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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 17, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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welcome to redacted deny this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents today i did something for you guys that i hope i hope you appreciate it if it's something i will never do again it's something that made me vomit to slee ill from the beginning to the end and i did it all for you i watched an episode of greg gutfeld new fox comedy show entitled got killed i may never be the same it may be sad for humanity sad for the planet it even made me sad for just life in general greg gutfeld
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is one of the viruses on fox news and it gives a bad name to viruses it's tough to even know who this show is for this new comedy show apparently is for right wingers who want their comedy to barely make sense and be hosted by a man who looks like his hobbies include standing outside playground wearing nothing but a snorkel and some water wings. it's official like joe biden at 8 pm crime is up how do i know that that was the opening joke that was the best they had that was there hang on to your bed their pants this is going to be a great show lawn. and the live audience as you heard the live audience made up of his fans and supporters only above 3 of them maybe found it to be a joke maybe 3 could have been to one half. i mean it's bad enough to get that kind
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of response from a live audience at a comedy club when they have no idea who you are they don't know if they're like you or just like you but these are people who want to do it can do the greg gutfeld joan and even his fans thought to themselves. unlike biden that a crime is up is that a bedtime joe interaction joke i have no idea what to do with that should should we laugh honey should we laugh i maybe sa i heard a fart. you hear a joke like dad and your brain looks at itself and goes why are we here i mean humanity why why why is humanity here why would we torn ish the empty vacuum of space with this here's another amazing line chicago endured a record 18 homicides in one day cities were defending police was pushed got hit
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the hardest the good news most of the defense savings went to gunshot related health care again do you did you hear that pas before he said again right before that that was his pause for laughter that didn't become one he seriously believed in his is sick little head that people would fall over themselves laughing at gunshot victims yet even his live audience of pedophiles and mafia unfortunately even that he didn't laugh at that not a single person shot gold and i can't stress enough these are his fans. watching this is like it's like watching a serial axe murderer host a late night show like he can't relate to the regular humans he thinks everyone shares his passion for cannibalism and bloodletting in the sort so his job the
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stock market did worse today then a pizza delivery man i have to cut it open and it is internal organs you know. we've all been there. that's what this show feels like besides the whole not funny thing gutfeld is also spouting nonsense he's implying that people got shot in various cities because those are the cities where they didn't funded the police he literally talks about the defunded savings but here's the problem none of those cities actually defunded police some like new york city moved some money around to make it look like they had slightly trimmed the police budget but there have been no serious changes to police budgets in any of those cities so his argument that by defunding the police the increased crime is completely false the only thing worse than a bad joke is a bad joke laughing at gunshot victims and the premise isn't even true
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you know greg very few people can pull off wildly offensive false and not funny at the same time well done good sour i haven't said anything that is funny since they leave kuantan about torture videos you are a true talent. on top of that god feld doesn't want to mention that all of the cities he's pointing to as having the most crime and the most murders that he's going to look crime went up in those cities all of those cities they are the cities with the most police officers if we go off his own dom logic then clearly having a ton of police officers causes a ton of crime and murder new york city has 35000 uniformed officers chicago has 12000 and l.a. has 10000 or over 10000 yet on the other hand the city of london which has about the same population as new york city has only 756 uniformed police
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officers and record far fewer murders the new york so clearly having lots of police causes lots of murders by greg's dumb logic i'm sorry to do this by the. let's look at another clip and please send your children out of the room there's no reason to subject them to this carnage because officials reduced prison populations to prevent inmates from getting covert innocent citizens who were attacked by violent thugs who are either released earlier just never detained so that line was a joke but maybe it should have been because everything in that sentence is false violent prisoners were not released almost all of the releases due to covert 19 in our overpopulated crime against humanity prisons were nonviolent inmates but on top of that even people convicted of violent crimes who have served their time deserve to be released doesn't matter whether you like of or not they deserve
