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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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i mashonaland see and we're going on the ground for another lockdown edition of solidarity is expressed all around the world with palestinian prisoners allegedly detained by israel by the e.u. u.k. and us in violation of international law this all under the shadow of the global grown a virus pandemic in part 2 we go to northern ireland to investigate why the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement was accompanied by nearly 90 injured u.k. security forces before us joining me now from heifer in israel is israeli dissident a story and an author professor. thank you so much and i for coming back on i mean you're known globally for your work on the middle east your your work with no i'm trying to ski on gaza on palestinian prisoners day gaza's been called the largest open air prison in the world is everyone there a prisoner. what in many ways not only in the governor's you and i think also in the west bank we're talking about to measure prisons was
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a different you know where gaza is almost like maximum security prison because of the siege and the naval mccrae and part of the west bank you want them all right in open prison but basically the regime are going to grant you homes or the millions upon millions. have no longer the risk reminders and present regime and relationship between wardens and people of course who are 1. only crime being honest probably because they. all did any criminal act just because the op understands their living conditions that most people are going to work hard. and there are all basic rights which is common how what happens. in. i mean israel of course denies this absolutely and keeps talking about how must as does many
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as do many e.u. leaders do you think would you agree with clare short of all my british cabinet minister has said that accusations of terrorism against hamas is a bit like the accusations of terrorism against president nelson mandela of south africa. i don't agree with clara longers i think understand ration movement has secular. has a national side and it has a connotation of islamic side but all the respect all these parties all these movements are part of. the old understand if you want. and therefore this struggle is an anti come on you're wrong and it is absolutely true that there were times that because on the list drug lords in algeria. and solves not your god where. acts of terrorism and in the national and then i will
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mention among generals holdren are terrorists. compared. and. we need to reject in my eyes the fathers the instructor and stop training it as an act of terror for the sake of their reason. the propaganda has been trying to comment. i know the life is changing there on the camera a little hope of says stop this despite that that judging life i mean i what i want to get on to britain's role we're going to speak in but to tune the former head of intelligence francine moyo and island was england's 1st colony what do you made for boris johnson's comment saying any international criminal court avesta geisha into alleged war crimes by israel in these areas it gives the impression of being a partial and prejudicial prejudicial attack on a friend an ally of the u.k.'s netanyahu of course has said it's i've been diluted
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and he semitism. well it's particularly i think painful and comes to britain because there is a british responsibility for the suffering of the palestinian which goes back to $917.00 to the balfour declaration and ever since the bulk of the gratian so many of the british decision so many many of its policy making has contributed directly to the palestinian catastrophe 948 and to the catastrophes that followed. now i know some of the british diplomats on the ground in the west bank they do sent every month a report to britain i'm sure boris johnson doesn't read these reports but these are some of these diplomats are honest people and if you read their reports you would rush to the international. criminal court to try and prosecute israel for its
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crimes so it's not even a matter of ignorance on the part of the british government it is knowing really knowingly that they provide this international umbrella for criminal policy of which the fully aware and i would add to this the military support of britain gives to israel some even military training in all of this of course sustaining the israeli policies and immunize israel from any into any effective international rebuke that is necessary given the imbalance on the ground between understanding and israelis. to you and other academics callers on the subject of being campaigning for decades let alone the people of palestine things changing now in the united states maybe that will have an impact on britain a democrat from minnesota betty mccollum introducing legislation in the united
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states to make military aid conditional on the detention of children this after all being palestine prisoners day do you think you wouldn't have heard that before that legislation would even be considered in the u.s. about the detention and alleged torture of children by an israel backed by the united states the european union in the u k. i think one happens is that. in the last 2025 years. and very significant should now merit in public opinion. research. any impact on if you want pondered stronger bum or on the political system. bob. thank you we can see the beginning of. 1 1 1 more and more. and
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we will hear more about that especially in the democratic party we should not be. too long before we will hear people. making statements. to the reality on the wrong spectrum not optimistic about the. ministration but i do think this is a very it's a process you know. very snowy there is a change. in our. people under occupation and. hopefully we will come back to this. on the way to changing and. stop the suffering of the pundits being on the ground
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because as you say it must be very. britain's lame anita jeremy corbyn was brought down about accusations of anti-semitism when a brought up palestine and as for lloyd austin joe biden's pentagon was just declared a. commitment to israel in the face of accusations like the ones you'll make about child detention. yes. wanted to repeat not to forget that we are talking about special courts for children of israel holds and abuses under steam in children and children who are prisoners but in many ways if you want to look at the journey called for for instance on the one hand yes it is a successful. policy by the the lobby to destroy his political career purposes on the other hand it means that there are now people in positions of importance leaders of opposition parties and so on who are now such talking.
