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aspi s. and reasons b. s. a not to return to return to the negotiating table and to. our tax walk and to ensure that the assembly and the institutions that are out there that reported this bit when it went are used are all there are no justification whatsoever for ratan on the street. thank you that's over the show will be back on monday 52 years to the days when school was a good security violently attacked with the rights march from belfast to derry and one will be investigating the democratic socialist alternative to violence who police against black men in minneapolis until then join the only group of falling off all social media. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist
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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. a little. mention that it's one. thing you should like it's a moot issue for you. both look if you're going to. distance
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troops or you took us from the troops and. this is your beat you understood what you. told me you were asked for just over to move over to the loots. the 2nd trip. in march 27th team the russian space agency launched a new cosmonaut core recruitment campaign the requirements were strict a degree and piloting engineering or science psychological stability perfect health
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even height weight measurements are important because not all has to be able to fit into a space suit and of course the ship $420.00 applicants was shortlisted from the campaign but only 8 would be selected we'll focus on 3 of the would be cosmonauts whose progress we followed for almost 2 years. when the shut down through. the post of both us for the news was in the notes on the bus which is put the worst. yeah which is the equivalent to see additional bottled up one of them. used and they also got to hear a lot of really which was pledged and even the biotin will do is to open your subject line you of course don't it's effect is reason. as a business consultant constantine knew that his chances of being a cosmonaut was slim so aged 30 he joins the leading aviation institute and spent 5
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years preparing for this process. of putting a civil suit places on the pools even stupidity. and i would appreciate your question though it took me and you know if you're going to enjoy it. you miss the old you don't a little worse know what it was told to go. kids don't they just. didn't little booklet which was more. precious so that this is true that there's. a super bowl in these so there's no way to do it oh look you know. well. as a serious athlete irina is a cross-country ski climber around freediver she also has a ph d. in medical science and works for the olympic committee's innovation center and
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across the right. but that isn't why it's now that this particular incident but assume this is our get. go book that i stopped because the chain which i record is just on the hook for fortune could. easily other and of course missy. is. always dreamed of being a cosmonaut or a pilot but became an aviation engineer he designs planes and his work is classified so we can't even be in his office and stated the office to go plane spotting with him. to see it was cool but then you find out things like home and of course full of supportive of us all is pretty nice but i'm afraid of some i don't know. if it's. at all. like it was nice because
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it's such a. nice teacher. for songs still let's hold. on the trip with me going to put them with me more to slow for the stuff. that people are going to go by. mitchell says the edition the book. does and the bookstores are able when they oppose the. construction but a shelter to build the grove just a step. down from the morning. let me bring that to you.
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before you can even apply it to the cosmonauts call you need no fewer than 56 documents 1st of all proof of perfect health for example you may not get through if you've had a tonsil problem or even a bad tooth sleeplessness when you look at them with you know go to sleep just. for the usual. and you would have done. this with any of the look at all the most difficult to look at which to see you sitting there just by is a difficult. issue to. share if. you're over 30.
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then i didn't see him for playboy is trumped up in your mind as to don not that appropriate to be that they would send in somebodies but it's risky said the community the pro-choice but after that the papa will have so complex go in that. he was the boy they sent over the got the money off the. pot i think they have come. out to be something. they can get. the company out something. large companies are you mr model. you will. come because it will be individuals within. the confines of the points that were listed . and you most likely agree with the book which of course it will still has been.
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yours. and. you're. trying. to get. all of this you know it's pathetic to get. the most anything goes that's good now that's good. well it's very . easy most because those are still doable but threatening that some people. who now are getting like yeah i was always a pathologist i'm going to read this book with 100. disputed. constantine arena have now been crossing the strait of gibraltar for more than 3 hours. they had thoughts of the right motivation and a clear objective would make this swimming training easier and
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a nonstop swim from europe to africa seemed a noble goal. that nash picked already a national team. or boredom was that he saw the troubleshooters with up a sudden video to check. it some of the through the potato. remarries hardly ever at home she's always on the road by those zipping off to the deck are rarely as they come as masters team doctor. more than a penny or 2 to get an update to be overcome i asked for she's off climbing mountains most recently everest she hasn't even had time to unpack the works of all of us to make sure you. don't live near moscow and yet i see it is mere. time for any of this going to impact on the earth for the ice not least because when the house. hi joyce you just were doing this. that's what they feel good when
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you. put in the business and i saw my books and it's a good sign that the president has now left to come over was not starting over cause they did. the videos sure. we need to work out more years or. more into the church to which it's a slight. thing if it was national guard in the oval office i'm. gonna go. and train is getting ready for the 2nd round there's applications been accepted and now he faces several tests and exams the gym classes don't scare him but quantum physics and kinematics do the exams cover 11 different subjects.
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in the ocean and in mice much much you can ease of teaching you to do so forth to your wife physically. of course with the company at the amount of work you just weird looking muscle tokyo is supposed to be a bump up the user decide that we need your money in the book was the but you're thanking me too much to get me. into his office to teach me to free. the g.'s and i get sick. i don't do 30 years the dude seriously do. question coach you can if you go near it you have. to prove this idiot that. supports typical measures that. look at the what the board of say redeeming you. this under bush bosis about a bit of talk lupin emerge from this is really
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a strange isn't. it about talk of the computer stuff that goes on misquoting. and sailor who took that to be a good idea to stay here and they want to mislead to match the smart people room with them to chill quote. serious about if you will was i was so sick of all of the offers you got off you girl i've used. george with the whole world vegetables out of. just a little there goes a little support school thought it. was a cool what you want in your stimulus with. will flow out of the above she which i was going to choke. you already knew that if. you had if that was one of them genuinely want to go through and leave the teaching style. not the promotional
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to which of the new he job which. you say was. this enough for you to do most people would still. be sure. little. things like because just. the words. we were close scrutiny i could ask. you just lied once. more for. the. wiring is artistically they don't want what i. saw. ringback the money's just in the now which. is just
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a notion that. charged. more store what. they are. governors of hunters. it reno was among the $317.00 who failed at the 1st selection around $103.00 candidates made it through to the 2nd. that's geysers financial survival they say money that the relatives want to be using this is a central plank support diabolo means kind of problem right now so you stop to.
