadmissible to apologize it's basically a cool health message and yet you have to apologize if in 2020 i want to ask you who drinks what i since provoked if you should have a consultation. every umbrella under attack for advertising water on ramadan day for some islamists muslim festival should be imposed on everyone well no let's stop this madness soon was in the street to exult it is a long way off through here in paris people with the best food boy that allegation
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not. for me no i saw the controversy i saw the to eat frankly i think it could be a coincidence in my opinion there was no bad intention and they deleted the tweet to avoid unnecessary control to see but not at all because they felt guilty. for me it's not a slam a for the i don't understand it like that for me would denigrate a strong one who say look at her she still veiled for me that islam a full get. him or madonna when i'm doing my ramadan i know where to start in the morning and it goes on until the evening i don't eat so i don't drink it has nothing to do with business or anyone else if someone tweets like this i don't care what many muslims also took to twitter to say that they didn't think that tweet by everyone was is a little thing but we do so want to question that with any muslim had indeed been left insulted by evian or if somehow this whole story was the result of
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a real being and playing it rather who we see so much even speak carries. another story we're closely following today after translators who helped western forces in afghanistan claim they will quote pay with their blood when u.s. and nato troops are pulled out of the country purported to happen by mid september a former afghan translator for the british army shared his concerns with. i think minister of defense on the u.k. government as a whole are forgetting that and purpose or key assets off the the 18 year long military mission in afghanistan and leaving them behind and forgetting them is this putting them at that risk afghanistan is a very dangerous on hostile land in central asia so the trip and the shadow of fear and insecurity that exists there was certainly affect the lives of those interrupt
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us who work for the british forces in afghanistan well over the years the u.k. led hundreds have been turned preachers who work for the british army settle in britain but critics say many who ought to be eligible for the scheme are being denied the chance u.s. president joe biden announced the withdrawal by september 11th all the american and nato troops this week on translators who helped them over the years fay they will be left to the mercy of taliban militants who run to them traitors and legitimity targets and again so these many interpreters have been left traumatized. i am regularly in touch with afghan and top those who are searched for the british army and there are serious like in afghanistan and they are not aware of their future they are living in trauma unfair every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or next day to them so the situation is very risky for and with us in afghanistan
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analysts have written government acts quickly on introduces an inclusive scheme that allows all interpreters to relocate to the u.k. the situation will not be resolved are part of the international. mission so objective in afghanistan was to secure europe and american borders from the threat of terrorism so afghans who joined the international forces on the world doesn't tap without us alongside these forces they are actually the core to the ends of the safety and the security of europe and america leaving them behind these notes of more ality and unhuman. still ahead in the program some see covert showoffs a spluttering vaccine rollout in europe has seen travel agents offering vaccine vacations to russia we'll take a closer look about some to this short break. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often scary dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. lead.
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16 minutes into the program welcome back a criminal case has been opened in france suffer the photos of over 20 police officers were plastered on walls in paris suburbs it's led to fears that they and their families may be identified and threatened we spoke to a french police union member who says this stunt was meant as a threat initiative report these are blatant threats intended to intimidate police officers were all troubled and concerned for the officers identified their families
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are worried and we're concerned for their families you may think it's the 1st time but it's not the 1st time this has happened to me we've also seen officers being maimed in other areas it's scary enough that we no longer have boundaries and there are people who name officers families without hesitation and it seems to me that matthew like behavior and intimidation is encroaching into our private lives because with the police. the ensuing comes after lawmakers passed a controversial security bill which bans the publications of any images of police in operation those find guilty could face a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a 75000 europe will be fine excuse me the bill has been slammed by civil rights groups and n.g.o.s they say it could whitewash police abuse the french public has been protesting against it for months. i i. i.
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i. i. i i. i i. i. i i i. however french police insist the law is needed to protect officers and their families. thank you. we try to protect ourselves but it's true there are limits the police have to protect the general population but who defends the police article 24 some things are progressing well but it's not enough we are now waiting for the restrictions to be introduced to suit is possible the alliance police union demanding that the faces of police officers are blurred it's not to hide what happens during the arrest because the i.g.n. police watchdog receives the body count footage everyone is worried about the
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police making a mistake we want the police to have their faces blurred to protect offices and their families because as we've seen some people don't hesitate to identify officers wives children their addresses and this is a big problem that we want to avoid. a ukrainian diplomat tells been detained in russia for trying to obtain classified information that is according to the country's security services the diplomats will be expelled with more on what's known here is morocco. incredibly bad another diplomatic scandal between russia and ukraine but in this particular incident a ukrainian diplomat the consul of the embassy in st petersburg was arrested reportedly in the act of receiving classified information since of this is unique to databases with information about russian citizens about their vehicle registrations about whether where they live where their homes are there is
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unfortunately a tendency in russia for these databases to leak usually they curated by law enforcement agencies and the f.s.b. intelligence agencies and apparently this console alexandersson you could in the act of buying one of these databases or perhaps a number of them we don't have the specifics he has denied apparently any evolvement ukraine has on his behalf denied any involvement in lizard affairs but the russian side maintains that he was caught red handed there's a video of his arrest and he's now potentially good to be expelled he was the 1st attended arrested then later reportedly released ukraine is already responding to this by. sending home a russian diplomat senior official in the russian embassy in kiev but this is
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perhaps one of the worst odds for another scandal to break out between the 2 countries. in chicago more than a fellows and people gathered to demand justice for the fatal police shooting of a 13 year old other than to lead to protests broke out after video of the instant emerged an officer shot the teenager who had earlier dropped a gun he was holding as he was raising his arms. in the german city of stockyard police and dispersed protesters rallying against pandemic rules officers resorted to pepper spray to pay. the current look forward to have introduced a nighttime curfew there starting at 9 pm. and a soyuz spacecraft with 3 crew members on board has returned to earth after 6 months on the international space station the expedition consisted of nothing rubens and also russian cosmonauts circuit. could switch cough they are expected
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to go home after they have their medicals the trio were replaced on the i assessed by a special mission which blasted off a few days ago as part of this 60th anniversary celebrations of the 1st human space flight. crew members now being. global tourism crippled by the pandemic is scrambling for ways to get travel started again some agencies are hoping to turn a crisis into an opportunity by offering vaccine vacations on russia is among the most popular destinations. today we have around 80 people in moscow who if they want to can be vaccinated tomorrow and fly back on sunday we expect now every week the same quantity so long as the vaccines in germany escapes.