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about their plan to silence them and stifle the debate but i think it also shows that something is changing just shows that the campaign is not over people are going to look up what you've been accused of obviously i mean. central to the debate about palestine is probably being taught in schools right across the european union is this phrase 2 state solution do you see the phrase 2 state solution now as a code for continuing to jail torturing children bombing damascus who knows what your government gets up to is the phrase 2 state solution a cover. i think it's less a cover for israel but it's far more a cover for the west. israeli government doesn't talk about 2 state solution has an indoor game a 2 state solution since netanyahu came to power but i think there west the leaders
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of the west are talking about the 2 state solution as an excuse to say well you know maybe israel is doing that or other thing violates human rights and civil rights systematically but because around the corner there is a peace agreement based on a 2 state solution we don't have to interfere and we don't have to do anything against these violations because that's the formula these violations would stop once the 2 state solution would become a reality now everyone who has been on the ground for more than 5 minutes knows that the 2 state solution has been dead now for a very long time and its body lies in the more the only thing we need is a funeral just to establish that fact but i think it is. a good excuse for especially governments like the british government and the american government to remain idle and do nothing in the face of
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a very visible. continued violation of human rights and civil rights which includes the abuse of rights or should a listing in children. on the ground. if one can forgive a british civil society or any of the mainstream media for not covering human rights abuses in the middle east it might be not only the duke of edinburgh's funeral but it might also be a huge corruption scandal breaking here about all being what do you make of the level of lobbying that emanates from from the middle east of the me place where jeremy corbin refused on state when they could be any seen before his leadership election to admit he was taking money from a known person who supported israeli interests in the middle east war i know i personally am going to write a book on it that so called lobby which i should say israel considers just the phrase anti-semitic. book about it now.
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aspects of this story really hit me when i went into the material. very. being going on for gary long time. all the. small be in britain and i think that's one reason it's so resilient it's knowing that the general. started yesterday ordered a new post yesterday its. second novel the 19th century the 2nd aspect very important remember it's not just the jewish community that supports this mall the roses draw. under mentalists gresham will be in britain as well we tend to think that it only exists in the united states because it's there but it's a very powerful lobby in the united. as well and i think. this is why.
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really expects so many aspects of british policy how will the question. now no way to challenge it it's really not all. its main. ation of the senate is and is the principal means to stifle debate on the spot and in silence be. criticized israel to realize that there. are new problems it's not just about pundits night it's really more and more position against. relations of human rights in the word not only. and therefore i think this should really enhance and empower people to stand. you know any reason. to try intercessor unite their character and laying down all races and i'm semitism we're taking
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a very bold and moral position against great series and in that case resign is going to present a lot of a thank you after the break we go to england's 1st colony island where violence on the streets of belfast could signal a united ireland. financial i don't buy a i'm on it. on the friday as of last summer buying from the future progress was kaiser. welcome back as violence continues on the streets of belfast in the wake of the
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23rd anniversary of the signing of the good friday agreement u.k. prime minister morris johnson seems more preoccupied with the scandal of a corporation's lobbying members of his government than arguably the worst violence seen in northern ireland for decades here's what all the 1st minister eileen foster said about the rioting the scenes we have seen. if this last evening and previous evenings in various parts of northern ireland are totally unacceptable there can mean no place in our society for violence or the threat of violence and it must stop just as it was wrong in the past and was never justified so what is wrong i cannot be justified the injury to frontline officers victims terrorized damage to people's property the harm to northern ireland's image innocent arson tinner here has taken us backwards and no brick no bottle no patter of bone thrown has achieved or can ever achieve anything but destruction harm and fear.