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to be released but let's not even try to explain. you know that information to greg's single cell brain right now furthermore the prison policy initiative says the good news is that jail and prison populations remain lower than they were before a covert 19 but it's not obvious just how much of that is attributable to additional releases so it's not even clear that covert releases decreased the prison population gutfeld also says that people were attacked by prisoners released due to covert that there's literally no evidence of that none furthermore not letting covert surge through our overcrowded prisons actually helps you greg gutfeld and everybody else in america because if we haven't incubate are for a contagious disease like overcrowded prisons or sean hannity's face it eventually
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goes out into the general community it doesn't stay in the prison you idiot. and finally if we want to be like oh super rational we can note that most people in prison are in for nonviolent crimes most inmates have committed far fewer and less extreme crimes then you have greg gutfeld you don't manufacture manufacture consent on the most watched cable news network for a war that kills hundreds of thousands most inmates would never even dream of doing something that horrific the only reason you are not in prison is because we have a white supremacist system in which you or i don't get harassed by bullies we can do things like a lawyer or a speed or smoke weed in a parking lot and not get arrested for the color of our skin and trust me if god doesn't do tons of drugs he should just to have an excuse for the diarrhea that
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sprays out of his mouth so all of that debunking i just did was for 18 seconds sentence on his show 8 seconds that's what i played 8 seconds this guy puts out more bold in one sentence than most people put out in a lifetime if i took the time to debunk his entire show it would take me until thanksgiving and just watching these few segments is clearly turning my brain to mush i mean who who even maybe do this segment i've read kill him what is it get was it derek. was it derek it was there wasn't welcome to clown world. you are. glad we could clear that up and the clowns leading this phony crusade get ratings in raises an emmy nomination can't be far off ratings and raises for
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a phony crusade he's he's talking about himself right like you must be i mean a clown leading a phony crusade and getting ratings and raises. and it's going to be on his epitaph oh look greg stop pretending to be a comedian just admit who you are it's ok you're a sad a leader is right wing gremlin who invents 80 percent of the facts you say and thinks mocking black people who've been shot is a good time just be that don't try to be something you're not you're not a comedian you're not a journalist you're not smart you're not clever you're not one of the people you're not standing up for justice or liberty or whatever it is you claim you are selfish and greedy and racist and elitist just be yourself. come to you for washing d.c. the belly of the beast is
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a redacted denied. welcome only campanella take the news from behind republican congressmen and to chime olympic gold medal racist senator tom cotton tweeted that america has a major under incarceration problem yes i couldn't agree more even though america is the largest prison stay in the world we have allowed far too many people to remain out of prison george w. bush donald trump bill clinton barack obama joe biden dig cheney the c.e.o.'s of weapons companies which is a nice name for war profiteers the c.e.o.'s of oil companies which is
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a nice name for extinction profiteers the c.e.o.'s of big banks which is a nice name for misery profiteers everyone who created the american prison state they should totally be behind bars and i think that enjoy that because they get to truly appreciate their creation i mean you can really get a good view from the outside it if you design a car you really know how good it is if you haven't been inside but let's not forget the joint chiefs of staff don't worry we'll let them keep their little low 2 rainbow flayer they've collected it looks nasy on their orange jumpsuits and of course tom god damn near miracle that guy hasn't been locked up i mean he's a racist greedy sociopathic soul pirate who wants to destroy everyone who is not a middle class or above white man. oh so he's everything this is some reward sorry africa he's perfect i love that guy what a great guy meanwhile vice president camila harris just admitted that our wars are
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fought over oil which i thought was supposed to be a secret other than when donald trump farted it out of his face his comment and here's the other thing because ause you know i'm in a lot of meetings on foreign policy you know for years and generations wars have been fought over oil. in a short amount of time they will be fine over water so when we think about building up our economy around our infrastructure on something like water policy ok i thought admitting to workarounds was the quiet part but no as long as you're also talking about fixing a city's lead pipes you can throw in the war crimes nobody can slip in some bad stuff you know like hey fogg's just want to let you know we've killed tens of thousands of children in venezuela by way of economic war so we're making up for it by putting in some new public jungle janzen joke
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a. 6 bad bad kid's adieux want a merry go around like our war crimes just go round and round and round and then that could come when doesn't happen to mention that we're quite capable of solving the global water problems right now we have all the necessary tools i did a whole segment on it like 2 weeks ago i'm sure she was watching. i doubt the oligarchy missed a single have to sell redacted tonight and i'm sure they're very well adjusted people who like to know what they're doing wrong with a little light humor thrown and right that. they're not true. because don't you don't think they're. not good people do you. they're not they're not psychopaths to destroying the world right right