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be on site takes a few months as doctors train as experts and psychologists put the aspiring cosmonauts through their paces. watching the pop up to. the quick. enough you know it's. a full. on each. sub place he chased. the 100. we did on the c.b.s. show us the most. so he starts up and you need to.
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put a book. up on your phone with him when you're watching police. point which i wish the most you know what. the motion just before course which is oceans will. constantine have waited almost 18 months for this to the trials behind them there in the final. soon you go to star city to learn who will be a cosmonaut characters of a loop so it's the way i'm saying you're. just looking at it but i just need to know if we see you really i just wish the facility. and when they want the concept to be there we don't know the skill that issue oh so and we don't sit there with a posse. if. you will so what the. ball state is that you have to be at the know that. when
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young and then yes because all of. them when wish there was a shot but the most of. course they knew we'd actually. she's. just. ordered me to go with. the latest at least one when you. think you wish you. luck in the book and you don't want to talk still point used in your post has been pushing you to. all of the dumb story you posted you stopped but boy you got so much all in sync with
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a point yet. you know it but don't add up with a good. job or you. can remain a but only 8 will be accepted the final challenge awaits and for the time being andre is ahead on points. some ideas touched upon the author. showed us to. people. time coupled with of cause more of the feel you must go earlier scott found the. post that i won't go so poignant and it was absorbed up to me just where you. want to put me and i just but it's there it's. a war it that what i did so at all cost to me with coke was. there for a someone to be near the president thought of to be
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a promise to notice you know. the whims of a new read or study about the book on which nights i watch all the stuff i do know . that a.t.o.s. no postcode up planes with me for me to come so if so. here. a sunday which was posted by well it's a quote but the owner says. the whole the cooking was best for them when it was just which impulse they must think that it will go and then you can you might look we're going to cook the fish with the. u.s. to supply chills levy a slow drip which within minutes later is big enough you will see a little of the. most the most vocal use but there's still a mortar store built huge but the locals to help you don't wonder still to go with the queen in for similar to what. it was before. but i just don't understand the fun. but i don't know what the
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familiar good of the world is you know just the looks when often it's issue for us that was awful nuisance on. the newsletter so i'm still a lot and i want to let you know mr jenson seems kind. little of a luxury oh yes lots and lots of thought on the back of. such was no gold watch that's been missed. doing a bunch. of. jobs due to the steel i'm not that i watch the. girls didn't gel examined showed
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up a lot the police took a. constant in a study to be a cosmonaut for 3 months the shuttle is so tight that he's moved into stuff city and only goes home for the weekends is a real solution. if i was going to finish. the. thing. that. said if it's a. scholarship if you're a racist. dish just to shoot.
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me. cavuto. what to do were. you. to wash your shoes if it was one of the 4 weeks from now i'll get you there when you marched works well up the music would. know what you know the piece of metal that you're looking for the ship. was cool so now let's hear the word because i'm sure you know that. the window to pull the longer the other groups are going to. go and you'll go all. interest. on. you tube those who are too pleased to be corrected supposed to deal with huge announcement to go i know i'm going to i don't know what you've done with it you just must go to google news for us this is going to go i'm going to invite apple that's the same
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what i was with. for more in the 1st. half. so you know they're going to fold but i'm. mobile much of these 2 year old little fuel spill with the. survival training teaches cosmonauts to live in the wild that's in case their ship crash landed in a remote forest they've been in this parachute tent for 2 days and he wore a full fledged from displaying a totems and will put up a. filing . for. disability but you. know if.
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this goes to your uncreated old boy then you. wouldn't i mean you know you can just spend time on the phone because you can go on google. and like. many people to do the leg. and you will think of one well so it's good we don't want to be shut down for the whole mission was not. a lot of money. for your food all 3 of.
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it wasn't possible. this is the 1st blast off constantine has seen as a cosmonaut everything goes well at the beginning. but after a 112 seconds a sudden jolt. constantine immediately tells his wife not to worry the automatic safety systems kicked in and everyone is safe chuck. which is really my guess based on a little this is going to create all those still. all of us outside of the cells
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i'm going to blow this up as human and go by the beach she looks the boat with a hose notion it was a oh. you'll feel it will. you bullets here and this but it. was a. guess just earth and of course there's this from us programmer dead to the world but the could push to the more just sort of space but the little ship the problem of.
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some of the most intimate still. developing emotional too few was almost too much mr sheen your store. but the print book of smiles to see if this were 4 inches do. just to show. if you must be a special police just use your voice years in prison. but i'm sure i'll. listen to his open she was decent and most industrious and that's still. the most interesting piece of. the new machine year for the last couple of shots.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. theory dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to
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sit down and talk. it's no freedom of speech even though in the european parliament anymore and i mean he claims he was silenced during a heated exchange in the european parliament for daring to question the transparency of the global chemical weapons watchdog over its investigation of one attack in syria. and it is sure telling the truth would be a fridge. police in the u.k. smash their way into the.


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