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we are indebted to the police officers who stand between order and those who prefer anarchy we are also indebted to all those political representatives community leaders parents pastors and others who have sought to count tension and urge restraint enforced the leader of the u.p.a. there joining me now from his constituency is the shin fein m.p. from middleton from malloy father thanks so much for coming back on the show well in foster this is distracting all the violence from the real war breakers shinn fame no evidence to suggest that the u.p.a. has been involved in the violence and it's quiet and out of it what is your take being where i think one is it's a dangerous talk where arlene directly to sage and b.n. are the criminals like after all gen vienna leave the our partners in government in the assembly part and doing the 1st minister do what is very important we get the rate of really key issues so that people like you feel comfortable with want to
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clean up the balance and as happened on the street is following on from whenever you leave particularly when it was a loyalist paramilitaries it to she said explain to him what was happening around the irish critical and what happened around the issues around the crash that we have to remember that back should preclude who she had by the british government the be rejected a number of measures that likely would have leave the problems around we recall and the issues of black and forge and so a lot of the issues are have been highlighted are not actually the real issues or recommit it is usually we're talking about here is. of the concern of the loyalist paramilitaries and the weapon up of young people who have been centered to act to try and create the found on the streets when reality. the general public are
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not involved in any rash are any activity on the streets well hold them or people when this will the people gathered out here in front and you don't get nearly 900 police officers or security forces are injured you mentioned that early in foster the head of the u.p.a. had met with partisan paramilitaries how does that actually work as it's been reported everywhere even maybe not in the washington post which got the story late arguably the british segment of the b.b.c. got the story late about what's been happening in derry belfast character gets all over ulster what he means he need to paramilitaries and they know illegal. under the good friday agreement they are under should have been disbanded a long time back there are no dust of kishan at all or are militant there's no justification for. communication with them because they are involved in the political process are there not the john outside of the group which was quite
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a loyalist by many people is a u.d.a. e.v.f. an r.n. armed commandos and this is the group of people that are named and were at a meeting with bays and were to update them on what was happening in recent days put it all in the end of the protocol was brought about by the british government because she had to try and alleviate some of the worst issues of prasad and the levy have been pretty supportive of the strongest my years of traction and we told them over and over again and was detrimental to their own community. well we haven't. talked people on this show and we reinvestigated that. the seeming. their own doom being sold by their support for conservative administrations here when you hear that boris johnson northern ireland secretary also says the violence is an acceptable but that the factors are complex what would you think he means
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well. understand barstow is concerned and should be concerned and what we're sending the 2 governments shouldn't take your eye of the ball or to govern should actually ensure that there aren't on an intranet to alleviate the byelaws. ras whenever that happens when there are switched on like this because at the loyalist parmalee don't like the process so that the u.p.a. don't like the issue of our larry dimension and i think then we actually have to question what does the what is a british government doing to try and alleviate that problem i mean do you think i mean sinn fein call for the war zones a government to respond to dublin's desire for some kind of summit now about where we are as regards the protocol on the border in the irish sea yes i think we do need to live in the. government under british government the problem is that the
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d.v.d. don't want to be he broke off communication and they do want to participate in the east is doctors are there within the different agreement and what we need is the full implementation off the good friday agreement not any staying away from one not any excuses for not implemented and we don't need the shang to see it. are others trying to justify the bounds of the state as it were to something to do with the irish dimension you think johnson not responding to dublin favorably so far some of that he doesn't want to be involved in any summit maybe a reflection of his understanding the joe biden used to well certainly support of the old ira. well joe biden had on the irish instructors in the u.s. in general there were brain which involved in the peace process the good friday agreement the clinton administration with key to bring
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a pretty good friend it remained and joe biden and his administration have made it clear that the good for the agreement has to be protected and we have to ensure that is fully implemented and that the any damage to that there were 90 have an act on setting up trade deals with the british government and the u.s. administration preacher joe biden and brian which on the line with white people want to see an a think you know there is community want to see the full implementation of the good credit remain well give the border poor and reunification rezek a better pot when we heard about palestine and palestinian prisoners they you've actually talked about similarities between the struggle for irish freedom and palestinian freedom just remind us all the parallels there because you have never had that in mainstream media in this country though and i think that's one of the problems at the end of the palestinian issue is that it's actually him in our freedom and freedom 1st people and the new word.