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because someone told me so after the show. after it's. also common law doesn't mention that fracking uses an insane amount of fresh water and you use more water by eating a hamburger than you do by showering for a bob not sure why columnists that maybe she'll say it in this next part so when we think about building up our economy around our infrastructure on something like water policy it's literally about jobs it's about the fundamental source of life that tammy duckworth is talking about it will sustain life and it's about strengthening up our nation. around a commodity that is a precious commodity while she just about summed up capitalism in 15 seconds this thing here is the source of life it's precious it allows us
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to live how much money you think we get for it. it's a commodity to be bought and sold don't give it away for free and it's let's hoard it so that other people will want it so that they can remain alive and then no be willing to pay us lots of money for it what a good person i am. now take a moment and imagine what it will good person outside of capitalism what actual good person might have said in that video they would have gone clean water is one of the building blocks of life everyone needs it everyone should get it. no matter whether they can pay for it no matter whether they live in the us or iran or china or mcdonald's play land doesn't matter by the way don't drink the water puddled at the bottom of the mcdonald's ball pit as not water but yes water is crucial
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to life and should be free and accessible to all and we could make that possible with 1100th of our military budget so why in the. are we doing that that's what a good person would have fit but we don't have good people as our leaders we have the people who could raise the most money and manipulate the most voters it's a great system it's like playing the game of monopoly but with guns bribery and racism where to go to a quick break but don't forget you can get all of our content any time at portable dot t.v. and you can also listen to all of my content as a free pod cast it's called a moment of clarity on any pod cast platform i'll be right back with a lot more. those
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who can and the speculators and those are now the a grouping elites of the world are the speculator canyons they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week they could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles within a secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses thing we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just haven't buried it yet. but you should look into. this you do. you do this because what do you manage to do . with who do. i chose to use who do. you think it was national.
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authority. to libya. it's one with which of. these products one of the least most of. the new because the. machine you don't live to be smeared a. little because if you. oppose someone. because of the most toys you. need to. welcome back i'm still lee camp if you've ever watched a protester wondered. why the police are responding with a tank it's partially because the department of defense is $1033.00 program gives
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hand me down military weapons to cops nationwide even small towns and universities and after a drop in transfers last year the numbers are rising again for more we are joined or we join red active correspondent natalie mcgill out of one school with these weapons the university of central florida. that only a lowly. it's disturbing to see an increase in police getting military gear college police do not need armed a vehicle and they absolutely do if they're a d. one school that wins a national championship and pretty much anything when there's thousands of students with underdeveloped frontal lobes powered by gangling and chip ole in one location even a national lacrosse championship could set them off they ready for that is just policing one on this not policing want to know why and. ok maybe it is but it should
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be local police shouldn't get their hands on free weapons of war ok ok 1st of all they're not totally for free police still pay for transfer and maintenance costs it's like any credulous ad that says something's free if you can get it yourself yeah except instead of a flat screen t.v. it's an m. raft well to be fair a flat screen t.v. could cause a lot of damage if launched from a distance but don't be surprised that the transfers are increasing. $1033.00 is over 20 years old and is given $7400000000.00 in equipment trying to wean these cops off assault rifles is like trying to win an older relative off fox news anything short of an exorcism is going to do the job yeah but access to these weapons is why there are calls to defund the police it's even worse that extra money is needed just to maintain these weapons of war
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a lot of extra money is needed for programs that aren't part of a regular police budget like k. 9 units a lot of those are grant funded even the washington state police department needed to go fund me for their canines hospital bills even though they were the ones who shot him jesus christ they shot their own police dog and then started to go fund me to save ala it was by accident lee it was friendly fire or man's best friend lee fire i don't know what the hell they call it when it's a dog but the cops were put on desk duty which means they picked up all the do the dog left under their desk when it couldn't physically outside. cobbs can't avoid shooting their own dogs they don't need more weapons plus i doubt biden will use an executive order to stop this when he's just put forward a defense budget larger than drums well i mean not just biden who is fine with the transfers. the present congress to get defense contractor donor cash