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i have no fears because it's a recommended vaccination from the w.h.o. it has a good international reputation so from the outset i have no concerns. i want to receive the vaccine myself quicker than we would get in germany as a 19 year old all i would receive is foster late and my father is an interesting patient and i'm doing it for him actually because i want to protect my family and i don't want to bring in the forest home the i think i'm ok i would probably get my turn at the end of the year and i don't want to wait that long and i had other options such as serbia israel iraq and the united states but all fell away for various reasons so this was the best offer.
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and not a bad time to do some sightseeing to the sunlight in moscow today reminder for up to the minute developments this weekend our twitter page as well has you covered you will be bored there and you know maybe and this is our introduction. geysers financial survival. when customers go by you're just. going elf well reducing lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for
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the global economy. psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients rather they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work the problem is in the long term and mostly disastrous suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms most serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful and very often there for a fix it up to something terrible until solve all ills are always trying to medicate life itself i just think i was in like i was just scared me i was a scared little girl i was 24 and like. i didn't have to be so complicated.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. away. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a mate in the shallows. this
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is the one business show you can't afford to miss a bridge of war in washington coming up china's g.d.p. has had an immense 1st quarter jumping by nearly 20 percent but what effect has that had on the global economy in the fight against hope at 19 as it continues plus the big price has taken a hit as turkey plans to ban all payments in crypto currency coming up we'll break down the latest price swing with expert analysis with a packed show today so let's dive right in. and we lead the program with the latest economic data out of china now the world's 2nd largest economy grew by 18.3 percent in the 1st quarter of this year compared
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to the same period last year according to data released friday by the national bureau of statistics you'll remember that the chinese economy contract by nearly 7 percent in the 1st quarter of 2020 amid widespread lockdowns in the country at the height of the coronavirus pandemic now this expansion was also up 10 percent over the 1st quarter of 2019 retail sales and industrial production also rose by 34 and 14 percent respectively now with this in mind let's go ahead and take a look at how global markets fared for the week markets were largely up thanks to recovery optimism coming out of the world's 2 largest economies but the pandemic continues to dominate this global outlook we begin in russia where that is up and that's despite the latest round of sanctions announced by the biden administration . thursday biden barred u.s. banks from buying newly issued russian government debt but russia's market bounced back after the ruble initially fell 2 percent on that news over to asia where markets were mixed despite those positive numbers coming out of china the shanghai
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composite finished the week down but just slightly the composite did see a surge on friday due to those g.d.p. numbers but it wasn't enough to pull the index back into the green in hong kong the hang seng that is op the index was also boosted by those growth numbers coming from china and a number of chinese company posting earnings for the 1st quarter of 2021 in japan the nikkei is down but nearly unchanged for the week investors are reacting to a resurgence in copan 1000 cases and the announcement that the tokyo olympics may still be cancelled as the country lags behind in vaccinations in india the sensex is in the red lake gains in the banking finance and tech sectors were not enough to erase losses earlier in the week another wave of code 1000 cases is devastating much of the country and this is on top of the news that india's economy is actually expected to post a 8 percent contraction for the 1st quarter of the year now to australia where the
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a.s.x. it's back in positive territory thanks in part to economic data coming out of the united states however australia is optimistic about its own recovery after the new jobs numbers showed a dip in the unemployment rate to 5.6 percent of though there is a little bit of a worry that those unemployment numbers don't show the full picture as the country's job keeper program is set to expire in south africa the all share gives us another green arrow this week south africa's central bank said it had no plans to change its soft policy on rates however it is expected that it has hit the bottom in those rates and a rise to counter inflation will be the next change if there is any the treasury also extended its government back business loan program to july after it was scheduled to end this month moving over to europe and the americas let's start in the u.k. where the footsie well that's up this week rising about point 6 percent on friday alone to cross the.


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