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concern about the trip and of the palestinian people the palestinian prisoners. who main the rancic are killing israel and i was acting back in the stop this there was peace process is called together within palestine as well and and really b.s.t. israel has demolished and demolished the infrastructure such as to trim the process as i take off the palestinian people even in this i'm of pandemic on the need for nike to bash a nation though the palestinian people have been left and abandoned though we and know tony blair is a your be an ambassador to iraq. if that issue is the palestinian people it hasn't gone on with them and then the same thing within the irish community there once we got the good friday agreement unfortunately the 2 governments took their eye of the ball on the road the issue to draft and the british government and the tourists and
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make an agreement and the end all in our part and learn them to fall apart and run step and by those that we must in need to implement those agreements for the similarities between the palestinian people storm people and of the similarities within you know the cuban people who are acting i.d.m. are being curtailed under all imagine of what they want to achieve is being curtailed we want to see the similarities come together and on the irish people have honest they have communication with the palestinian people which i think with the brave people the press people and we will see ourselves rain which in assam and . well i've forgotten i think tony blair was the u.n. envoy for the middle east his wife has been on this year we invite him on but i think he's more concerned with lobbying inquiries here in westminster arguably but you talk about the similarities and you must be aware that some people believe the
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palestinian authority has sold out the ballots didn't cause it we had ian paisley jr on this show and he said chin fein now administer the british rule in iowa and i mean do you think bobby sands be happy with the way shin fein basically administers law from westminster now in the north of ireland i think would be because i think. the opportunity to bring political settlement and the crisis of the wars in the prison as a particular and nobody would do in any to train leaving and what we should are now no longer segars and he took on our challenge. for the. band large. and mandate and because of the intentions and aftermath and the status was renewed for the prisoners within the prison so it shows and you know we do need to actually sit down and look who she
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had at least able to do missions just finally obviously while we're talking about partisan paramilitaries all the other parties the d.v.d.'s g.o.p. the u.p. the alliance the greens are calling for the deputy 1st minister michelle own eels resignation because and it's in every news report here in britain really the reason for the rioting across ulster is because of the ira funeral of. the story who was very why was he so important and is this this is actually a decoys for the the deep rooted causes why impoverished partisans might desire to revolt in. yet. i think he reached out to young politicians on the stage there were no what we story was there was a story of a lifelong republican he had been imprisoned he had went through various different stages open terry gay shouldn't have been arrested and he was told of those what
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at the end of the were marching to washington on the e.p. were trying to do so distract from the real issue which is that their greed compassion read to the protocol important and now they're actually trying to blame everyone else but why there's a rat in a story i don't believe that the rat in the street as i'm in the do with what we saw on the story fear and the house and heading there were many around that particular time and since that and i know everything we've gone pretty straight and organized i have to make sure that the all the protocols were interests you know all the protections were in place and pretty give people the national party tell the president the brother here is in service decided not to prosecute i'm just very very briefly then another funeral the duke of edinburgh prince philip you know you think after that we may well see the paramilitaries back but hopefully not
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hopefully people will take aspirin and reasons b s and not to return to return to the negotiating table and to make our tax walk and to ensure that the assembly and the institution to go there the report is basically for an agreement are used are all there no justification whatsoever for ratan on the street. francine malloy thank you that's in the show will be back on monday 52 years to the days in schools of off duty since violent be attacked a civil rights march from belfast a dairy and when will be investigating the democratic socialist alternative to violence from police against black men in minneapolis until then join me on the ground the falling off on all official media. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. i strongly believe that any milcher the information that is the case of russia become full control of the. email and its coalition nobody lowside to live for deceit. either. that's ok my planes were shoved down my warships while drunk but ok i agree let's start with no that will be the end will be
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a solution to global best. it's a freedom of speech. an m.e.p. claims he was silenced during a heated exchange in the european parliament for daring to question the. global chemical weapons wants to investigation of an attack in syria and we speak to him. i'm sure.

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