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though georgia house rep hank johnson did recently reintroduce a bipartisan bill called the stop militarizing law enforcement act and the transfers. well that's great maybe he'll make some progress with that. yeah lee let's see if a black person from georgia gets his concerns addressed sculling so well for them right now hank johnson is lucky if the media doesn't use this photo on the air when he dies yeah but that is obituary will say he was also one of the greatest athletes of all time good for a. 6 wonderful thanks a lot natalie take care of yourself thankfully. so now it's time to get to some of the stories that we didn't have time for but now i do i'm joined by anderson lead a energy here thanks for being here what do you have for us will something about this time of the year remember last year there was the uprising after george george floyd's murder something about spring for some reason were either noticing more or
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there are more police killings of people well you know they get the springtime music and they're having to start firing their guns i guess so something about that warm weather or maybe it's an allergy thing reaction of pollen i don't know that makes cops more violent but the latest one is in chicago where a 13 year old adam toledo was unarmed and was shot by a cop the official police report says that oh he had a weapon and he was refusing to surrender but then by law the chicago police are required to release body camera footage and it shows that neither of those things are true and even if he was refusing to surrender refusing this render is not an axe to execution based offense like right you cannot have some capital punishment because you said no i don't want to be arrested exactly yet that we forget in america sometimes that by virtue of running is not you know submitting yourself to be executed but this is coming at
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a time where the word lightfoot the mayor of chicago was supposed to spend $281500000.00 on covert relief instead she gave it to overtime pay for police officers own that's they're going to be taken care of right and right now she's saying well look we don't have all the facts in let's just wait and see let's get the guns off the street which is a fair point but she's missing the fact and just refusing to acknowledge that this child again 13 years old was not resisting and did not have a gun in his hand at the time he was killed murdered minutes. at any age but obviously even worse than 13 yes and this is you know a long there's a long string of these killings in chicago the police force there is notoriously sort of corrupt and absolutely no more story yes so in of course in ecuador sad
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time for the left right now there's a former banker with the named lasso who is able to sort of swoop up the nation's presidency yeah if you will. but there is some sort of good news in the region country that is normally considered pretty pretty conservative peru had a 1st round of an election recently and the 1st place candidate was a guy named pedro castillo who's a marxist in a marxist party for peru. this took everyone by surprise they didn't expect him to do well come in either 1st or 2nd and so c.n.n. didn't even have a picture for the guy there just like you know blank facebook page question mark next to his his opponent you know. c.n.n. doesn't have enough resources apparently to find a photo of the guy who just ran for president right there is they're busy with other things but his opponent fujimori is the daughter of a pretty far right or authoritarian alberto fujimori who ruled in the 1990 s.
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so now it's really a referendum finally in peru on for what they call fujimori's mole which is sort of this nationalist line of very bootstrap new liberal line and his team is going to be able to challenge that now he is to be totally transparent about it he is sort of socially conservative but the hope is that the left will come together and maybe he'll let some of those views go and unite to beat the right while this is exciting how do you think will read this one it's a good question we have a lot of resort about a new tricks because you know i'm going to have you i realize we're reading all the other ones same old tricks i'm looking for something the kind of exciting and new things a lot and a. thank you. there are your headlines from the future tomorrow the chicago police will defend themselves. without us who would protect you from an arms 13 year olds
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fair question and next week we'll find out. after vice president speaks to class 3rd grader had just scheme to make tens of dollars by withholding water from rest of household a smart kid and in 2 days you will learn cia twitter a guy accidently truett tweets proud image of bloody garbage bag used to handle annoying neighbors situation that's our show but check out the pod cast version of this show called moment of clarity is tons of bonus content for free and join the free email list by texting the word redacted 233777 until 2 next time goodnight and keep fighting. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. those who can the speculators and those are now the elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week it could be island somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are
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bubbles of the secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just haven't buried it yet. there is no freedom of speech even though in the european parliament any more and i made claims he was silenced during a heated exchange in the european parliament for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog over its investigation. in syria we speak to. you all of those issues were the only guy i think is sure that they're going to choose would be average.

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