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oh someone. has a. style if you believe he. has no freedom of speech been allowed in the european parliament any more. claims he was sawn and securing a heated exchanges with european parliament for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog over its investigation in syria we speak to him later in the program. it was nearly. sure that they're tending to suit would be a. clampdown police in the u.k.
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smash their way into the house of a man who passed through a. country on his way home and refused to quarantine a hotel. translator it's fear the taliban will make them pay. off the u.s. and nato troops pull out of. here from one of 4 interpreter who thinks it's shameful his colleagues being abandoned. capitals alongside these forces don't actually. off the security of europe and america leaving them behind. the north. and human. life from moscow welcomes all the international and daniel who are with you till morning thanks for joining us on the program. now a recent european union parliamentary session descended into chaos when one claimed
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he was being sought and the politician says he was muted for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog and its investigation into an attack in syria. why you would do not cause from an. international figures to meet with all the investigators are you going to investigate on air space in a transparent manner there is no peace with fake news and i would like to apologize to the united general of the a p c w for what he has just ted i cannot accept that you can call into question the work of an international organization there is no freedom of speech mean allowed in the european parliament anymore whenever you know you don't have the floor i missed it what is the said committee should to keep its own use is a very popular term. in europe and the us. and they use it as almost like it i go but i decided as i said earlier that the president
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said back to the day we should be together because star wars 2 well she's dead right to start wars and when did they do that took place. it was used at that time by the us france and relocate to illegally bomb syria so that was. causing war and what the 1st likely stated was a quarter to either side of it or simply started by and i didn't see peace could be started by we want to troops and we want peace on the matter under discussion was the alleged use of chemical weapons in duma this video is reported to show the aftermath it was widely circulated at that time some sources allege it was staged despite syria denying any involvement a number of western countries immediately blamed it for the attack and carried out missile strikes in response. and while the o.p.c. w. concluded the attack did take place leaks from whistleblowers inside the
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organization say crucial evidence was a method that included an internal document saying the chlorine 'd cylinders were placed at the same not dropped from the air which had been a key factor in porting blame on syria and the other leak discloses that most of the investigators working on the ground were excluded from discussions on the final report mick wallace again thinks if the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons had nothing to hide it would have turned a blind eye to the whistleblower revelations your p.c. don't think you'd be fighting international law to lose it. could hurt. the demise of to use of chemical weapons or death o.p.c. don't you has to read a bit and write it looks like to do the right the director general of the office c.w. or no notice it looks like. there is a if earned under our ears. and if he hadn't been here well and they have
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this whole episode well they have nothing to fear nor are those who has nothing to hide and is sure that they're telling the truth would be afraid to have to gauge if they refuse to have a transparent investigation into this whole matter it actually emphasize guilt. police in the u.k. have smashed their way into the home of a man who broke the country's strict quarantine rules after returning from broad owns refused to isolate and a hotel at his own cost after travelling through a so-called red list country this video shows the moment police entered his house. i didn't tell you that you were in here after your 3 can't prevent michael leahy fame i think having seen it a designated how when instructed to do you say no when the police came to the door they said they do not need
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a warrant to construe my home he came through the address and the rest of me on the wrong name for a start which is absolutely ridiculous how police can contribute or without a warrant probably going to arrest me on the wrong name. you know it's absolutely above and beyond all to the tame me when i was 2 days into i actually in a home with a stipulative that will be on the passenger locator for how does it make any sense that taking helps a lot in boston and then keep me is basically a glorified there's no i left this question the police because of the the u.k. government failed the people and i'll terribly the on the situation. was the owens had flown back from bahrain transiting through our dobie in frankfurt before ending his journey in manchester i would be is in the united arab emirates which is on the u.k.'s red list revenue code with trains being brought into the country the government has ruled anyone returning from a red list country has the quarantine for 10 days in a designated hotel on arrival and pay almost 2000 pounds for that privilege is the
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owens believes however the quality and conditions are not as safe as you might think. you treated like a killer like an animal almost you get your meals delivered every day when the not on the dog and then they just leave your food on the floor for you to open the door and just be you know pick your food up off the floor the big thing for me is the big cautions to on taken you know extreme measures were put in place to detain me in the video and bring me here so out expect that to be matched by age seem precautions taken and the not there for the stuff that i've got the contract for this for these kind of hotels the only p.p. the wit is a must have got pictures of some of them not even when the droplets open if their nose and i've even got pictures of ones i haven't even got over the mouth in my kitchen meticulously literally 4 to abu dhabi i'm still an international grounds i haven't gained immigration of literally just been transferred through but on top of everyone's got to produce a negative test to be
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a not airport no one can just walk into an airport you've got to go for the bits to get even in front of it i have to produce my boarding pass on my passenger locator form which i'll be isolating the whole call the consulate and going through the correct procedure to try and get the bush record of the device but also milly i was told anyway manchester or advice or not the onus is on the shop less so if that's the case then obviously so be it but the events that happened off that are just you know it's ludicrous. the mineral water brand everyone has made a splash over a tweet encouraging people to drink more water pretty innocuous stuff the issue being that they post we had birds on the 1st day of the islamic holiday over ramadan when eating and drinking period are limited the french companies apologized for the timing of the ads that led to further criticism with many accusing it of buying to work pressure so lewinsky is across the story. do you really me this is perhaps nothing more than
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a. something to quench your thirst with the ground everyone has found itself in some very hot water here in france being accused of everything is a little a phobia to being a victim of intellectual terrorism and it started with a tweet it seems and this isn't enough rowing to retreat if you handily to a group i don't necessarily even say water i mean you're supposed to drink 2 meters a day but new mr mind of a staple for human life was put on the 1st day of ramadan a festival with muslims for good eats into making during daylight hours the reaction king's week unfold sed. i have to explain to my mother how it is normal for everyone to tweet about water even during ramadan because she thinks they are islamophobia you know it's ramadan you're abusing if you issued an apology
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to coors in the offense and said that the purest most common disease but not any so if even sinking even deeper into culture lucy. i would never buy evian again inadmissible to apologize it's basically a cool health message and yet you have to apologize if in 2021 ask you who drinks what i sense provoke you should have a consultation. every umbrella under attack for advertising water on ramadan day for some islamists muslim festival should be imposed on everyone well no let's stop this madness soon was a mean streak to exult it is a long way off through here in paris people with the best food boy that allegation . for me no i saw the controversy i saw the to eat frankly i think it could be quincy adams in my opinion there was no bad intention and they deleted the tweet to avoid unnecessary control the city but not at all because they felt guilty. for me
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it's not a slam a for i don't understand it like that for me would denigrate a strong one who say look at her she still veiled for me that islamophobia him or madonna when i'm doing my ramadan i know west starts in the morning and it goes on until the evening i don't eat and i don't drink it has nothing to do with business or anyone else if someone tweets like this i don't care how many muslims also took to twitter to say that they didn't think that tweet by everyone was. leading so to question it with any muslim had indeed been left insulted by evian or if somehow this whole story was the result of a real being the playing it over see so what do you see paris. i began translators who helped western forces in afghanistan claim they will pay with blood $20.00 u.s. and nato troops are pulled out of the country reported to happen by mid september.
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translator for the british army shared his concerns with r.t. . i think minister of defense under u.k. government as a whole are forgetting that interpreters were key assets off the the 18 year long combat military mission in afghanistan and leaving them behind and forgetting them is is putting them at risk afghanistan is a very dangerous on hostile land in central asia so the trip and the shadow of fear and insecurity that exists there will certainly affect the lives of those in dept of us who work for the british forces in afghanistan over the years the u.k. has let hundreds of interpreters who work for the british army settle in britain critics though say many who ought to be eligible for the scheme or being denied that chance and u.s. president joe biden announced the withdrawal by september 11th of american and nato
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troops from afghanistan this week translators who helped them over the years fear they'll be left for the mercy of the taliban militants who branded them traitors and legitimate targets and as you know again says many workers have been left traumatized. i am regularly in touch with afghan and top with us who are searched for the british army and there are still a psych in afghanistan and they are not aware of their future they are living in trauma unfair every day not knowing what could happen tomorrow or the next the to them so the situation is very risky for and with us in afghanistan analysts separate us government acts quickly on introduces an inclusive scheme that allows all interpreters to relocate to the u.k. the situation who will not be resolved are part of the international. mission subjective in afghanistan was to secure europe on american borders from the threat of terrorism so afghans who joined the international forces and world doesn't tap
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with us alongside these forces they are actually the core to the ends of the safety and security of europe and america leaving them behind is the north's way off more ality on and on human. what's reality international still ahead on the program moscow warns prague it will be forced to respond officer public expels 18 russian diplomats claiming intelligence officers from russia were involved in nation of explosion back in 24 a story and more after the break. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. those who can the speculators and those are now the ruling elites of the world are the speculators. they can create bubbles it could be used cars this week it could be. next week they could be islands somewhere in the pacific the week after that those are bubbles within a secular collapse and ultimately when the everything bubble collapses then we have the realisation that the economy died in 2008 we just haven't buried it yet.
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welcome back to the program russia says the czech republic will face consequences off to prague and it was expelling 18 russian diplomats the state republic is blaming russia for a huge munition explosion 24 team. well it's been a tough week for diplomacy and more generally a period of increasing tensions 1st off. that the u.s. would be expelling 10 russian diplomats for a legit election interference then poland for sport and sent back to moscow 3 russians now its neighbor the czech republic has followed suit. prague 18 russian diplomats to leave check soil within 48 hours the czech republic will expel 18 employees of the russian embassy there is a reasonable suspicion of the involvement of officers of the russian secret service
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the g.r.u. in the explosions at the ammunition depot and so check intelligence claims that has evidence of those 18 russians was somehow involved in the tragic explosion that happened on check in 2014 now just quickly that explosion claiming to lives took place at a military ammunitions. is located around $330.00 from to southeast of the capital prague now would support around 10000 kilograms of ammunition including medium range missiles were kept 3 years of the cause has remained unknown though one point a version was floated around that negligence at the site was to blame now though almost 7 years on the czech republic has apparently determined that moscow is behind it why it's taken so long to reach that conclusion or indeed the fact that the investigation is still technically ongoing was not something that was touched upon in that announcement what's made the story even more in tangled you could say
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and this is the part that the media has really seized upon is that right after that expulsion was announced a photo was put out of 2 russian nationals and i'm told about alexander petrov on the share of the names might ring a bell indeed the british accuse these 2 of attempting to poison. and his tool to use in fact. 2018 with no agent no but chuck would of course remember that this caused a diplomatic firestorm as well as a media frenzy now the connection between these 2 men and the 2014 explosion czech republic has not been made or at least it's not been stated publicly but we do know that the peace are actively looking for them and they say that they was spotted in czech territory in the days leading up to the event as to where this might lead while the czech interior meant minister said sadly this will damage by not full
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time he also said the country now finds itself in a similar position to that of the u.k. following the script case as to moscow it has want of consequences it's clearly increasingly frustrated by recent events there are a number of unanswered questions unclear moments in the story that might be explained in the coming days but like i said really this is been a week where day by day diplomacy has been put under more and more strain of your political analyst ron the raw political analyst between babbitts both gave us their take on the situation the timing is interesting because just you know in one big. chunk foreign minister young how much work was expected in moscow he was expected to come here to agree on the purchase of the vaccine for you know for the czech republic let me remind you of the czech president you will examine is
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considered to be a role so far. all personally all but the expressed sympathy for the idea or by the russian be seen now of course the president has to. be patriotic so that the prime minister bobby says that you know the president is behind him even you know demanding explanations from russia on what happened i don't see this evidence it has not been presented really so what i. can assume is that it also is just handy to present them as the suspects because they had already been presented they were already in the mind in the consciousness of public. due to the case and the case in itself has never been really. explained and before such evidence has been
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presented in a convincingly way we have to assume that we are dealing with yet another diplomatic crisis between the western european and also america of course indirectly involved partners and russia and there is just the geopolitical rearm which offers us really explain agents. russia's federal security service has attained 2 men who it's claimed were plotting a coup in belarus the plans reportedly included a plot to assassinate the country's president and xander look at shanker earlier artie's egos than off talk to my colleague don o'neill through the details. essentially what we know from the russian federal security service or the f.s.b. they have detained 2 men one is a better russian another one has dual citizenship of bellicose and the united states so they were plotting a coup in better routes they planned on the 9th of may it's victory day
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a very big celebration here in russia and in bed of roses well they planned to capture some of the strategic buildings symbolic buildings like the like the t.v. station the radio station they plan to capture alexander lukashenko and his son potentially even assassinating him this is the information from the belorussian president himself these 2 people arrested in russia detained in russia they are believed to be the ringleaders of the whole operation but they weren't acting alone there was a group and which was detained which had been detained and apparently there was a whole stash of weapons discovered as well last year we spoke quite a bit on the program didn't the you were there in belarus as a crisis really unfolded for quite some time tell us a little bit more a by the aspect and has it alleviated you know it well bill roses still recovering from that crisis because basically what happened after the presidential elections
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last year which alexander lukashenko the world according to official statistics he wanted by a landslide but a lot of people a lot of people in belarus they did not believe they were they said they accused the leader the president of fraud and they took to the streets there were mass protests and initially they were met with the with with very harsh police response with police police was accused of brutalizing civilians as we were working in belarus we saw tens of thousands of people at least take to the streets protesting and demanding the lisander should go also so counter protests over alexander lukashenko supporters who agreed. with the results of the elections and will said that the country should come down and everything should be resolved peacefully and through world through legal procedures so now this whole anti-government protest and better was has been reduced to less than it has been localized essentially it
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has been reduced to people like waving opposition flags out of their windows and law enforcement coming and tearing those flags down and this announcement by the security services of russia and of and by xander look at shango it just adds up to this whole story now that they're saying that there were opposition elements that planned an assassination. the f.b.i. has revealed it had previously interviewed the government behind this week's mass shooting at a fed ex office in the other police in march 2020 the suspects mother contacted law enforcement to report you might try to commit suicide by cop based on items observed in the suspects bedroom at that time he was interviewed by the f.b.i. in april 2020 no racially motivated violent extremism ideology was identified during the course of the assessment and no criminal violation was found or the gunman 1st opened fire in the car park of the fed ex facility before entering the
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building killed people before turning the gun on himself police identified the shooter as 19 year old brandon scott hall who was a former employee at the facility but it's not the 1st time the f.b.i. has let people go who would go on to be mass killers slipped through the net. if was interviewed 2 years before he and his brother killed 3 people in the 2013 bomb attack at the boston marathon a mom a teen in murdered 49 people in orlando not club shooting and 2016 had been under 2 separate investigations a low both were dropped and william at use and was interviewed by the bureau a year before he killed 2 people in the aztec high school shooting in 2017 we spoke to political activist and lawyer christian mindset who says that the authorities should keep closer tabs on such individuals and think we must put more pressure on our officials and authorities especially in the f.b.i.
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to not let go of these individuals and if they are to be let go there has to be some very strict monitoring because we cannot allow these things to continue to happen there is a clear issue with psychologically disturbed individuals who have access to weapons people know they are psychologically disturbed the f.b.i. knows there are psychologically disturbed and yet they're left unchecked and then they go on to commit these crimes i think there has to be some accountability on the part of the government the federal agencies to do their job a little bit better and make sure that these people who are not like a logical fit go on to commit these crimes. the n.y.p.d. has flushed out $75000.00 on a crime fighting robotic dog to the teeth with high tech cameras and microphones the police department untalented this you dog as a way to keep offices out of harm's way but the robotic recruit doesn't seem to
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have gone down too well with new yorkers. listening to. the sounds. like a sissy stand up to a snow. job . never seen i'm like that in my life. oh how far to the truth. i think they're creepy i think it's a waste of money but i think it's ridiculous that i can't spend money on proper
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officer training and things like officer. on the rehab stuff like that i mean this summer you know all the things that are parodies of this song blood is going to really do something is not going to be a casualty to just be a robot even though the robot is expensive it's not our human white clay were you getting no money from where's this money coming from how much is it just how much is a cost to spend a weekend training officers her weekend on better protocol they're having a tough time you're still in a pandemic there are a lot of families that need that money. neighborhoods we need it here in new york city shouldn't be spent on lobo those. because a report turning away in just a few of its time we're backing off our with the latest join us again but.
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i strongly believe that any milch of the information that is of russia can be controlled being controlled the escalation this is collision nobody lowside going to afford the seat. either. my soldiers my planes were shot down my warships will drown ok i agree let's stop with no that will be the end will be escalation but best. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know the. daily
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commissions i will be sniffing all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is not due to new viruses own new microbes that is not true so it is due to environment. not going to say you know that moment of discipline of this sort of muscles are really just accumulate could only come in to see in them to be so in the list that. they play. if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest i think into street except that we have regulation we want regulation has industry and if we don't behave zinnias penalty must.

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